political opinions   (政治见解)

Voting behaviour and political opinions grow out of this partisanship.

She has been described as a "hothead" who was outspoken about her political opinions.

In his logic and set theory classes, students did not see anything of his political opinions.

different opinions   (不同意见)

"How long will you go limping with two different opinions?

There are different opinions on the best treatment of DCIS.

There are different opinions about the origin of the name "Barguna".

differing opinions   (不同意见)

The archive presents a variety of differing opinions from developers.

Christian scholars have differing opinions on the compatibility of Tolle's ideas with Christianity.

There are differing opinions as to how much, and what type, of "rubato" is appropriate for his works.

own opinions

Creators associated with the character have expressed their own opinions.

Trudeau has attracted criticism both for the comic strip and for his own opinions.

Individual journalists each have their own opinions on how powerful the Israel lobby is.

opinions regarding

In Lebanon, political parties had staunch opinions regarding the IRGC's presence.

In addition, there currently are no court opinions regarding area of origin watershed rights.

Scott's siblings have divided opinions regarding Mick Jagger's relationship with their sister.

legal opinions

Some of his legal opinions survived in manuscript.

"I pored over their legal opinions myself.

Most legal opinions are given in connection with business transactions.