received orders

On 2 May, they received orders to capture Salzburg.

Instead, they received orders by radio to travel to the next target Naik.

Bjørn West received orders from London on May 2 to avoid further clashes.

religious orders

New religious orders were a fundamental part of this trend.

This discipline is common to religious orders and congregations.

Members of religious orders were still being deported or jailed.

orders of magnitude   (桁の大きさ)

In horticultural settings batches can be orders of magnitude greater.

Auger recombination occurs orders of magnitude faster than the radiative recombination.

Recombination rates exceed those of uninduced cultures by up to three orders of magnitude.

holy orders   (聖なる命令)

Afterwards, he moved to Madrid and took holy orders in 1589.

He did not receive holy orders until 1615, due to his young age.

He then read divinity with a view to his entrance into holy orders.

issued orders

Well, I then issued orders at that meeting, "Go clean up the spacecraft.

The police issued orders to all the leaders who attended this Bombay session.

Government has issued orders to take apt measures to conserve the Panamaram Heronry.

gave orders

Willigis immediately gave orders for reconstruction.

Shaw then gave orders for Roach to kill Taylor.

Tott gave orders to his cavalry to engage the Russians.

court orders   (裁判所命令)

The government generally respected court orders.

Specific performance occurs when a court orders a party to perform a specific act.

Such action should be taken firmly without waiting for formal court orders, he ruled.

military orders

It was the start of the military orders in Aragon.

The military orders were full of propaganda.

The soundtrack contains only bird noises and brief military orders.

following orders

The following orders have been made under this section:

The rejection of his defense that he was just following orders set a precedent for the Nuremberg trials.

Howe and Henry Clinton both stated that they were unwilling participants and were only following orders.

various orders

He was introduced into various orders of chivalry.

His kites had specific markings directing his fleet to perform various orders.

Taxa have a widespread distribution, and are parasitic to various orders of insects.

new orders

With the end of the fighting on 15 August 1945 came new orders.

Messengers were then sent to all units informing them of the new orders.

Butt's new orders required him to stop in Hawaii with his cargo of 500 mules.

other orders   (他の注文)

It is not known what other orders are possible.

All other orders of dress retain the All-Arms Commando badge.

Other taxa now included here were placed in various other orders.

executive orders   (大統領令)

They are similar to US standing executive orders.

He issued two executive orders on July 26, 1948: Executive Order 9980 and Executive Order 9981.

During his presidency, Roosevelt issued nearly 10 times more executive orders than his predecessor.

direct orders

Potemkin was given direct orders from Catherine the Great.

Believing that McCoy is taking direct orders from Johnson, Gene blames G.B.

As the Army took direct orders from Emperor Ling, its authority exceeded that of He Jin.

given orders

We were given orders to shoot."

On 31 August 1939 Wick was given orders to transfer to "Jagdgeschwader Richthofen Nr.

German armies given orders to take Azerbaijani oil were identified with the letter "A".

further orders

The continued delays caused the loss of further orders.

John Damon] is directed to take command till further orders."

In 2007 and 2008 further orders followed from the ODEG, the HzL and Rhenus Veniro.

then orders

She then orders gangster Ahn Oh-joo to cover it up.

Elijah then orders the deaths of the priests of Baal.

The boss then orders them to get to work.

standing orders

Naval operations were governed by standing orders issued to all the ships.

On his eventual arrival, he set about drafting standing orders regarding how the squadron was to operate.

When he spots Abbott's parachute, Saville deliberately crash-lands his aircraft nearby, disobeying standing orders.

several orders

Skyrmions operate at current densities that are several orders of magnitude weaker than conventional magnetic devices.

On the other hand, it can solve problem sizes that are several orders of magnitude beyond the scope of a depth-first search.

Some of the levels were still undergoing final approval, with several orders placed within an hour of a plan being finalized.

monastic orders

There are various Tibetan Buddhist schools or monastic orders.

It was used by several monastic orders, the first of which were the Benedictines.

