Cụm từ và câu ví dụ

often used   (thường được sử dụng)

Spots are often used to mark the and on the cloth.

Nɛrɛmuku is often used in sauces in Southern Mali.

Metaclasses are often used to describe frameworks.

often referred   (thường được gọi)

The team is often referred to simply as the Lions.

The area is often referred to as "Taulov-Skærbæk".

The Byzantines often referred to Duklja as Serbia.

most often   (thường xuyên nhất)

It is most often used as part of two other phrases:

X-ray imaging of the hip is most often unremarkable.

Round brackets are those used most often in writing.

often called   (thường được gọi là)

This configuration is often called a hybrid setup.

This altercation is often called the "Poupou" war.

Theurgy is often called Zoroastrian Magic as well.

more often   (thương xuyên hơn)

Dolphins are mentioned far more often than whales.

This Indian surname is more often spelt "Duggal".

Pencils were used more often for drawing by 1600.

often seen   (thường thấy)

It is still often seen as a plastic or wooden toy.

This species is often seen soaring above woodlands.

They are very often seen on nixies or vacuum tubes.

often found   (thường được tìm thấy)

It is not as often found in dry deciduous forests.

Because of this, he's often found in the library.

As they are often found in waters less than deep.

often considered   (thường được xem xét)

His style is often considered folk art or Haitian.

He is often considered the father of Roman poetry.

Utopia is often considered a part of Fresh Meadows.

often associated   (thường liên quan)

The dying god is often associated with fertility.

Apollo is often associated with the Golden Mean.

It is often associated with aneurysms and Hepatitis B.

often described   (thường được mô tả)

Thus it is often described as the "bank of banks".

Their musical style is often described as doo-wop.

Anna is often described as the only nice Windass.

often made   (thường được thực hiện)

Simpler inlays are often made of plastic or painted.

Cheaper student models are often made in China.

Bolton’s artwork was often made into Christmas cards.

often cited   (thường được trích dẫn)

They are often cited as progenitors of Chicano rap.

They are often cited as pioneers of heavy metal music.

The compound is often cited as a Lewis acid.

often not   (thường không)

IUPAC rules are often not followed for simple ethers.

The use of color is often not natural but always bold.

Sucking out the pus with a needle is often not sufficient.

often use   (thường sử dụng)

Alexander teachers often use themselves as examples.

Moving walkways often use balustrades in the same way.

Singers will often use the falsetto register.

often known   (thường được biết đến)

Wallace L. Dow Wallace L. Dow, often known as W.L.

Fallis Edward Oscar Fallis, often known as E.O.

Buffer shots are often known as "cheat shots."

often played   (thường chơi)

The song is often played on the accordion.

She often played kind-hearted or suffering motherly roles.

The song is often played on the bagpipes.

very often   (rất thường xuyên)

They are very often seen on nixies or vacuum tubes.

In the Middle Ages, feudal lords changed very often.

In either case his face very often shows his suffering.

often abbreviated   (thường viết tắt)

Pizzicato is often abbreviated as "Pizz.".

It is often abbreviated DIA, dia, d, or ⌀.

In Danish, Dyrehavsbakken is often abbreviated as "Bakken".

so often   (vì vậy thường xuyên)

It was delayed so often it was nicknamed "Apocalypse When?"

Learning from others’ mistakes because they are so often our own.

It seems that there was no other painter for whom Bialik sat so often.

often confused   (thường bối rối)

City branding is often confused with City marketing.

It is often confused with Cyrtodactylus collegalensis.

The terms "lipid", "oil", and "fat" are often confused.

often included   (thường bao gồm)

Gunge was often included to make the tasks harder.

This gossip often included discussions of women.

Portions of Greene and Sumter were also often included.

often compared   (thường được so sánh)

The mouth is often compared to that of a crocodile.

Else Kling was often compared to J.R. Ewing.

Their concerts were often compared to those of Jimi Hendrix.

often accompanied   (thường đi cùng)

Low tone is often accompanied by breathy voice.

Bistability is often accompanied by hysteresis.

The "ingénue" is often accompanied with a romantic side plot.

often performed   (thường được thực hiện)

It is often performed on intersex newborns.

Also, she has often performed in London, Wales and Germany.

He often performed with his wife, Eva.

not often   (không thường xuyên)

Answers were not often given clearly or literally.

It is edible, but not often collected for the table.

Long polysyllables are not often used in conversation.

often include   (thường bao gồm)

Today, the shows often include antics and multimedia effects.

Important holidays often include popular celebration activities.

