İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

employment opportunities   (istihdam olanakları)

; in search of better employment opportunities.

After that, the tribe provided most employment opportunities.

They are also intended to provide career and employment opportunities.

educational opportunities   (eğitim fırsatları)

However, educational opportunities to Dalits in Kerala remain limited.

The venue is open for private events, educational opportunities and cultural tourism.

Latinos have been systematically shut out of educational opportunities at all levels.

job opportunities   (iş fırsatları)

It has provided the locals with job opportunities.

These are due to open 40,023 direct job opportunities.

Unfortunately there are very few job opportunities within the village.

new opportunities   (yeni fırsatlar)

The bankrupt New Haven and New London Railroad offered new opportunities for him.

On 21 January 2016, he was released from his contract to pursue new opportunities.

Extending crowdsourcing to unfamiliar lenders and borrowers opens up new opportunities.

more opportunities   (daha fazla fırsat)

But as more opportunities to play sports opened up in Ann Arbor, interest waned.

He worked with the White House to provide more opportunities for African Americans.

Some fields (e.g., business and computer science) give professors more opportunities for outside work.

economic opportunities

It is important to strike a balance between education and economic opportunities.

Others were looking for jobs or economic opportunities offered in the United States.

This opened up the North Coast and the Bulkley Valley region to new economic opportunities.

business opportunities   (iş fırsatları)

The aim was to promote business opportunities for Finnish companies.

They move to Ecuador for business opportunities and as cheaper place for retirement.

The Europeans soon flooded the Ethiopian economy looking for business opportunities.

many opportunities   (birçok fırsat)

Teesdale and Weardale offer many opportunities for outdoor leisure.

There are many opportunities for entrepreneurs to start a barter exchange.

There are many opportunities for bias in trial design and trial reporting.

provide opportunities   (Fırsatlar sunmak)

These disciplines provide opportunities for students to develop clinical skills.

Conservatory partnerships provide opportunities to expose students to the workplace.

Meeting people and creating connections provide opportunities in the future when searching for jobs.

other opportunities   (diğer fırsatlar)

He also pursued other opportunities until he finally found his niche.

Mitch left for other opportunities in June 2006 and James shifted to mornings.

He steadfastly sought out political representation and other opportunities for African Americans.

recreational opportunities

The park has several different recreational opportunities.

Urban open space is often appreciated for the recreational opportunities it provides.

The center provides a number of recreational opportunities, including tennis and swimming.

learning opportunities   (öğrenme fırsatları)

On education, UNICEF is committed to giving girls and boys equal learning opportunities.

The use of computers in the elementary and middle school classrooms provides enhanced learning opportunities for students.

The program provides lectures as well as hands on learning opportunities and can be tailored to suit the participants previous experience.

opportunities for students

These disciplines provide opportunities for students to develop clinical skills.

The Soros Foundation provides many opportunities for students from central Asia and eastern Europe.

Mrs. Phelps was very active in helping to find employment opportunities for students who were interested.

equal opportunities   (eşit fırsatlar)

Islam offered them equal opportunities and advancement within the Ottoman Empire.

Hartinger-Klein alleged gender discrimination and complained to the relevant equal opportunities committee.

Mónika's role was to lead the conversations by giving equal opportunities to her guests for answering her questions.

provides opportunities

This provides opportunities for animal husbandry.

The area provides opportunities for hiking and hunting.

The park provides opportunities for mountaineering and camping.

opportunities for women

This would begin a movement toward opportunities for women to have successful solo careers.

She primarily fought for education opportunities for women in the colony, and not only for the Dutch women.

It focused on the misuse of traditional, cultural, and religious dogmas that hinder opportunities for women.

career opportunities

There are two possibilities that influence a partner's career opportunities.

She traveled and spoke extensively to women about employment rights, wages, and career opportunities.

Their small-scale foundry flourished for almost 50 years, and provided career opportunities for minorities.

investment opportunities

Therefore, they need highly liquid assets which reduces their investment opportunities.

Romney discovered few investment opportunities himself (and those that he did, often failed to make money for the firm).

TFBSO invited several major international corporations to Iraq to understand potential investment opportunities in the country.

training opportunities

Initially, the CUDTC provided professional training opportunities only for elementary school teachers.

Royal Rangers has a variety of different training opportunities for boys, or Junior Leaders, and adult leaders.

Students must be provided with training opportunities (if needed) on each tool that is used throughout the program.

team opportunities   (takım fırsatları)

However, Craddock's first team opportunities was soon limited, due to injuries.

First team opportunities were limited for him at Aberdeen, and he left in 1992.

With lack of first team opportunities at the club, he was expected to be loaned out.

first team opportunities   (ilk takım fırsatları)

However, Craddock's first team opportunities was soon limited, due to injuries.