The different monastic orders also developed somewhat different stylistic characters.

orders not

Crum was under orders not to allow his aircraft to fall into German hands.

Soon after, Washington entered the city with 500 men, with explicit orders not to plunder the city.

Terazawa positioned guards all around the hill, with strict orders not to allow anyone near the crosses.

all orders

To date all orders have been for Australian operators.

He had Khilafat(Ijazah) of all orders from both his father and grandfather.

A system which is strong "k"-mixing for all "k" = 2,3,4... is called mixing of all orders.

minor orders

Landi took minor orders in 1599 and began studying at the Seminario Romano in 1602.

With his parents' consent he was tonsured, received minor orders and served in the ancient church of St Mary.

He was married and had several children, becoming a cleric in minor orders only after his wife's death in 1528.

orders and honours

2010 Australia Day Honours The Australia Day Honours 2010 are appointments to various orders and honours to recognise and reward good works by Australian citizens.

2009 Australia Day Honours The Australia Day Honours 2009 are appointments to various orders and honours to recognise and reward good works by Australian citizens.

1953 Coronation Honours The 1953 Coronation Honours were appointments by Queen Elizabeth II to various orders and honours on the occasion of her coronation on 2 June 1953.

per orders

Due to the involvement of the Mission in supporting the Shogun, Chanoine had to leave Japan with the majority of the other French advisors in October 1868, per orders of the new emperor Meiji.

Kochi Metro Rail Limited (KMRL) is a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) formed for the implementation, operation and maintenance of Kochi Metro Rail Project as per orders from Planning Commission and the Union Government.

different orders

A superposed order is when successive stories of a building have different orders.

The other families were split into three different orders, placed among the Hamamelidae.

The length and nature of parental care varies widely amongst different orders and species.

take orders

In 1988, phone operators were hired to take orders.

Ba asserted that he would not take orders from Americans.

I will only take orders from the police commissioner, who is my supreme commander.

orders were issued

Evacuation orders were issued not at all or much too late.

New orders were issued, extending the objectives for the attack planned for 18 November.

The EEF became aware of the retreat of the Fourth Army at 23:35 on 22/23 September, when orders were issued for an attack on Shunet Nimrin.

took holy orders

Afterwards, he moved to Madrid and took holy orders in 1589.

He took holy orders (1841–42) and became curate at Exbury, Hampshire.

He took holy orders in 1935.

no orders

Although no orders had been cancelled, Airbus still had to pay millions in late-delivery penalties.

Even with no orders, Marsal started to produce small clay statues that represented the Paraguayan people with perfection.

Incat has released several designs ranging from 80 to 112 metres which are shown on their website, but so far there have been no orders.

many orders

At the time of her death she was reputed to have had many orders for the heirloom unfulfilled.

Values of hydraulic conductivity, formula_72, can vary by many orders of magnitude depending on the soil type.

This game boasts game length and replay value so many orders beyond the mobile norm that it calls for a total paradigm shift.

orders his men

Shortly after Bhuti leaves, Rajasena orders his men to kill Tien.

Aadhi gets released and orders his men to kill Dheena and Chitra's family.

Dharmadeva orders his men to beat up Raju as he becomes suspects Raju to be thief.

without orders

Hill grew impatient and began his attack without orders.

Winchester had acted without orders, but General William Henry Harrison was pleased with Lewis's success.

On July 3, acting on his own without orders from his superiors or informing them of his intentions, Wallace dispatched Brig.

orders issued

Naval operations were governed by standing orders issued to all the ships.

This system was in marked contrast to the conflicting, vague orders issued by the French army.

Following orders issued by Cueva Bartolomé Gallardo led in 1674 an expedition from Chiloé that reaching as far south as the Gulf of Penas (47° S).

taking orders

Lexus began taking orders for the LFA on 23 October 2009.

In January 2015, BT stopped taking orders for the on-demand product.

Fed up with taking orders, Mel decides to join Jay on his adventure.