Réveillons in Quebec will often include some variety of tourtière.

often given   (thường được đưa ra)

Answers were not often given clearly or literally.

In fact this is often given as the definition of equality.

Women are often given credit for the start of the musical arts.

too often   (quá thường xuyên)

I do not like to open it too often."

For example, eating one food too often makes a person lose a taste for it.

"You can cry wolf once too often over unrealistic threats", Jayasekera wrote.

often credited   (thường được ghi có)

She is often credited as Kris Rundle or Kris Hamil.

He is often credited as one of the medium's first artists.

He is often credited as "Hirohiko Fukuda".

often regarded   (thường được coi)

In Pakistan, Jews are often regarded as miserly.

He is often regarded as one of Donegal's finest ever footballers.

Structured programming is often regarded as "goto-less programming".

often served   (thường phục vụ)

Lamon often served as Lincoln's private confidant.

Artichokes French is often served as an appetizer.

As with the rice, it is often served with a banana.

often more   (thường nhiều hơn)

The blacks produced were often more gray, brown or bluish.

The latter is often more difficult.

[[Parade]]s are held for a range of purposes, often more than one.

often depicted   (thường được miêu tả)

These often depicted copper pans, game, or flowers.

The egg is often depicted with a serpent wound about it.

Koyash is often depicted as a fiery bird or a winged horse.

less often   (ít hơn thường lệ)

It reaches a height of 10–15 cm (less often 25 cm).

It can cause severe and less often fatal strokes.

In addition, rebalancing of the tree occurs less often.

most often used   (thường được sử dụng nhất)

It is most often used as part of two other phrases:

The version which is most often used is located at No.

Rouille is most often used in the cuisine of Provence.

often very   (thường rất)

The music is often very tough, according to Brown.

They do give good grip and are often very cheap.

Spring is often very windy and moderately rainy.

often using   (thường xuyên sử dụng)

Sauckel obtained new workers often using the most brutal methods.

Pitsuilak works in soapstone, often using female figures as subjects.

His paintings, mixed figurative and abstract, often using large formats.

often than not   (thường xuyên hơn không)

But more often than not, the standard is compromised.

More often than not Coyote is a trickster, but always different.

The Parchamites were urban, richer, and spoke Dari more often than not.

often featured   (thường được đặc trưng)

BASE jumping is often featured in action movies.

"The Advent" often featured material by Sri Aurobindo.

Manzoni's works were often featured at Galleria Azimuth.

often uses   (thường sử dụng)

The bald eagle often uses this area for wintering.

She often uses family photographs in her practice.

The International Task Force often uses the port as a base.

often held   (thường được tổ chức)

Jousts are often held in a meadow outside the city.

Regional, local and school level games are often held.

For women, the back is often held in a marked back bend.

often visited   (thường ghé thăm)

He has often visited Japan where he is very popular.

The village is often visited by walkers and cyclists.

There he would reunite with Mozart who often visited him.

often refers   (thường đề cập đến)

Parkland Parkland often refers to a park.

Mollo often refers to the main characters by their initials.

He often refers to his kohais with the -chan honorific (e.g.

often took   (thường lấy)

These often took place on the so-called "Vietnam Meadow".

(It often took decades to discern whether they succeeded.)

La Pira often took an even more active role in job creation.

often difficult   (thường khó khăn)

Transport in Cameroon is often difficult.

Finding and jumping to different sections was often difficult.

Sugar-based biopolymers are often difficult with regards to convention.

often based   (thường dựa)

His writing is often based on personal experience.

Diagnosis is often based on symptoms.

Its lyrical themes are often based on the work of famous Greek poets.

often shortened   (thường rút ngắn)

The term is often shortened to "BiDi" or "bidi".

This was often shortened to "el sur grande".

The name of the country is often shortened to "the D.R."

often occurs   (thường xuyên xảy ra)

Its name often occurs at the time of the civil wars.

The wolf tone often occurs with the note G on the bass.

Death often occurs from respiratory failure.

often done   (thường làm)

This is also often done using a plate heat exchanger.

It is often done between spring and summers.

This is often done by abortion, murder or forced suicide.

often take   (thường lấy)

Zhuang folk stories often take the form of songs.

However, clinical trials often take years to complete.

Between them these often take up a whole page.

often worked   (thường xuyên làm việc)

As a child, he often worked in his father's sawmill.

He often worked with the actor William Bendix.

He often worked as envoy of his King, Rudolf.

often written   (thường được viết)

Breathy vowels are most often written etc.

The Books are often written by experts in their appropriate field.

