Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

oil and gas   (petróleo y gas)

It provides services to the oil and gas industry.

South Moravia has small oil and gas deposits.

He supports tapping into off-shore oil and gas supplies.

crude oil   (petróleo crudo)

It is an important quality measurement of crude oil.

In the 1960s, Idemitsu imported crude oil from Russia.

In addition Statoil has a trading office for crude oil.

oil painting   (pintura al óleo)

He excelled in Chinese painting and oil painting.

The location of the original oil painting is not known.

Nor did Hunt confine himself to oil painting.

olive oil   (aceite de oliva)

The agriculture is based on olive oil and cereals.

Julis also had a press for olive oil or grape syrup.

It is often served with olive oil and red wine.

oil field   (campo petrolero)

It was the first oil field discovered in Middle East.

In 1947 a major oil field was discovered near Edmonton.

The company's flagship oil field is located in Tsimiroro.

oil industry   (Industria del aceite)

He is credited with creating the Russian oil industry.

Her early career was spent working in the oil industry.

The oil industry was too large and many companies merged.

oil company   (compañia de PETROLEO)

The series was sponsored by the oil company Shell.

TNK-BP became Russia's third largest oil company.

Together, they invested in the oil company Norsk Vikingolje.

oil production

The company had a monopoly on Iraq's oil production.

Brunei's oil production peaked in 1979 at over .

It is also a center for olive oil production.

fuel oil   (gasolina)

They are fueled by either natural gas or fuel oil.

of fuel oil was carried, giving a range of at .

It is also possible to operate the station using fuel oil.

oil paintings

The oil paintings are copies of those in London.

Smith typically creates narrative oil paintings.

Among his oil paintings are the following:

oil fields   (campos de petróleo)

It is one of the oldest oil fields in the state of Utah.

military outposts, remote oil fields).

Two more oil fields were captured by protesters shortly thereafter.

oil spill   (Derrame de petróleo)

Five people were killed when the oil spill caught on fire.

A freighter collided with a rig, followed by a huge oil spill.

The Exxon Valdez oil spill was the largest in United States history.

oil companies

The major prospecting oil companies in the area are Shell and Agip.

It is a subsidiary of Sinopec, one of China's national oil companies.

As of July 2018, there were over 60 registered oil companies in Kenya.

palm oil   (aceite de palma)

It is the principal source of palm oil.

The primary export is palm oil.

The orangutan was found at a palm oil plantation in Indonesian Borneo.

oil prices   (precios del aceite)

All were paid for with revenue from high oil prices.

News of the attack raised crude oil prices on global markets.

With an upturn in oil prices, exploration intensified in 2000.

oil refinery   (refinería de petróleo)

In 1980 an oil refinery plant "Mažeikių Nafta" was opened.

Near Camarones metro station is the Mexico City oil refinery.

Angola plans to build an oil refinery in Lobito in the coming years.

oil on canvas   (óleo sobre lienzo)

It is in oil on canvas and measures 229 x 145 cm.

The painting is a 90.8 x 121.4 cm oil on canvas.

The medium, if not oil on canvas, is noted.

oil shale   (esquisto bituminoso)

The cleaned hot gas returns to the oil shale dryer.

Both retorts process 125 tonnes per hour of oil shale.

The ratio of oil shale ash to raw oil shale is 2.8–3:1.

oil sands

The Alberta part is in the Cold Lake oil sands.

The oil sands of Alberta, Canada are a similar material.

This is the main factor limiting growth of oil sands production in the WCSB.

oil crisis   (crisis del petroleo)

The 1973 oil crisis put an end to the Million Programme.

This was caused by the oil crisis in 1973.

By 1975 profits had halved, partly due to the 1974 oil crisis.

oil refineries

Its members own and operate all oil refineries in Australia.

Altona North contains one of two oil refineries in Victoria.

Typical process plants include oil refineries, paper mills, and chemical plants.

oil and natural

Sulfur is extracted from oil and natural gas.

Two-thirds of Azerbaijan is rich in oil and natural gas.

Two thirds of Azerbaijan is rich in oil and natural gas.

oil reserves

Manifa is having oil reserves of 11 billion barrels.

Most of its oil reserves are off-shore.

It also ranks 16th in oil reserves.

vegetable oil   (aceite vegetal)

The usual fat for making french fries is vegetable oil.

Curries are normally cooked in vegetable oil.

