İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

school offers   (okul teklifleri)

The high school offers a dual enrollment program.

offers a variety   (çeşitlilik sunuyor)

Lion's Choice offers a variety of soups and salads.

ISG Luxury Management offers a variety of programs.

Widener offers a variety of majors and minors.

offers a wide   (geniş bir teklif)

Manila offers a wide selection of parks and plazas.

The school offers a wide range of activities.

Wellington offers a wide variety of different academic options.

college offers   (kolej teklifleri)

The college offers the four-and-a-half-year M.B.B.S.

This college offers conventional and professional courses.

The college offers four optional subjects.

offers undergraduate   (lisans teklifi)

It offers undergraduate degrees and graduate degrees.

It offers undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral courses.

TFBIS offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs.

offers many

This health care system offers many services such as...

Loznani offers many attractions to tourist which include:

The lake also offers many spots to fish.

offers the following

West Port offers the following sport: swimming .

Loei Pittayakom School offers the following classes.

Choctaw offers the following sports to its students:

offers several

SCTE/ISBE offers several publications to its membership.

CDS offers several undergraduate awards and fellowships.

The city also offers several festivals throughout the year.

currently offers

The race currently offers a purse of $150,000.

The Sleepy Hollow currently offers a purse of $250,000.

Vconnect currently offers services for Nigeria and Ghana.

offers courses   (kurslar sunuyor)

It offers courses from PreSchool to Senior High School.

AACC offers courses for people of all ages.

The university offers courses in Turkish, English and German.

offers more   (daha fazlasını sunuyor)

On the other hand, a bridle offers more precise control.

CSG offers more than 30 academic and special-interest clubs.

The college offers more than 150 seats in post graduate courses.

offers both

It offers both work and university prep education.

It offers both standard and high definition games.

Novato offers both JV and Varsity teams as of 2019.

university offers

The university offers a Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm.)

The university offers courses in Turkish, English and German.

The university offers Bachelor's (B.S.)

offers a range

The Andalusian terrain offers a range of altitudes and slopes.

The College offers a range of vocational programmes and A levels.

The George Museum offers a range of educational programs for school groups.

company offers   (şirket teklifleri)

The company offers 17 species of hens.

The company offers both domestic U.S. and international coverage.

One Dallas-based company offers "holographic mylar" trees in many hues.

offers to help

She asks for her phone back but Brea offers to help her.

Goemon Ishikawa offers to help the police by entering the house to kill Lupin.

Ritchie offers to help, but is rebuffed and vows never to enter the house again.

now offers

Windows 10 now offers a similar feature called 'Task View'.

The school now offers eight bachelor's degrees and one master's program.

The IAM now offers a special Cycling membership that includes insurance cover.

offers various

It also offers various Advanced Placement courses.

For entertainment, the place offers various activities.

Conservation of "Draco mindanensis" offers various advantages.

program offers

This new program offers students many benefits.

Laurier's music program offers the only master's degree in Music Therapy.

The school's Confucius Classroom program offers 3 levels of Mandarin instruction.

offers free   (ücretsiz sunuyor)

The directory offers free listing to green SMEs.

The city offers free bicycles on loan.

Dream11 offers free and paid contests.

offers a number   (bir numara sunuyor)

United also offers a number of non-degree programs.

Westmont offers a number of off-campus programs. offers a number of maps, including:

park offers

The park offers swimming, fishing and boating.

The park offers fishing, boating, camping, and picnicking.

The park offers environmental education programs based on similar themes.

offers students

This new program offers students many benefits.

It offers students training along with education at the school.

The Virginia–Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine offers students a DVM degree or an M.S.

offers programs

It offers programs in both French immersion and English.

CSG offers programs for children from pre-K through 12th grade.

NBC offers programs from 1–4 years.

school also offers   (okul da sunuyor)

The school also offers level 2 and 3 BTEC.

The school also offers over 20 Advanced Placement) courses.

The school also offers a Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) program.

scholarship offers

He turned down scholarship offers from Purdue (his father's Alma Mater) and Kentucky.

He received only two Power Five scholarship offers, one from Purdue and one from Pittsburgh.

