police officers   (警察官)

The fraud is investigated by two police officers.

Two police officers and two journalists were injured.

They soon met with twelve club-wielding police officers.

military officers   (軍人)

Over 40 active and former military officers were arrested.

Traditionally many of its members are or were military officers.

He marketed it by sending pricelist to military officers messes.

officers and men   (役員と男性)

The ship's crew consisted of 79 officers and men.

The ship had a complement of 87 officers and men.

The ship had a complement of 82 officers and men.

senior officers   (上級役員)

They were all named after directors and senior officers of the railway.

Norfolk lost one of his senior officers, Walter Devereux in this early clash.

Inviting his most senior officers to dinner, Bonaparte asked them how they were.

other officers   (他の役員)

Robbins and other officers arrive to help Craig.

He argues that other officers share this belief.

He and 36 other officers died when the tower collapsed.

enforcement officers   (執行官)

Law enforcement officers are frequently equipped with shotguns.

Hence the need for de-escalation tactics on the part of law enforcement officers.

The uncle was responsible for advising the law enforcement officers of his whereabouts.

law enforcement officers   (法執行官)

Hence the need for de-escalation tactics on the part of law enforcement officers.

The uncle was responsible for advising the law enforcement officers of his whereabouts.

The Red Sox reported the decision was made "to support efforts of law enforcement officers."

army officers   (陸軍将校)

Many BPP commanders were former army officers.

Two army officers were killed and a number of soldiers were wounded.

Nearly all of the appointed parliamentary members were army officers.

commissioned officers

The judges may be commissioned officers or civilians.

The rank insignia for commissioned officers for the army.

The mess dress worn by commissioned officers has a scarlet cutaway jacket.

naval officers

The academy also commissions reserve and active-duty naval officers.

They wear Cardinal uniforms with naval officers' caps bearing the "St.L" emblem.

He was born 1903 in Üsküdar, a suburb of Istanbul, into a family of naval officers.

officers and enlisted   (役員と入隊)

Their crew numbered 77 officers and enlisted men.

Their crew numbered 46 officers and enlisted men.

The crew also grew to 924 officers and enlisted men.

commanding officers   (指揮官)

All commanding officers of the base have been officed there.

LeMay considered Power to be the best of the wing commanding officers.

Nevertheless, the commanding officers of the vessels decided to proceed north.

junior officers

Up to 1910, the school prepared 4,371 "podpraporshchiks" and junior officers.

The Prime Minister of Bangladesh has appeared and commissioned junior officers on such event.

In the morning gloom, one company commander got lost and his junior officers became despondent.

staff officers   (職員)

Antony nearly committed suicide after this news but his staff officers stopped him.

The handful of Macedonian generals officially titled bodyguards he used as senior staff officers.

Committees of veteran staff officers were formed within the "Truppenamt" to evaluate 57 issues of the war.

warrant officers   (令状官)

Officer candidates are senior NCOs or warrant officers.

Navy warrant officers serve in 30 specialties covering five categories.

Other warrant officers are sometimes incorrectly referred to as "Gunner."

officers and soldiers

Other officers and soldiers took cover and returned fire.

In addition, some officers and soldiers, follow related courses in France.

The Tournament featured a series of competitions between army officers and soldiers.

intelligence officers   (intelligence報員)

Other intelligence officers have also disputed that claim.

The 41 survivors were taken to Truk and interrogated for ten days by Japanese intelligence officers.

XXI Bomber Command's intelligence officers predicted that 70 percent of the bombers could be destroyed.

general officers   (将校)

Seven of the participants became general officers.

With few exceptions the Confederacy secured excellent general officers.

Nearly a third of Lee's general officers were killed, wounded, or captured.

following officers

The following officers led the regiment at the outset.

The following officers were elected :- Hon.

The following officers have been in command of the school:

fellow officers   (仲間の役員)

However, fellow officers thought highly of Terrill.

She also struggles to win the respect of her fellow officers.

In any case, by June his fellow officers had made up their mind as to the next president.

security officers

Violence in Medan drew the attention of national security officers.

There, they face continual brutalization by armored security officers.

Her connections to national security officers, however, made her a valuable addition on certain cases.

all officers

Dark blue cargo trousers and black caps are worn by all officers.

in Achaemenid Persia, each army division had its own standard, and "all officers had banners over their tents".

Virtually all officers have now changed positions, but this list gives an outline of the structure in January 2005.

officers and ratings

The ship had a crew of 590 officers and ratings.

The ship had a crew of 476–520 officers and ratings.

The ship had a crew of 350 officers and ratings.

soldiers and officers

Brandenburg was expanding its army and needed soldiers and officers.

Many of these soldiers and officers were traveling with family members.

