organizational structure

The network is working under umbrella organizational structure.

In 2007, a new organizational structure as well as new program were decided.

During World War II the Red Army used the same basic organizational structure.

organizational culture

Organizational ethics is independent of the organizational culture.

Organizational climate and organizational culture are distinct concepts.

The creative city when introduced was seen as aspirational; a clarion call to encourage open-mindedness and imagination implying a dramatic impact on organizational culture.

organizational meeting

after an organizational meeting by five of P.R.F.C.

On June 7, 1905, he held an organizational meeting at his home.

In January 1999, the first organizational meeting was held at the Peach Pitt.

organizational development

He graduated with a degree in human and organizational development.

Prior to ordination Howard was a consultant in team-building, organizational development, and strategic planning.

Additionally, the papers document the formation and organizational development of the Puerto Rican community in New York City."

organizational skills

Her apprenticeship with Medhe gave her strong organizational skills.

But with his organizational skills, this new venture also continued to prosper.

These skills include teamwork, organizational skills, leadership, critical thinking, and social skills.

organizational changes

Partizan spent the final years in Yugoslavia undergoing significant organizational changes.

By 1974, Rothman’s underwent internal organizational changes that altered the way the company supported the arts.

The following table details the various names Widener has held over the years as well as any significant organizational changes that occurred during each period.

organizational behavior

Mainiero completed a doctorate in organizational behavior from Yale University.

Bujaki's primary activities are accounting and organizational behavior research.

She currently teaches organizational behavior as it relates to gender, race, and ethnicity at Georgia Tech.