İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

other organisms   (diğer organizmalar)

In other organisms tags are attached with heavy duty glues.

thickets and other plants, on which many other organisms depend.

The enzyme form in virus is different from that in other organisms.

living organisms   (canlı organizmalar)

Biomass is organic matter from living organisms.

This is a common enzyme found in most living organisms.

Carbohydrates perform numerous roles in living organisms.

marine organisms   (Deniz organizmaları)

Many marine organisms also contain alkaloids.

Purely biological products such as the shells of marine organisms are not accepted.

More than 235 marine organisms live in both polar regions, having bridged the gap of .

organisms such   (organizmalar böyle)

It typically feeds on other small organisms such as algae, rotifers, and nematodes.

Too much copper in water may damage marine and freshwater organisms such as fish and molluscs.

Infections can be caused by both bacterial and fungal origin, as well as small organisms such as ear mites.

model organisms   (model organizmalar)

Genetic transformation has become very efficient in some model organisms.

Snails of the genus "Helix" are model organisms for the study of love darts.

Their complex and variable social structures have made ants ideal model organisms.

multicellular organisms   (Çok hücreli organizmalar)

PRC2 are present in most multicellular organisms.

Most multicellular organisms have two sets of chromosomes; that is, they are diploid.

In multicellular organisms, they permit the organism to build and hold a definite shape.

aquatic organisms

Acid deposition harms aquatic organisms and kills trees.

Microalgae are aquatic organisms living in a large and diverse group.

Undersized and poorly placed culverts can cause problems for water quality and aquatic organisms.

modified organisms

Genetically modified organisms are regulated by government agencies.

The foundation supports the use of genetically modified organisms in agricultural development.

Genetically modified organisms are widely used, although some are banned in certain countries.

all organisms

GABA receptors occur in all organisms that have a nervous system.

Oxygen is needed by almost all organisms for the purpose of generating ATP.

Cells are the foundation of all organisms and are the fundamental unit of life.

genetically modified organisms   (genetiği değiştirilmiş Organizmalar)

The foundation supports the use of genetically modified organisms in agricultural development.

This applies to research as well as the release of genetically modified organisms, including crops and food.

It is an international treaty that governs the transfer, handling, and use of genetically modified organisms.