Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

government officials   (oficiales del gobierno)

The government officials did not attend the ordination.

Election of government officials was conducted regularly.

He made numerous portraits for nobility and government officials.

elected officials   (oficiales electos)

He was one of the youngest elected officials in history.

Many of these elected officials lost their seats in 1982.

The clerk-treasure and mayor are full-time elected officials.

local officials   (Funcionarios locales)

Half were well educated lawyers or local officials.

§§ 201–227, which do not apply to state and local officials.

public officials   (funcionarios públicos)

Many public officials were removed from office as a result.

He is also known for his paintings of prominent public officials.

It has also been used against corrupt public officials and terrorists.

city officials   (oficiales de la ciudad)

It also prodded city officials to spur redevelopment in the area.

In recent years city officials have explored ways to revitalize the city.

Speakers at the anniversary included Betty French and city officials at the time.

state officials   (oficiales de Estado)

But state officials said no one was successfully prosecuted.

"şeyhülislam"), was among the most powerful state officials.

Secessionists organized as "Minutemen", often assisted by state officials.

other officials   (otros funcionarios)

Wang Senhao and other officials met with 33 student representatives.

He was respected and admired by other officials and the common people.

These proprietors then selected the governors and other officials in the colony.

military officials

During World War II, military officials stayed at The Rock.

His reports won him significant praise by military officials.

Some Israeli military officials used social media to defend the army.

senior officials

19 people work as managers, directors and senior officials.

The board of directors is made up of senior officials of these orders.

Benelux Council : The Council is composed of senior officials from the relevant ministries.

enforcement officials

Law enforcement officials found firearms at both the students' homes.

Again, law enforcement officials did little to investigate the charges at the time.

Costilla Sánchez has also been indicted for threatening U.S. law enforcement officials in November 1999.

law enforcement officials

Again, law enforcement officials did little to investigate the charges at the time.

Costilla Sánchez has also been indicted for threatening U.S. law enforcement officials in November 1999.

On November 15, 2001 American law enforcement officials determined that Benatta had no ties to terrorism.

officials announced

On 3 March Iranian officials announced they had found the flight recorders.

In February 2018, officials announced that the league would expand to 12 teams for the 2019–20 season.

school officials   (funcionarios escolares)

She said I was one of the kids 'approved' by the school officials.

In 1967, New York City school officials launched a large sex education program.

The parents continue to collaborate with school officials and teachers to make the reform plan a success.

security officials

Marshals, and railway security officials.

However, it was also added by security officials that tensions were still high.

Critics claimed the arrests had been "trying to placate US security officials".

federal officials   (funcionarios federales)

Over 8,000 of the 18,000 federal officials remain in Bonn.

Only high-level federal officials are included in this list.

These statutes are also applicable to corrupt federal officials.

police officials

Most ministers had been former police officials.

She had also contacted numerous police officials, especially K.K.

While NSG commandos, Mumbai police officials, hotel staffers, etc.

officials did

The government officials did not attend the ordination.

In practice, officials did not always enforce this requirement in 2011.

Despite this, most officials did not dare to oppose Emperor Mingzong's move.

district officials

Mela officers and other district officials are also the members of this authority.

According to district officials, in school year 2009-2010, the Cocalico School District reported 3,356 pupils.

Seimu is best known for organizing his local governments by appointing the first provincial governors and district officials.

party officials

They were often used by state institutions and communist party officials.

He was one of the first party officials who lost political power during the purge.

Mao Zedong Thought was conceived not only by Mao Zedong, but by leading party officials.

officials stated

ISRO officials stated that it remains in good health.

UN officials stated that there had been "15 massacres" between 1996 and 2001.

U.S. officials stated that the location was a "suspected foreign fighter safe house."

administration officials   (funcionarios de la administración)

Health and safety administration officials may investigate when the diver was injured or killed at work.

This investigation also failed to find any evidence of wrongdoing by senior Obama administration officials.

None of the investigations found any evidence of scandal, cover-up or lying by Obama administration officials.

high officials

who were generally daughters of Ahom noblemen and high officials.

