remained in operation   (稼働し続けた)

The company remained in operation until the 1980s.

These quarries remained in operation until 1915.

The site remained in operation until the late 1970s.

began operation   (運用を開始しました)

Two years later the first smelter began operation.

The station began operation in 18th November 2019.

The Waverly Half-Way site began operation in 1925.

still in operation   (まだ稼働中)

These stores are still in operation as of 2013.

The School is still in operation as part of The Place.

This community program is still in operation.

military operation   (軍事作戦)

In 1859, he served in a Spanish military operation in Morocco.

The military operation in Fatsa was often termed "rehearsal for the coup".

A violent insurrection began shortly after the military operation started.

years of operation   (運用年)

Seren celebrated 30 years of operation in 2011.

Tenants varied over the years of operation.

The company closed after roughly 4 years of operation in 1988.

year of operation   (操業年)

The space closed after less than a year of operation.

It had ten faculty during its first year of operation.

The school celebrated its 20th year of operation in 2014.

ceased operation   (運用停止)

The Mecca Lumber Company ceased operation in 1910.

The Glarner Sprinter ceased operation in July 2014.

Bear Poplar Post Office ceased operation in 1966.

put into operation   (動作させる)

In 1981, Yak-42 aircraft was put into operation.

The CD was put into operation in January 1942.

It was put into operation on August 31, 2012.

rescue operation   (救助活動)

It was Netra's first deployment in a disaster rescue operation.

In addition, Israel sent a large team to assist in the rescue operation.

The first multiple air-sea rescue operation occurred on December 18, 1939.

during the operation   (操作中)

"KzS" Heye was given command of Group 2 during the operation.

Overall the French lost around 1,200 men during the operation.

The command structure of both sides changed during the operation.

operation against   (に対する操作)

On 11 July 1980, Turkish military conducted an operation against the town.

Octavian and Lepidus launched a joint operation against Sextus in Sicily in 36 BC.

She was forced to reconnect again when Chuck interfered with an operation against the Ring.

continuous operation   (連続運転)

It has been in continuous operation since 1923.

The gauge has been in continuous operation since 1895.

Gyrotrons can be designed for pulsed or continuous operation.

sting operation   (おとり捜査)

Several inaccuracies in the statements cast doubt on the sting operation.

They recruited Jenkins to participate in a sting operation aimed at Hammer.

After Costello escapes a sting operation, each mole becomes aware of the other's existence.

construction and operation   (建設と運営)

Nevertheless, the casino was approved for construction and operation.

Building construction and operation (electricity usage, heating, etc.)

Despite the cost of its construction and operation the tunnel is not tolled.

operation and maintenance   (運用と保守)

The system has relative low installment costs and low operation and maintenance requirements.

During 2004 CEPIS decided to hand over operation and maintenance support for EUCIP to ECDL Foundation.

The latter can be basically divided into (i) construction costs and (ii) operation and maintenance costs.

started operation   (運用開始)

It started operation out of La Seyne-sur-Mer in 1975.

The project was completed and started operation in 2016.

The paper mill started operation in 1961.

mining operation   (採掘作業)

The operation was the highest open pit iron ore mining operation in the U.S.

Today the former mining area provide a view of the historic mining operation.

The American Colloid Company operates a Bentonite clay mining operation here.

commercial operation   (商業運転)

Unit 1 began commercial operation in December 1975.

Unit 2 began commercial operation in September 1979.

Unit 2 began commercial operation in July 1981.

normal operation   (通常運転)

The lock criteria needs to be satisfied during normal operation.

In normal operation each train consists of a set of six carriages.

The first range (80-100% H) to monitor the hydrogen purity during normal operation.

joint operation   (共同作業)

They planned a joint operation.

(The "Maple Leaf" is a joint operation between Amtrak and Via Rail Canada.

This was an extremely successful joint operation of the IAF and Armored Corps."

operation between   (間の操作)

Keihan started its operation between Osaka and Kyoto in 1910.

A post office called Amos was in operation between 1889 and 1926.

Daniel 3 and 4 began commercial operation between April and May 2001.

operation began   (運用開始)

The operation began at 10:30am of 4 April 1981.

Licensed operation began in July 1923.

The operation began at 11:50pm north.

operation during   (中の操作)

He was still recovering from this operation during the Suez Crisis.

It was in operation during World War Two and was disbanded in March 1941.

