İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

opening ceremony   (açılış töreni)

The opening ceremony was met with positive reviews.

The opening ceremony took place on the 3 June 1849.

The opening ceremony took place on 5 November 1971.

opening day   (Açılış günü)

Its opening day in 1970 attracted 4,000 visitors.

The film earned $3,124,775 on its opening day.

In , Ponson was the opening day starter for Baltimore.

opening theme   (açılış teması)

Since episode 51, the opening theme is "Not Alone!

The opening theme was "Atbalss" by the band Musiqq.

The opening theme is by Yuka Iguchi and Kana Asumi.

opening weekend   (haftasonu açılışı)

"Moolaadé" took in $11,982 on its opening weekend.

The opening weekend gross is 26.97 crore worldwide.

The film earned $135.4 million in its opening weekend.

opening round   (açılış turu)

He faced Rene Nazare in the opening round at Bellator 77.

There they lost to UCF in the opening round of the tournament.

She lost to sixth seed Caroline Wozniacki in the opening round.

opening match

They lost the opening match 4–1 to Jordan in Doha.

1 ranking but withdrew before their opening match.

FNB Stadium hosted the opening match and the final.

opening game

Official attendance for the opening game was 512.

He made his WC debut on opening game against Norway.

opening act   (açılış yasası)

Each concert featured King's X as the opening act.

The opening act for the June 26 show was Yoshie Shimizu.

Kilgariff later toured with DeGeneres as her opening act.

opening up   (açmak)

One day they find a workshop opening up next door.

'A trigger-release mechanism; a way of opening up.

This was the first step in opening up the vast interior.

opening night   (açılış gecesi)

On the opening night, Carmel and Mercedes argue.

On opening night both variations were performed.

In 1988, the Committee began to plan for opening night.

opening track   (açılış yolu)

It is the opening track to her album "Preppie".

The song is the opening track to the double album "Out of the Blue".

The song became an opening track with Banyan Tree's Feel The Sunrise.

opening credits   (kredisi açılış)

In the opening credits, the junior pupils took part.

The opening credits can be seen on YouTube.

The film’s opening credits omit the comma from the title.

official opening

The official opening ceremony was held in July 2006.

The official opening of the school took place in 1941.

So, this day was considered to be the official opening day.

opening and closing   (açılış ve kapanış)

It was only used for the opening and closing ceremonies.

She was Togo's flag bearer at both the opening and closing ceremonies.

The opening and closing ceremony includes a big fireworks at the beach.

opening goal

He duly scored the opening goal, his first in the S.League.

Slovakia won 2-1 and Jonáš scored the opening goal in match.

He scored the opening goal in the 22nd minute against Martapura F.C.

during the opening

She was the flagbearer for Senegal during the opening ceremony.

In the second Test, Australia scored 600 during the opening two days.

The song was also played during the opening montage of the 2009 ESPY Awards.

opening scene   (açılış sahnesi)

ILM handled the de-aging in the opening scene.

The film's opening scene takes place in a restaurant named "J.

Punch danced a minuet with a trained pig in the opening scene.

grand opening   (büyük açılış)

The grand opening of the course was in June 2016.

Kmart's grand opening was on October 22, 1991.

The grand opening for Rush was at midday on 27 May 2005.

opening sequence   (açılış sırası)

There is no theme song used in the opening sequence.

The opening sequence changed slightly in this season.

The opening sequence tracks are sung by Sussan Deyhim.

before opening

But the show was cancelled before opening.

However he injured his right knee before opening 2011 season.

Hull before opening his own firm.

before the opening

The preparation must be finished 2 weeks before the opening day.

Its paneling was not finished until shortly before the opening in July.

This was commercially successful before the opening of the Suez Canal (in 1869).

opening song

The opening song is "Jura", by Zeca Pagodinho.

"I Wanna Dance" is the opening song of her new style era.

The opening song is titled "DA・BI・DA・GO!"

opening batsman   (açılış topa vuran oyuncu)

Mandal is a right-handed opening batsman.

Sandeep is an opening batsman and a right-arm off-break bowler.

He is a left-handed opening batsman and a slow-left arm bowler.

scored the opening

He duly scored the opening goal, his first in the S.League.

Slovakia won 2-1 and Jonáš scored the opening goal in match.

He scored the opening goal in the 22nd minute against Martapura F.C.

opening theme song

The opening theme song is , and the closing theme is .

