not only   (不仅仅)

The Robertson Golly was not only limited to badges.

Harry not only survives, but distinguishes himself.

He also played as side back not only midfielder.

only a few   (只有少数)

There are only a few highways in the North region.

Currently only a few tombstones remain to be seen.

This often happened only a few days or weeks later.

only known   (只知道)

This is the only known award that Stables has won.

The Ordeen is currently the only known Salamander.

As of 2015, it was only known from four specimens.

first and only   (首先也是唯一)

This was the first and only time Savarkar met him.

This was Collins’ first and only film appearance.

It would be Discreet Monsters' first and only game.

only other   (只有其他)

The only other broadcaster named was Bob Costas.

The only other settlements are Kynosoúra (pop.

The only other building on the property is the garage.

only way   (唯一办法)

"I saw this was the only way", wrote Nansen later.

That is the only way I know how to live my life."

The only way to be sure was to actually simulate it.

only available   (只可用)

The album is only available on the band's website.

The new Trail Edition is only available as a 4WD.

Both films were only available with an English-dub.

only when   (只有当)

A player could carry the ball only when being pursued.

"Folklore is folklore only when performed".

Use it only when the sentence would be ambiguous without it.

only son   (独生子)

They had an only son before his wife died in 1788.

He has his only son with his first wife Lyudmila.

Although a music lover, Mann was the only son of C.C.

only child   (唯一的孩子)

She gave birth to their only child, Diana Negrete.

Their only child a daughter named Tecla, died 2001.

Her only child is Samantha Mathis, also an actress.

found only   (仅发现)

Others are found only in a specific body of water.

His poems are found only in Moroccan collections.

It can be found only in the Potomac River watershed.

only goal   (唯一的目标)

It was his only goal of the season, in seven starts.

His only goal in life was to make Aincrad a reality.

His only goal in his short national team career.

only a small

On the actual summit is only a small wooden cross.

Suburbanization played only a small role in Erfurt.

Survived only a small fragment 6 by 3 cm.

only once   (只有一次)

That child was mentioned only once in the record.

God gave faith only once in the age of innocence.

They came to power only once, between 1906 and 1910.

known only

The species is known only from its type locality.

Pudens is known only through surviving inscriptions.

It is known only from SGU 104B/2051, a left dentary.

only the second

He is only the second Italian to hold the post.

He is only the second film director to be so honoured.

He was only the second announcer ever hired by the team.

only time

This was the first and only time Savarkar met him.

This was the only time it was listed on the census.

This was the only time Agassi ended the year at No.

used only

The first jet is used only at starting or at idle.

Torpex was used only in critical applications, e.g.

The deep hive body is normally used only for brood.

only species

It is the only species in the genus Pseudocarcinus.

It is the only species in the genus Wilfredomys.

It is the only species in the genus Sphaeronycteris.

only used

The locative case is only used after prepositions.

The letter R̃ is only used in the Gashua dialect.

The MMC2 is only used in "Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!"

only a single

The plank ultimately failed by only a single vote.

The upper whorls have only a single row of tubercles.

There is 1 with only a single inversion, 0101.

only played

He only played 4 further league games that season.

"Note: Moran only played in The Open Championship.

"Note: Vaughan only played in The Open Championship.

leaving only

Mongols leveled the town leaving only the cellars.

Five were retired during the war, leaving only No.

The Party fell apart, leaving only a few members.

only surviving   (只有幸存)

The only surviving F2G-2 was BuNo 88463 (Race 74).

It is probably the only surviving image of the emperor.

Mathilde, as his only surviving grandchild, succeeded him.

not the only

a. Fructose is not the only sugar found in fruits.

Sanatoriums were not the only treatment facilities.

Schiemer's martyrdom was not the only in Rattenberg.

only to find   (才发现)

They return to their office, only to find that Dr.

The narrator answers only to find a group of men.

War Machine goes to Dolores' mansion, only to find him dead.

played only

Due to this Australia played only 17 Test matches.

The Beach Kings played only during the 1998 season.

Suburbanization played only a small role in Erfurt.

only person   (唯一的人)

He was the only person among the group not from Nauvoo.

The unfortunate bear is the only person left on the ship.

Mendenbar is the only person who can understand Telemain.

only remaining   (只剩下)

The only remaining line was closed in December 2005.

The Fox is now the only remaining movie palace in Atlanta.

The only remaining portion of the building is a pile of rubble.

only major

This was his only major appearance for Montserrat.

This was his only major appearance for Lancashire.

only made

He only made 15 appearances with 1 goal for the club.

After 15 minutes, Australia had only made 0/10.

It probably only made bricks in any quantity.

only because   (只因为)

But that's only because they called the dogs off.

She does go to meet him, only because of court order.

I am tired of people knowing me only because of my language.

second only

Later, Zhu Xi defined "junzi" as second only to the sage.

Reeves' dialogue amount is second only to the main character.

The brain to body mass ratio in some is second only to humans.

made only

Over the next two seasons, Herbel made only six starts.

