once again   (再来一次)

They once again have sex, and she stays the night.

The high court had once again found for the state.

In 2013, they would once again exceed 40 concerts.

once more   (再一次)

Strong oppositions shelved the proposal once more.

This brings up the matter of economics once more.

However, the characters become separated once more.

only once   (只有一次)

That child was mentioned only once in the record.

God gave faith only once in the age of innocence.

They came to power only once, between 1906 and 1910.

once every   (每一次)

A single female can reproduce once every 2–3 years.

The competitions now take place once every two years.

They complete an orbit once every 71.69 days.

more than once   (不止一次)

Its publication was interrupted more than once.

The Amigos occupied the clinic more than once.

Unlike malaria, it cannot be contracted more than once.

least once   (至少一次)

Fifty-two countries have participated at least once.

Kafka considered suicide at least once, in late 1912.

The title has been won at least once by 31 different clubs.

once a year

As a weekly thing, it would get tired, but once a year?

Adults fly once a year between May and July.

The listing of starred restaurants is updated once a year.

once stood

The village of Bosia once stood in a different place.

A Nisqually Indian settlement once stood at its mouth.

Additionally, a new path exists where a former bonfire once stood.

once a week

This is a church-based college that meets once a week.

Ferry routes are Atambua-Kalabahi (Alor), once a week.

The syllabus told her she had to recite a poem once a week.

scoring once

He went on to make 12 league appearances, scoring once.

He 21 appearances during the 2008–09 season, scoring once.

Levski had won the first match 6–0, with Dembélé scoring once.

once used

The balcony was once used for segregation purposes.

Nearby is a large tower, once used as a convent.

0.2% of the lake was once used for mining.

once part

Shatili was once part of the Kingdom of Kakheti.

It was once part of the Hillsborough Castle demesne.

Portions were once part of the PJP Landfill.

once per

One hertz means that an event repeats once per second.

However, the game only needed to do this once per play.

By default, a "once routine" is called "once per thread".

once known

It was once known as Orange Bay or Baie L'Orange.

The prison was once known as "Framingham State Prison".

Fiji was once known as the "Cannibal Isles".

once owned

He also once owned the luxury yacht MY "Land's End".

Tom finds a poisoned ring, like the one once owned by Dwyer.

The surrounding lands were once owned by the Decarie family.

what was once

The wisdom approach says that what was once wise (ex.

The Collar Site is on what was once Bradford Colliery.

All that remains of the school is what was once the main hall.

once removed   (一旦删除)

This term relates to a first cousin once removed.

He is a first cousin, once removed, of Prof. Mr. Soenario, S.H.

In 1905, he married his fifth cousin once removed, Eleanor Roosevelt.

once served

He once served as a postman in the Letterkenny area.

It was once served by the now derelict St.Pauls

The station was one of several that once served the city.

once a month

The present chaplain takes communion once a month.

Board meetings are generally held once a month.

The railway is now open once a month from May to October.

scored once

At Norwich he scored once against Sheffield Wednesday.

In England he scored once for MK Dons against Barnsley.

However, in his time with the club, he only scored once.

once thought

It was once thought to be endemic to New Zealand.

It is unlikely that he visited Venice as once thought.

It was once thought to be an ancient wall from the Moorish period.

just once

However, he played just once in the 2011–12 campaign.

Within each group each team played the other just once.

He left the club having appeared just once in September.

once held

The portion of the park next to P Street once held 19th-century row houses.

Short track driver Joe Shear once held the 4 barrel Late Model track record.

This lists buildings that once held the title of tallest building in Detroit.

once called

Yukio Mishima once called him the "Japanese Walter Pater".

(Orlando was once called Fort Gatlin.)

() It was once called Coombe Gate House or Coombe Green House.

once belonged

It once belonged to Zacharias of Taranto.

It once belonged to Cardinal Charles de Bourbon (1476-1488).

The wrought iron railings here once belonged to Vyborg Cathedral.

once considered

The following mammals were once considered part of this group:

"Adocus" was once considered a genus belonging to the family Dermatemyidae.

Old hand-painted posters, once considered ephemera, are collectible folk art.

once during

It was cancelled once during World War II, in 1940.

It was cancelled once during World War II, in 1940.

Each team meets each other once during the pool stage.

once again became

After 1995 Zayaev once again became not needed.

In 1866, East Frisia once again became part of Prussia.

After the war, private vehicles once again became the focus.

all at once

As Edwards Deming said "It does not happen all at once.

Bangladeshi food is served by course rather than all at once.

Judgments of beauty are sensory, emotional and intellectual all at once.

cousin once   (表哥一次)

This term relates to a first cousin once removed.