The power plant was in operation during the entire period of operation of the FOTG from 1884 to 1906.

came into operation   (稼働しました)

Thus, CSIR came into operation on 26 September 1942.

The second battery came into operation in 1952.

It came into operation as of 10 April 1986.

successful operation   (成功した操作)

Brown underwent a successful operation for prostate cancer in July 2001.

After a successful operation on his knee, Hogg was offered a new contract by Inverness in January 2012.

The surgeon, after a successful operation, decides to keep Godavari with him for life, as his daughter–in-law.

went into operation   (稼働しました)

This conversion went into operation on 1 April 1896.

The second alternator went into operation at Haiku in 1949.

This line went into operation in 1969.

full operation   (フル稼働)

The plant was put into full operation in 1968.

The Go-To card went into full operation in early 2007.

By 2002, 130 locations were in full operation.

operation today   (今日の運用)

The facility later re-opened and remains in operation today.

The school is still in operation today as Adamston Elementary School.

Caberfae remains in operation today, as the oldest ski resort in the midwest.

continued operation   (継続運転)

An electric motor effect is responsible for the continued operation of the switch.

This would also include the continued operation of the Patrouille Suisse, in F-5Es until 2018.

The side altars, however, survived and continued operation while the main tower stood decapitated until 1773.

first operation   (最初の操作)

Thompson established Crown's first operation in 1965.

He flew his first operation on 31 August 1941.

Their first operation, against Wilhelmshaven on 1941 was unsuccessful.

news operation   (ニュース操作)

Another solution has been to focus its efforts on its news operation.

LIN TV finally decided to shut down WOTV's news operation permanently in August 2003.

By spring 2010, the new management had made significant changes to KCBS' news operation.

mode of operation   (動作モード)

The mode of operation of any processor is the execution of lists of instructions.

The Duke of Northumberland's mode of operation was very different from Somerset's.

A common form of electric force microscopy involves a noncontact AFM mode of operation.

commenced operation   (運用開始)

The POP / VIP station commenced operation in 1912.

Kooringal High School's Selective Stream commenced operation with its first year 7 intake in 2010.

The Christchurch Tramway Company remained in operation until 16 May 1905, the day the Board commenced operation.

entire operation   (全体の操作)

The other departments served the entire operation.

The entire operation was photographed by the SS.

The entire operation lasted about two hours.

major operation   (主な操作)

He had a major operation on a stomach ulcer.

The following January, Glading informed Gray he had a major operation coming up.

By 17 December, the weather had cleared sufficiently for the Axis to begin a major operation.

took over operation   (操作を引き継いだ)

The B&ML took over operation of its road on January 1, 1926.

In 1888, the Grand Trunk Railway took over operation of the line.

In 1877, Richard Gwyn and Alexander Chatham took over operation of the mill.

during operation   (動作中に)

As graphite is brittle, pieces can break off during operation.

However, emissions of CO during operation are much larger (on average) than during production.

Furthermore, any system changes made during operation (due to user action, worms, viruses, etc.)

hours of operation   (営業時間)

The basic hours of operation are from early morning to evening.

Their hours of operation are generally within 30 mins of sunrise and sunset, weather permitting.

The store generated a volume of $280,000 (around £140,000 GBP) in its first 6 hours of operation.

operation conducted   (実施された操作)

It constitutes the functional center of the farming operation conducted on the land for decades.

The operation conducted on April 21, 2018 was seen by Kuwait as a "flagrant" violation of its sovereignty.

Operation Spring Operation Spring was an offensive operation conducted by II Canadian Corps during the Normandy campaign.

area of operation   (動作領域)

Its area of operation was the south-western region of England.

Her area of operation expanded to include convoys from Guantanamo Bay to the Panama Canal in May 1944.

They still saw a future for Hapton Valley, and investment followed, moving its area of operation to the east.

months of operation   (稼働月)

The week of November 25, 2019, the C Line surpassed one-million rides after only five months of operation.

In the first six months of operation, the agency registered more than 18,000 extras and made 113,873 placements.

The network's failure after 10 months of operation was a major contributing factor in Fitzgerald's sale of the franchise.

amphibious operation   (水陸両用作戦)

The Allies also carried out an amphibious operation in Kula Gulf that night.

Ten days later, she headed for the western coast of Korea and the amphibious operation at Inchon.

