İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

opposition parties   (muhalefet partileri)

Most opposition parties chose to boycott these elections.

The main issue for the opposition parties was electoral reform.

Like many other opposition parties, the MGCC boycotted the election.

opposition party   (muhalefet partisi)

Since then, DC has been as an opposition party.

ANO 2011 was the strongest opposition party.

His party was the main opposition party in the parliament.

strong opposition   (güçlü muhalefet)

Al Smith stood in strong opposition to forces of intolerance.

However, strong opposition to the building of this monument arose.

However, this committee has faced strong opposition from the Assad regime.

without opposition   (muhalefet olmadan)

Slosberg was re-elected without opposition in 2004.

He was reelected without opposition in 1892 and 1898.

and was re-elected without opposition in 2007.

opposition leader   (muhalefet lideri)

She was the first female opposition leader in the province's history.

Prince Akram was an activist in the civil rights movement and an opposition leader.

He supported opposition leader Levon Ter-Petrosyan in the 2008 Armenian presidential election.

main opposition   (ana muhalefet)

His party was the main opposition party in the parliament.

The main opposition again came from Roy Wilkins of the national NAACP office.

The Monarchist Party's main opposition was a group backed by the fraternities.

political opposition

This plan was met with political opposition.

There was also political opposition.

Støre was specifically criticized for this by the political opposition.

opposition groups

He was fighting with opposition groups in Aleppo's countryside.

Many of the opposition groups began competing for influence in the ensuing power vacuum.

The State Department had then reportedly allocated $15 million for civilian opposition groups in Syria.

opposition leaders   (muhalefet liderleri)

Some opposition leaders asserted that they had no effective access to official media.

Demonstrations against the government have been dispersed with force, and opposition leaders have been detained.

The opposition parties won a total of 53 seats, and opposition leaders denounced the official results as fraudulent.

provided the opposition

Kilkenny provided the opposition on that occasion.

Laois provided the opposition on that occasion.

St. Rynagh's provided the opposition on that occasion.

local opposition

Strong local opposition may have also been a factor.

It was shelved in the face of strong local opposition.

He was installed as bishop in the face of local opposition.

official opposition   (resmi muhalefet)

The Liberal Party formed the official opposition.

In 1922, Labour became the official opposition.

The Liberal Party led by David Steuart formed the official opposition.

opposition against   (karşı çıkmak)

Buckingham then joins the opposition against Richard's rule.

Henry II von Plauen had fallen into disgrace with him for his open opposition against nobility.

The other, more serious, was the increasing opposition against Byrnes from labor, in particular Hillman.

no opposition

Mazzei faced no opposition in his 2008 election bid.

Weiland faced no opposition in the Democratic primary.

He faced no opposition in the 2008 election.

public opposition   (halk muhalefeti)

The measure was met with strong public opposition and did not pass.

Johnson's plan was never implemented due to public opposition and a lack of funds.

It galvanised many of his supporters and built up public opposition to the Munich Agreement.

opposition forces   (muhalif güçler)

on 10 December, the base was taken by opposition forces.

The battle was seen as a strategic victory for opposition forces.

Martyrdom videos seek to humiliate and demoralize opposition forces.

faced opposition

The proposal has faced opposition from local residents.

He faced opposition and withdrew from church life more and more.

Throughout this time, Musa faced opposition from within his family.

elected without opposition

In the general election, he was elected without opposition.

Senate officers and a Regent of USNY were elected without opposition.

He was elected without opposition both in the primary and the general election.

other opposition   (diğer muhalefet)

Like many other opposition parties, the MGCC boycotted the election.

The party, along with other opposition political parties, was finally banned in 1936.

During the 1975–1977 Emergency, he was jailed for 19 months alongside other opposition political leaders.

despite opposition   (muhalefete rağmen)

The Woolfs nevertheless took up publishing her books, despite opposition from John Lehmann.

When an ordinary free man accepted Islam, despite opposition, he would enjoy the protection of his tribe.

Kibaki was declared the winner and sworn in on 30 December, despite opposition leader Raila Odinga's claims of victory.

opposition group   (muhalefet grubu)

Wa'ad is allied with Al Wefaq opposition group.

The Confessing Church was, in 1934, the first Christian opposition group.

The Liberal Democrats remained the largest opposition group with eight seats.

main opposition party   (ana muhalefet partisi)

His party was the main opposition party in the parliament.

The SDP, the main opposition party, also won 4 seats in the parliament, with 18.71% of the popular vote.