It originally burned a heavy vegetable oil.

oil tanker   (petrolero)

The UAE owns an oil tanker named after the town.

Instead he went into transport by oil tanker.

The world's first successful oil tanker was Nobel's "Zoroaster".

offshore oil   (petróleo en el mar)

It is threatened by offshore oil drilling and tanker traffic.

Benin began producing a modest quantity of offshore oil in October 1982.

Natural resources include timber, fish, gold, copper, offshore oil, and hydropower.

oil exploration   (Exploración de aceite)

One class is that of oil exploration companies.

The island of Matak is the main base for oil exploration.

The oil exploration also means an increase in boat traffic on the rivers.

oil wells

Finally, burning oil wells must be deleted using dynamite.

There are 25 corked oil wells.

So far, more than 600 oil wells have been drilled and completed in Ahvaz field.

largest oil

TNK-BP became Russia's third largest oil company.

The Ahvaz field is the third largest oil field in the world.

Sinopec is the largest oil refiner in Asia by annual volume processed.

barrels of oil

The field is estimated to contain 6.5 billion barrels of oil.

Oloibiri which has a holding capacity of 1.5 million barrels of oil.

By 1995 the El Dorado oil fields had produced 300 million barrels of oil.

oil well   (pozo de petróleo)

The park is also the site of the first oil well in Florida.

There is an oil well in Singleton forest in the north of the parish.

It was Łukasiewicz who opened first oil well "Małgorzata" in Polish lands.

oil pipeline   (tubería de aceite)

An oil pipeline runs through an outer wall of the city.

In 1999, the Baku-Supsa oil pipeline was put into operation.

New oil pipeline projects with Brazil and Venezuela are underway.

oil drilling   (la extracción de petróleo)

Herman joined the uncle's oil drilling business.

Successful oil drilling off of Mussel Rock began in 1927.

It is threatened by offshore oil drilling and tanker traffic.

whale oil   (Aceite de ballena)

Also important was a jump in demand for whale oil.

By 1 December she had 50 barrels of right whale oil.

He returned on 22 June 1819 with 500 casks of whale oil.

shale oil   (aceite de esquisto bituminoso)

Ten known oil shale deposits in Morocco account more than of shale oil.

The annual shale oil production is 135,000 tonnes and oil shale gas production is .

In this process, the oil shale is decomposed into shale oil, oil shale gas, and spent residue.

oil palm   (aceite de palma)

Rubber estates gave way to oil palm plantations.

It is thought that Arab traders brought the oil palm to Egypt.

In 1961, Felda's first oil palm settlement opened, with 3.75 km² of land.

oil tankers

Idemitsu Kosan owns 12 oil tankers for international use.

Oil will be transferred from the FPSO vessel to shuttle oil tankers.

Ludvig Nobel invented oil tankers, and better refineries, pipelines.

oil spills

While viruses, bacteria, and oil spills were ruled out the cause appeared to be starvation.

It is threatened by predators introduced to its breeding colonies, by oil spills, and by tanker traffic.

While hunting still occurs, an increasing risk to its continued survival in Ecuador is now believed to be the risk of oil spills.

large oil

Most have a single large oil drop.

The site originally had seven large oil tanks, which have been removed.

It started when lightning caused a number of the large oil tanks to explode.

oil paint   (pintura de aceite)

His main media are oil paint, watercolour and pencil.

His favorite medias were pumice lacquer and oil paint.

After 1971, she used oil paint on paper.

oil boom   (auge petrolero)

The oil boom contributed to the massive growth of Baku.

In 1931, during the Texas oil boom, oil was discovered in the area.

Interest in him grew after the Pennsylvania oil boom starting in 1859.

oil lamps

The oil lamps were stored and serviced in this room.

The miners used lard oil lamps for illumination.

Purportedly, oil lamps were used because the power was out.

essential oil   (aceite esencial)

100 nanometers) essential oil droplets suspended in the drink.

The leaves have the highest concentration of essential oil (4.3%).

In 1989, the production of "Thymus zygis" essential oil was 25 tons.

first oil

Uganda has ambitions to produce first oil by 2020.

It was the first oil field discovered in Middle East.

The park is also the site of the first oil well in Florida.

major oil   (aceite principal)

Baku was the major oil city of the Soviet Union.

In 1947 a major oil field was discovered near Edmonton.

The West Coyote Hills was once a major oil field, dating back to 1890.

gas and oil

In 1938 the CCC built a gas and oil house.

