political opponents   (政敵)

Deng gradually outmaneuvered his political opponents.

His political opponents were supported by the United States.

Fidel Castro quickly purged political opponents from the administration.

outscored their opponents   (相手を上回った)

They Buckeyes outscored their opponents 135–35.

They outscored their opponents 419–231 for the 1967 season.

They outscored their opponents 382–187 for the 1970 season.

outscored opponents   (スコアの高い対戦相手)

The Buckeyes also outscored opponents 287–79 during the season.

The team compiled a 9–3 record and outscored opponents 232 to 76.

The Buckeyes compiled a 7–2 record and outscored opponents 194–71.

all opponents

He says he will manipulate all opponents and become the winner of this edition.

15 in the final AP Poll, and outscored all opponents by a combined total of 387 to 181.

While in power, Whigs frequently referred to all opponents as "Jacobites" or dupes of Jacobites.

conference opponents   (会議の相手)

Subsequently, they lost three consecutive games to ranked conference opponents.

13 New Hampshire, the Seawolves would go on to lose five in a row, all to conference opponents.

Utah State went undefeated against its conference opponents to become the final WAC conference champion.

against conference opponents   (会議の反対者に対して)

The victory was Ohio State's 17th in a row against conference opponents, setting a new conference record.

The result broke Ohio State's winning streak of 17 games against conference opponents and clinched for Iowa the conference championship and a berth in the Rose Bowl.

In its fifth year under head coach Carl Snavely, the team compiled an 8–2 record (4–1 against conference opponents), finished in second place in the conference, was ranked No.

outscored all opponents

15 in the final AP Poll, and outscored all opponents by a combined total of 387 to 181.

The team compiled a 9–1 record, outscored all opponents by a total of 292 to 65, and was ranked No.

The team compiled a 7–2–2 record, outscored all opponents by a total of 222 to 81, and was ranked No.

other opponents   (他の敵)

Ram/Mirnyi and Dlouhý/Paes had never faced their other opponents.

The Red Shirts also continued to attack white Republicans and other opponents to the Democrats.

With other opponents of this takeover, she became a director of a new "Labour Briefing" publication.

outscored its opponents

Tulane outscored its opponents 263–30.

Unranked at the start of the season, Syracuse finished with an 11–0 record with five shutouts, and outscored its opponents 413–73.

The 1947 team outscored its opponents 394–53 and was selected by the ESPN Big Ten College Football Encyclopedia as the best team in the history of Michigan football.

against opponents   (相手に対して)

During Leavitt's tenure, the Bulls were 7–12 against opponents ranked in the Top 25.

Niemi also played in European competition for Hearts against opponents such as Stuttgart.

The club play semi and full contact rugby league against opponents in London and throughout the UK.

supporters and opponents

The meeting was well-attended by both supporters and opponents of the Kink.com purchase.

The National Guard of Georgia also divides into supporters and opponents of Gamsakhurdia.

In the end, the newly elected council comprises a mix of both supporters and opponents of the Entertainment District.

ranked opponents

The Yellow Jackets faced five ranked opponents, defeating one (No.

In six regular starts against nationally ranked opponents, he was 5–1 with a 1.27 ERA.

USF has played many ranked opponents in their short history, earning several marquee victories.

opponents included

The bill's opponents included Liberal Harry B.

Later his opponents included Vincent Maddalone and Israel Carlos Garcia.

The opponents included Liao Yuwen, Lin Kefu, Zhu Dianren (廖毓文,林克夫,朱點人) and so on.