Thirty Muslims served as high officials in the court of Kublai Khan.

For many years members of Houstoun's family had been high officials in the colony.

health officials   (funcionarios de salud)

Also, this is immediately communicated to public health officials.

This has placed a lot of pressure on health officials in the country.

To date, we have trained a total of 70 health officials from other countries.

officials did not

The government officials did not attend the ordination.

In practice, officials did not always enforce this requirement in 2011.

Despite this, most officials did not dare to oppose Emperor Mingzong's move.

intelligence officials   (oficiales de inteligencia)

Some suspect that Italian intelligence officials, connected to the regime of Benito Mussolini, conspired in his death.

A February 2015 article by "The New York Times" stated that "American intelligence officials" suspect the SEA is "actually Iranian".

According to senior US military intelligence officials, there were fewer than 100 members of al-Qaeda remaining in Afghanistan in 2009.

court officials   (oficiales de la corte)

The three women refused to give their names to court officials.

Wenying expressed his views openly, including criticisms of court officials.

Domitian was assassinated on 18 September 96 in a conspiracy by court officials.

county officials   (funcionarios del condado)

Most members of his family were military officers, county officials and land owners.

Then-county commissioner Diane Linn worked with county officials to find the location.

Equalization rates are used because assessments are not done each year by town or county officials.

officials decided

Instead, officials decided to reduce turbocharger boost for the race.

Company officials decided to keep it for the fall of 1948 and drop its predecessor.

In 2004, Rochester city officials decided to fill the remaining subway tunnel with earth.

church officials

They also believed they should appoint minor church officials.

He was granted land from church officials upon which he built a church.

Romney's campaign declined to comment, directing such questions to church officials.

corrupt officials   (oficiales corruptos)

The Tây Sơn also promised to remove corrupt officials and redistribute land.

The corrupt officials who are targets of the people's boiling grievances haven't been affected at all...

Jae-yi and Sang-pil then return to Seoul to help Prosecutor Cheon Seung-beom fight against corrupt officials.

top officials

Villavan Muvendavelan, one of the top officials of Rajaraja figures in many of his inscriptions.

FIFA's top officials were arrested at a hotel in Switzerland on suspicion of receiving bribes totalling $100m (£65m).

Asher and several top officials are held hostage in the White House bunker; Prime Minister Lee is executed on live video.

officials began

Attacks on Turkish detachments and officials began already on 8 April 1815.

In May, military officials began negotiations on the recruitment of pioneers in the HTCs.

Soviet officials began exiling Mennonite settlers in the eastern part of Russia to Siberia.

colonial officials

Strongly anti-communist, he was also trusted by the British colonial officials.

He is thought to be one of the most capable of the Spanish colonial officials in his day.

The colonial officials were under obligation to show them the honor corresponding to their respective duties.

prison officials   (funcionarios de prisiones)

While prison officials wait outside he demands music be played.

Prison gangs are known to beat fellow inmates at the direction of prison officials.

Tired of dealing with the prison officials, Johns helps Riddick to elude the guards.

immigration officials

More than 150 migrants prepared to seek asylum from United States immigration officials.

To do this, defective persons needed to be screened by immigration officials and denied entry on the basis of their disability.

On 4 January 2003, Thomas was apprehended by Pakistani immigration officials at an airport in the city of Karachi, and taken into custody.

university officials

Thompson hosted the event without informing senior university officials.

In 1961, civic leaders and university officials began to consider the possibility of a new campus.

400 million to former university officials, according to CUEA’s former Vice Chancellor Prof. Mbae.

customs officials

Captain Gault smuggles diamonds past customs officials.

In many of the stories the customs officials or other law-enforcement personnel involved are told about the plot.

She suffered serious problems with various customs officials and became determined to change the laws in Australia.

officials during

Payami was eventually arrested by Iranian officials during the editing of the film.

In May 1996, Rogers and Lee Tschantret argued with officials during game six of the NPSL finals.

The cathedral is associated with a number of prominent architects, clergy and government officials during the 19th century.

officials such

He also advised Sun Quan to rely on capable officials such as Gu Yong, Lu Xun and Pan Jun.

