Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

years old   (años)

and shall Sarah, that is ninety years old, bear?'"

When he was three years old, his parents divorced.

Though ten years old, Hewett plays April at eight.

year old   (edad)

Four year old Janet Chapman was cast in the lead.

They immigrated to Israel when Eli was one year old.

9 to 11 year old kids are classified as intermediate.

old man   (anciano)

the old man promises but does not go beyond that.

Marshall asks Sara why the old man is frightened.

Suddenly you see an old man dressed as an abbot.

old age   (vejez)

The ability to see color also decreases in old age.

He was euthanized due to the infirmities of old age.

He was portrayed in old age by Norman Macbeth.

old friend   (viejo amigo)

Harriet asks her old friend Wimsey to investigate.

Also his old friend Alexis Korner helped recording.

Nubia meets an old friend, Mnason the animal trainer.

old when   (viejo cuando)

He was thirty-five years old when he began racing.

Goran was 10 years old when his parents divorced.

Chaklmers was 23 years old when he became master.

old town   (pueblo Viejo)

The neighbourhood is part of the historical old town.

Nanxun Town, an old town, is located in the district.

In 1707 a fire destroyed large parts of the old town.

old school   (vieja escuela)

The old school building was demolished in 1970.

"The Bridge", similarly, chronicles old school hip hop.

Music featured in the film is old school '80s hip-hop/rap.

years old when   (años cuando)

He was thirty-five years old when he began racing.

Goran was 10 years old when his parents divorced.

Chaklmers was 23 years old when he became master.

months old

At the time of death he was 39 years 3 months old.

He contracted polio when he was eight months old.

They moved to Geneva when he was 17 months old.

old woman   (anciana)

The family is visited by a mysterious old woman.

He stays in the house of an old woman in London.

Eulalia Inch – Eulalia is an old woman.

very old

Wooden art is a very old tradition of West Bengal.

Since the car was very old, the back half collapsed.

He did not hire a housekeeper until he was very old.

old city

The total population of the old city is about 5,000.

Almost all study and work in the old city cease.

The story is set in Hyderabad and its old city.

old church

A cemetery had been placed over the old church.

The old church was destroyed in the war.

It was in stark contrast to the old church, both inside and out.

million years old

R136 is thought to be less than 2 million years old.

The nebula is estimate to be 2.0 - 2.5 million years old.

The islands are believed to be about two million years old.

too old

The general turns him down for being 20 years too old.

But this time, he is rejected as he is deemed too old.

During Season 6 he said he was getting too old to be doing this.

old name

An old name for direct current was "galvanic current".

("Blowing house" is an old name for a smelting house.)

The old name of this village is Raunaqabad.

old building

The old building at 1200 State Street still stands.

The old building was sold to the Knights of Pythias.

The old building was sold in 2003 for $210,000.

old and new

Photos of the old and new towers are illustrated below.

The program included both old and new works.

She performed multiple songs; old and new.

old friends

They eventually come across old friends Lenka and Jiří.

The old friends sit down to play chess, but John dozes off.

Dinakaran panics and recruits his old friends to help him out.

old enough

Faison ships Henrik off to boarding school when he is old enough.

However, the exams were abolished before he was old enough to sit them.

Eli was hidden on this world for his safety until he is old enough to help.

ten years old

Though ten years old, Hewett plays April at eight.

Both his parents died before he turned ten years old.

The pair have known each other since they were both ten years old.

old buildings

It was not uncommon to add extra storeys to old buildings.

Some of the old buildings are still visible from the cliff top.

A large fire in 1552 destroyed many of the town's old buildings.

old house

As a token of goodwill, she gives them their old house back.

They live in an old house in a village.

The number "21" was carved on the fence outside the old house.

old village

The village is an old village founded by Turkmens.

It is an old village, and was first mentioned in 1535.

By 1997 the old village hall was inadequate and crumbling.

days old

He was 27 years, 11 months and 11 days old.

A third child, Henry Robert, died at only a few days old.

Piglets less than 5 days old die with a probability of 90%.

old lady   (señora mayor)

Wilma attempts to embrace her wish and find the old lady.

The old lady passed out and when she came to he was gone.

The second old lady was Abigail Splatter.

old alignment   (alineación antigua)

The old alignment is now called Old Kaimai Road.

SR 74 is the old alignment of US 58 Alternate in Norton.

47, an old alignment of SR 47, before leaving Charlotte and becoming very curvy, going northeast.

old station   (vieja estación)

This was a partial return to their old station from 2007.

The old station master's house also survives as a private dwelling.