Martin Blake has been often written in public history and local annals".

often mentioned   (thường được đề cập)

the axiom of choice is often mentioned when used.

One of Arnold's often mentioned brothers.

King often mentioned Jennings as one of biggest influences.

often the case   (thường là như vậy)

This is often the case for many precedents that have been set in the common law.

This is often the case if it is a rescue survey, but less common in a regular survey.

It is evident that the victimized woman has no voice, as is often the case with rape.

often only   (thường chỉ)

In tombs, pottery is often only sketched out schematically.

Those available, meanwhile, can often only be purchased at great expense.

Thus diagnostic terms often only reflect a symptom or set of symptoms (syndrome).

quite often   (khá thường xuyên)

They are also quite often kept as pets by locals.

Such recalls once occurred quite often.

The letters ⟨e⟩ and ⟨r⟩ are also quite often found in ligature.

often required   (thường được yêu cầu)

An email account is often required to create an account.

Electrical engineers are often required on major science projects.

Labor-intensive periodic maintenance is often required to inspect indicators.

often includes   (thường bao gồm)

Vernacular theatre of various types often includes music.

This often includes rallying around the country's leader.

Night entertainment often includes bands, djs and themed parties.

often taken   (thường được thực hiện)

Hilbert spaces are often taken over the complex numbers.

This is often taken as the "time" at which the CMB formed.

A decision is often taken at the end of the oral proceedings.

often portrayed   (thường được miêu tả)

He is often portrayed with a bird, typically in his hand.

Therefore, the reverse of common practices was often portrayed.

His usual swear word is "Sacrebleu", and he is often portrayed as a thief.

often contain   (thường chứa)

The eggsac will often contain 100-140 spiderlings.

Their main borders often contain kufic ornaments.

Equations often contain terms other than the unknowns.

often involved   (thường tham gia)

Many wounds were open fractures and often involved damage to bones.

For example, flavin and heme cofactors are often involved in redox reactions.

Throughout the series, Rose and she are often involved in the same activities.

often thought   (thường nghĩ)

A full moon is often thought of as an event of a full night's duration.

He often thought about going to New York and selling books on the street.

Memory is often thought of as consisting of both a long-term and short-term store.

often employed   (thường làm việc)

Stemmeries often employed African-American laborers.

The use of a calibrator is often employed in immunoassays.

In North America, Holsteiners are often employed as top-quality show hunters.

often simply   (thường đơn giản)

The logging system is often simply a personal computer.

They are eaten in any variety of ways, often simply boiled and served with butter.

Non-logical axioms are often simply referred to as "axioms" in mathematical discourse.

often appeared   (thường xuất hiện)

She often appeared on "Tonight with Vincent Browne".

Gabriel has often appeared in Blumhouse Productions films.

She often appeared in westerns, musicals, and, occasionally, dramas.

often appear   (thường xuất hiện)

They often appear as many as three to six per page.

Her essays often appear in Purpleclover.com.

For example, mountains in the distance often appear blue.

often combined   (thường kết hợp)

These two systems of classification are often combined.

These two identities are often combined, e.g.

These titles are often combined with lower titles, e.g.

often sold   (thường được bán)

In the United States, it is often sold as Parmesan.

The coffee varieties are often sold both hot and cold.

It is typically hand-made, and often sold by street vendors.

work often   (làm việc thường xuyên)

Her work often deals with feminist issues.

Geller's video work often featured herself as a performer.

Her work often consists of installations.

often attributed   (thường quy)

It is most often attributed to Agoracritos.

A feature often attributed to the aurochs is blond forehead hairs.

(This prediction often attributed by the hoax writer to Bill Gates.)

often led   (thường dẫn)

Periodic droughts and subsequent famines often led to war.

It is still today the end of pilgrimages, often led by feet.

The differing approaches to social work often led to heated debates.

now often   (bây giờ thường xuyên)

The canals are now often used for fishing competitions.

It is now often ranked among the all-time best TV shows.

Designs are now often produced with the aid of CAD software.

often feature   (tính năng thường xuyên)

These districts often feature in works of fiction.

Orchestral themes and minimalist songs often feature.

Her paintings often feature depictions of legs.

often leads   (thường dẫn)

This often leads to impunity for perpetrators.

This behavior often leads to them being eaten by cats.

This often leads to a deep sense of isolation from others.

often do not   (thường không)

The flowers often do not open widely and lean downwards.

Compact and notebook keyboards often do not have a dedicated key.

, systems for reporting wrongdoing by editors often do not exist.

often did   (thường làm)

He often did not know his part and resorted to gagging.

he often did their first introductions to the public on stage.

