administrative offices   (行政事務所)

The administrative offices are in Midtown Manhattan.

The administrative offices are located in Bern.

It has its administrative offices at Héricourt.

post offices   (郵便局)

Other post offices are situated in surrounding areas.

There are post offices on West Island and Home Island.

There are 32 post offices in the area in 2018.

government offices   (役所)

Schools, government offices and utilities are there.

It holds 20 ministries and government offices.

Pekan Rabu is located near the city's government offices.

offices are located   (オフィスがあります)

Statoil's offices are located in the capital Baku.

The executive offices are located in Atlantic City.

District offices are located in Irvine, California.

regional offices   (地域事務所)

It had then 125 employees and four regional offices.

A mezzanine housed a lounge and Amtrak regional offices.

The Bank’s regional network comprised 26 regional offices.

branch offices

There are branch offices in both Dhaka and Khulna.

Towards the end of 1990s the number of branch offices raised to 91.

Its head office is in Sunwal and branch offices in different cities.

public offices   (官公庁)

Keddie held a number of public offices over the years.

Brydges amassed great wealth through his public offices.

He held many public offices in Scarborough.

local offices

The SIG has local offices in Beijing, Seoul, Tokyo, and Malmö.

GHA has a network of local offices and local tenant-led committees.

He lived in Adams for over 50 years and held many of the local offices.

other offices   (他の事務所)

Three other offices exist in Germany, Spain and Italy.

It is a centre of academic institutions and other offices.

This has got Diwane Ām, Diwane Khās and other offices needed at that time.

new offices

To date there are seven entrepreneurs moving into their new offices.

In addition, new offices, an auxiliary gym and a cafeteria were constructed.

Also, new offices, a press room, a youth hall and a restaurant were created.

offices located

There are local ranger district offices located in Double Springs.

There are also Canadian trade offices located in Houston, Palo Alto and San Diego.

Al-Forat has 300 employees, with offices located in the city of Karrada in Baghdad.

main offices   (本社)

The main offices are set up in Houston and Lima, Peru.

Currently houses the main offices of the Institut Ramon Llull.

Its main offices are located in the Leadenhall Building, London.

studios and offices

The studios and offices are on Katy Freeway in Houston.

KDZR's studios and offices are on SE Lake Road in Portland.

WNOX's studios and offices are on Amhurst Road in Knoxville.

corporate offices

At the same time, the corporate offices moved to Rolling Meadows, Illinois.

The transmitter and corporate offices of TV5 remained in Novaliches, Quezon City.

[5] After being acquired, moved its corporate offices to San Francisco, CA.

head offices   (本社)

NCG Banco S.A. has two operating head offices.

Moriguchi has the head offices of Panasonic and its subsidiary Sanyo.

Its head offices were originally located in San Francisco before moving to Santa Monica.

state offices   (州事務所)

All state offices in New Jersey were closed on March 21.

state offices other than governor and lieutenant governor).

MACBAN has a national secretariat at Kaduna and state offices.

offices across   (全体のオフィス)

It operates out of five offices across the United States and Europe.

The CHS provides video conferencing services (VCS) in 25 offices across Ontario.

The company has more than 200 branches and offices across Hong Kong and Mainland China.

offices throughout

They hung in offices throughout the building.

The company also has offices throughout the Americas, EMEA, Asia Pacific and Japan.

Over the years to the present, the firm established many offices throughout the United States.

political offices

His grandfather had served in several local political offices.

In 1967, now aged 66, Rosa Jochmann retired from all but one of her political offices.

Leavitt held no political offices, and expressed gratitude that he felt compelled towards none.

administration offices

The Fairgrounds' administration offices are located here.

The top-most floor houses the museum's administration offices.

For example, observations were made of markets and prisons and in administration offices.

district offices

The regional district offices are in Burns Lake.

The ranger district offices are located in Edgefield.

The district offices are located in Stanwood.

field offices

It has field offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth.

Buffalo is home to one of the 56 national FBI field offices.

The Secret Service maintains field offices at the following foreign countries:

various offices

The Padillas were raised to various offices and dignities.

Since 1936, it housed various offices for tax authorities.

Vincent served as a local magnate in various offices(he was a justice of the peace from 1538 to his death).

sales offices

Headquarters and sales offices are in Pianoro.

HomeAdvisor’s sales offices in Lenexa, KS won a Top Workplace award in 2016.

The company has editorial and sales offices in India, London, Panama, and 700 employees.

additional offices

It was founded in December 2014 and has additional offices in Jaipur, India, and Edinburgh, Scotland.

Rentrak is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, United States, with additional offices in the United States and around the world.

Their headquarters is located in Bellingham, WA, with additional offices in the Western and Eastern regions of the United States.

faculty offices

The arts center houses a 674-seat auditorium, art, music and dance studios, classrooms and faculty offices.

Shingwauk Hall is currently used to house various classrooms, as well as administrative and faculty offices.

