İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

ordered to pay   (ödeme emri)

Beutel was ordered to pay Ross $7500 in damages.

The Slovak Government was ordered to pay V.C.

Tomasetti was eventually ordered to pay the unpaid taxes.

then ordered   (sonra sipariş verdi)

The FBI then ordered the end of Pistone's operation.

I then ordered him to march in front of me ...

Vrioni then ordered that Diakos be impaled.

ordered all   (hepsini sipariş et)

Rather Mujib ordered all the high ups to flee to India.

The emperor ordered all babies born on that date killed.

De la Gardie ordered all his artillery to be thrown into the water.

ordered the construction   (inşaatı emretti)

He ordered the construction of the Badshahi Mosque in Lahore.

Berwick first ordered the construction of a line of circumvallation.

He ordered the construction of the large Taynal Mosque in Tripoli in 1336.

court ordered   (mahkeme emri)

The court ordered the company to cease operations.

As such, the court ordered on 20 December 2006 that Thomas be retried.

The court ordered that he be committed indefinitely to a psychiatric hospital.

ordered back   (geri sipariş)

The unit was ordered back to Philadelphia and disbanded.

She was ordered back to Key West, arriving there on 13 July.

On the 20th, "Saugatuck" was detached from TU 16.7.5 and ordered back to the Marshalls.

government ordered   (hükümet emri verdi)

The Spanish government ordered its destruction.

In the FY1953, the Japanese government ordered three destroyer escorts, and this class.

In 1949, the government ordered that races take place no more than once a week in Bangkok.

ordered his men

Quintus Fulvius ordered his men to hold their ground.

In the fort, General Gaines ordered his men to stand to.

Constantine ordered his men to set fire to its gates and scale its walls.

ordered to return   (geri emredildi)

They agree to the terms and are ordered to return the stolen items.

She remained inactive until on 8 May 1918, when she was ordered to return to Sault Ste.

At 06:35 on 16 December, the destroyers and three light cruisers were ordered to return to Germany.

immediately ordered

He immediately ordered a review of all ongoing strategic programs.

</poem> She immediately ordered the treasurer pay Spenser the original £100.

This angered Constantius so greatly that he immediately ordered Gallus' execution.

ordered to leave   (ayrılmak emredildi)

60,000 and ordered to leave the palace and the fort.

Sando was ordered to leave the country within 24 hours.

ordered to take

There, they were ordered to take up a defensive position.

The fight was ordered to take place before the end of 2016.

He was ordered to take Fuenterrabia.

judge ordered   (hakim emretti)

The local judge ordered him hanged and dissected.

The judge ordered a psychological evaluation for Sykes.

A judge ordered the restraining order dropped on August 14, 2019.

ordered set

Let "X" be a simply ordered set endowed with the order topology.

The cofinality of any totally ordered set is regular, so one has cf(κ) = cf(cf(κ)).

Convexity can be extended for a totally ordered set endowed with the order topology.

partially ordered

The following set is partially ordered by inclusion.

Order theory is the study of partially ordered sets, both finite and infinite.

ordered to move   (taşınması emredildi)

The division was ordered to move at 13:00 hrs.

In 1813, Skinner was ordered to move his offices from Annapolis to Baltimore.

On 20 May they were ordered to move south-west to Rouen to come under 3 AA Bde.

ordered his troops

He ordered his troops to remain there.

Reynolds ordered his troops to return to Cheat Mountain breaking off the battle.

The deputy was full of fears and ordered his troops to shoot at the demonstrators.

ordered a new

He ordered a new set of investigations and trials.

In 1934 the Polish Air Force ordered a new multi-role heavy fighter-bomber.

In January 1957, Skyways ordered a new Decca type 424 radar for installation at Lympne.

originally ordered

Eurotunnel originally ordered six HGV shuttle rakes.

Canada originally ordered the construction of 33 frigates in October 1941.

Adams had originally ordered ten locomotives from each manufacturer in 1884.

ordered that all

"OHL" ordered that all strikers fit to bear arms' be sent to the front".

Magistrates ordered that all of the assets belonging to the Amati family would be frozen to prevent payment.

The federal government ordered that all timber which was removed from Canadian forests was to be processed in Canada.

ordered the arrest   (tutuklama emri)

It may, or may not be that President Lincoln ordered the arrest of Stone.

The Governor, Robert Quary, investigated and ordered the arrest of Cardross.

On his return to Ravenna, Honorius ordered the arrest and execution of Stilicho.

ordered the execution   (infaz emri verdi)

Mehmed ordered the execution of nineteen of his own brothers and half brothers.

Al-Ashraf Khalil ordered the execution of the remaining defenders and inhabitants.

In 1981, Hoxha ordered the execution of several party and government officials in a new purge.

ordered to attack

Some local Kurdish tribes were armed and ordered to attack the Armenians.

Groups of Đại Việt infantry were ordered to attack the Mongols in Vạn Kiếp.

They are ordered to attack and then retreat to draw away a German reserve force.

ordered to report   (rapor etmek emredildi)

At that time, he was ordered to report to VF-24, deployed aboard the USS Nimitz (CVN 68).

White was removed from his classroom and ordered to report to Army quarters at Watsons Bay.

On 1 August, they were ordered to report to Washington, DC and from there to Baltimore, Maryland.

subsequently ordered

The government subsequently ordered an additional 4 MTBs.

Leigh was subsequently ordered to , part of the South Atlantic Squadron.

He was subsequently ordered to Okinawa, Japan and appointed commanding officer of 4th Marine Regiment.

ordered not

She is ordered not to touch the baby of a white supremacist couple.

He was also ordered not to consume alcohol as a condition of his probation.

That day Gallieni was ordered not to communicate directly with the government.

ordered alphabetically   (alfabetik olarak sıralandı)

List of convertible tablet computer brands Brands are ordered alphabetically.

