İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

continued to operate   (çalışmaya devam etti)

The street's brothels continued to operate until WW2.

The mill continued to operate until the 1970s.

McCurdy's continued to operate both stores until 1994.

not operate   (çalışmıyor)

RVT does not operate scheduled routes on Sunday.

Most waterway routes do not operate to regular schedules.

Rail service does not operate on weekends.

continues to operate   (çalışmaya devam ediyor)

WGUR continues to operate as a student-run station.

Since then, the HSS continues to operate abroad.

The program continues to operate nearly 40 years later.

continue to operate   (faaliyete devam et)

The general purpose lanes continue to operate toll-free.

The sisters continue to operate St. Benedict’s Day Nursery.

FirstGroup will continue to operate the service until 2030.

boat could operate   (tekne çalışabilir)

When running on silent motors the boat could operate at a speed of .

When submerged, the boat could operate for at ; when surfaced, she could travel at .

able to operate   (işletmek)

In addition, freight trains will be able to operate at 70 MPH.

These water tenders are able to operate relatively independently.

To be able to operate on both lines, the car floors were higher than other tube cars.

operate within

Several bus lines operate within the borough.

Several "neighborhood bars" also operate within the stadium.

There are three local newspapers which operate within the borough.

designed to operate

furnaces designed to operate without bellows at all).

They were designed to operate on 110 volts direct current.

The URI Mining Vehicle is designed to operate in underground mines.

services operate

The following marine services operate from the Long Wharf:

Some services operate direct to the Belconnen Town Centre.

Two main local bus services operate; 'Wexford Bus' and 'Local Link'.

operate independently   (bağımsız çalış)

The DDAF continues to operate independently.

Special forces operate independently under MOD direction.

A MAGTF can operate independently or as part of a larger coalition.

own and operate

Wallenda and his wife own and operate Wallendas Inc.

Its members own and operate all oil refineries in Australia.

His family and heirs continue to own and operate the station.

operate between   (arasında çalış)

Private ferries operate between Üsküdar and Beşiktaş or Kabataş in the city.

Several ferries operate between the islands with much lower fares than the airlines.

Some additional Southern services also operate between Shepherd's Bush and Clapham Junction.

began to operate

In 1946 a midwifery unit began to operate in the town.

In 1901, a cast-iron plant began to operate.

In 1891, a railway began to operate, connecting Ōmuta with Fukuoka.

used to operate

The C&NW used to operate a branch to Des Moines.

Steam, gas, electricity and oil could be used to operate the engines.

Wax motors are widely used to operate the temperature regulating vents of greenhouses.

build and operate

Enrichment facilities are expensive to build and operate.

British companies, however, continued to build and operate blockade runners for the South.

All required permits to develop the project are in place and major contracts to build and operate the mine have been awarded.

trains operate

Ballast trains operate from Maryborough to Moolort.

About half of SLE trains operate to and from New London.

During morning rush hours, some trains operate from Gose to Osaka Abenobashi.

ceased to operate

The firm ceased to operate in November 2006.

Bluewater NRHS ceased to operate at the end December 2019.

It ceased to operate in 1955 and in 1970 it was finally dismantled.

does not operate

RVT does not operate scheduled routes on Sunday.

Rail service does not operate on weekends.

The ferry does not operate at times of high water or winter freeze up.

still operate   (hala çalışıyor)

Over 200 A300s still operate today.

Freight trains still operate.

So far, all banks in the United States still operate with at least a one-day float period.

operate without

furnaces designed to operate without bellows at all).

Many such controller systems operate without knowledge of the external time.

This arrangement allows the MAC to operate without having to be aware of the link speed.

allowed to operate

Dhimmis were allowed to operate their own courts following their own legal systems.

Bicycles are allowed to operate on all Chicago roadways, except limited access highways.

These are allowed to operate in pedestrian-only areas and are therefore practical for sightseeing.

did not operate

However, the Cincinnati station did not operate on Friday.

Despite its name, it did not operate any interests in the Republic of Ireland.

The EAHL did not operate for the 1948–49 season, but resumed play for the 1949–50 season.

license to operate

In 1975, RKO applied for renewal of its license to operate WOR-TV.

It was first granted a license to operate as K61GV channel 61 on April 15, 1996.

He further threatened Fetty and his company's license to operate in Louisiana, saying, "That's just not cool.

now operate

These trains now operate on the Gyeongui-Jungang Line.

The CRH5 have a design speed of up to and now operate steadily at .

In addition, KCBS and KCAL-TV now operate in a completely tapeless newsroom.

operate through

It was licensed to operate through December 20, 2013.

A handful operate through New Haven as far as Stamford.

This limits the number of passenger trains that can operate through Brampton.

only operate   (sadece işlet)

Therefore, they only operate with other Class 1000 cars.