He was honored by officials such as Zhang Jiuling, Wei Xuxin (韋虛心), and Zhang Tinggui (張廷珪).

The court in desperation empowered Han Chinese officials such as Zeng Guofan to raise local armies.

local government officials   (funcionarios del gobierno local)

They arrested and executed political, social, and cultural activists as well as local government officials.

Not only citizens opposed and even mocked such decrees, also local government officials refused to enforce such laws.

The conference addressed questions from state, county, and local government officials on how to effectively oversee the spending of Recovery Act funds.

union officials   (funcionarios sindicales)

He comes from a family of labor union officials.

The union officials were later cleared of any wrongdoing.

Other union officials included Eddie Wood, who in his spare time officiated the 1933 FA Cup Final.

officials including

By 2005, the EFCC arrested government officials including, Diepreye Alamieyeseigha.

But Johnson, with the support of other officials including Seward, insisted that the franchise was a state, not a federal matter.

This requires access codes to the Cerberus system, held by three government officials including the President, all of whom are inside the bunker.

administrative officials

An annual operating budget is prepared by school district administrative officials.

other government officials   (otros funcionarios del gobierno)

Governor John James Grant; other government officials and prominent people in attendance.

After refusing he was taken hostage (along with 20 other government officials) by the rebels.

Some local police forces (and other government officials) initially sanctioned some landowner retaliation.

officials reported

During the same period, provincial officials reported killing 43 PAVN/VC, capturing 37 and receiving 35 defectors.

Council officials reported some members of the public as mistaking the building for Turnpike Lane underground station.

Lagoons of industrial waste would emerge during rainstorms, and highway officials reported of numerous explosions and fires.

match officials

All the match officials gave their services unpaid.

Between 2009 and 2016 he served as the ERC/EPCR match officials performance manager.

In May 2009 he was appointed the European Rugby Cup match officials performance manager.

election officials   (funcionarios electorales)

DEF CON 2018 also featured a greater variety of voting machines, election officials, equipment, election system processes, and election night reporting.

This consists of the same process as a paper registration form, only it is digital on the internet and send to election officials to review over the web.

These included incidents of election officials instructing voters for whom to vote, candidates campaigning at polling stations, and candidates being pressured into quitting.

club officials

The decision met with incomprehension among the club officials of the Yugoslav clubs.

Elected club officials have remained steadfast in their commitment to historical integrity and hobby ethics.

As expected, none of the club officials who served under the previous president was kept, including head coach López Caro.

imperial officials

Erzhu ordered the imperial officials to welcome Emperor Xiaozhuang into the capital, and the officials complied.

Fei suggested to Erzhu that since his army was actually small, as soon as the imperial officials realized the situation, they would resist him.

senior government officials   (altos funcionarios del gobierno)

Additionally, senior government officials visited them to offer their support.

It also operates a secure communications system for senior government officials.

Several countries sent only low level delegations that included no senior government officials.

officials claimed

His lawyers and HDP officials claimed that his detention wouldn't affect his candidacy.

The attacks came the same day officials claimed the Egyptian Air Force had killed at least 30 militants in strikes on a gathering.

Kenyan security officials claimed that Rogo was killed by his rivals and that the riots that occurred after his death were pre-planned.

municipal officials

Most schools are managed by municipal officials.

Cabanilla asked municipal officials to preserve the site and wait while their project proposal would be approved.

American society responded by opening up numerous almshouses, and some municipal officials began giving out small sums of cash to the poor.

royal officials   (funcionarios reales)

Cortés was suspected of poisoning both royal officials.

These were technically royal officials and hereditary princes.

However the King reneged on his promises made at Fréteval and in response Becket produced a number of censures on royal officials and clergymen.

company officials   (funcionarios de la compañía)

In 1986 the division had annual domestic sales of about $140 million, according to company officials.

In 1987, company officials went to the United States with the aim of purchasing a television production company.

In December 2010, an alliance of groups protested in London outside at a meeting of GCR company officials and stockholders.