Underneath the earth surface are pools of natural gas and oil.

The most important commercial sources for alkanes are natural gas and oil.

oil rig   (plataforma petrolera)

In 2013, three activists of Greenpeace got on a Statoil's oil rig, wearing bear suits.

In addition, 14 people were airflifted when an oil rig was forced up the beach by high winds.

When Al-Baq is secured, he reveals the location of the nuke, an oil rig off the coast of an unnamed city.

cooking oil   (aceite de cocina)

Biodiesel from recycled cooking oil was available for vehicles.

Oil is also extracted for a variety of uses from varnish to cooking oil.

Maize is also a major source of cooking oil (corn oil) and of maize gluten.

price of oil   (precio del petróleo)

In that instance, would Riyadh lower the price of oil?

With the drop in the price of oil in 2015 it was down to $1.4 billion.

when the price of oil peaked.

oil extraction   (extracción de petróleo)

Another factor determining the viability of oil extraction from the oil sands is the price of oil.

Another factor determining the viability of oil extraction from the oil sands was the price of oil.

Kiviter process The Kiviter process is an above ground retorting technology for shale oil extraction.

coconut oil   (aceite de coco)

The coconut oil is used for cooking, as hair oil and in manufacture of soap.

This used a mixture of mashed paraffin, stearic acid and coconut oil as a binder.

The copra is milled by the Huilerie de Tahiti to produce coconut oil mostly used for the monoi.

such as oil

Natural resources such as oil are removed from moment universes.

A=S → A:) or the removal of sulfur compounds from a mixture such as oil refinery streams.

Ocean engineering can involve foundation and anchor systems for offshore structures such as oil platforms.

oil per

The complex is capable of refining of crude oil per day.

The company ramped up production to of oil per day in 1984.

The refinery process about 44,500 barrels of crude oil per day.

oil products

They were added to oil products to boost the efficiency.

In 2014, Rosneft exported 47 thousand tons of oil products to Abkhazia.

Bucharest stored and distributed much of Ploiești's refined oil products.

oil business   (negocio petrolero)

The name is a play on her family's oil business.

Born in Waterloo, Iowa, McFarlane owned a fuel oil business.

The oil business lacked technical know-how and scientific methodology.

discovery of oil

Before the discovery of oil, logging was the pillar of the Gabonese economy.

The community was established in 1929 after the discovery of oil in Taylor-Link field.

The discovery of oil was followed by a real estate boom in the surrounding communities.

oil pressure   (presión del aceite)

gauge, and oil pressure were standard.

An oil pressure gauge is fitted.

The oil pressure switch was now located at the rear of the cylinder block.

oil storage

This led to the construction of underground oil storage tunnels in Darwin in 1943.

Goods workings continued to serve the brickworks, and the oil storage depot at Thorneywood.

Targets were then switched to petroleum and oil storage and transportation networks and North Vietnamese airfields.

heavy oil

It is estimated to contain as many as of heavy oil with 14° to 16° API gravity.

In 2018, the low price of heavy oil negatively impacted Alberta's economic growth.

Much smaller heavy oil or bitumen deposits also occur in the Uinta Basin in Utah, US.

oil price   (precio del petróleo)

oil price) or any other observable financial index.

Alberta boomed once again during the 2003-2008 oil price spike.

The old cycle was soon repeated with overproduction and the inevitable crash in the oil price.

oil lamp   (lampara de aceite)

In 1845, a colza oil lamp and Fresnel lens was installed.

However, the head decomposed and was replaced by an oil lamp.

They has performed the film at the night with oil lamp's light.

linseed oil

Kerosene or linseed oil may be used to extend the "open" or working time of oil-based glazes.

Raw materials for making linoleum such as cork and linseed oil were also imported at the "Factory Pier".

As linseed oil contains a smaller molecule than acrylic paint, oil paint is able to absorb substantially more pigment.

oil revenues   (ingresos petroleros)

Gabon's oil revenues have given it a per capita GDP of $8,600, unusually high for the region.

He established the Bell Petroleum Oil Company, and used oil revenues to develop Bel-Air Estates.

In spite of the decreasing oil revenues, planning is only now beginning for an after-oil scenario.

mineral oil

The alkali metals must be stored under mineral oil or an inert atmosphere.

It is stored and shipped in dry, saturated hydrocarbons such as mineral oil.

The oil base can be diesel, kerosene, fuel oil, selected crude oil or mineral oil.

oil rigs

In 2012 there were six active oil rigs in Gabon.