Lt. Col. Lembong and 93 other Indonesian soldiers and officers were killed.

officers involved   (関係する役員)

Jurisdiction is also determined by the officers involved.

None of the officers involved in these women’s deaths were convicted.

He sued the police officers involved and filled a 100 million taka lawsuit against the government.

executive officers   (執行役員)

All executive officers are elected to four-year terms.

lawyers, chief executive officers and village accountants in the Awadh region.

The system is often used to elect members of a legislative assembly or executive officers.

petty officers   (上官)

Nine petty officers and sailors were killed and 24 were wounded.

For naval forces, non-commissioned officers are referred to as petty officers.

officers and crew

Most of her officers and crew abandoned her on 18 July.

(It is not clear whether any of "Queen"s officers and crew also went.)

"Cornwall" and "Dorsetshire" were sunk at 1400; ultimately 424 officers and crew were lost.

number of officers   (役員数)

When a number of officers in George's unit are killed, he is promoted.

A number of officers ‘deserted to the enemy’ on the outbreak of hostilities in 1792.

Since then, the School Safety force has expanded in duties and in number of officers.

officers during

The agency grew rapidly, adding 150 officers during the period 2006-2009.

"Admiral Makarov" was commanded by the following officers during her career:

"Admiral Nakhimov" was commanded by the following officers during her career:

officers and other   (役員およびその他)

The ship had a crew of 50 officers and other ranks.

Mela officers and other district officials are also the members of this authority.

The book names police officers and other public servants instrumental in Moen's prosecution.

many officers

Swedes lost many officers, banners, artillery and over 1.000 men.

On 2 August 1517, Francis I held one there, accompanied by chancellor Duprat and many officers of his court.

[3] Nowadays, while many officers still attend the école de guerre, they do not use the term officier breveté.

medical officers   (医療役員)

medical officers or engineering officers).

The academy is only source of medical officers for the DMS.

100 beded hospital with 8 consultat surgeon and 8 medical officers.

several officers

She ships state room was hit by a bomb-vessel and several officers died.

Settled in Montpeyroux the branch owned the castle du Bousquet and included several officers and sailors.

The mutiny at Aïn Guettar involved the mass desertion of several hundred men and the killing of several officers.

prison officers   (刑務官)

Two prison officers were killed in the ensuing riots.

The prison officers found him at 2 am while they were on their night shift.

In January 2011, a disturbance at the prison left two prison officers injured.

elected officers

The Club was run by elected officers, who formed the Club’s Board of Managers.

The seat of Government is vested upon the Mayor and other elected officers who hold office at the Sison Town hall.

The Booster Club had a written Mission Statement and Code of By Laws, as well as a Board of Directors with elected officers.

council officers

Six council officers resigned in protest, and the incident made national news.

Each of the synods of the ELCA elects one bishop and three synod council officers to oversee the spiritual and organizational activities of its member congregations.

It evaluates local planning applications and works with the local police, district council officers, and neighbourhood watch groups on matters of crime, security, and traffic.

peace officers

His brothers Sam, Ike, Rufe, and Newton were all peace officers in some capacity.

As peace officers, the troopers may arrest any person detected by them violating any law of the state.

DHSPD officers are peace officers after completing training course and various Academic, Physical tests.

officers were killed

Two prison officers were killed in the ensuing riots.

Fourteen British officers were killed and 46 were wounded.

In 1942, at least 30 Dutch officers were killed with swords.

officers killed

It honors all District police officers killed in the line of duty.

He was one of the first Union officers killed in the American Civil War.

With many line officers killed or wounded, the Corps took months to refit.

white officers

It was commanded by white officers.

In 1885, the Force Publique was set up, a colonial army with white officers and black soldiers.

Specific assignments and beats would no longer be given by only white officers or only black officers.

district council officers

It evaluates local planning applications and works with the local police, district council officers, and neighbourhood watch groups on matters of crime, security, and traffic.

The parish council evaluates local planning applications and works with the police, district council officers, and neighbourhood watch groups on matters of crime, security, and traffic.

The parish council evaluates local planning applications and works with the local police, district council officers, and neighbourhood watch groups on matters of crime, security, and traffic.

field officers

Generals and field officers used bullion fringes.

This was accomplished on paper, but field officers were never assigned and the regiment's companies never trained together.

By the start of the Civil War, at the age of 63, Abercrombie was one of the oldest field officers in both the Union and Confederacy.

officers commanded

The following officers commanded 2 AA Bde:

At night on 31 October 1918 a group of Polish officers commanded by lieutenant Klemens Matusiak arrested the Austrian commander of the Cieszyn garrison, colonel J. Gerndt.

flag officers

A total of 47 flag officers are associated with the University of Oregon.