The post office at first used the station building of the old station.

replaced the old

A new school building replaced the old one in 2012.

Highway 90 replaced the old Highway from the late 60's.

They replaced the old rampart with a new better stone bulwark.

old club

As a result he was bought by his old club Odd.

In 2007, however, they returned to the old club name, Thể Công.

In June 2011, Van den Brom was named as head coach of his old club Vitesse.

old road   (camino viejo)

Today modern highways follow the route of the old road.

The halt is accessible via a series of steps to the old road below.

The shrine stands along the old road from Godič to Brezje nad Kamnikom.

old route

The old route of SH 6 was transferred to new SH 283.

A new route was built east of the old route.

After the new line entered service, the old route was closed.

old bridge

The piers of the old bridge still stand in the river.

In 1845 the old bridge, originally made ?

Soon the line passes over County Road on a rather old bridge.

old men

He made a great reputation in old men's parts.

Inside, two old men are telling stories to pass the time.

In July 1963, the song was rerecorded with six old men singing.

old people

Paula is then transferred to an old people's home.

He is still remembered by the old people living in this town.

Tickets were cheap and students and old people received discounts.

replace the old   (reemplazar el viejo)

Custom belts were being manufactured to replace the old ones.

Either new plants are used or planted to replace the old plants.

The castle may have been built to replace the old Meggenhorn fort.

many old

This gramam got place in many old literatures of Kerala.

There are many old temples dating back to tenth century.

He owns and collects many old British cars.

old days

Justin and Jennifer begin reminiscing about the old days.

Just like the old days".

He would write: In the old days I had looked up to MacDonald as a great leader.

old fashioned   (Anticuado)

He also changed the old fashioned below deck arrangement.

The video begins in an old fashioned, abandoned roller disco.

The "Los Angeles Times" called it "old fashioned and predictable".

twelve years old

Allomothers are typically two to twelve years old.

He began playing the organ when he was twelve years old.

Yip started swimming competitively when she was twelve years old.

billion years old

It is estimated to be around 14 billion years old.

Some formations are more than two billion years old.

The Canadian Shield is more than 3.96 billion years old.

old growth

It was carved with chainsaws from a large piece of old growth redwood.

Much of the old growth teak stands in Lampang had been thoroughly harvested.

Previously no definitive ages could be placed on the old growth trees of the area.

old ones

Custom belts were being manufactured to replace the old ones.

There are new songs, and new insights to be gained from old ones."

We can see some new characters in this season along with the old ones.

old style

Joachim was born on January 23, 1678 (old style) in Sweden.

The old style of a left-facing eagle logo was still in use through 1989.

They probably actually stand for an old style medial S, for words related to Sound.

near the old   (cerca de lo viejo)

Another legend is that a cache of gold is somewhere near the old mill.

It is by the bridge across Fourteen Mile Creek near the old camp entrance.

A new Allmendingen Castle was built near the old castle during the 16th or 17th century.

young and old

People young and old all across the country dusted off their boards and checkers.

Many other young and old Texans die and Euphemia is almost lost in a sea of graves.

His recruitment brochure called for those "young and old - with adult joy and adult stability.

old castle   (Castillo Viejo)

The remains of an old castle are visible on a nearby hill.

In the hamlet of Castel San Pietro there is an old castle.

But once you pass the "old castle", the weight suddenly disappears.

old home   (viejo hogar)

Thus, the old home was demolished and New Olympus was created.

She was buried at the Cimetière de Louveciennes near her old home.

Its old home then became the .

old family   (familia vieja)

He came from an old family from the Corte region.

(1981) as a favor to her old family friend Blake Edwards.

He came from an old family of engineers.

old system

The old system is not compatible with the new digital standards.

Named for the old system of military service by redeeming one in five, fifth .

An extremely old system, the hills have extensively weathered and eroded over the years.

old railway

The old railway line was serviced by steam trains.

The old railway bed is now a recreational trail.

A number of old railway remains can be seen.

replacing the old   (reemplazando el viejo)

He also introduced the Latin-based Turkish alphabet, replacing the old Ottoman Turkish alphabet.

The playing surface is surrounded by a steel fence (replacing the old concrete wall) and a tarmac walkway.

Starting from the first Christmas, the school started using the Vivo Miles system replacing the old merit system.

between the old

Nana is nestled between the old culture of China and the invading modernism.

Many of these express buses travel between the old and new campuses of the universities.

A dichotomy appears in the landscape between the old city and the imposing modern buildings.

old wooden

At least one old wooden bridge over a creek still stands.