Once the batteries were depleted, it could only operate during the day.

Some modes such as the CBC mode only operate on complete plaintext blocks.

ability to operate

Methods are subroutines with the ability to operate on objects or classes.

Multiple court cases have also reinforced tribes' ability to operate these businesses.

In engineering it may refer to the machine's ability to operate without human involvement.

operate and maintain   (işletmek ve bakımını yapmak)

Watco operate and maintain the 22 locomotives and 574 wagons acquired by CBH.

Its primary function is to operate and maintain the Kariba Dam on the Zambezi River.

Many F7s remained in service for decades, as railroads found them economical to operate and maintain.

operate services

South Western Railway operate services from it to Exeter and London Waterloo.

As at June 2014 Richards Brothers operate services on 40 routes including TrawsCambria 550 and X50.

In order to operate services at 15-minute intervals, some trains would consist of six cars, others three.

required to operate

As the use of catapults became more commonplace, so did the training required to operate them.

The OP SUP may be required to operate in combat, Combat Support and Combat Service Support roles.

The rolling stock was limited to the minimum required to operate the railway, namely 12 railcars and 6 wagons.

operate during

Players can choose individual stations to operate during the game.

Once the batteries were depleted, it could only operate during the day.

Continuous Order Matching procedures operate during the regular trading sessions.

companies operate   (şirketler faaliyet)

Over 250 Finnish companies operate in Spain.

Several Spanish multinational companies operate in Andorra.

Many large construction companies operate in the town as well.

started to operate

In 1997 the plant storage started to operate.

In 2015 Diplomatic Mission of Portugal in Azerbaijan started to operate.

Moreover, a branch of the Kharkiv Institute of Railway started to operate in the city.

operate their own

Dongxiang people operate their own restaurants serving their cuisine.

The Lil'wat Nation operate their own school, gas station and grocery store.

Dhimmis were allowed to operate their own courts following their own legal systems.

currently operate

The airline does not currently operate any flights.

They currently operate 10,000 terminals for their cardholders.

Four radio stations currently operate in the C.A.R., as well as one television station.

intended to operate

The devices were intended to operate until entry into the Venusian atmosphere.

These services were intended to operate to both the City of London and the West End of London.

O’Malley assured the PCL owners that he intended to operate the Angels as a PCL team as had the Wrigleys.

operate more

Most tianguis operate more according to tradition than by formal rules.

Many roller coasters operate more than one train, sometimes several, simultaneously.

Coalescing filters aren’t actually filters, rather they operate more as a consolidation element.

operate every

Trains operate every 2 minutes during peak hours and every 4 minutes at other times.

Trains operate every 2.5 minutes at peak hours and every 6 minutes during off-peak hours.

At peak times on weekdays services operate every half-hour between Radolfzell and Stockach.

operate only   (sadece işlet)

Some lake freighters are too large to use the Seaway, and operate only on the Waterway and lakes.

All four local education authorities in Cheshire operate only comprehensive state school systems.

A guild restricted those in a given branch of the culinary industry to operate only within that field.

operate all

Its members own and operate all oil refineries in Australia.

Avanti West Coast and London Northwestern Railway operate all services on the route.

A large hay crew is required, with a minimum of six people to operate all components.

how to operate

Among the approximately 60 militiamen present for duty, not a single one knew how to operate the cannons.

It trained students in how to operate an agricultural business from both a financial stand point as well as teaching proper plant growing and animal husbandry techniques.

In order to earn this, Navy Expeditionary Logistics Support Group (NAVELSG) Sailors must go to the "Virginia Training" to learn how to operate cranes and become a basic stevedore.

contract to operate   (işletme sözleşmesi)

Global Spectrum is under contract to operate the Rose Quarter until 2008.

In late-2018, King Power was awarded a ten-year contract to operate U-Tapao duty-free shops.

In 2009, the company was awarded a contract to operate a new woodchip processing facility at Portland.

order to operate   (işletmek için sipariş)

In order to operate services at 15-minute intervals, some trains would consist of six cars, others three.

An interrupt occurs because some type of input or output needs software attention in order to operate correctly.

This company also received transfers of the type from LGOC in order to operate services in Kent and Surrey on its behalf.

needed to operate

The first major problem being the simple logistics needed to operate the squadrons.

Livestock is needed to operate the ploughs, and women are needed to harvest the crops.

This engine reduced the manual labour needed to operate the vessel, by powering winches and pumps.

stations operate

Private radio stations operate alongside the state-run broadcaster.

Both stations operate on a simulcast daily from 4:00 AM to 12:00 MN.

The multiplexes that the stations operate on are operated by Comux, owned by the local TV broadcasters with operations run by Canis Media.