Behind the bar, there are four vertical lights denoting the various flag officers of the Club.

He was noted in "Blacks in American armed forces: 1776-1983", as well as "African American generals and flag officers".

customs officers

Until 2006, customs officers were transferring all confiscated art objects to museums.

Possibly the best known is that of Thomas Sivell who was mistaken for a smuggler by customs officers and shot.

The show centres around four main characters who are members of an elite taskforce in Auckland combining police and customs officers.

former officers

In 2004, a federal grand jury in Dallas, Texas charged HLF and five former officers and employees with providing material support to Hamas and related offenses.

Mainly constituted of political exiles and former officers from the imperial army, it became more considerable from the year 1825, reaching up to 1,500-2,000 French immigrants some years.

In August, after a petition from Afonso's former officers with the support of Diogo Lopes de Sequeira claiming him unfit for governance, Afonso was sent in custody to St. Angelo Fort in Cannanore.

young officers

The early years at Whampoa allowed Chiang to cultivate a cadre of young officers loyal both to the KMT and to himself.

Mumma selected four outstanding young officers and a physicist, Everett Blizzard, to go to Oak Ridge and learn about reactor design.

Pauline Bonaparte is represented as immature, expecting an ideal life of fantasy in the Caribbean, while engaging in affairs with young officers.

following officers commanded

The following officers commanded 2 AA Bde:

sworn officers   (宣教師)

The division has 1,444 sworn officers as of 2016.

All are elected and sworn officers of the Royal Court.

Making a total of 230 sworn officers.

group of officers

He is part of the group of officers that accompany Sheriff Fowler to Honey Island Swamp.

Its initial group of officers were hand picked by its first commander, Colonel Howard R. Johnson.

Løken's group of officers first underwent a three-month colonial training course in Brussels, Belgium, before being shipped to the Congo.

officers did

The officers did not identify her as a threat.

According to Crump the officers did not identify themselves as police when they encountered Clark.

Nearby German officers did the same, with some nearly being knocked off their feet as the yacht was picking up speed.

first officers

The first officers were President - Rev Fr.

In January 2020, the first officers were chosen for the Cayman Regiment.

At first officers were issued no uniform or badges and had to purchase their own firearms.

liaison officers   (リエゾンオフィサー)

At the same night, they established the Interim Sustain Committee, and sent liaison officers to contact Sheng Shicai.

The League was loose at best, though secret liaison officers were exchanged between the Greek and the Serbian army after the war began.

The existing intensive cooperation in the field of police liaison officers, joint patrols and checks as well as the provision of assistance at major events will be maintained.

government officers   (公務員)

Most of the Malay government officers were retained by the Japanese.

In addition to government officers, other outsiders began to enter Fore territory.

The Directorate manages accommodations for government officers in Dhaka and Chittagong, Bangladesh.

new officers

It is critical that new officers fit the existing culture and team dynamics.

That year civic boosters instead formed a new company to build the bridge, and the new officers requested proposals in May 1847.

When the city council refused to recognize the appointment, the rump-"krijgsraad" took it upon themselves to administer the oath of office to the new officers.

both officers

On a personal level he was well liked by both officers and men.

Mess rooms were initially shared by both officers and enlisted men.

This corps thus consisted of both officers, non-commissioned officers and civilians.

own officers

Each branch has its own officers, who are represented on the Central Council.

Under the command of the senior Roman general present, they were led at lower levels by their own officers.

The paratroopers badly beat a number of protesters and had to be physically restrained by their own officers.

patrol officers

Shortly afterwards, the bicycle patrol officers arrived.

From the return of HKPF, all patrol officers and inspectors had their whistle taken off.

Despite this, there are many accounts of natives who were treated poorly by patrol officers.

superior officers

At the First Battle of Manassas, he was given control of the Legion after his superior officers were disabled.

In addition, superior officers could conduct surprise inspections at any time, thus, maintaining maximum security.

The pattern of his communications while in the UK indicates that Maj Gen Sergeyev liaised with superior officers in Moscow.

officers including

The State Committee elects party officers including a Chair.

The force comprises 735 police officers including 273 detectives.

Lyon captured the capital on June 15, but only two state officers including Attorney General remained.

female officers   (女性役員)

First batch of 14 female officers joined the navy in 2000.

In the seventh season, Hunter partnered with two different female officers.

Madawili was one of the first female officers of the Tanzania People's Defence Force, ranking as a lieutenant in 1975.

officers serving

Like many Prussian officers serving in Russia, he joined the Russian-German Legion in 1813.

In 1997, a school was opened in Ashgabat for the children of Russian border officers serving in Turkmenistan.

The uniforms were seen as old and outdated, causing embarrassment for Danish officers serving international postings.