The opening theme song is "Happy Go Ducky!"

The show's opening theme song was "Proud" by Heather Small.

opening ceremonies   (açılış törenleri)

He composed the music for the opening ceremonies to the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano.

His performance at the opening ceremonies reached an audience of one billion households.

After the opening ceremonies, a lone game, the first game for the season, will be played.

opening date

The mall's opening date was later set at May 15, 2019.

However, OU reckons 1923 as the stadium's opening date.

The opening date is officially stated to be 7 February 1882.

opening week

and Rs.26.3 million in its opening week.

The film collected in the opening week.

1 album with "Red" with sales of 61,000 copies on its opening week.

opening drive   (açılış diski)

For the first time in the 2006 season, FSU scored a touchdown on their opening drive.

On the opening drive, Notre Dame drove the field for an unsuccessful field goal attempt.

After the game, Schembechler said the opening drive of the second half was the "turning point."

opening kickoff   (açılış başlangıcı)

Cincinnati received the opening kickoff.

Alabama won the toss and elected to receive the opening kickoff.

SMU received the opening kickoff, and drove 62 yards for a field goal.

until the opening

This was used until the opening of the new cathedral for services in 1902 and is still intact.

The Taj Mahal was the highest grossing casino in the city until the opening of The Borgata in 2003.

It was the terminus of Line CII (today U6) until the opening of Paradestraße station on 10 September 1927.

opening line   (açılış hattı)

The title of the EP is derived from the opening line of "Astronomy Domine".

"Everything You Ever Wanted" borrows its opening line from The Rolling Stones.

Each madrāšâ had its "qālâ" (), a traditional tune identified by its opening line.

first opening

The second season anime's first opening theme is "Go!

The first opening theme is the Queen-influenced "Big-O!".

The film was rather successful on its first opening weekend.

opening titles

One notable change in the film involved the opening titles.

The young woman riding the bicycle in the season 4 opening titles segment.

The opening titles were created with stop motion by award-winning animator Ken Clark.

season opening

The win stopped a streak of two consecutive season opening losses.

The annual season opening double header alternates between the schools.

On August 31, 2017, Woodside threw for 314 yards in the season opening win against Elon.

opening and ending

The opening and ending theme singles were released on April 22, 2009.

From episode 14 onwards, the respective opening and ending themes are "Utauyo!!

The opening and ending themes respectively are and , both performed by Ōkubo, Tsuda, and Taneda.

opening acts

Seether and Saving Abel were the opening acts on the tour.

Arizona and Hayley Kiyoko were announced as the opening acts.

Other opening acts for the tour included Jodeci and Mary J. Blige.

opening match against   (karşı maç açmak)

Horgan had appeared a substitute in the opening match against QPR.

He made his international début in Ireland's opening match against France.

Philipp Petzschner won his opening match against Frenchman Jérémy Chardy 7–6, 6–3.

opening lines

Common opening lines that reach a Maróczy Bind position include:

after the opening lines.

He is credited with one of the most famous opening lines of philosophy: "The world is my representation."

opening title   (açılış başlığı)

The opening title music is Shostakovich's Waltz No.

"Puny Express" marks a change in the opening title sequence.

As the opening title says: "A picture with a smile—and perhaps, a tear."

following the opening

These ceased following the opening of the Tay Road Bridge.

A year following the opening of the line much of the fencing had rotted.

The series was confirmed following the opening of auditions in August 2017.

opening hours

It can be visited during opening hours of the museum.

The mill can be visited during opening hours of the museum.

The tjasker can be visited during opening hours of the museum.

opening fire   (ateş açmak)

Dozens of officers fanned out, many of them opening fire.

The Arabs began the battle in the evening by opening fire on Choti Tekri.

This time the gunners waited until the birds were in close proximity before opening fire.

opening game against   (karşı oyun açma)

He made his WC debut on opening game against Norway.

saw the opening

The celebration also saw the opening of Walt Disney Studios next door.

Late summer 2004 saw the opening of the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame (HOF).

That year also saw the opening of the first goldsmith shop dedicated to filigree.

opening the door

The third formula is a different way of saying that opening the door causes the door to be opened.

Precisely, it states that opening the door changes the state of the door if it had been previously closed.