With lack of first team opportunities at the club, he was expected to be loaned out.

In May 2002, Todd left for Blackburn, but found first team opportunities hard to come by.

education opportunities

Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi provides higher education opportunities.

The report also criticised the lack of work and education opportunities at the jail for inmates.

However, at most, the inmates will usually only attend these "education opportunities" once a week.

development opportunities   (gelişim fırsatları)

Aldeburgh Residencies was launched in 2003 to offer bespoke development opportunities to established artists.

Teachers should attend professional development opportunities and be trained in teaching and working with minority students.

Students The HKAGE endeavours to secure appropriate learning and development opportunities for gifted students aged 10 to 18 in Hong Kong.

better opportunities

Over the years, several thousands Hondurans have immigrated to Spain seeking better opportunities.

As any growing city Dar es Salaam is the city in Tanzania to which villagers flock for better opportunities.

Since independence, many Spanish migrants immigrated to Costa Rica seeking better opportunities in the nation.

few opportunities

Having very few opportunities to read, she started to write her own stories.

There are few opportunities to watch foreign movies in their original versions.

During the tour, Tallon had few opportunities with the bat, generally batting between No.

opportunities available   (mevcut fırsatlar)

There are many opportunities available for Slovak students and scholars within the United States.

The AYF has a number of summer opportunities available to membership and Armenian youth in general.

Parkmont moved to Washington, D.C. in 1977 to take better advantage of the educational opportunities available in the city.

networking opportunities

The program offers resume reviews, interview training, and networking opportunities.

GET provides professional and social networking opportunities to undergraduates and alumni.

This program is designed for freelancers and provides skill training and networking opportunities.

providing opportunities

Part of the effect of environmental enrichment is providing opportunities to acquire motor skills.

Sigma founded JUMPCUT, a charity dedicated to providing opportunities in the screen industries to young people.

The Friends of Mill Creek is committed to providing opportunities for sustainable education and community engagement.

several opportunities

Students have several opportunities to pass the exam.

After "Jagadam", Ramesh found several opportunities and acted in around 10 Telugu films.

limited opportunities

But he excelled in limited opportunities with the Braves, with a .348 batting average (8-for-23) in 15 games.

Around the turn of the century, Creighton moved to Birmingham, Alabama, in the face of a severe drought that limited opportunities.

Prior to the founding of the Academy, there were limited opportunities for women to receive professional art training in the United States.

research opportunities

In this program, students can pursue research opportunities in biomedical and/or clinical studies.

Parkinson disease researchers request the WPDR notify its members of potential research opportunities.

Undergraduate students have the opportunity to participate in many research opportunities in a small university setting.

work opportunities   (iş fırsatları)

After that, Wilson moved to Boston, hoping for more work opportunities.

Growing work opportunities attracted many blacks from rural areas to the city.

Some Nicaraguans migrate for seasonal work opportunities and then return to their country.

opportunities for all

The film showcases their resilience and makes the case for greater employment opportunities for all.

The program goal is to give opportunities for all team members to be "motivated, encouraged, and challenged".

He said, "our schools [curriculum] should aim to provide opportunities for all pupils to learn and to achieve."

offers opportunities

Each archipelago offers opportunities for divers.

The lake offers opportunities for boating, camping, fishing, and swimming.

This offers opportunities for innovation, enhance goal commitment and motivation.

create opportunities

The anchors obstruct the opponent's checkers and create opportunities to hit them as they move home.

It was founded to provide a means to encourage one another professionally and create opportunities to sell their works of art.

Economists have shown that highly skilled workers increase local productivity and create opportunities for the other workers too".

lack of opportunities   (fırsat eksikliği)

However, due to the lack of opportunities in the middle of 2007, Estévez abandoned the club, and became a Free agent.

He then joined Swindon Town a few weeks later until the end of the season but was recalled after lack of opportunities at Swindon.

In May 2012, claiming lack of opportunities, Mithyuê decided to switch back to futsal and is looking for a friendly termination of his contract with Grêmio.

challenges and opportunities

It was imperative to address constructively the new challenges and opportunities which these changes created.

The Organization also wants to take into account the new challenges and opportunities of the media environment.

The forum was a series of panel discussions which aimed to debate the challenges and opportunities for women in building creative and prosperous lives, families and communities.

opportunities for young

The early Khrushchev era offered good opportunities for young film directors.

Her mother focused on the power of sport for women and how it can open up new opportunities for young girls.

Freedom School also presents opportunities for young people to meet with and hold discussions with community and national leaders.

provided opportunities

This school provided opportunities for numerous young women who needed gainful work.

This divergence between American English and British English has provided opportunities for humorous comment: e.g.

On 29 September 1946, the BBC began transmitting the "Third Programme", a high-culture network which provided opportunities for Thomas.