In June 2019, Cameroonian authorities arrested at least 350 members of Cameroon's main opposition party.

opposition candidate   (muhalefet adayı)

Wade was ultimately defeated by opposition candidate Macky Sall.

There also were reports of mistreatment of an opposition candidate.

The opposition candidate in the 1948 elections was Otilio Ulate Blanco.

met with opposition

This idea immediately met with opposition.

The move was met with opposition from some Republican lawmakers.

Plans to discontinue this service originating in the USA in 2007 met with opposition.

due to opposition   (muhalefet nedeniyle)

The 1934 plan was not implemented due to opposition from the local communities.

The change of flag was postponed until the end of the winter season due to opposition from the Seamen's Union.

The second round of talks occurred around 25 November, but was not successful due to opposition from the Assad regime.

fierce opposition   (şiddetli muhalefet)

It received fierce opposition from conservative groups.

The entire merger was met with fierce opposition by the supporters of Kissamikos.

The Calderónist government of Picado faced fierce opposition during that tense decade.

opposition politicians   (muhalefet politikacıları)

It encountered opposition from farmers, farming lobby groups and opposition politicians.

Georgian opposition politicians said that the incident needs to be thorough investigated.

Meanwhile, a number of opposition politicians accused the ruling Smer-SD party of indirect involvement.

little opposition   (küçük muhalefet)

Meanwhile, Suchet's main attack rolled up Blake's left with very little opposition.

Edmund came to the throne upon the death of his half-brother in 939, apparently with little opposition.

There was little opposition to the demolition of most of the block, which included the Old Ebbitt Grill site.

much opposition

Aldrich's bill met much opposition from politicians.

He won the 2015 general election without much opposition.

Vytautas took several thousand captives without much opposition.

expressed opposition

He now expressed opposition to General Boulanger.

He opined that women are deficient in artistic faculties and sense of justice, and expressed opposition to monogamy.

The article also argued against the significance of race and expressed opposition to the Nazi theory of the master race.

significant opposition   (önemli muhalefet)

This has faced significant opposition from existing authorities.

While there, he pushed through reforms despite significant opposition from unions.

By 1943, a significant opposition to the code had begun to develop inside and outside the Legislature.

same opposition

Several works of the time contained the same opposition.

His final appearance came in 1923 against the same opposition.

He scored his maiden century for Norfolk two seasons later against the same opposition.

opposition movement

In 1989, Rößler joined the opposition movement Democratic Awakening.

The second form of opposition movement was more strictly political in character.

Many cultural figures had already declared solidarity with the opposition movement.

opposition between

Ferroul played on the secular opposition between North and South in calling on the crowd to stand united.

In his opinion, there is no opposition between two "superpowers", but there are three levels of conflict: local, regional and global.

Romanization systems use one of two arbitrary ways to represent the Chinese phonemic opposition between aspirated and unaspirated consonants.

considerable opposition

Barton, Irlam and Higginson meet with considerable opposition in the Liverpool District Court of Bankruptcy.

Despite considerable opposition in the state of Virginia, Hazel and others eventually prevailed in acquiring a law school for George Mason.

In a 47-nation June 2007 survey of global public opinion, the Pew Global Attitudes Project found considerable opposition to NATO operations.

opposition political

The party, along with other opposition political parties, was finally banned in 1936.

During the 1975–1977 Emergency, he was jailed for 19 months alongside other opposition political leaders.

Popular Unity (Montenegro) Popular Unity (Montenegrin and ) was an opposition political alliance in Montenegro.

providing the opposition

Offaly later reached the All-Ireland decider with Galway providing the opposition.

Limerick later qualified for the All-Ireland final with Galway providing the opposition.

Nealon later lined out in his first All-Ireland final with Galway providing the opposition.

opposition candidates   (muhalefet adayları)

The video have been negatively commented by opposition candidates.

Various campaigners for opposition candidates, as well as many within the Labour Party, made homophobic comments about Tatchell.

Three Non-Constituency Members of Parliament (NCMP) seats were offered after the election to the top three losing opposition candidates.

all opposition

This time, all opposition parties voted in favor of the motion, and it carried 255 to 220.

Following the 2007 season, Floreat Athena dominated almost all opposition but failed to bring home the trophies.

With all opposition parties suppressed by November 1962, Dacko declared MESAN as the official party of the state.

opposition coalition   (muhalefet koalisyonu)

The opposition coalition indicated it would not participate in elections until its demands were met.

It joined a new opposition coalition, the Alliance for the Republic and Democracy (ARD), in October 2007.

