community organizer   (コミュニティオーガナイザー)

He began his career as a community organizer.

She worked as a community organizer before entering politics.

She was a restaurateur, culture-bearer, and community organizer.

union organizer   (組合主催者)

From 1903 onwards he was trade union organizer.

In Detroit, his father was a union organizer, and owned five-and-dime stores.

Whitely King Whitely King, was a union organizer in Australia in the late 19th century.

labor organizer

At Mills College, Young participated as labor organizer in a successful adjunct unionization campaign.

Healey became a successful labor organizer and rose to become the chair of the CPUSA in Southern California.

In 1979 Marian Kramer married General Gordon Baker Jr (1941-2014†), a prominent labor organizer and activist.