Septeto Soprano made only one recording during this decade.

He made only six starts, losing them all.

only daughter   (唯一的女儿)

His only daughter, Sophia Elizabeth, survived him.

His only daughter married Baron Gustave de Romand.

Bibijan is the only daughter of Sheik Chinna Moulana.

contains only

It contains only one species, Prochita rasnitsyni.

It contains only one species, Emiratomyia arabica.

It contains only one species, Ellisell yochelsoni.

only member

C2orf81 is the only member of superfamily cl25621.

It is the only member of the genus Kannabateomys.

It is the only member of the genus Erpetoichthys.

available only

Today, the drug remains available only in France.

The publications are available only in German.

Most of his results are available only on his webpage.

lasted only

The charge lasted only 2 years before disbanding.

He lasted only three innings giving up four runs.

He lasted only 3 weeks before he was eliminated.

only able

During that time, he was only able to study part-time.

Maximus was only able to collect $162,000.

DXA is only able to provide the areal bone mineral density.

became the only

In 1996, it became the only Marine Reserve in Hong Kong.

Duncan became the only churchgoer in his impoverished family.

As a result, Gunnison became the only legal nude beach in the state.

only thing   (唯一的事情)

But that was the only thing I ever wanted to do."

The only thing we're concerned about is the landing.

The only thing that I don't know is the sender.

only did

The 'star' only did eleven days work in the entire film.

Lancaster disliked directing and only did it once more, in the 1970s.

They only did 30 episodes.

using only   (仅使用)

by using only several pragmatic and powerful strikes.

The entire sequence is done using only one paddle blade.

Loads up to and greater are attainable using only hand tools.

only through

Pudens is known only through surviving inscriptions.

"Northbound" is for sale only through Sferra's website.

In his opinion, that could be achieved only through education.

only player

He was the only player named to the all-CUSA team.

She is the only player to achieve either of these feats.

Also the only player to win man of the tournament IPL twice.

only found

White-eared pocket mice are only found in California.

They are now only found in a few places in the world.

The original manuscript was only found in 1891.

only allowed

The Sandinista government only allowed some OAS Staff.

Elsewhere, males were only allowed to smell each other.

Up until 2011, the conference only allowed a 10-game season.

only a handful   (只有少数)

Of the former Odhams strips, only a handful survived.

As of 2012 only a handful of hospitals had been designated.

As of 2018, only a handful of structures remain in the area.

only slightly   (只是轻微)

They differ only slightly in lexicon and phonology.

The back is only slightly arched or is nearly flat.

The rules in the two countries differ only slightly.

only managed   (只管理)

He only managed to score one goal while in Helsinki.

He only managed a 6–9 record in the tournament.

In 2007, he only managed to play five games.

now only

Mizoram’s current power demand is now only 115 MW.

They are now only found in a few places in the world.

The store is now only available online.

having only

It is a small collège, having only 200 pupils in all.

UKIP lost 145 seats, having only 31 councillors elected.

Mizo ṭingṭang is a kind of fiddle or violin having only one string.

won only

Outside Bangkok, however, the PDP won only nine seats.

In this period, they won only two gold medals.

After that, she won only one of her next five matches.

only the first

So far, it has aired only the first season.

Currently only the first rule is in effect, thus , , and .

Anatomy is only the first level of concern in life classes.

only during

The Beach Kings played only during the 1998 season.

This station operates only during the daytime hours.

The Flyers played only during the 1998 season.

only season

The only season nominated for an Emmy Award.

She contributed two episodes during the show's only season.

He had a 2–3–2 record in his only season with the Terriers.

although only

Alhazen wrote as many as 200 books, although only 55 have survived.

Revised 1942 models followed, although only 138 examples were produced.

New music Spanish ("Es De Verdad") although only appear in the US version.

behind only

This puts it behind only the season premiere, "Turn!

He hath left behind only on sonne named William & on daught.

All of the large ships left East Asia, leaving behind only the gunboats.

only half

If it is on for only half of each cycle, the angle is 180°.

Some opened on entire legs of the tour, others for only half.

The petals are similar to the lateral sepals but only half as long.

only minor

Police and emergency reported only minor injuries.

There were no fatalities and only minor injuries.

He and his brother received only minor injuries.

only album

It is the only album to feature drummer John Hinch.

It is his only album using the 'England Dan' moniker.

This was their only album released under Warner Music.

only lasted

But this only lasted until 1979 when it also closed.

The Saudi stint only lasted until October 2007.

But that only lasted until her first ACL tear.

only woman

Watson is the only woman to ever serve in this role.

The only woman from North East to have served in DCW.

She is the only woman in the leadership of the House.

only part

Detecting an aroma is only part of wine tasting.

The only part that is non-reusable will be the frame.

This was the only part of the Erie that was electrified.

only possible

They are only possible in present tense sentences.

This is only possible through the sea witch Dugong.