In 1905, he married his fifth cousin once removed, Eleanor Roosevelt.

Grand Duke Nicholas was the first cousin once removed of Tsar Nicholas II.

once lived

The Mahicans and other Indian tribes once lived within its borders.

This indicates that the people that once lived in Pila were wealthy.

Henry Cole who once lived by another name and robbed an armored car.

cousin once removed   (表弟一旦被删除)

This term relates to a first cousin once removed.

In 1905, he married his fifth cousin once removed, Eleanor Roosevelt.

Grand Duke Nicholas was the first cousin once removed of Tsar Nicholas II.

once home

It was once home to both boarders and day pupils.

Brickyard Cove was once home to Richmond Brick Company.

Teams will play each other twice (once home, once away).

once or twice

In urban areas, this might be once or twice a day.

Most churches sponsor revival meetings once or twice a year.

"villosa", in contrast are usually subdivided only once or twice.

once described

Murdoch once described the band as a "product of botched capitalism".

Harding once described herself facetiously as "Miss Hepburn's husband".

White once described the team working at Harveys as "the SAS of kitchens".

once before

Erich had played with Stigma as a guest once before.

He had visited the city at least once before with an uncle.

She ask her mother to ask Ram to meet her once before she dies.

other once

Teams play each other once, either home or away.

Each team played each other once, either home or away.

Each team meets each other once during the pool stage.

played once

He played once in 1943–44 and six times in 1944–45.

He only played once, on 4 September 2010 against F.C.

He played once for the England national side.

each other once

Teams play each other once, either home or away.

Each team played each other once, either home or away.

Each team meets each other once during the pool stage.

once against

At Norwich he scored once against Sheffield Wednesday.

The club won three, drew twice and lost once against 1.

During his time at Carlisle he scored once against York.

once occupied

The site is an ancient one and was once occupied by Roman sanctuaries.

The area was once occupied by pre-Roman Berones, Pellendones and Vascones.

The old stadium sits on land once occupied by the number one fairway at Shorewood Country Club.

held once

Board meetings are generally held once a month.

It is held once every 12 years in Kathmandu.

The National Physics Symposium is held once every two years.

once housed

The building once housed 24, 8 foot by 13 foot cells.

In 2008 an old hall in the office building, that once housed the A.P.

It once housed a boiler.

once told

Dunn once told then-cadet Edward Vergne Adams, "One day I want you to direct this band."

Junaid once told me that his biggest regret was not to be a part of Jazba Junoon's recording.

He once told WFA member Eric Miller that after he passed away he wanted his ashes brought to the WFA seminars.

once worked

Congressman Chris Lee once worked at Ingram Micro.

He once worked at Gelder & Co., but has not been back.

Burns once worked at CKO, the Canadian news radio network.

first cousin once

This term relates to a first cousin once removed.

Grand Duke Nicholas was the first cousin once removed of Tsar Nicholas II.

She was a first cousin once removed of the British wartime Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill.

once existed

A projection booth and screen once existed, but were removed.

a site which once existed on the north side of the river Manimala.

It is the last survivor of five windmills that once existed in the area.

once located

Three archbishoprics were once located in the city: Roman Catholic (est.

A disused paddock is all that is left where this station was once located.

But the district still has the Maseki area once located in Sarashina District.

team once

Benite saw his team once again be national champion.

The FA Cup has only been won by a non-English team once.

The team once again disbanded at Extreme Rules a month later.

once away

Teams will play each other twice (once home, once away).

Teams play each other twice, once at home and once away.

each team plays every other team twice, once at home and once away).

once wrote

Roger Ebert once wrote of Froug, "I know an old writer.

He once wrote, "Land of my fathers, and my fathers can keep it".

"I don't care if a man's theory for tomorrow is correct," she once wrote.

once each

They play songs that fall within the theme at least once each hour.

He also played once each for England Under-19s and England Under-21s.

Members are elected once each academic semester by the Society at large.

once common

This practice was once common in Ireland, Wales, and Scotland.

Gasholders, though once common, have become rare in Australia.

While once common, it is now rare.

up once

In 2008, she teamed up once again with Abbas-Mustan for "Race".

Richard had to wake him up once or twice but he was straight back into his stride.

He won six England under-21 caps and was called up once to the senior national team.

once made

Rajendran is son of a leader of toddy tappers who himself was once made a minister.

It also contains a special recording of "Menjelang Hari Raya", once made popular by .

He recruits his friend (Heffernan) to help him rob a sperm bank where he once made a donation.

once a day

Food was pushed in and bodies removed once a day.