The child leaves the bedroom and rescues Teddy from a washing machine by unplugging it and opening the door.

opening number   (açılış numarası)

It is the show's opening number.

The song has also served as the opening number to Minaj's second concert tour, the .

She added, "I knew what I wanted everyone to look like, especially for the opening number.

opening episode

She pulled out of her appearance on the opening episode of the season.

The opening episode of season one broke the record for audience share for its time-slot.

He appeared in the opening episode of the second season of "Who Wants to Be a Superhero?"

opening scenes   (açılış sahneleri)

It was used in the opening scenes of the movie classic "Gone With The Wind".

The print is missing one sequence described as "the opening scenes before the flashback."

The opening scenes of the girls returning to school were filmed at All Nations Christian College.

second opening

The second opening theme is "Respect," composed by Sahashi.

Yozuca* also sang the second opening theme, titled "Ever After".

"Papermoon" was featured as the second opening song to the anime "Soul Eater".

opening race   (açılış yarışı)

From 1983 until 1989, the Brazilian Grand Prix was the opening race of the season.

Buckwitz and Jamanka won the opening race of the 2018–2019 Bobsleigh World Cup in Sigulda, Latvia.

In 2017, the McNamara Park Circuit was upgraded to a series event as the opening race of the series.

opening partnership   (açılış ortaklığı)

An opening partnership of 168 resulted until Lindwall bowled him for 81.

As of 2012, this remains England's highest opening partnership against Australia.

For the second time in the match, Washbrook and Hutton put on a century opening partnership.

attended the opening   (açılışa katıldı)

Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother attended the opening.

Ilham Aliyev attended the opening ceremony.

More than 900 people attended the opening of those offices.

opening a new

The restaurant closed down in 2007, with the owners opening a new restaurant in Domburg.

This meant permanently closing Merkland Street and opening a new station a short distance away.

Solzhenitsyn criticized the Allies for not opening a new front against Nazi Germany in the west earlier in World War II.

during its opening

The film grossed $2,110,000 during its opening day in 2,655 theaters.

There were reports of mass walkouts and refund demands during its opening week.

"Her" grossed $258,000 in six theaters during its opening weekend, averaging $43,000 per theater.

new opening

A new opening of the theatre took place on 4 December 1965.

This season featured an entirely new opening credits sequence.

Stephen Sondheim wrote the song "Comedy Tonight" for this new opening.

opening new

The label moved from Alice to San Benito, Texas, opening new recording studios and a pressing plant there.

In 2018 USD 80 billion was invested in coal supply but almost all for sustaining production levels rather than opening new mines.

The railway reduced transportation costs throughout the empire, opening new markets for products from other lands of the Dual Monarchy.

opening film   (açılış filmi)

It was also the opening film in the Panorama of European Cinema in Athens.

It was the opening film for the "Passionate Eye" series on CBC in Canada in 2015.

It was selected as the opening film of the 34th Moscow International Film Festival.

opening onto

Guards lived in a small room opening onto the Americans' quarters.

Apocrine, found in the armpits and perianal region, have ducts opening onto the skin surface.

A circular stairway (189 steps) rises in the center of the columns, opening onto a roofed observation deck.

won the opening

He also won the opening tournament of the 2012–13 season.

The Aggies won the opening game at the Davis Diamond 3 to 1.

Greensburg won the opening game 25–0 to start the season 2–0.

opening the way

Bereft of hope of further aid, Nihawand surrendered two or three months later, opening the way to Iraq.

He invented the first perfusion pump with Charles A. Lindbergh opening the way to organ transplantation.

According to the preparatory orders, the objective was to "opening the way [for Jewish forces] to Lydda".

formal opening

The formal opening occurred on December 8, 1929.

The formal opening by the Queen took place on 9 October 2004.

The formal opening was done by Rasmus Knude of Hellerup Sejlklub.

opening the scoring

He scored in a friendly against Woodbridge Town on 20 July 2011, opening the scoring in a 4–1 victory.

Dembélé netted his first goal on 27 April, opening the scoring in the 2–3 away defeat against Tianjin Teda.

Harkus came close to opening the scoring in the first half, but "shot wide with only the goalkeeper to beat".

opening stages

Frankel pulled away in the opening stages of the race and was never caught.

He showed good form in the opening stages, but later slipped back to finish eleventh overall.

Four Mystères were lost on the ground to the PAF air raid at Pathankot in the opening stages of the war.

including the opening   (açılış dahil)

Brock won four of the eight rounds, including the opening three rounds.