It also has oil rigs and natural gas extraction in the eastern plains.

After completing his schooling, he worked in road construction and on oil rigs.

oil exports   (exportaciones petroleras)

Crude oil exports accounted for more than 90% of export earnings in 2000.

Brunei's oil exports to the United States accounted for 17% of the total exported.

GDP growth is estimated to recover to over 4% in 2004, due largely to expanded oil exports.

oil refining

The desalting is usually the first process in crude oil refining.

Air quality is extremely poor in Baku, the center of oil refining.

The Corinth Refinery is one of the largest oil refining industrial complexes in Europe.

oil pump

A brick addition on the south side was used as an oil pump house.

The engine features a compact balancer shaft module with an integrated oil pump.

Soon after regaining the lead on stage twelve, she retired with a broken oil pump.

engine oil

The preferred engine oil is 5W30 API grade SL/SM.

The engine oil tanks were in the engine nacelles.

The engine oil feed system caught fire and was severely damaged.

oil platforms

The coast contains nearly 4,000 oil platforms.

In-situ observations are obtained from buoys, ships and oil platforms.

Ocean engineering can involve foundation and anchor systems for offshore structures such as oil platforms.

oil tank

Each nacelle contained a oil tank, including a air space.

This allowed the traditional Harley-Davidson oil tank to be placed under the seat.

The shapely "radiator" was a combined three-gallon petrol tank and three-quart oil tank.

tons of oil

Up to 515 tons of oil fuel could be carried, giving a range of at .

In 2014, Rosneft exported 47 thousand tons of oil products to Abkhazia.

The bombing lasted an hour, and it caused the loss of 13,000 tons of oil.

castor oil

Later he replaced the castor oil and the mica through a polymer binder.

Sesame oil, castor oil, grain, and various fruits are also produced there.

False castor oil plant False castor oil plant is the common name of two plants:

foreign oil

Al-Sane opposes Project Kuwait and allowing foreign oil companies into Kuwait.

Egypt also paid more than $6 billion it owed to foreign oil companies within two months.

In this capacity, he recommended that a tax be placed on foreign oil processed within the state.

oil recovery

An application where pore size is beneficial is in regards to oil recovery.

The Galoter process has high thermal and technological efficiency, and high oil recovery ratio.

CO has been injected into declining oil fields for more than 40 years, to increase oil recovery.

seed oil

Rubber seed oil Rubber seed oil is oil extracted from the seeds of rubber trees.

The useful properties of the rubber seed oil make it similar to well-known linseed and soybean oil.

oil terminal   (terminal de aceite)

It allows oil supplies to Austria from the Italian oil terminal in Trieste.

"Butcher Island", also known as "Jawahar Dweep", is used as an oil terminal by the Mumbai Port.

Omišalj is best known in modern times for hosting the Rijeka Airport as well as Port of Rijeka oil terminal.

oil per day

The complex is capable of refining of crude oil per day.

The company ramped up production to of oil per day in 1984.

The refinery process about 44,500 barrels of crude oil per day.

heating oil

in Mount Vernon, still accepts barges of heating oil, ULSD, and biodiesel blends daily.

In addition to its retail arm, Parkland distributes fuel, including propane, diesel, and heating oil, to mainly commercial customers.

Shortly before his death, an article published in "Haaretz" indicated that Alperon had been involved in heating oil schemes with other gangsters.

new oil

Nobel invested in these and amassed great wealth through the development of these new oil regions.

They used this, yet it burned for eight days (the time it took to have new oil pressed and made ready).

The engine was equipped with an enlarged radiator, and the engine and gearbox also had new oil coolers.

oil tanks

The engine oil tanks were in the engine nacelles.

The oil tanks themselves had no separate coolant controlling systems.

The site originally had seven large oil tanks, which have been removed.

oil pipelines   (oleoductos)

In 2015, of natural gas pipelines and of oil pipelines spanned the country's territory.

The oil pipelines of Germany do not constitute a proper network, and sometimes only connect two different locations.

The country has five major oil pipelines, four of which connect with the Caribbean export terminal at Puerto Coveñas.

fish oil

Ninety percent is processed into fishmeal and fish oil.

In 1861, he became a partner in a fish oil and guano company.

The Nisga′a also trade dried fish, seal oil, fish oil, blubber and cedar.

including oil

Reed had many hobbies, including oil painting, crafts and cooking, and he loved the ballet.

