Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

course offerings   (ofertas de cursos)

By 1992, further additions to its course offerings enabled the company to expand nationwide.

On December 12, 1912, it was granted government recognition for its various course offerings.

Some of the course offerings can also lead to several City and Guilds of London Institute Examinations.

offerings include   (las ofertas incluyen)

SDI's current offerings include small electronics of the iHome and Timex brands.

Other seafood offerings include abalone, mussels, prawns and blue-swimmer crabs.

Curriculum offerings include AP, honors, traditional, support and academic enhancement classes.

votive offerings   (ofrendas votivas)

She was given votive offerings in the shape of horses.

They are worshipped and also given as votive offerings by the faithful believers.

A number of votive offerings, coins, potshards, and animal bones were found at the site.

product offerings

Initial product offerings included flyers, bookmarks and brochures.

MSN Mobile product offerings originate from two mobile-focused groups within Microsoft's online services division.

M&M Food Market has since launched a mobile app that allows Real Reward members to see their exclusive product offerings.