The opposition coalition had called the election a "farce" and had called for the boycott of the election.

largest opposition

The Liberal Democrats remained the largest opposition group with eight seats.

The Labour Party remained the largest opposition group, with their seats increased to nine.

The UMBC in due time, became the Third largest opposition party in the Northern Nigeria Assembly.

opposition members   (muhalefet üyeleri)

During this time, it never faced more than nine opposition members.

Unlike in 2010, authorities did not restrict international travel of some opposition members in 2011.

Violence can both eliminate political opposition directly by killing opposition members, or indirectly by instilling fear.

major opposition   (büyük muhalefet)

UNITA gave up its armed wing and assumed the role of a major opposition party.

Notably the election was boycotted by the major opposition parties, who demanded the lifting of martial law.

The major opposition party Mizo National Front (MNF) barely won five seats, while Mizoram People's Conference (MPC) won just one seat.

despite the opposition   (muhalefete rağmen)

He entered despite the opposition of his father and after several vain attempts he relented.

Even though she shunned her suitors and studied earnestly, she accepted Angelito despite the opposition of the family.

He then decided to take early retirement, receiving a pension from the union despite the opposition of its new leadership.

direct opposition

They are in direct opposition to a group called the "Shadow Council" seemingly led by Nick Fury.

A key part of Nietzsche's thesis is that "happiness and instinct are one," but reason stands in direct opposition to instinct.

The first six archdemons are produced by Ahriman in direct opposition to the holy immortals created by Ahura Mazda the principle of good.

opposition figures   (muhalefet figürleri)

Many of the Anti-Communist opposition figures spent jail time or disappeared forever into this prison.

It is known that Nyrabia worked closely with renowned Syrian opposition figures and activists, such as Riad Seif and Razan Zaitouneh.

Under his aegis the special branch of the Federal Police was created, implementing a policy of systematic torture of opposition figures.

stiff opposition   (sert muhalefet)

Fortunately, the plan to mine the seam was scotched, thanks to stiff opposition from locals.

The Japanese met with stiff opposition, however, when they first attacked Horn Island on 14 March.

Facing stiff opposition to this policy within the Likud, in November 2005 he left Likud to form a new party, Kadima.

serious opposition

This second petition met with serious opposition in the Senate.

She has been re-elected seventeen times, never facing serious opposition.

Cobbett attacks only until he meets serious opposition, and then runs away, like a bullying schoolboy.

opposition activists

In March 2011, the BBC quoted an estimate of 30,000 political prisoners by "opposition activists".

Soon, the initiative grew into a mass campaign widely supported by students and opposition activists.

According to opposition activists and rebels, the military then started raiding homes, killing 50 people.

armed opposition   (silahlı muhalefet)

Having disposed of the armed opposition, the French subjected the unfortunate town to a brutal sack.

However, they were not to include anti-aircraft weapons, something repeatedly requested by the armed opposition.

Déby faces armed opposition from groups who are deeply divided by leadership clashes but united in their intention to overthrow him.

opposition within   (içinde muhalefet)

While Netanyahu faced opposition within his cabinet, additional withdrawals were delayed.

Despite conservative opposition within the German army, indirect fire was adopted as doctrine by the 1890s.

Finding such stiff opposition within the House, the administration arranged for the bill to be taken up in the Senate.

led the opposition

He led the opposition inside the francoist government against the Fraga's Press Law.

Kilman and Ham Lini led the opposition to the Serge Vohor government when it took office in July 2004.

State Senator Glenn Grothman, who voted in favor of the program in 1998, led the opposition to the new initiative.

joined the opposition

After the Nazis gained power in 1933 Nuschke joined the opposition.

In 1989, Rößler joined the opposition movement Democratic Awakening.

In 1988, he returned to Cambodia and joined the opposition Sam Rainsy Party.

largest opposition party

The UMBC in due time, became the Third largest opposition party in the Northern Nigeria Assembly.

Among them is Birtukan Midekssa, the leader of Unity for Democracy and Justice, the largest opposition party.

The HDZ returned to power in the 2003 parliamentary election, while the SDP remained the largest opposition party.

community opposition   (topluluk muhalefeti)

There was much community opposition to this proposal.

Development of the rail yard site generated considerable community opposition.

The highway was ultimately canceled due to environmental and community opposition.

parliamentary opposition

From this point onwards the measure ran into parliamentary opposition, manifested in the House of Commons.

Hambro's actions were defended by the Norwegian parliamentary opposition, including the Conservative Party.

In turn, ERC regained much of the strength it had loss in the 2010 election and became the main parliamentary opposition party for the first time.