Over the years, Adebutu was involved in bold projects including oil and gas, solid minerals, construction and maritime.

Katchen currently practices at Holland & Hart, where he works in commercial and natural resources litigation, including oil and gas law.

motor oil

In the same year, it mostly imported crude oil, automobiles, motor oil, coal and briquettes.

She has been featured in TV advertisements for products such Oral B toothpaste, and Valvoline motor oil with Virat Kohli.

oil cooler   (enfriador de aceite)

One ready solution was to add an external oil cooler.

The Company's first major product was an oil cooler for military aircraft.

DSG equipped models also come with an auxiliary oil cooler on the passenger side.

oil paints

Different media can increase or decrease the rate at which oil paints dry.

Relatively recently, water-miscible oil paints have been developed for artists' use.

"She encouraged me artistically to express myself and bought me my first set of oil paints.

sesame oil   (aceite de sésamo)

It also exported grain, rice, sesame oil and cotton cloth.

Some common examples are sunflower oil, canola oil, and sesame oil.

14C triazofos at a dose of 4.4–4.8 mg/kg bodyweight was administered in sesame oil by gastric intubation.

national oil   (aceite nacional)

It is a subsidiary of Sinopec, one of China's national oil companies.

Since 2001 the government has created GEPetrol, a national oil company; and Sonagas, a national natural-gas company.

Sonatrach, the national oil company, is the largest company in Africa, supplying large amounts of natural gas to Europe.

oil producer

By 1976 Saudi Arabia had become the largest oil producer in the world.

, Equatorial Guinea is the third-largest oil producer in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Brunei is the third-largest oil producer in Southeast Asia, averaging about .

international oil

Koroknay's career in the international oil and gas industry began at Esso Australia Limited (Esso).

More than $60 billion was invested into Azerbaijan's oil by major international oil companies in AIOC consortium operated by BP.

An oil embargo was introduced on 20 November 1987 when the United Nations General Assembly adopted a voluntary international oil embargo.

peak oil   (pico de petróleo)

Newman draws from Richard Heinberg's book "" as source material for portions of the show dealing with peak oil.

In the long term, the government seeks to deal with peak oil via potentially invading alternate-universe Texas.

It is attractive to those seeking large-scale solutions to anthropogenic climate change or fossil fuel depletion (such as peak oil).

oil embargo   (embargo petrolero)

On April 10, the suppliers' oil embargo was officially lifted.

As the 1973 was produced, OPEC levied an oil embargo to the USA.

NCSG was founded in 1977 as a result of increased woodstove use due to the oil embargo crisis of the early to mid-1970s.

oil slick   (Fuga de petróleo)

There was no wreckage on the surface, only an oil slick.

During the Deepwater Horizon spill, the Macondo-252 oil slick was composed of over 205 million gallons of crude oil.

A tanker off the coast of Florida reported seeing an explosion and observing a widespread oil slick when fruitlessly searching for survivors.

oil platform

Then, the Squadron Supreme visited another oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

The aircraft was en route from Bergen Airport, Flesland to Statfjord A, an offshore oil platform.

Hap returns from his off-shore oil platform job to discover that his best friend Leonard is being framed for a series of murders.

world oil

Jeffrey EC came into operation during the late 1970s in the wake of an energy crisis created by a quadrupling of world oil prices.

However, as a result of the 1986 drop in world oil prices and substantial debts from past takeovers, Dome Petroleum became an acquisition target.

The tomato industry started up again and thrived until the 1970s when the significant increase in world oil prices led to a sharp, terminal decline.

oil and water

Like oil and water, a molten metal may not always mix with another element.

It can also act as an emulsifier, to keep oil and water mixtures from separating.

Chimichurri is available bottled or dehydrated for preparation by mixing with oil and water.

oil was discovered

In addition, oil was discovered nearby.

In 1931, during the Texas oil boom, oil was discovered in the area.

Dhahran was settled after 1938, the year oil was discovered in the vicinity.

oil supply   (suministro de petróleo)

Azerbaijan grants Ukraine exclusive conditions for oil supply.

Fifty years before the battle, Baku produced half of the world's oil supply.

He was awarded the MBE in 1918 for his work in increasing oil supply during the First World War.

oil leak   (fuga de aceite)

While leading their GTP class, an oil leak on the No.

The engine fire was the result of an oil leak.

Additionally, a small oil leak was found on one generator.