He also had scholarship offers from Boston College, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, and Iowa, among others.

offers to take

Pearson offers to take the thugs to jail.

Mu Bai confronts Jen and offers to take her as his student.

Betty offers to take her nephew Junior to see the carnival.

offers no   (teklif yok)

The book offers no names of authors.

Science offers no panacea.

This offers no benefit for the host as it is close to nearly inevitable death.

offers classes

The CHS offers classes in American Sign Language.

It currently offers classes from preschool to high school, following the current K to 12 curriculum.

The Center offers classes for the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, among other graduate programs at ASU.

received offers

He received offers from over 30 college programs.

He had also received offers from Minnesota, Buffalo, and Toledo.

Corbett received offers to purchase the gun he used to shoot Booth.

offers bachelor

It offers bachelor's degree programs in each department.

It offers bachelor's degree (B.E.)

The college offers bachelor's and master's degrees with international recognition.

offers services

Vconnect currently offers services for Nigeria and Ghana.

It offers services in all areas of archaeological practice.

Gessler Clinic offers services from six locations, all in Winter Haven.

offers education

March Academy offers education for students in grades 1 - 6.

It offers education from grade 1 to 12.

The school offers education for students ranging from 6 to 10.

then offers

Paul then offers to pay Leo to ruin Terese's business.

Daffy then offers to play tennis ("Anyone for tennis?").

Frank then offers Kim £1 million to leave Dave and move back into Home Farm.

institute offers   (enstitü teklifleri)

The institute offers 3 training courses as full-time.

The institute offers the following courses:

The institute offers both full-time and part-time programmes.

offers training

It offers training to individuals and businesses.

REED also offers training, outsourcing and HR consultancy services.

The college offers training in technical and business-related fields.

offers different

Debian offers different network installation methods.

This college offers different courses in arts, commerce and science.

Local legend offers different theories as to the origin of the skeleton.

department offers   (departman teklifleri)

The Music department offers tuition in almost any instrument.

The department offers undergraduate and postgraduate education.

In 2014 the department offers a BA.

offers views

Phidim, offers views of the Himalaya and other hills.

The height offers views and opportunities for cycling and trekking.

The barren mountain plateau offers views down on the Aurlandsfjord.

district offers

The district offers a variety of clubs, activities and sports.

game offers

The game offers a large range of enemies and different stages.

At its best, the game offers up real moments of intense gunplay."

The game offers 7 snowboarders, 18 snowboards and 10 courses to compete on.

offers undergraduate courses

It offers undergraduate courses in B.Tech.-C.S.E, E.C.E and M.E, E.E, C.E.

Government College, Dipka offers undergraduate courses in arts, commerce and science.

It is one of the oldest colleges located in the Indian state of Assam and offers undergraduate courses in Arts and Science.

offers up   (teklifler)

The school offers up to O'Level i.e Form 1 to Form 4.

At its best, the game offers up real moments of intense gunplay."

A revised turbocharger offers up to 20-percent quicker response at lower engine speeds compared to previous 4G63.

job offers

She received several job offers from Hollywood studios.

Fanck received no further job offers and went to work as a lumberjack.

It launched listing only vetted job offers with annual salaries of $100,000 or more.

offers numerous

Khajjiar offers numerous trekking opportunities.

The college offers numerous programs across science and humanities.

The C3 Aircross also offers numerous possibilities for customisation.

offers a full

The Punch Bowl offers a full hotel service to guests.

The school offers a full college-bound high school program.

Mount St. Joseph Girls' College offers a full range of VCE subjects.

offers degrees

It offers degrees and honors levels.

It offers degrees M.A.

OVN is an online consortium that offers degrees in high demand fields from Virginia public universities.

offers access   (erişim sunar)

It offers access to books and videos for children ages 12 and under.

T-Mobile offers access to voicemail without the input of a password by default.

It also offers access to the public for fishing (paid) and hiking during certain seasons.

down offers   (aşağı teklifler)

Styles and Bobby Roode both turning down offers to join them.

Njie turned down offers from several club to join newly established club Bombada FC.