Macitentan is taken as a 10 mg oral dose once a day.

Sangok-ri is also served by a bus from Daegu once a day.

home and once

Teams play each other twice, once at home and once away.

each team plays every other team twice, once at home and once away).

In each round, teams will play their opponent once at home and once away.

used once

The name agora was used once again for its subdivision.

Other topical ointments can be used once consulted with a dermatologist.

Each combination is only used once, so there are 21 unique possible patterns.

once covered

Probably 80 to 90 percent of Europe was once covered by forest.

This is threatened habitat and once covered large areas of the Forest of Dean.

The original paintwork which once covered effigy and base has almost completely worn away.

returned once

Elizabeth returned once more in 1985.

In 1932, a year before he died, Krohn returned once more to folklore research.

The Grand Prix of Atlanta returned once more, once again shortly after the 12 Hours of Sebring.

once did

At that time Chime.in provided a similar experience as Mixx.com once did.

Rollins still enjoys taking it to the limit, just not as often as he once did.

Mary is then reunited with Edward Warren, a man who once did her a great kindness.

won once

Chamillionaire had 2 nominations, but won once.

India won gold twice while Pakistan won once.

he won once in 1924 before her racing career was ended by injury.

once listed

Another property was once listed but has been removed.

once again returned

A year later, he once again returned to Watkins Glen.

However, in August 2013, the "Running Man" once again returned.

The "West Side Story" production was a success, but once again returned to doing chorus.

once stated

Fincher once stated, "I think people are perverts.

Sherman once stated, "My mother ate his mother."

Speaking of her work, she once stated, "I sculpt so that I can hold my head up high.

area was once

The area was once important for the extraction of cinnabar.

The area was once a whaling station, but is now an industrial area.

The area was once occupied by pre-Roman Berones, Pellendones and Vascones.

once played

Walton once played football for Aston Villa L.F.C..

He once played for an Italian wheelchair basketball squad.

He once played for Ferro de General Pico.

once all

The game is over once all chips are won from the center.

The game ends once all but one warlord (player) is defeated.

It may only be diagnosed once all other potential serious causes are excluded.

appeared once

The "Sketcher" appeared once a month, starting April 1873.

He appeared once with the full side.

However, he only appeared once in the Verkhovna Rada building during his inauguration.

once at home

Teams play each other twice, once at home and once away.

each team plays every other team twice, once at home and once away).

In each round, teams will play their opponent once at home and once away.

never once

Prem ruled for another eight years, never once running in an election.

Thus, she never once had her name written down during the run of the game at Gabon.

Kevorkov reportedly never once visited Armenia during his fourteen years in the post.

once again took

At this headquarters they once again took an EPSA champion.

The city of Maastricht once again took charge of the buildings around 1980.

He returned to Lima and once again took up his office on November 12, 1668.

once again won

Rosi once again won by a 12-round unanimous decision.

She once again won gold on vault in Ostrava.

In the senior division, US once again won the team title.

place once

The competitions now take place once every two years.

Breeding takes place once a year between June and October.

The public festival "Münsterstraßenfest" takes place once a year.

once found

According to Mannix, Boston and Baldy died together, and were buried together once found.

Little is known about their reproductive patterns, but a pregnant female was once found in August.

According to one account, Maloji and Vithoji once found a treasure while tilling a field and became rich.

once contained

The Statehouse sits on land once contained in the Refugee Tract.

The tower once contained the library of the writer Costache Conachi.

Coca-Cola once contained an estimated nine milligrams of cocaine per glass.

once operated

A railway service was once operated in Linden for the movement of bauxite ore.

List of Washington, D.C., railroads The following railroads operate or once operated in the District of Columbia.

Prior to the company's presence, the area was known as Kerns, Virginia, after the Kern's Bread Company which once operated there.

once asked

She once asked Kahoko's opinion on her performance in episode 12.

A Christian ("Minaah") once asked Abbahu "When does your Messiah come?"

Burns was once asked this question and said it would have been a funny line.

once formed

We look fwd to working w/ the gov't once formed.

The closed west front once formed part of the city wall of Rodez.

Tongoa and Epi islands once formed part of a larger island called Kuwae.

once referred

Parts of southern India was once referred to as "Pandi" Naadu meaning old country.

To Mint's displeasure, Anise once referred to her as "Mint Butamanju" (literally "Mint Porkbun").

Bob Mould once referred to it as "the bad part of the acid...It sounds like when you go to a gig and get your ears blown off".

changed once

As of 2 September 2017, the schedule changed once again.

The category cannot be changed once the timer has started.