The old wooden church was given to Hossure, where it stood until 1787.

The old wooden cars were removed in 2013, and replaced by modern cars.

along the old

Some of SR 42 lies along the old Fincastle Turnpike.

The shrine stands along the old road from Godič to Brezje nad Kamnikom.

This made it a camping spot along the old trails and roads that followed the river.

new and old

The history of the site provides an eclectic mix of new and old buildings, and landscapes.

For a long time, WBCN successfully balanced new and old music (featuring the slogan "Classic to Cutting Edge").

The redevelopment created wealth, but also led to some conflict between the new and old communities in the area.

old houses

Few old houses from the early 20th century are preserved.

The remains of old houses, water wells and graveyards reappear as well.

Today's Aycliffe Village is a mixture of cottages, old houses and new builds.

eleven years old

She was eleven years old at the end of the tour.

Motylev became a Candidate Master at eleven years old.

As of "Small Favor", she was eleven years old.

old songs

The main activity of Persian Rovers was covering old songs.

Some of the old songs and the new songs."

5 old songs remade and re-imagined with our favourite musicians & 5 new songs. "

weeks old

He had an operation at just three weeks old.

He took his first flight in the family plane when he was 6 weeks old.

Dawodu went back to Nigeria with his parents when he was 5 weeks old.

sixteen years old   (dieciséis años)

When Gomez was born, her mother was sixteen years old.

Ned Hutter, sixteen years old, joined the Confederate Army in Mississippi.

She was sixteen years old when she married the Duke of Norfolk on 26 May 1709.

old world

Upon returning to the old world, Ben discovers that Miles is fine.

Each was to have a theme patterned after an old world center, i.e.

For the Kent farm, Nutter wanted to have "an old world sensibility and tone".

good old

With pride, determination, and good old ATARI know how".

If nothing else, try good old Google Docs.

"Gorilla" was described by Mars as being about "good old animalistic sex".

fifteen years old

She began to teach school when fifteen years old.

He is fifteen years old and can use the Dynamis.

She was fifteen years old when she married Dr. Adzad Al-Hakma.

old site   (sitio antiguo)

It is at the old site of "Fort Hamilton", in the upper Palani hills.

Then as the utility of the new sites also waned, the old site was revitalized.

The lower school (years 7 and 8) still remains at the old site in Stamford Hill.

when the old   (cuando el viejo)

Coates kills Hanley when the old man denies having Jonas' money.

One year later, when the old man arrives to claim his end of the bargain, the king hands over the girl.

It was known as the South Grafton station until 1976, when the old Grafton station north of the river closed.

old high

Before the old high school was built, WHS was located by S.R.

In 1972, he formed The Flatlanders together with his old high school friends.

In 2004, the old high school was demolished, and the school district built the new one.

old masters

After some protestation they do, and the old masters are killed.

Still in Spain Henry Doetsch started to collect pictures by old masters.

There he had the possibility to learn the classical technique of the old masters.

old rival

Natus Vincere was able to take down an old rival in MIBR.

A bounty hunter and his old rival both case after a killer.

Hortensius, trying to rally to his old rival's support, was almost lynched.

old time

He grew up influenced by Roy Acuff and the old time music around his home.

There has been some speculation as to the origin of the ukulele in old time music.

This supposedly "old time" heavy-on-the beat approach totally messes with Krall’s singing.

old ways

Circumstances have changed; some have moved on while a few still embraces the old ways.

As the old ways erode, more and more pilgrims arrive to experience the planet of Muad'Dib.

They were, however, extremely reluctant to abandon old ways and most of them continued to espouse the crofting way of life.

old enemy

His reputation suffered under the government of Moncada, an old enemy.

She is mentioned as being a "fire girl" and an "old enemy of Wonder Woman."

Honor joins Admiral Mark Sarnow's fleet alongside her old enemy, Pavel Young.

centuries old

The town is surrounded by centuries old olive groves.

Many of the materials are centuries old.

Asa is five centuries old raga.

old boys

The old boys of the school, as a tribute to the beloved visionary of the school, Rev.

A trademark of the school is the unique handshake, widely recognized and used by students, old boys and members of staff.

The names of 48 old boys of the school killed during the Second World War were added to the memorial after the end of that war.

old boy

In fact, there is a 13 year old boy who participated in the sweeping action.

In 2009 a 13 year old boy died after a collision with a tree on a beginner trail.

", was given a musical setting in 1916 by Walter Greatorex, an old boy of the school.

old guard

We all thought one of the old guard would be given the award."