In 2012 the couple turned down offers from Ricky Lake and Anderson Cooper to appear on their TV shows.

several offers

This book enticed several offers to acquire the film rights.

Despite several offers, she has refused to write her biography.

A RELIC OF WAR FOR SALE: The undersigned has had several offers for the IRON PROW!

offers a small

The state offers a small grant to assist students in costs for tuition, fees and books.

center offers

The park's community center offers a wide range of classes for the community.

The center offers programs on orienteering for beginners in the fall and spring.

The center offers an education facility including a painted dog viewing platform.

offers opportunities

Each archipelago offers opportunities for divers.

The lake offers opportunities for boating, camping, fishing, and swimming.

This offers opportunities for innovation, enhance goal commitment and motivation.

offers a dual

The high school offers a dual enrollment program.

offers a unique

"Efecto Naím" is a weekly television show that offers a unique vision of the changing world.

It offers a unique style of gameplay being a 3-Dimensional, real-time Role-Playing-Game (RPG).

The collection offers a unique record of the evolution of British football and of the city of Liverpool."

offers all

Rydell Refuge offers all of these, and more!

As universal bank Bankhaus Bauer offers all banking services.

μC/OS-III offers all of the features and functions of μC/OS-II.

museum offers

The museum offers guided tours through its exhibition spaces.

The museum offers river and coastal cruises and lighthouse tours.

The museum offers free admission.

campus offers

The cafeterias within the campus offers snacks, soft drinks and beverages.

This campus offers courses for undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. degree programs.

The main campus offers open university system for its distance education program.

offers to buy

Dry Eye offers to buy out Pearson's business, but he refuses.

Dennis was proud of the paper's independence and rebuffed numerous offers to buy it.

In secret negotiations in 1896, Spain turned down the United States' offers to buy Cuba.

offers graduate

The University offers graduate programs through its Graduate School.

Yorkville offers graduate programs in counselling psychology and adult education.

The center now offers graduate classes for students in Albany and surrounding communities.

offers support   (destek sunuyor)

It offers support and sponsorship for its members.

For key exchange, Acrobits Softphone offers support for SDES and ZRTP protocols.

It also works in the field of advocacy and awareness and offers support to parents and other professionals.

college also offers

The college also offers a variety of distance education and online courses.

The college has two sections: The college also offers doctoral and vocational programs.

Additionally, the college also offers one specialized graduate program, the Sports Business MBA.

film offers   (film teklifleri)

The performance won further film offers for Surya.

The film offers a shockingly intimate look into life as a child in the ruined city.

Dissatisfied with her film offers, Cabot asked to be released from her contract in 1954.

offers online

The game also offers online multiplayer.

It offers online content via its portal, which is set-up in collaboration with Arvato.

As is the case with earlier CANDU designs, the ACR-1000 also offers online refuelling.

station offers   (istasyon teklifleri)

Noida Sector 51 metro station station offers an interchange with Delhi Metro.

Sikanderpur station offers an interchange with Delhi Metro via a 90m x 9m walkway.

The Towaco station offers NJ Transit rail service along the Montclair-Boonton Line.

state offers   (devlet teklifleri)

The state offers a small grant to assist students in costs for tuition, fees and books.

offers a purse   (bir çanta sunuyor)

The race currently offers a purse of $150,000.

The Sleepy Hollow currently offers a purse of $250,000.

It currently offers a purse of S$1,000,000 (About US$800,000).

high school offers   (lise teklifleri)

The high school offers a dual enrollment program.

offers educational

In addition, it offers educational symposiums.

The School offers educational programmes at BA and MA level.

MAPS offers educational resources that actively promote psychedelic harm reduction.

offers only   (sadece teklifler)

BOARD International offers only one product, the BOARD toolkit.

The school offers only 50 seats per year and currently has less than 400 students.

The president offers only half-hearted regret and lip service for their sacrifice.

site offers   (site teklifleri)

The site offers tours and trails for hiking and mountain biking.

The site offers both paid and free digital content to educators.

Established in 1991, the historic site offers an interpretive trail plus tours of the home and cemetery.