İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

public opinion   (kamuoyu)

It took nearly 20 years for public opinion to shift.

This murder turned the tide of Chilean public opinion.

Ultimately public opinion rested against the cocaine user.

opinion polls   (kamuoyu yoklamaları)

Below is a month by month average of all opinion polls.

She is credited with increasing her party's rating in opinion polls.

She has consistently achieved high approval rates in public opinion polls.

majority opinion   (çoğunluk görüşü)

Hughes wrote the majority opinion in "Missouri ex rel.

Chief Justice Rehnquist dissented from the majority opinion.

Writing the majority opinion in "A.L.A.

opinion poll   (kamuoyu yoklaması)

The first opinion poll was published on 24 April 2018.

"The Press" published its third opinion poll on 30 September.

"The Press" published its second opinion poll on 21 September.

opinion piece   (görüş parçası)

"Montana Kaimin" mentioned the group in an opinion piece for Neo-Luddism.

Missen's opinion piece in "The Argus" newspaper caused a furore in the Liberal Party.

In a June 1993 "Washington Post" opinion piece, Goldwater wrote: "You don't have to be straight to shoot straight".

dissenting opinion   (muhalefet görüşü)

Justice Frankfurter wrote a brief dissenting opinion.

The "Thought Police" are those who suppress all dissenting opinion.

In his dissenting opinion, Justice Alito cited and quoted the Center's brief.

opinion pieces

He now writes opinion pieces for Haaretz.

The first issue published three clinical trials and several opinion pieces.

Boyle writes satire and opinion pieces for the British newspaper The Guardian.

differences of opinion   (görüş farklılıkları)

In 2008, he resigned from this position due to differences of opinion.

Secondly, there are differences of opinion on the methodology of the act.

He and his commander, Colonel John Selden Roane, had several differences of opinion.

opinion polling

For more polls, see 2018 opinion polling on the Donald Trump administration

Extensive opinion polling on the issue of independence has taken place in Catalonia.

The table below lists opinion polling on leader preferences to become Prime Minister.

concurring opinion

Lord Steyn gave a concurring opinion.

In his concurring opinion, Cardozo described Section 3 as "delegation run riot".

A concurring opinion was filed by Justice Breyer and joined by Ginsburg and Sotomayor.

popular opinion

He never tried to appeal to popular opinion in cases.

to remain in power despite popular opinion in favor of removal.

Despite mounting pressure, popular opinion stayed with the Templars.

opinion against   (karşı görüş)

Carnegie also held a strong opinion against inherited wealth.

The Stokes Affair mobilized British public opinion against the Congo Free State.

Reagan's statement turned public opinion against the proposition almost overnight.

difference of opinion

Argumentative means there is a difference of opinion about these Hadith.

Scholars have difference of opinion whether talismans using the Quran is permissible or not.

For his part, Nasution denied criticising the government, preferring to call it a "difference of opinion".

legal opinion

A legal opinion is not a guarantee that a court will reach any particular result.

Where the opinion is given by a foreign lawyer or foreign law firm it is usually referred to as a 'foreign legal opinion'.

When the subject company is from a foreign jurisdiction, the opinion will often be referred to as a foreign legal opinion.

expressed the opinion

He also expressed the opinion that "Time is Garner's most consistent theme".

Timeform expressed the opinion that Wince was unlikely to stay beyond seven furlongs.

Some have expressed the opinion that the language is an important part of Cornish identity, culture and heritage.

political opinion

Fujiwara was grouped with Tarō Yamamoto, another TV celebrity who recently broke Japanese custom by voicing political opinion.

Poets such as badr Shakir al sayyab expresses his political opinion in his work through imagery inspired by the forms of more harsher imagery used in the Quran.

Amongst the human rights issues that are frequently under the spotlight are LGBT rights, the right to consensual sex outside of marriage, individual freedom of speech and political opinion.

own opinion   (kendi fikri)

Stalin went on to ask him for his own opinion of Mandelstam.

He also expresses and analyzes his own opinion and chronicles some historic events.

Kennedy was deliberately absent from the meetings, so as to avoid pressing his own opinion.

expert opinion   (uzman görüşü)

It has also supported the creation of several algorithms based on expert opinion.

This kind of expert opinion will be protected from discovery by the opposing party.

Gardner and Doyle sought a second expert opinion from the photographic company Kodak.

personal opinion

Adjusts to situations where the good of her group surpasses her own personal opinion.

My personal opinion with that stuff is you just have to be true to the character and the story you choose to tell."

At present one has to be content with a grouping which is the more probably correct classification according to one's personal opinion.

opinion leaders

One of the main opinion leaders in Russia, Sadovnichiy has significant political and social influence.

Lastly, Faceu group has elicited users emotional and resonance utilizing key opinion leaders (KOL) and acquaintances social.

Governor William MacGregor requested views from Christopher Sapara Williams, Charles Joseph George and Obadiah Johnson as indigenous opinion leaders.

low opinion

Drink critics often have a low opinion of the cocktail.

Epicurus had a low opinion of sex and marriage, regarding both as having dubious value.

Rıza held a low opinion of the old CUP faction and was open about having no respect for Sükuti.

opinion regarding

Public opinion regarding LGBT right is complex.

The subject matter in combination with the climate upon release resulted in the extremity of opinion regarding Caleb Williams.

Specifically the challenge to Malcolm Muggeridge, rector at Edinburgh University, by over his opinion regarding distributing the pill at the Student Union.

public opinion against   (aleyhine kamuoyu)

The Stokes Affair mobilized British public opinion against the Congo Free State.

Reagan's statement turned public opinion against the proposition almost overnight.

MacGahan's vivid articles from Bulgaria moved British public opinion against Turkey.

high opinion

Miller, like his critics, had a high opinion of the book.

Modern Sanskritists have a very high opinion of Ānandavardhana.

Buchner held a high opinion of pre-modern German art and had nationalistic tendencies.

public opinion polls   (kamuoyu anketleri)

She has consistently achieved high approval rates in public opinion polls.

Huntsman was leading in public opinion polls, sometimes by a double-digit margin.

In June 2017, public opinion polls of her stood at 43 percent, second only to prime minister Paolo Gentiloni.

wrote an opinion

Justice Patrick Kerwin wrote an opinion concurring with the dissent on the Court of Appeal.

In 2012, Darrah wrote an opinion article for CNN titled "Respect Sally Ride's decision not to come out."

Justice Taschereau wrote an opinion saying he could imagine that there was sufficient evidence to convict Dr. Azoulay.

no opinion   (fikir yok)

Furthermore, his personal approval rating was 31%, with 28% having an unfavourable opinion of him and 40% saying they had no opinion of him.

A YouGov poll, conducted between 27 December 2012 and 6 January 2013, found that 79% of Swedes supported same-sex marriage, 14% were opposed and 7% had no opinion.

Answering a question as to who he should marry, 21% voted Diane Chambers, 19% voted Rebecca Howe, 48% voted for Sam to remain single, and 12% had no opinion on this matter.