The old guard continued to resurface.

of its old guard and pave the way for Earth's next great commander.

old high school   (vieja escuela secundaria)

Before the old high school was built, WHS was located by S.R.

In 1972, he formed The Flatlanders together with his old high school friends.

In 2004, the old high school was demolished, and the school district built the new one.

old team   (viejo equipo)

He told Wallace, "I hope it will be the same old team."

The Eagles opened their 1962 season with a 27–0 victory over Miller's old team.

He helped Baltimore win the Grey Cup in 1995 against his old team, the Calgary Stampeders.

fourteen years old

In 1728, he began his career at fourteen years old.

His mother, Elizabeth died when he was fourteen years old.

Her brother Hans died in 1532 at about fourteen years old.

old line

A mural depicting miners is at the starting point of the old line.

The old line is now dismantled, but still recognisable from the air.

When the new rail line was opened in 1969, the old line to Peachtree Jct.

same old

He told Wallace, "I hope it will be the same old team."

Hence the same old story.

He belongs, thru his mother, to the same old French family that Jean-Pierre Desthuilliers.

old master

Roscoe, the old master of ceremonies, introduces the former showgirls ("Beautiful Girls").

The old master, a great admirer of Brâncuşi's art, was already acknowledged as a great artist.

He eventually married Akemi the daughter of a relative to their old master; and became a stepfather to Rie.

old tradition

Wooden art is a very old tradition of West Bengal.

An old tradition existed in the region of exploitation of peatlands.

She has had the privilege of experiencing the old tradition of "Gurukulam".

twenty years old

The NWMP is over twenty years old, and needs review.

Viva lived with the nuns until she was twenty years old.

There is a twenty years old noodle restaurant in Lanxi Bridge.

old flame   (llama antigua)

Misao was once Kairi's tutor and crush, and an old flame of Ryo's.

Gerardo seems to be holding on to his old flame and also his new lover Sergio

He attempts to reconnect with an old flame, Marge, and move to Queensland together.

old part

It is the largest in the old part of Champaner.

The old part has a cruciform-dome composition.

On 10 July 1815 he acted his old part of Withers in Kenney's ‘World.’ This was his last performance.

old fort   (antiguo fuerte)

There is an old fort in the Morni area, which is now in ruins.

The old fort was named for Massachusetts Governor Caleb Strong.

The old fort was however still used in some capacity until at least 1859.

old stone

He was buried in the cemetery of the old stone church.

It used to be called Bargh's Lane and had a row of old stone cottages.

Just outside Shkodër, in Mes, the old stone Mes Bridge crosses the Kir.

hundred years old   (cien años)

He is over three hundred years old but hasn't hit puberty.

Some of garden's old large trees might be hundred years old.

Growth is very slow and large corals may be over a hundred years old.

several old

Before World War II, they bought several old steamers.

It had all the eight Re.2000s and several old fighters.

Wolfe gives several old forms (O.F.)

eighteen years old   (dieciocho años de edad)

Smith learned to play several instruments by the time he was eighteen years old.

In December 2017, she revealed she has a half-sister who was eighteen years old.

His role as tutor lasted until the Duke became eighteen years old, in September 1838.

old times

"zastava") on the road to Chernivtsi existed in old times.

In old times shinty or shinney were also sometimes used in English for bandy.

Stories about robbers and detectives were very popular in Russia since old times.

against his old   (contra su viejo)

Fawcett enjoyed an excellent season and scored three tries against his old side.

However the team could not pull off the upset against his old province Wellington.

He helped Baltimore win the Grey Cup in 1995 against his old team, the Calgary Stampeders.

old college

He was Headmaster of his old college for 29 years.

He was Chaplain at his old college and after this held incumbencies at Fylde and Hunslet.

In June 2016, he was awarded an Honorary Fellowship by his old college, Worcester College, Oxford.

thirteen years old

She began photographing when she was thirteen years old.

Lewis began work when thirteen years old.

She began in photography when she was thirteen years old, working in her uncle’s business.

old farm

An old farm cowshed was not yet demolished in 1954.

Hope Hall was built on the site of am old farm house and building.

To top it off their new home is nothing like one would expect from a simple old farm.

both old

The program included both old and new works.

The Jackson School is both old and new.

Reeve has a foot in both old and new.

old mill

But the following year the old mill was destroyed by fire.

An old mill sits along the Argitchi River.

The old mill house was once his office.

old trees

The bark is dark grey, remaining smooth even on old trees.

Many very old trees become hollow as the dead heartwood decays.

Groves of large, old trees, primarily hardwoods, cover the grounds.