He wrote,"at the end of a fortnight's bloody fighting there is no longer any doubt that Iwo is the most difficult amphibious operation in U.S.

salvage operation   (サルベージ操作)

The salvage operation is led by Smit Salvage.

After a two-year salvage operation, the statue was pulled out of the lake.

A subsequent salvage operation recovered most of the cargo of gold and silver.

remains in operation   (稼働中)

Today both halves of the garage remains in operation.

Of these, only Eastland remains in operation.

It remains in operation as the Jerusalem Uniting Church.

police operation   (警察作戦)

Finally, there was a police operation with the woman.

A more rapid police operation was a realistic possibility.

After the girl was transferred, the footage of the police operation went viral.

operation of law   (法の運用)

A right of subrogation typically arises by operation of law, but can also arise by statute or by agreement.

He was reassigned by operation of law to the United States Court of International Trade on November 1, 1980, by 94 Stat.

un-perfectable) real security arising by operation of law alone merely providing a priority right over the security subject.

operation took   (操作がかかりました)

The suffix is typically the area in which the operation took place, e.g.

The operation took place in a densely populated district of Kabul, the Afshar district.

The operation took place about six months after the world's first, by Dr. Christian Barnard.

binary operation   (二項演算)

However, a binary operation may also involve several sets.

More formally, a binary operation is an operation of arity two.

It depends on authors whether it is considered as a binary operation.

continued in operation   (運転を続けた)

Canaan Union Academy was eventually reestablished, and continued in operation until 1892.

The aircraft continued in operation after the war, with some being converted into fast VIP transports.

Pacific Air Transport's main north-south airmail and passenger route continued in operation throughout 1927.

train operation   (列車運行)

The line is proposed to use automatic train operation using high capacity 8 car type A trains.

Trains 311-78~311-82 feature a slightly different interior and ventilation system, and are capable of one-person train operation (OPTO).

Other techniques Allen promoted were realistic train operation and the use of forced perspective to create the illusion of a model railroad layout larger than it really was.

covert operation   (隠密作戦)

Dar looks at the flight manifest and quickly recognizes that Saul and Carrie are organizing a covert operation.

Owing to the extreme circumstances of the covert operation, the team must retrieve Shelby at all costs, before time runs out.

Nathaniel Lyon, curious of the Missouri State Guard's intentions for Camp Jackson, engaged in a covert operation to uncover the Guard's plans.

operation when   (操作時)

Chenery's siblings originally planned to sell the operation when their father could no longer run it.

The Intelsat VI satellites used nickel hydrogen pressure vessel batteries to support operation when the spacecraft was in eclipse behind the earth.

A class of languages is closed under a particular operation when the operation, applied to languages in the class, always produces a language in the same class again.

operation to remove   (削除する操作)

She had been undergoing an operation to remove a tumor.

In August 2016, vocalist Alan Nimmo underwent an operation to remove polyps from his vocal chords.

Tara Lo (Jing Lusi) died in episode 27 after having an operation to remove part of her brain tumour.

longer in operation   (動作時間が長い)

It may well be that they are no longer in operation.

My Records is no longer in operation.

The restaurant is no longer in operation, but the motel is still open.

season of operation   (営業シーズン)

1996 Philadelphia Wings season The 1996 Philadelphia Wings season marked the team's tenth season of operation.

1995 Philadelphia Wings season The 1995 Philadelphia Wings season marked the team's ninth season of operation.

1992 Philadelphia Wings season The 1992 Philadelphia Wings season marked the team's sixth season of operation.

operation called   (呼び出された操作)

They learn of a top-secret operation called "Code Kansas", but there are no drugs in the warehouse.

Shortly after, Hooky is assigned to an operation called "Humanizing the Army" and forcible repatriation is ended.

Later the Squadron are then ordered to take down insurgents in Ilam Province in Iran, an operation called "Long Walk".

operation ended   (操作が終了しました)

That operation ended on February 15, 2012.

The operation ended on 10 May 1978.

The seventeenth was the date that the major combat of the operation ended.

remain in operation   (稼働中)

The summit observatory was built in the summer of 1883, and would remain in operation for 21 years.

Most of the major Beanoland attractions remain in operation today but have been rethemed as "Wild Asia".

The Air Force says JSTARS is in a phase of capability improvements and is expected to remain in operation through 2030.