However, in 2015, plans changed once again to extend I-295.

once ran

Ray once ran a post office from 1872 to 1960.

An "Apablasa Street" once ran through the Chinese quarter.

It is also the western terminus of an inactive SAL spur that once ran to cities such as Leesburg and Tavares.

having once

In "Curse of the Pharaoh", Carolyn recalls Victoria having once dated Frank Garner.

This theory lends further evidence to Green Island having once been an important port.

John C. Calhoun embodied the Southern position, having once favored Clay's tariffs and roads, but by 1824 was opposed to both.

area once

Castiglione is located in area once settled by the Etruscans.

But the district still has the Maseki area once located in Sarashina District.

In May 1626, the Dutch decided to eliminate the Spanish from the area once and for all.

once when

Many make it their goal to watch an Assyriska match at least once when they travel to Sweden.

The only race of Archer's where John did not ride him was once when Archer was ridden by Etienne de Mestre himself.

A story is preserved that once when he was a child, his father took him to the Kaaba, and asked him to pray before the idols.

once included

The Latter Day Saint endowment prayer circle once included use of the words "Pay Lay Ale".

The seafront area once included many large hotels, including at one time a large Butlins complex.

LA 613-1 once included the Orleans Parish section of the New Orleans-Hammond Highway as well as Lakeshore Drive.

once believed

I was forced to reconsider everything I'd once believed.

In the song, she sings, “I once believed love would be burnin’ red.

Slavi (Ivan Barnev) once believed to have found true love in Nelly (Yana Titova).

once remarked

He once remarked, "I can trace my ancestry back to Deacon Edmund Rice."

Daniels was already sure of his orientation in his teens (He once remarked: "Out?

Sibelius himself once remarked that it "always reminds me of the scent of the first snow".

once inhabited

The Cuban crocodile ("Crocodylus rhombifer") once inhabited the islands.

Archaeological studies indicate the pre-Incan Yumbos people once inhabited the land that is today Maquipucuna.

According to an oral myth in northeastern Thailand, the bird once inhabited the legendary forest of Himavanta.

even once

Neither Dorfman, nor Mattelart even once mention Barks.

He even once said to Dante's ex-girlfriend Caitlin "Hey Caitlin.

In their six matches, Nepal conceded 45 goals and failed to hit the back of the net even once.

group once

Each team plays the other teams in their group once.

They decided to add keyboards to the group once again.

Each team played all the other teams in their group once.

once the largest

The attached church was once the largest parish church in medieval Scotland.

The most prominent of these was Bethania, Aberdare, once the largest chapel in Aberdare.

Hatry owned the "Westward", once the largest yacht in British waters, between 1919 and 1924.

title once

He would defend the title once before losing it to the same Harold Grey.

Monica Seles also reached the final on two separate occasions, winning the title once.

The champion successfully defended his title once more before losing to Jimmy Paul on April 4, 1985.

once the home

It was built in 1607 and was once the home of William Vaughan.

The site was once the home of some houses belonging to the Bischeri family.

The site was once the home to ancient lead mines and a 19th-century metal foundry.

winning once

He was nominated for four Academy Awards, winning once.

The Olympiques have appeared in the Memorial Cup seven times, winning once in 1997.

In the 2017 WRT season, Landa played four events, getting to three finals and winning once.

once again made

McGee has once again made history when both her son and daughter were drafted in the NBA and WNBA.

In 2018, Manheim Central once again made it to the state championships, being named the runner-up.

The children of Mitchell Brook Primary School once again made an appearance acting out the Diamond Jubilee Concert.

then once

a good jeast, as if I could come more then once a yeare; why, I am no dangerous person, and so I told my friends, o'the Guard.

After impressing during his time with the club, the loan agreement was extended for a further month, and then once again in October.

If physicalism is true, then once the brain stops functioning at brain death, consciousness presumably fails to survive and ceases to exist.

once the site

Burgh Quay was once the site of the Tivoli Theatre.

The Sumidero Canyon was once the site of a battle between the Spaniards and Chiapanecan Indians.

The College is situated on 4.6 hectares (11 acres) which was once the site of the Noosa Drive-In.

down once

In the Copenhagen Fire of 1795 the city hall burnt down once again.

In the Copenhagen Fire of 1795 the City Hall burnt down once again.

Mate was knocked down once in round 1, taking a knee and twice in round 2.

once again defeated

He once again defeated Chad Anderson and won re-election in 2018.

The Sasanian army was once again defeated and Mihran Razi was killed.

The Saxons were once again defeated, but their main leader, Widukind, escaped to Denmark, his wife's home.