Some of his work, including the opening sequence, remain in the final version.

The 2006 event coincided with the launch of an HIV/AIDS awareness program, including the opening of a testing centre.

opening rounds

Second place results in 1966 and 1970 earned the team a place in the opening rounds of the national amateur championship.

Murphy missed the opening rounds of the Leinster Championship in 2019 but was back in goal for the final on 30 June 2019.

It was during this period that they made appearances in the opening rounds of the German Cup tournament (1975, 1980, 1984).

opening fixture

Worcester City signed Oji ahead of the opening fixture of the 2016–17 National League North season.

He made his debut in Villa's opening fixture after an hour of a 3–1 defeat away to Tottenham Hotspur.

Eardley went straight into the starting eleven for the opening fixture of the 2017–18 season, a 2–2 draw away to Wycombe Wanderers.

announced the opening

He promised to break the strike quickly and announced the opening of dumps to the public.

On November, 2017 Gaming Innovation Group announced the opening of new game studio, GIG Games.

In October 2015, Applied Materials announced the opening of a new joint R&D laboratory with A*STAR.

opening of new

On November, 2017 Gaming Innovation Group announced the opening of new game studio, GIG Games.

The opening of new lands to Catholics resulted in some sales of existing cultivated lands to others.

In UTSA's 4th year of play, UTSA opened with a 27–7 win over Houston in the opening of new TDECU Stadium.

opening themes

The season's second ending and opening themes, "No, Thank You!"

The season makes use of 6 pieces of theme music: three opening themes and three ending themes.

Three pieces of theme music are used for the series: one opening themes and four ending themes.

opening the batting

Piper scored 11 runs opening the batting, before he was dismissed by Narsingh Deonarine.

Meade scored 21 runs opening the batting, before he was dismissed by Mahendra Nagamootoo.

The task was not easy in the conditions, but Hobbs, this time opening the batting with C. B. Fry, hit 62 not out.

opening title sequence   (başlık dizisini açma)

"Puny Express" marks a change in the opening title sequence.

The opening title sequence was designed by Elaine Makatura Bass and Saul Bass.

Each episode follows a two-act structure split up by the opening title sequence and theme song.

opening day roster

She made the 11-woman opening day roster.

This left the door open for Johnson on the opening day roster.

Capel played in spring training ball as he tried to make Chicago's opening day roster.

opening event   (açılış etkinliği)

The championship was due to start on 11 March at Lyng, but this opening event was cancelled due to bad weather.

The USA Women's Sevens returned to the schedule for the 2018–19 series, but the event was moved within the season to become the opening event.

In 1975 it was successfully shown as the opening event in an exhibition commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Exposition des Arts Décoratifs.

opening his own

Hull before opening his own firm.

He worked at a law firm in Salzburg for a year before opening his own law office in Linz.

A scholarship enabled him to study in Rome during 1932–33, until opening his own architectural firm in 1936.

biggest opening

"Grand Masti" earned the biggest opening at morning shows in 2013 on its first day.

The film earned 42.30 crore on its first day, becoming Khan's biggest opening day release.

Its opening weekend in in Indonesia was Tom Cruise's biggest opening, to date, in the country.

first opening theme

The second season anime's first opening theme is "Go!

The first opening theme is the Queen-influenced "Big-O!".

From episodes 47-102, the first opening theme is "Go Forward" by Kimeru.

opening statement

The indictment was read and Cannon delivered his opening statement.

In his opening statement, he said: The delegation withdrew shortly after.

After the flute's opening statement of the melody, the piano continues and modulates to F major.

began opening   (açılmaya başladı)

After 2000, new dinner theaters began opening.

In October 2019, separatists began opening their own schools.

In late October 1938, Polish authorities began opening back schools in Zaolzie.

opening stage

On 3 May 2018 he won the opening stage of the Tour de Yorkshire road race, from Beverley to Doncaster.

Joey Logano took the lead from Truex and Logano won the opening stage after leading 62 of the first 100 laps.

He took his first professional victory in September 2012 by winning the opening stage of the Tour of Britain.

opening speech   (açılış konuşması)

The Minister of Industry, Germán Gamazo, gave an opening speech.

The opening speech was given by noted art historian Klaus Honnef.