This is only possible by smelting or beneficiation.

only recently   (直到最近)

The volcano is remote and monitoring began only recently.

The term MiMo has only recently been associated with the style.

His people were nomads who had only recently arrived in Europe.

though only

She dressed for three games, though only played in one.

Its title-track, though only reaching No.

Also in 1935, the Scud 3 was rolled out, though only one was built.

only appearance

It would remain his only appearance of the season.

This proved to be his only appearance for the club.

It was his only appearance of the 1912–13 season.

only single

It was the only single from his EP of the same name.

The only single from the album was "Supergirl!"

The song was the only single not to include a music video.

usually only

Mechanical TV usually only produced small images.

Most such variations are usually only released once.

It is usually only distributed at WSFA meetings.

only partially   (仅部分)

Mindanao at this time was only partially conquered.

Its Yaga dialect is only partially intelligible.

In this, Haldane was only partially successful.

only ten

From the 62 seats, only ten women were elected.

His funeral was attended by only ten people.

However, his uncle arrived late and brought only ten men.

only team

This made them the only team to win two slams in the year.

Ohio State was the only team to beat the Tar Heels in 1972.

The only team with a longer active streak is Texas with nine.

only be used

This functionality however, could only be used in Japan.

This is a single use ticket, that can only be used by one person.

Therefore, this zone should only be used for leaf-node functions.

received only

He and his brother received only minor injuries.

The building received only minor damage during the wars.

Zeman received only 40,000 votes more than Schwarzenberg.

only ones

VK and Sophia seem to be the only ones who notice.

It would be like we were the only ones in the room".

The queens seem to be the only ones capable of diapause.

released only

It was released only in Australia and New Zealand.

The band released only one, self-titled album in 1986.

Both versions were released only in Japan.

only the third

This was only the third five-set match of his career.

However, only the third take was used.

He was only the third of all time after Fritz Pollard and Shell.

only released

Initially his label only released his own tracks.

Most such variations are usually only released once.

In Japan, this port was only released through Sega Meganet.

use only

The Touring type is made for recreational use only.

Makers of handmade rugs use only natural fibres.

This area is restricted for police and military use only.

only female

She is still the only female governor in Turkey.

Andal is the only female saint-poet in the 12 Alvars.

She was the only female senator at that time.

scored the only

Shawn Vella scored the only goal for Valletta.

Neil McGachey scored the only goal for Hellas.

Lionel Messi scored the only Barcelona goal that night.

only limited

The Robertson Golly was not only limited to badges.

Such efforts have had only limited success.

These classifications all had only limited regional acceptance.

remains the only   (仍然是唯一)

Casio remains the only manufacturer to try this approach.

, he remains the only native of Monaco to have won the event.

He remains the only president to serve for more than two terms.

became only

Beckham became only the fifth Englishman to win 100 caps.

He became only the fourth Italian to win the Spanish Grand Tour.

They also became only the seventh set of twins to play in the league.

only appeared

They only appeared in four episodes in Season 1.

Other villains only appeared in single episodes.

However, he only appeared in two matches for the club.

only two years

His father died when he was only two years old.

He attended only two years of high school.

Glazer practiced law for only two years.

then only

Since then only two people have returned (in 1994).

It was retired in 1981 and then only used for spares.

But then only started once in the following three games.

only one species   (只有一种)

It contains only one species, Prochita rasnitsyni.

It contains only one species, Emiratomyia arabica.

It contains only one species, Ellisell yochelsoni.

only ever

The song was only ever performed in the semi-final.

Your worth can only ever be known by one Who's lost you.

"Ambermoon" was only ever released in German for the Amiga.

only one season   (只有一个季节)

The series was well liked but lasted only one season.

Rhodes's tenure as head coach lasted only one season.

The league and the team existed for only one season, 1980.

only a short

He had two horses at the stable, only a short time.

After Corbridge, Ragnall enjoyed only a short respite.

Both lines closed after only a short time, in July 1864.

only around

Today however, only around twenty originals remain.

As per the census in 2008, only around 160 exist.

His repertoire comprises only around 30 tracks.

only one person

"Single-handed" means sailed by only one person.

Romania sent only one person to the 2018 Games.

Households which contained only one person was at just 9%.

only place

It is the only place where three Lorraine departments touch.

It is the only place in Kenya where these great apes can be seen.

This was the only place where the restaurant's reservations were recorded.

only just

Moran had a first round 89 and only just qualified.

By that time you have only just said 'hello'".

The schooner was still afloat, but only just.

only exception   (唯一的例外)

The only exception was Su Yu, who managed to escape.

The only exception is the colour pattern change.

The only exception is the pair of 6-6 tiles.

allowed only

At 2005, 80-bit keys were allowed only until 2010.

Iowa allowed only beer to be consumed over the bar.

In the 2008 regular season, he allowed only one sack.

only high

It is the only high school in Allen County, Kentucky.

MRHS is the only high school in the Musquodoboit Valley.

It is the only high school in the Wilson School District.