To the south of the large lecture hall were classrooms and faculty offices, uniformly painted ivory in color.

offices were located

Railroad offices were located on the second floor.

Their offices were located in Los Angeles, California.

Through the 1960s, numerous offices were located on ‘L’ Street N.W.

municipal offices

The municipal offices of the town are located in Sharon.

The rear addition was built in 1978 to house municipal offices.

Nearly all municipal offices were moved to 888 Washington Blvd.

executive offices   (事務局)

The executive offices are located in Atlantic City.

The executive offices are located in the county seat, Hackensack.

He then left the executive offices and entered a sign-display area, killing Jacob Beneke, an employee from Maple Grove.

county offices   (郡事務所)

Originally, there were county offices on all four floors.

Fort Collins is additionally the county seat of Larimer County, and houses county offices and courts.

A decade later, county officials finally decided to build a permanent court building to house county offices.

opened offices

In 2011, it opened offices in Houston and Brussels.

The firm opened offices in Thurso in 2012.

The company opened offices all over Great Britain and Ireland.

representative offices   (駐在員事務所)

Eurex has nine worldwide representative offices.

Now BMH have owned 30 representative offices and 144 partner networks.

The country currently maintains 47 representative offices in 31 different countries and territories.

offices around   (周りのオフィス)

Wachovia provided global services through more than 40 offices around the world.

The company's global headquarters are in Stavanger, and it has other offices around Norway.

She has more than 410 employees running more than 50 active funds in 12 offices around the world.

several offices

We know several offices Marcellinus held over the course of his life.

He held several offices, including that of Abbot General of the Viennese Mekhitarist Order.

Over the years, aside from the bank, the building housed grocery stores and several offices.

law offices

The house and dependency were rehabilitated in 1999-2000 as law offices.

In February 2018 more than 40 FBI and IRS agents raided the law offices of Joe B.Garza.

Latchford then worked as a typewriter and stenographer in law offices from 1904 to 1905.

editorial offices

The Toronto editorial offices are located in Agincourt.

Young fascists took their revenge, attacking the editorial offices of left-wing periodicals.

The editorial offices moved to Indiana University in 1989, when William Becker became editor.

council offices

The tribal council offices are located in the town of Winnebago.

The regional council offices are located at the Shlomtzion regional centre.

The dual function as a public hall and council offices is clearly expressed.

used as offices

These buildings are now mostly used as offices.

The mill has been used as offices since the 20th century.

The mill itself is now used as offices.

high offices

Michael held his high offices to the end of his life.

Because of his own ability and hard work he achieved high offices in the Republic.

elected offices

After Leung was disqualified from the Legislative Council in 2017 over the oath-taking controversy, the League was ousted from all elected offices.

A native of the Pacific Northwest state, he held several elected offices in Klamath County in the southern part of the state, including county judge.

The others allowed to remain in their elected offices were Madison Davis of Clarke County, F. H. Fyall of Macon County and Thomas P. Beard of Richmond County.

houses the offices

The building houses the offices of the prime minister and other ministers.

It also houses the offices of the various deputy prime ministers of Thailand.

It now houses the offices of several production companies, including Miramax Films.

staff offices   (職員事務所)

It itself has also been renovated into a large computer suite and staff offices.

The third floor contains the collections storage and the rest of the staff offices.

The second floor features the Museum's exhibits and Museum Store along with some staff offices.

houses offices

The southwest quadrant houses offices for the Veteran's Administration and the county assessor.

It houses offices of the Mathematical Sciences Institute, tutorial rooms and the Research School of Economics.

This structure houses offices, laboratories, a library and media center, music department, an auditorium, and classrooms.

central offices

Additionally, central offices with EoC equipment are limited.

Botley, aside from central offices and a modest row of shops, is a residential suburb of Oxford.

The pen register was installed on telephone company property at the telephone company's central offices.

city offices

Somewhere between 1930 and 1939, the interior was remodeled for use as city offices.

The aldermanic, mayoral, and other city offices are filled through nonpartisan elections with runoffs as needed.

Originally housed a gym and stage on the first floor and city offices, a library and fire departments in the basement.

offices within

Some offices within the building also have views overlooking Eartha.

District judges as well as Metropolitan magistrates have their offices within the city.

There are also smaller offices within the Department of State, USAID, and the Department of Commerce.

offices including

He then worked in offices including that of George Woodhouse, and of T. M. Penson in Chester.

More services were moved to local offices including welfare benefits, fuel advice and furnished lets.

During his term, the state enacted a law changing the term for state offices including governor from one year to two.

business offices   (営業所)

Currently it houses small business offices.

It contains about 140 business offices."

In May 2011, two new studios and music business offices were added.

statewide offices

Republicans control two of the six elected statewide offices: Source:

During his tenure as chairman, the party struggled to field candidates for statewide offices.

Barnes was defeated in the general election, later that year, in a Republican sweep of statewide offices.