The stars are ordered alphabetically by surname, and all names are shown as they appear on the stars.

Anagram dictionary In the main type of anagram dictionary, the letters in words or phrases are rearranged in alphabetical order, and these transpositions are themselves then ordered alphabetically within word-length groups, so that any words consisting of this group of letters can be found.

ships were ordered

A further ten ships were ordered in June 2011.

A total of 14 ships were ordered from Vosper Ltd in the 1970s.

Two prototype ships were ordered in 1981, with the first ship, "Rushcutter", commissioned in November 1986.

ordered to withdraw

Later the brigade was ordered to withdraw towards Hazebrouck.

1/7th Battalion's position on the right was quite untenable and the brigade was ordered to withdraw.

After artillery began falling on the positions of the Nelson Battalion, they were ordered to withdraw.

later ordered

The Court of Appeals for the First Circuit later ordered a retrial.

The coroner's jury were later ordered to find that the cause of death was unknown.

The Army later ordered over 400 improved non-recoverable Model 1102 variants of the AQM-37A.

ordered the destruction

During his reign, Aurangzeb ordered the destruction of many temples and some mosques.

Trump later acknowledged he had personally ordered the destruction of the sculptures and grille.

Petty Officer Williams ordered the destruction of the sampan and the extraction of all his units.

ordered a retreat

He ordered a retreat from the Munda area on 3 August.

On September 15, after the initial attack, Richardson realized he was out-manned, and ordered a retreat.

Hazael ordered a retreat to the walled part of Damascus while the Assyrians plundered the remainder of the kingdom.

not ordered

It was not ordered to series.

The death was ruled a suicide and an autopsy was not ordered by the justice of the peace.

ordered to join   (katılmak için emredildi)

Trenchard was then ordered to join the search for the Confederate cruisers and .

His policy was rejected and his party was ordered to join Russian Communist Party.

On May 13 he was ordered to join General Edward Winslow Hincks' division in City Point, Virginia.

partially ordered set

More generally, Chomp can be played on any partially ordered set with a least element.

Hausdorff's general products and powers of cardinalities had led him to the concept of partially ordered set.

The order complex of a partially ordered set consists of the chains (totally ordered subsets) of the partial order.

king ordered

The king ordered that the book be shredded and burnt in 1660.

The king ordered that the house where the crime was committed was destroyed.

Then the king ordered him to find the ring his oldest daughter had lost in the sea.

initially ordered

Each E1 was initially ordered for and assigned to a particular train.

The list is initially ordered by the number of appearances, then by goals scored.

To equip the new force the colonial government initially ordered two gunboats and a torpedo boat.

regiment was ordered

The regiment was ordered to mobilise on 31 August 1939.

On 30 November, the hussar regiment was ordered to combat duty in the Eastern Front.

Replenished to a full strength of 400, on March 23 the regiment was ordered to capture the settlement of Novo-Miropol'.

ship was ordered

Part of the 1651 Naval Programme, the ship was ordered on 27 February 1652.

The ship was ordered in August 1941 under the Rapid Naval Armaments Supplement Programme.

The ship was ordered on 30 May 1809 and contracted out to Mrs. Frances Bernard at Deptford.

ordered another   (başka sipariş)

Finding it a tasty dish, they ordered another one.

The WBA ordered another purse bid to take place on February 23.

In 1996, the DoD ordered another 80 aircraft for a total of 120.

when ordered   (sipariş edildiğinde)

It integrated in 1964 when ordered to do so by the board of regents.

They remained here until 24 December 1864, when ordered to Champlain, New York due to "trouble being feared on the Canadian border".

The American pre-order bonus was a limited edition plush chicken that was included with the game when ordered from participating retailers.

ordered by date

References are ordered by date of publication: SAT Game - try solving a Boolean satisfiability problem yourself A SAT problem is often described in the DIMACS-CNF format: an input file in which each line represents a single disjunction.

authorities ordered   (yetkililer sipariş etti)

Prussian authorities ordered the demolition of the Czarne castle.

The British authorities ordered him to renounce it immediately, but he refused.

These allegations have not been verified yet but in March 2016 Guinean authorities ordered an investigation into the matter.

ordered to proceed

"Themis" was ordered to proceed to Australia via the Cape route, arriving at Durban on November 8.

Three days later, the sloop-of-war was ordered to proceed some 150 miles up the coast to blockade Tuxpan.

In the summer of 1850, when tension in Europe began to subside, "St. Lawrence" was ordered to proceed once more to the Baltic for a short cruise before returning home.

ordered an investigation   (soruşturma emretti)

The President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari, has ordered an investigation into the arrest.

The emperor agreed, and ordered an investigation be made by officials, and to have the matter resolved.

It ordered an investigation, which resulted in Hebecker being charged for "unauthorised issue of banknotes".

ordered the creation

Queen ordered the creation of the walking paths through the park and the forest on the hill above the villa.

He ordered the creation of the X Corps, which contained all armoured divisions, to fight alongside his XXX Corps, which was all infantry divisions.

On 15 July 1759, Frederick ordered the creation of a squadron of volunteer hussars to be attached to the 1st Regiment of Hussars (von Kleist's Own).

ordered an attack

He ordered an attack with rockets which acted as makeshift incendiary devices.

King Zhaoxiang then ordered an attack on Zhao in late 259 BC, laying siege to Handan.

As early as 82, or possibly 83, he went to Gaul, ostensibly to conduct a census, and suddenly ordered an attack on the Chatti.

ordered a general   (general emretti)

In response, Stilwell ordered a general retreat to India.

Augustus, also alarmed, ordered a general levy, and recalled veterans.

Jelačić ordered a general attack against the Hungarians from all directions.