owns and operates   (所有および運営)

He owns and operates a hot air ballooning company.

The DPTI also owns and operates the Glenelg tram line.

As of 2018, First Martin owns and operates the building.

currently operates   (現在運営)

ECN Capital currently operates in three divisions:

Dassulle currently operates it as a solo project.

The system currently operates 35 two-cars train set.

now operates   (今作動する)

The three children of Tateno now operates the shop.

The Ampang Line now operates using 6 car trains.

Altstätten now operates a bus transport network, RTB.

company operates   (会社が運営する)

The company operates an iron ore mine at Jérissa.

The company operates in all major ports of the world.

The company operates a factory showroom in Los Angeles.

still operates   (まだ動作します)

This company still operates under that name today.

It still operates in South East Asia.

The company Gallay still operates, and is based in Wellingborough.

service operates

GO Transit train service operates on weekdays only.

The service operates hourly, seven days a week.

The service operates every day from 5am to 2am.

operates several

The SGV operates several routes, with many variants, on Lake Lucerne.

The United States Postal Service operates several post offices in Austin.

The school operates several research centers, institutes, and initiatives.

operates public   (一般公開)

Rapides Parish School Board operates public schools.

Chicago Public Schools operates public schools.

operates between

It operates between the southern Bergen and northeastern Kirkenes.

The former operates between Kyoto and Osaka with long formation of larger rolling stock.

Stagecoach South operate the number 700 bus which operates between Brighton and Southsea.

operates public schools   (公立学校を運営しています)

Rapides Parish School Board operates public schools.

Chicago Public Schools operates public schools.

operates through

Today, Parents Centres New Zealand operates through over 50 Centres nationwide.

It operates through its flagship website, "Heavy.com", and Spanish-language platform, "AhoraMismo.com".

The firm is headquartered in Bulach, Switzerland, and operates through offices in Europe, America and Asia.

district operates

The district operates a correspondence school.

The district operates the following schools.

The district operates one high school, Bovina High School.

operates the following

The district operates the following schools.

The East Penn Railroad operates the following railroad lines:

As of November 2019, the airline operates the following fleet:

operates within

In the winter, a ski area also operates within the park.

The biology of life operates within a certain range of temperatures.

Another campus, along with the university hospital, operates within Daegu.

school operates   (学校が運営しています)

The school operates in two shifts - morning and day.

The school operates in many sites throughout Staten Island.

The school operates a quarterly schedule.

operates a number   (数字を操作する)

The Conservancy operates a number of armed teams.

In Estonia Statoil operates a number of service stations.

Throughout Latvia Statoil operates a number of service stations.

system operates

The system operates in conjunction with the ship's sonar.

The league system operates as follows for the 2008–09 season.

RTE's transmission system operates at voltages of 63 kV, 90 kV, 150 kV, 225 kV and 400 kV.

company that operates   (運営する会社)

Tranzit Group The Tranzit Group is a company that operates buses in New Zealand.

Umetsu Daiko, a company that operates in Hakata, has been producing taiko since 1821.

Marcandi, the company that operates Madbid, is owned by Jersey-based Keyword Group Ltd.

operates a fleet   (艦隊を運営)

Alpha Fire Company operates a fleet of 19 vehicles.

It operates a fleet of twelve Boeing 767 cargo aircraft.

The H. Vogemann Group in Hamburg, Germany operates a fleet of 19 bulk carriers.

operates as train

It operates as train number 19053 from to and as train number 19054 in the reverse direction serving the states of Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

It operates as train number 19057 from to and as train number 19058 in the reverse direction serving the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

It operates as train number 19051 from to and as train number 19052 in the reverse direction serving the states of Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.

operates its own

The combinat operates its own freight river port.

For example, Biolan operates its own wind power plant.

The Ministry of Defence operates its own fire and rescue organisation.

station operates   (駅が運営)

This station operates only during the daytime hours.

The station operates on the frequency of 96.7 megahertz.

That station operates under a different license from WSUN-TV.

operates more

The company operates more than 5,800 tractors and more than 22,500 trailers.

Today, POW operates more than 15 programs in eight houses purchased by Harris.

ParknShop operates more than 300 outlets in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China.

company also operates   (会社も運営しています)

The company also operates trucks on contract with Schenker.

The company also operates express buses and airport coaches.

The company also operates a transactional website, Game.co.uk.

operates daily   (毎日運行)

The service operates daily to/from Vancouver.

DZSR operates daily from 6:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

The train operates daily in each direction.

operates scheduled

The airport operates scheduled passenger flights with Air France operated by HOP!

It operates scheduled domestic passenger services and regional international services.

It operates scheduled domestic and international services and private charter services.

operates independently

Each ASU campus has an RHA that operates independently.

The top half operates independently from the bottom half.

However, it operates independently of other national government agencies.

operates all

When in one-person operation, the driver operates all three doors.

The widest range of meals is available from the Bite Me Cafe which operates all year round.

The station is managed by Great Western Railway, which also operates all trains serving it.

operates today

In 1909, he opened a factory in Boise, which still operates today.

The company still operates today.

The Dennis Company became world-famous for its tiles and still operates today.

operates bus

The Oita Bus Company operates bus routes in the city.

Norgesbuss operates bus services in Oslo and Akershus for the respective counties.

APS RTC operates bus services from Vijayawada, Guntur and Amaravathi to this location.