İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

organizations such   (gibi organizasyonlar)

COC also cooperates with development organizations such as Oxfam Novib.

The report details donations to anti-Muslim organizations such as the RSS.

She was active in civic organizations such as Daughters of the Utah Pioneers.

other organizations   (diğer organizasyonlar)

They often work with other organizations.

Students do study tours to other organizations, places, and sites.

GSP also periodically co-sponsors events with other organizations.

international organizations   (Uluslararası organizasyonlar)

Chad belongs to the following international organizations:

Besides he is involved with several local and international organizations.

The two countries support each other in entering international organizations.

organizations including   (dahil kuruluşlar)

15 of 1 September 1965 from existing accounting and auditing organizations including the AAN.

The tour was endorsed by organizations including Road Safety GB, Transport for London, and RoadSafe.

The city contains five health centers run by various organizations including the Palestinian Red Crescent.

rights organizations   (hak organizasyonları)

Numerous human rights organizations welcomed the ICJ ruling.

Human rights organizations remained unable to resume their work.

This has led to criticisms from multiple human rights organizations.

community organizations   (topluluk organizasyonları)

ARTnerships are community organizations that share TSA's vision.

Callahan is involved with a number of civic and community organizations.

Develops and maintains contact with community organizations, press and media.

various organizations

Since he was a teenager he has been in various organizations in his hometown.

He has won at least ten belts in various organizations throughout his career.

University and vocational education are promoted by various organizations, e.g.

nonprofit organizations   (kar amacı gütmeyen kuruluşlar)

He contributed to charitable and nonprofit organizations, including San Diego State University.

Capp's studio provided special artwork for various civic groups and nonprofit organizations as well.

Prior to Embrace, Chen worked with nonprofit organizations on healthcare issues in developing countries.

student organizations   (öğrenci organizasyonları)

The student organizations on campus are:

NIT Delhi has various forms of clubs or student organizations.

Music produced by student organizations is sold at online music retailers.

religious organizations

In the U.S., religious organizations enjoy a tax exempt status.

Chaplain groups and religious organizations took various positions on DADT.

In 2009, Islamic religious organizations in Berlin reported 249,000 members.

charitable organizations   (hayır kurumları)

Cash supports several charitable organizations.

Some of these charitable organizations are listed below.

He was also active in numerous civic and charitable organizations.

news organizations

Many news organizations initially refused to publish the information.

Prior to the election, most news organizations considered this a swing state.

many organizations

Wai Wai Nu has also spoken at many organizations.

Due to its initial success, many organizations attempted to copy HPTs.

They claim that fortunately, there were many organizations allied to the platform.

several organizations

There are several organizations in the autism rights movement.

Today, Warren is home to several organizations and tourist venues.

She was an artist and author and served on the boards of several organizations.

professional organizations

Mower is a member of a multitude of professional organizations.

However, professional organizations strongly opposed that decision.

This statement was endorsed by a number of professional organizations.

local organizations

The local organizations are run almost exclusively by volunteers.

He was a constant presence on city councils and in local organizations.

The local organizations focus on activities and advocacy within their region.

human rights organizations

Numerous human rights organizations welcomed the ICJ ruling.

This has led to criticisms from multiple human rights organizations.

Myint Aye's sentence was protested by several international human rights organizations.

political organizations

The PDG and 74 political organizations attended the conference.

individuals and organizations

Several comments were posted by individuals and organizations.

There are many different individuals and organizations dedicated to space advocacy.

The organization also awards restoration-rehabilitation grants to individuals and organizations.

member organizations

All member organizations devote staff time and resources.

Among FCP member organizations and movements, there are seven main groups:

The combined membership of the member organizations was over 45,100 professionals.

terrorist organizations

Do you mean the people who carry weapons to terrorist organizations?

Citizens of Azerbaijan have joined terrorist organizations in Syria.

National and terrorist organizations and other groups are also targeted.

media organizations

There were reports of media organizations being censored during the protests.

"Zaman" and "Samanyolu" are claimed to be Gülen's flagship media organizations.

Rosales's case has been featured around the world, and she has given several interviews to media organizations.

arts organizations

Other programs promote voting rights and arts organizations.

The SNOB Film Festival is one of the many arts organizations in the city.

Cuthbertson High School has several social, athletic and fine arts organizations.

clubs and organizations

The college has over 50 clubs and organizations.

There are also different clubs and organizations on campus.

Several co-curricular clubs and organizations exist in SFC.

national organizations   (ulusal organizasyonlar)

Other zonal and national organizations often do the same.

After the German invasion the club tried to organize a new front of national organizations.

He has been active with national organizations, including Hispanic National Bar Association.

civic organizations   (sivil kuruluşlar)

Wimbush has been a leader in several legal and civic organizations.