Perales was honored at the 2012 Fiestas del Pilar and gave the festival's opening speech.

s opening

The center’s opening is scheduled for September 2010.

The film’s opening credits omit the comma from the title.

"Panipat"s opening day domestic collection was 4.12 crore.

original opening

The original opening subtitle "IT JUST WON'T STAY DEAD!"

After each episode, the original opening credit scene is shown.

The original opening date for Empire Outlets was scheduled for fall 2017.

second opening theme

The second opening theme is "Respect," composed by Sahashi.

Yozuca* also sang the second opening theme, titled "Ever After".

The second opening theme "Moshimo" by Daisuke is used from episodes 282 to 295.

opening took

The official opening took place less than two months later, on July 20.

The official opening and the National Road 542 opening took place on 30 April 2001.

The canal official opening took place on June 14, 1774, but works continued till 1775.

opening season

The opening season commenced on 25 August 2012.

He subsequently made four further appearances in his opening season.

Keystone opened on November 21, 1970 and a lift ticket cost $5 opening season.

opening took place   (açılış gerçekleşti)

The official opening took place less than two months later, on July 20.

The official opening and the National Road 542 opening took place on 30 April 2001.

The canal official opening took place on June 14, 1774, but works continued till 1775.

small opening

This species was named because of the small opening of its diaphragm or corona.

Mature fruit bodies form a small opening at the top through which spores are released.

There is a small opening of the forest on the lower right hand corner that provides a rest for your eyes.

through the opening

Edmund cruised through the opening two sets, but was unable to close the match out as he ultimately went on to lose in five.

When air is blown through the opening between the reed and the mouthpiece facing, the reed vibrates and produces the clarinet's sound.

Both these paintings share a similar formal structure that consists of an open landscape that is seen beyond and through the opening of a dark grotto.

opening lap

Porto) for third on the opening lap.

McCoy at that time was only in 8th place, and Rossi in 13th after a bad opening lap.

After a few corners, both Àlex Crivillé and Capirossi fell and retired on the opening lap.

door opening

No one saw the murderer leave, nor did anyone hear a door opening.

In some cases, such as hinged garage doors, the axis may be horizontal, above the door opening.

A central door opening and French doors either side open to a verandah which is supported by cast iron columns.

opening session   (açılış oturumu)

The opening session was held at Westwood on 26 June.

Trump won the first two frames of the opening session, with breaks of 51 and 63.

Additionally, a "piano-laced" track was conceived for the album in its opening session.

opening movement

The opening movement is an Allegro in A major and .

The opening movement relates to the currents in the narrow straight of the sea.

This lever is pivoted to delay the opening movement to allow the bullet to leave the barrel.

official opening ceremony

The official opening ceremony was held in July 2006.

The official opening ceremony was attended by Prime MinisterSirimavo Bandaranayake, Hon.

The official opening ceremony took place on June 28 before the Canada Day holiday weekend.

scoring the opening

He netted on his Delfín debut, scoring the opening goal of a 2–0 victory over L.D.U.

Tatu started the season well, scoring the opening goal in the 36th minute against Voința.

Barry got his retribution by scoring the opening goal in the team's 1–1 draw at Musgrave Park.

upon opening

Like the bathhouse, the mall buildings were painted gray upon opening in 1937.

Judging from his reaction upon opening the letter though, it seems the baby wasn't his.

However, upon opening the book, the supposedly dead Mage, Lukrasta appears and takes her away.

highest opening

This is the highest opening day collection for Salman Khan.

The film had the second highest opening ever for an animated film at the time.

As of 2012, this remains England's highest opening partnership against Australia.

opening words

The document's name derives from its opening words.

Ditton parish register has as its opening words, "The Register book of Ditton beginning Anno Dom.

The Latin name of the creed, "Quicunque vult", is taken from the opening words, "Whosoever wishes".

opening set

Del Potro broke in the 1st and 5th games thanks to a Federer double fault, winning the opening set 6–2.

"Carrie Rodriguez Live in Louisville" 2009, featured her opening set in Louisville while she toured with Lucinda Williams.

On November 30, the band reunited to perform an opening set for Spring Heeled Jack at Toad's Place in New Haven, Connecticut.

time of opening

"Nelson Theatre" was the original name at the time of opening.

Reaction from riders was mostly positive at the time of opening.

At the time of opening this plant was designed for 2,300 mt per day.