İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

became operational   (faaliyete geçti)

The new squadron became operational on 5 February.

Edinburgh Trams became operational on 31 May 2014.

The pipeline became operational on 1 December 2006.

fully operational   (tamamen kullanıma hazır)

She was not fully operational again until August.

By March, the ship was again fully operational.

It was expected to be fully operational by April 2018.

operational control   (operasyonel kontrol)

DJKM resumed its operational control of CCS in 2017.

At no point was there a question who was in operational control while on patrol.

first operational   (ilk operasyonel)

It was the first operational squadron to receive the Delta Dart.

303 Squadron RAF, the first operational Polish fighter squadron.

On 21 February, "Prince Henry" sailed on her first operational cruise.

operational service   (operasyonel servis)

The Hunter entered operational service in 1999 in the Balkans.

The first upgraded C-130 entering operational service recently.

While in operational service, a number of changes were made to the vehicles.

still operational   (hala operasyonel)

The station was lit in 1872, and is still operational.

As of 2017, the original system was still operational.

Few cruisers are still operational in the world navies.

operational command

On 1 October 2018, Burridge assumed operational command of the RAeS.

Gen William H.C. Whiting had operational command of Longstreet and Smith's divisions.

Despite the title, the CNO does not have operational command authority over Naval forces.

operational use

Its estimated end of operational use in stable orbit is 2020.

However, its first important operational use occurred in the American Revolutionary War.

WRF is currently in operational use at NCEP and other forecasting centers internationally.

become operational   (operasyonel hale gelmek)

These plants are due to become operational by 2010.

The new vessels will become operational in 2022–2028.

The first line was expected become operational in 2011.

operational costs

The operational costs is estimated to be around 70 thousand Euro per year.

Her operational costs were also notably higher than those of her main competitors.

This also has effects on operational costs and timetables, as the refuelling frequency is reduced.

operational units

Sasseville served in various operational units during his active duty.

One of the key operational units within SO18 is the Aviation and Road Policing Unit.

Founded in 1509 as a tercio, it is one of the world's oldest still operational units.

operational capability   (operasyonel yetenek)

Initial operational capability was expected in the first half of 2020.

The B-2 reached initial operational capability (IOC) on 1 January 1997.

Initial operational capability of the F-35C is now expected to be February 2019.

remained operational   (operasyonel kaldı)

The ride in Japan remained operational until May 31, 2016.

SPADATS remained operational until about 1980 at Cheyenne Mountain.

The airfield opened in 1943 and remained operational for the rest of the war.

operational support   (Operasyonel destek)

Probes are also extensively used in operational support systems (OSS).

A NOSC is a facility used to provide operational support for training and administrative services to Navy Reserve Units.

The Erie County Republican Committee and its chairman, Nicholas A. Langworthy, endorsed Bohen and gave him operational support.

operational training

1 OCU) was an operational training unit of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF).

Stanford Training Area, known as STANTA, is a large operational training area in the vicinity of Thetford, Norfolk.

During this period, operational training of new bomber aircrew was performed "in-house" by the wing, primarily by No.

operational area

On 18 November 1/4 Marines was deployed outside the Neosho operational area.

They are usually based at police stations which are central to the operational area.

This was an operational area that actually required two complete regiments to secure.

became fully operational

The station became fully operational on 4 October 1974.

It became fully operational on June 1, 1988.

The base was opened in 1985, and became fully operational in 1986.

operational status

NATO intends to extend the operational status of its AWACS until 2035.

The last of the four vessels is expected to achieve full operational status by 2028.

A full list of these locomotives with details of their operational status is provided below.

operational squadrons   (operasyon filosu)

Naval TPS, and operational squadrons.

After being ferried to England and sent to operational squadrons, the Canadian "Lancs" were assigned to No.

The operational squadrons of the 801st were stood down and redesignated as the squadrons assigned to the 492d.

operational requirements

However, further advances in these technologies are needed to meet the full range of operational requirements.

These vessels gave the Navy the capability it needed at a time when operational requirements were growing rapidly.

In the past, these governments dictated airfares, route networks, and other operational requirements for each airline.

operational readiness   (operasyonel hazır olma)

The group reached operational readiness with its S2 missiles on August 2, 1971.

The increasing operational readiness (49.8 to 64.5 percent) revealed the severity of bomb and fuel shortages.

Division officers inspect division compartments and equipment for cleanliness, preservation, and operational readiness.

operational life   (operasyonel yaşam)

They are beyond their operational life and cannot be refurbished.

This latter air base had the code name "Bluie West Eight" during its operational life.

Aircraft are listed under the main role in which they were used for most of their operational life.

not operational

The unit was not operational from 10 January to 8 February 1958.

Today that base is not operational.

RAAF Article XV fighter squadrons were not operational in Europe until mid-1941.

only operational   (sadece operasyonel)

This is the only operational base in Dhaka naval region.

The only operational rail link into Armenia is from Georgia.

"Vittorio Veneto" was now the only operational battleship in the fleet.

operational efficiency

The recent construction of new aircraft parking boxes on the aprons has improved the airport's operational efficiency.

A World Bank study argues that the most consistent improvement made by public-private partnerships in water supply was in operational efficiency.

On 1 November 2014, BT created a new central business services (CBS) organisation to provide customer services and improve operational efficiency levels.

operational unit

The new squadron became an operational unit on 20 January.

Groom Lake was too small to be useful as the base for an operational unit.

Its primary subordinate operational unit is the 101st Intelligence Squadron.