Blair Wimbush has been a leader in several legal and civic organizations.

She was active in civic organizations such as Daughters of the Utah Pioneers.

private organizations   (özel organizasyonlar)

COA accredits both private organizations and government agencies.

Many Government, private organizations and individual donors support the program.

In the United States, voluntary certification is available through many private organizations.

social organizations   (sosyal organizasyonlar)

Greek organizations include fraternities and sororities, which are exclusive social organizations.

Osborne also held leadership roles at many of Calgary's business, service, and social organizations.

At the same time, the Mali federation sought to create unified social organizations which would facilitate the union between the countries.

organizations include

In Pakistan, prominent Sunni Barelvi religious and political organizations include:

Resident organizations include Area 51, Hangar 11 Collection, Aces High, and Kennet Aviation.

Greek organizations include fraternities and sororities, which are exclusive social organizations.

administrative organizations

There are six tambon administrative organizations (TAO).

There are five tambon administrative organizations (TAO).

There are a further 20 tambon administrative organizations (TAO).

youth organizations

During his student life he formed various youth organizations.

Cadet or scout groups or other youth organizations may also own buses.

According to the CADD-MJ, it was the "locomotive of youth organizations in our country".

society organizations

A coalition of 70 Cambodian civil society organizations also pushed for his release.

After all, civil society organizations at that time did not have much of a following.

At the same time, 1,200 civil society organizations (CSOs) from 80 countries participated in an NGO forum.

service organizations

The company was active in service organizations.

She was a member of numerous community service organizations.

These activities are carried out by the universities' service organizations.

different organizations

Both have entirely different organizations, personnel, and websites.

Classification at the national level is handled by different organizations.

By 1914, Storrow's philanthropy had new aims with different organizations and concerns.

civil society organizations

A coalition of 70 Cambodian civil society organizations also pushed for his release.

After all, civil society organizations at that time did not have much of a following.

At the same time, 1,200 civil society organizations (CSOs) from 80 countries participated in an NGO forum.

number of organizations   (organizasyon sayısı)

Goldman has been honored by a number of organizations named in her memory.

Viewed as village elders, they also work informally with a number of organizations.

A number of organizations within and out of Africa are working towards closing these gaps.

government organizations   (devlet kurumları)

For a chart of Russian government organizations on science and technology, see

A number of government organizations focus on infrastructure security and protection.

Isobar’s client list includes Global 2000 entities and large government organizations.

cultural organizations

The Aberdeen area has several cultural organizations.

Most of other social and cultural organizations were banned as well.

Bitola was also the headquarters of many cultural organizations at that time.

following organizations

The following organizations are members of the BANA:

He also was a member of the following organizations:

The following organizations are represented.

both organizations

Rebels CEO Rob Clarke took responsibility for both organizations.

He was the only president of both organizations not to be able to read music.

Joe Team crushes the Coil, though not without fatalities for both organizations.

organizations and individuals   (kuruluşlar ve bireyler)

But some other organizations and individuals are practicing debaptism.

Uniquely, the team also allows organizations and individuals to participate freely in its mission through the team's website.

Another slide showed a network of UK Jewish organizations and individuals describing the top "contributor", "Israel Government."

environmental organizations

However, since then, environmental organizations have taken steps to save the species.

gogoyoko pledged to donate 10% of all advertisement revenues to charity and environmental organizations.

The main opposition to CAFTA came from PAC, labor unions, environmental organizations and public universities.

such organizations

Like most such organizations, it also organizes competitive cat shows.

An organization he co-founded, Beyond Ex-Gay, supports people who feel they have been wounded by such organizations.

Gant supports such organizations as Services & Advocacy for GLBT Elders (SAGE) and Gay & Lesbian Elder Housing (GLEH).

tambon administrative organizations

There are six tambon administrative organizations (TAO).

There are five tambon administrative organizations (TAO).

There are a further 20 tambon administrative organizations (TAO).

research organizations

Several research organizations support NASIC, AFRL, and the Dayton community.

Jenks’ experience in politics stemmed from his involvement in various economic and immigration research organizations.

Acupuncture research organizations were founded in the 1950s and acupuncture services became available in modern hospitals.

criminal organizations   (suç örgütleri)

People are often trafficked by criminal organizations such as criminal gangs or mafia groups.

The second Syonide is a mercenary that did work for various criminal organizations like the 100.

He would later become a regular foe of Spider-Man, often as he worked as a henchman for various criminal organizations.

organizations around   (kuruluşlar)

Other genealogical organizations around the world have created similar standards they invite genealogists to follow.

Genealogical organizations around the world have outlined ethical standards as an attempt to eliminate such problems.

As with the previous year's calendar, proceeds from the sale were donated to Shiba Inu rescue organizations around the US.

organizations across   (farklı kuruluşlar)

Government organizations across Canada owned 17,852 buses of various types in 2016.