Offspring often did not contain seeds, and was therefore sterile.

often quoted   (thường được trích dẫn)

He was often quoted as saying "The king is "my" patron."

Delaroche is often quoted as saying 'from today, painting is dead'.

The NATO Reporting Name for the Duga-1 is often quoted as STEEL YARD.

often mistaken   (thường nhầm)

It is often mistaken as a Green Day cover version.

For example, Bwamba fever is often mistaken for malaria.

King Charles Spaniels are often mistaken for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels.

often shown   (thường được hiển thị)

He is often shown with the horned crown of divinity.

Reduplication is often shown with a tilde.

Mary was often shown as a much smaller figure than her mother.

people often   (Mọi người thường)

Following use people often feel depressed and tired.

Thus people often turn to experts for help.

Mr. Rockola added the hyphen because people often mispronounced his name.

often appears   (thường xuất hiện)

As a visual pun, a goat often appears on bock labels.

She often appears with a raven's head and a female body.

The patch often appears blue.

often applied   (thường được áp dụng)

For this reason they are often applied as pigments.

The FTCS method is often applied to diffusion problems.

Receptor and voltage-gated channel antagonists are often applied (i.e.

how often   (Bao lâu)

These patterns are the reference to how often the desired behavior actually occurs.

For those who did report seeing these LF, how often they saw them varied across reports.

Experience is awarded based on how often the player uses certain characters or Personas.

often refer   (thường xuyên tham khảo)

Its opponents often refer to it as "trickle-down economics".

Fans often refer to it as "Wall of Dolls" due to the cover artwork.

Nutritionists often refer to carbohydrates as either simple or complex.

often results   (kết quả thường)

Being entangled also often results in severe lacerations and ulcers.

However over-exploitation often results in a Hubbert peak nonetheless.

Hypokalemia often results.

often overlooked   (thường bị bỏ qua)

The Anzac and Turkish positions often overlooked each other.

Although often overlooked, thousands of women fought during the Battle of Adwa alongside men.

The Post-WWII and Cold War eras were a pivotal and often overlooked period in feminist SF history.

often involves   (thường liên quan)

Pairing often involves some level of user interaction.

Basson often involves diners in the "flipping ceremony" at tableside.

Symphonic repertoire often involves separate parts for trumpet and cornet.

often make   (thường làm)

Also DVD reviewers often make mention of this cause.

They often make loud calls that are audible to humans.

In the 1990s, Bowie was often make phone call with Whately.

often criticized   (thường bị chỉ trích)

Procedurals are often criticized for being .

He often criticized the Centre Party for being too left-wing.

Redstockings' line on gay men and lesbians is often criticized as homophobic.

often identified   (thường được xác định)

Sülde Tngri is most often identified with Genghis Khan.

Hence logically equivalent sentences are often identified.

However, the term is often identified with the philosophical views of Sartre.

often placed   (thường được đặt)

Sacrificial offerings are often placed within the temple.

Warning signs are often placed on such roads to warn traffic.

Noble families often placed younger sons at Dueholm for a time.

often occur   (thường xuyên xảy ra)

They often occur together with "Trivia monacha".

These spheres often occur on different scales.

Traffic accidents often occur on the road.

often present   (thường có mặt)

Suitable instructions are often present in large code.

A Royal Navy guard ship is often present at the event.

Cystidia are often present in the hymenium.

often left   (thường để lại)

They often left their villages to hunt buffalo.

She was often left in the care of her maternal grandmother Judith, Hon.

They can smell carcasses that are often left by polar bears anywhere from 10–40 km.

often takes   (thường mất)

She often takes sides with the women in huests' domestic disputes.

Digital divide often takes place among specific racial lines as well.

The viewing often takes place on one or two evenings before the funeral.

often expressed   (thường thể hiện)

Strong views are often expressed about anal sex.

A gradient is often expressed as a percentage.

This motif is often expressed as Cys-X2-Cys-X4-His-X4-Cys.

often translated   (thường được dịch)

The name is also often translated as "Hill of the Ōō Bird".

(often translated as "Pshit" or "Shittr!"

Japanese has copulae that are most often translated as the "to be" verb of English.

often treated   (thường được điều trị)

Neurapraxia is often treated and cured by non-operative means.

There are two subspecies, often treated in the past as separate species.

The species is often treated as a subspecies of "Pseudochazara anthelea".

still often   (vẫn thường xuyên)

It is still often seen as a plastic or wooden toy.

These items can still often be found for sale at auction.

), is still often reproduced by some international media.