ongoing series   (進行中のシリーズ)

Also, Bruce appeared in another ongoing series, "".

With the ongoing series "Estonian Documents".

", which led to the launch of a "War Machine" ongoing series.

still ongoing   (まだ進行中の)

As of February 15, 2017 the case was still ongoing.

As of the start of 2018, restoration is still ongoing.

, replacement of the light fixtures was still ongoing.

ongoing research   (進行中の研究)

That began a still ongoing research trend on Tunisian Arabic.

Despite ongoing research, the cause of PTS is not entirely clear.

Newly formed astatine-211 is the subject of ongoing research in nuclear medicine.

ongoing debate   (継続中の議論)

There was ongoing debate about the site's future.

Such proposals are still the subject of ongoing debate.

The relationship between these changes is the subject of ongoing debate.

due to ongoing   (継続中のため)

It remains active today due to ongoing support from nearby black churches.

Production was on 1 January 1999 due to ongoing losses and insufficient subsidies.

Another target ship, , was abandoned because the area was lit due to ongoing night work.

ongoing basis   (継続的)

Fundraising efforts for the endowment are on an ongoing basis.

The PFA provides additional research & lobbying capacity for the AFPA on an ongoing basis.

Network Rail uses the track on an ongoing basis for calibration and testing of measurement and gauging trains.

ongoing war

The affected trade does not have to be connected to the ongoing war.

He was recruited for an ongoing war between the Venoms and the Poisons.

Sagan, however, was generally unaware of the details of the ongoing war.

ongoing conflict

In post-Soviet Russia, civil war erupts as a result of the ongoing conflict in Chechnya.

The Burmese Civil War has been an ongoing conflict within the country of Myanmar since 1948.

Others have said that Allah was angry that Muslims were killing each other in an ongoing conflict.

ongoing project

The ongoing project is open to visitors of the museum.

The Flix contest is an ongoing project.

Scott stated at the time that it was not an ongoing project, and he had no plans for any future updates.

ongoing investigation   (継続的な調査)

The material properties of the cytoplasm remain an ongoing investigation.

He praised the government’s ongoing investigation and pledged his company’s continued cooperation.

The operation was unrelated to the unrest, but the result of an ongoing investigation against the organization.

ongoing process

CTC is intended as an ongoing process.

The process of splitting Arthonia into monophyletic groups is an ongoing process.

It is currently an ongoing process before the process of withdrawing begins on March 29, 2019.

ongoing development   (進行中の開発)

These compositions tend to emphasize an ongoing development of themes and motifs.

A second edition of the system (BC2) has been in ongoing development in Britain since 1977.

As of April 2016 there is little evidence of ongoing development or near-term commercialization efforts.

ongoing work   (進行中の作業)

These ongoing work on the application analyzing status of water on Earth.

The institute’s website informs in short news texts about ongoing work and events.

There is ongoing work on a register of dental products ("DMN" - Dentala Material Norden).

ongoing efforts   (継続的な取り組み)

There are official ongoing efforts in recent times to heal this ancient breach.

"Kristallnacht" accelerated Speer's ongoing efforts to dispossess Berlin's Jews from their homes.

Proceeds from the book go to the Bannerman Castle Trust in its ongoing efforts to preserve and improve the island's structures.

ongoing dispute

Fortuna was involved in an ongoing dispute with opponents of its San Jose mine.

There is an ongoing dispute as to whether anthropology is intrinsically holistic.

Contributing to the disagreement was an ongoing dispute over German mining rights in Spain.

ongoing projects

Therefore, the ongoing projects had to be urgently secured.

The company has ongoing projects in Africa, Asia, North America, and throughout the Middle East.

The Institute offers regular educational programs and has numerous ongoing projects and publications.

during the ongoing

Mexican officials said they would respond to the tariffs during the ongoing NAFTA renegotiations.

They patrolled the vicinity of La Paz and Mazatlán, Mexico, during the ongoing civil unrest there.

Despite reportedly effective results during the tests, this armament was not used with Corsairs during the ongoing Algerian War.

ongoing effort   (継続的な努力)

This ongoing effort incorporates both new research locations and sampling sites dating back to the 1940s.

In December 1977, NTCC Pearl Harbor was disestablished and absorbed into NTCC Makalapa in an ongoing effort to consolidate communications on Oahu.

ongoing support   (継続的なサポート)

It remains active today due to ongoing support from nearby black churches.

All of the single's proceeds went towards the ongoing support of the LGBT community.

Stravinsky dedicated his "Three Pieces for Clarinet" to Reinhart, in gratitude for his ongoing support.

ongoing political

Due to the ongoing political conflict in Yemen, many sought football as an escape.

Air pollution is an ongoing political issue in neighborhoods that contain bus depots.

The ongoing political and economic crisis contributed to the emigration of doctors and people with medical knowledge.

ongoing civil

Colombia has become a receptor of migrants from Syria because of the ongoing civil war.

They patrolled the vicinity of La Paz and Mazatlán, Mexico, during the ongoing civil unrest there.

Hundreds of thousands of Burundians are in neighboring countries as a result of the ongoing civil war.