Other organizations across Canada perform senior league Canadian football during the summer.

The organization works with various organizations across Chicago and other corporate entities.

organizations throughout

He has won at least ten belts in various organizations throughout his career.

RAPID was shared with other statistical organizations throughout the world and used widely in the 1980s.

Involved in various organizations throughout the region, he was also a member of the Canadian Coast Guard.

companies and organizations

PII protection in China deals with collection by private companies and organizations.

It also regulates all foreign companies and organizations offering services in Europe.

The high priority project involved Hungarian, Polish and Soviet engineers from several companies and organizations.

partner organizations

It also has 13 international partner organizations.

In 2018, The Experiment and its partner organizations awarded nearly $2 million in scholarships.

It now enjoys a solid reputation within the world of professional football and partner organizations.

organizations working

By November 2017, CTAOP had raised more than $6.3 million to support African organizations working on the ground.

Its goal is to create media content and promotion for grassroots organizations working on social and environmental issues.

New Delhi and associated with various government and non-government organizations working for Unani and Ayurvedic medicine in India.

regional organizations   (bölgesel organizasyonlar)

The facility is a sought out meeting and banquet facility for many local and regional organizations.

With the exceptions of Deutscher Pfadfinderbund Mosaik and Pfadfinderbund Weltenbummler, all members are regional organizations.

He was the first president of the Writers Guild of America, West after the Screen Writers Guild divided into two regional organizations.

labor organizations

Columbus was also a popular location for labor organizations.

Hushi's actions caused a great increase in the number or workers who were associated with different labor organizations.

During the 1880s and 1890s, Chicago had a powerful radical tradition with large and highly organized socialist, anarchist and labor organizations.

organizations within

A number of organizations within and out of Africa are working towards closing these gaps.

CRB collaborates closely with numerous construction-sector associations and organizations within Switzerland.

First popularized by John Yarker, it is generally considered clandestine by Masonic organizations within the UGLE framework.

military organizations

The use of FRAGPLANs are standard practice in military organizations.

military organizations), social engineering attacks can still be difficult to foresee and prevent.

Irregular warfare is warfare employing the tactics commonly used by irregular military organizations.

public organizations   (kamu kuruluşları)

Aside from its impact on public organizations, the NSLP also affects corporate vendors and local businesses.

Through our research and services we help public organizations and societies realize their objectives by putting good governance into practice.

The CPD was elected in 1989; one-third of the seats were appointed by the CPSU and other public organizations to sustain the Soviet one-party state.

governmental organizations   (devlet kurumları)

Dr. Mignot is an active member of several professional and governmental organizations.

WEAP is distributed at no charge to non-profit, academic and governmental organizations based in developing countries.

A number of Canadian non-profit and governmental organizations participate in and promote the events, including Elections Canada.

development organizations   (kalkınma organizasyonları)

COC also cooperates with development organizations such as Oxfam Novib.

The report examined the main challenges encountered by development organizations which support LCPSs.

ADB partners with other development organizations on some projects to increase the amount of funding available.

fraternal organizations   (kardeş örgütler)

It is one of the oldest known fraternal organizations in the Philippines.

He belonged to several fraternal organizations and was a prominent figure in the town.

He was also active in his Methodist Church, as well as the Elk, and Mason fraternal organizations.

advocacy organizations   (Savunma Teşkilatı Örgütleri)

Houston also claims one of the most robust and effective business development and advocacy organizations in the country.

Focused on autism research, it collaborates with other university departments, the government and autism advocacy organizations.

Zzyym was denied the passport, which led to LGBTQ advocacy organizations filing a lawsuit against the U.S. State Department on Zzyym's behalf.

health organizations   (sağlık kuruluşları)

The opinion of major health organizations on the practice of circumcision varies due to its potential health benefits.

A number of health organizations have issued recommendations for screening those with Down syndrome for particular diseases.

He and his wife established in 2008 "The Walrath Family Foundation" to help further social, environmental and health organizations.

numerous organizations

Marathon is served by numerous organizations and services.

Cantelon has been actively involved in numerous organizations that further the mission of public history.

Druid is a column-oriented data store that was open-sourced in late 2012 and now used by numerous organizations.

business organizations   (iş organizasyonları)

Ireland teaches communication training in business organizations.

WISDP also push and promote sustainable development to business organizations.

The Amherst Area Chamber is considered to be the one of the most powerful business organizations in Western Massachusetts.

organizations involved   (ilgili kuruluşlar)

Most graduates of these institutions are hired by Pakistan's strategic organizations involved in the missile and space programs.

Among the organizations involved are Parks & Trails New York, the New York State Canal Corporation and the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor.

