İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

before the onset   (başlamadan önce)

However, the charges were dismissed before the onset of the Suez War.

The hottest month is November, just before the onset of the main rain season.

Penguins and seals were killed and the meat stored before the onset of winter.

early onset   (Erken başlangıçlı)

Its prevalence is higher among males with an early onset of the disease.

There is evidence that there may be neurological indicators of early onset dysthymia.

Their actions show severe sadomasochism as well as the early onset behaviors of the community.

age of onset   (başlangıç yaşı)

One study showed an average age of onset of 49.

The median age of onset is 37 years.

The mean age of onset since diagnosis of diabetes is fifteen years.

onset of symptoms   (semptomların başlangıcı)

The average time from onset of symptoms until definitive diagnosis is 13 months.

Initial onset of symptoms may occur as early as 2 to 3 months after radiotherapy.

However, Type II Schindler disease, with its late onset of symptoms, is not characterized by neurological degeneration.

until the onset

This was specifically the time until the onset of withdrawal bleeding in estrogen-treated amenorrheic women.

Eurasian magpie lineages) until the onset of the Quaternary glaciation some 2.6–2 Ma may also have skewed the molecular clock results.

Banjarmasin remained the region's capital until the onset of the Banjarmasin War in 1859, when the Dutch headquarters were moved to Martapura.