We call on the international community and all organizations involved in this field to intervene immediately, seriously and Turkish Cultural and Human Heritage in Afrin canton".

large organizations

He is an adviser to several large organizations on e-commerce strategies.

In large organizations it is often not possible to tell who is actually responsible for the outcomes—a problem known as the problem of many hands.

Flak corps were large organizations of pre-existing AA units (regiments, brigades, and divisions) rather than being formed as new units from scratch.

nongovernmental organizations   (sivil toplum örgütleri)

All political parties and local nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) must register with the Ministry of the Interior.

The dispute involves consumers, producers, biotechnology companies, governmental regulators, nongovernmental organizations, and scientists.

Governance includes government but refers to a wider domain of social control functions implemented by many actors including nongovernmental organizations.

groups and organizations

Currently, over 150 student groups and organizations are registered on campus.

Folk dances and songs are presented with many folklore groups and organizations taking part .

The archive also holds the records of various people groups and organizations connected to Dundee.

sports organizations

Further, over 50 national sports organizations (non-Olympic) headquarter in Colorado Springs.

However, when it came to hosting the Olympics, there were no separate Nazi sports organizations.

In addition to her career in insurance, Schuba is involved in various sports organizations in Austria.

organizations as well   (organizasyonlar da)

It consists of 55 state organizations as well as regional and national leagues.

The building serves as a home to various masonic organizations as well as a ballroom.

The critique of traditional norms of objectivity comes from within news organizations as well.

people and organizations

Up to four awards presented annually for people and organizations who strengthen Bay Area communities.

Some people and organizations, notably Microsoft, use the term "camel case" only for lower camel case.

Computing professional leaders should also seek to improve the quality of life for themselves and the people and organizations they lead.

institutions and organizations   (kurum ve kuruluşlar)

Temkin's work is held in the permanent collections of several institutions and organizations.

Almost 70% are books and periodicals, donated by individuals, institutions and organizations from around the world.

Many of these institutions and organizations present the most current research and practical outcomes at annual community college conferences.

similar organizations

The tobacco industry has funded Keep America Beautiful and similar organizations internationally.

Like many similar organizations in other states, the league's goal was to secure voting rights for women.

The organization was started in opposition to the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC) and other similar organizations.

aid organizations

Also located there are large-scale warehouses for aid organizations.

The aid was partially funded from aid organizations and part of it came from the state budget.

In addition, the ELRD (organizational leader ambulance service) is alternately provided by the BF (fire service) and the aid organizations.

other international organizations   (diğer uluslararası kuruluşlar)

YPG members since September 2015 receive human rights training from Geneva Call and other international organizations.

Water produced in the pants meets the standards accepted by the World Health Organization as well as other international organizations.

It is also a member of many other international organizations related to human rights and democracy, such as the Community of Democracies.

humanitarian organizations   (insani yardım kuruluşları)

The Walraths also support the arts and humanitarian organizations that fight genocide.

Through her work, Kristine has supported numerous charities and humanitarian organizations.

Churches and certain evangelical humanitarian organizations are also involved in medical health programs.

conservation organizations

More than 70 conservation organizations sent a letter to the Senate opposing her nomination.

The practicality of two conservation organizations operating in the same watershed was closely scrutinized in the 1960s.

Owners include private individuals, non-governmental conservation organizations, and several municipal, state and federal agencies.

support organizations   (destek kuruluşları)

However, under this concept, support organizations remained with the wing.

However, under this concept, all support organizations were located with the wing headquarters.

scientific organizations

It is one of the largest scientific organizations in the Czech Republic.

John Augustus Just was a member of scientific organizations from many countries.

"SCTA signs three agreements with German scientific organizations in the antiquities area."

educational organizations

He has also chaired the boards of several American and British preservation and educational organizations.

He advises leaders of governments, foundations, educational organizations and international development agencies.

The educational organizations of liberal adult education are independently responsible for their training and development.

businesses and organizations

Archive Services is also home to the archives of several individuals, businesses and organizations based in Dundee and the surrounding area.

He has advised businesses and organizations worldwide on strategic communications, image management and competitive leadership, using stories.

Many businesses and organizations incorporate "Nature Coast" in their names, but most of them do not explicitly define the region, or define a smaller region.

organizations and institutions

Jewish organizations and institutions were forced to disband.

Over its 84-85 year existence, it honored more than 2,500 organizations and institutions.

The newsletter includes articles by NWHN board members, staff members, and contributors from diverse organizations and institutions.

grassroots organizations   (taban örgütleri)

The Fund provides modest grants to grassroots organizations (i.e., those with annual budgets of less than $250,000).

The MATCH Fund's responsive funding to these grassroots organizations allows for new innovative ideas and resistance.

Its goal is to create media content and promotion for grassroots organizations working on social and environmental issues.