organizing committee   (組織委員会)

The organizing committee was chaired by Kent Bloom.

The organizing committee boasts the parade as one of the largest in the nation.

The members of the organizing committee (at present around twenty people) work on a voluntary basis.

began organizing   (整理を始めた)

Loyal former residents began organizing reunions in 1997.

It tracked westward, and its convection began organizing and concentrating on August 22.

In 1927, FIDE began organizing the First Chess Olympiad during its 4th Congress in London.

responsible for organizing   (整理する責任)

The FIH is also responsible for organizing the Hockey Rules Board and developing the rules for the game.

The Grand Falconer was responsible for organizing the royal falcon hunt and for caring for the king's hunting birds.

Adem Jashari was responsible for organizing the first armed political formation in Srbica (Skënderaj in Albanian) in 1991.

community organizing   (コミュニティ組織)

Students are taught about the history of community organizing in Seattle.

He has also done community organizing for a Restore the Fourth rally in 2013.

Community building that is geared toward citizen action is usually termed "community organizing."

role in organizing   (組織化における役割)

He took a very active role in organizing the Vivekananda Centenary Celebrations in 1963.

Bin Laden played a central role in organizing training camps for the foreign Muslim volunteers.

In February 1946 BTR played a major role in organizing a general strike in support of the Naval ratings revolt.

involved in organizing

In both locations he was involved in organizing choirs and teaching music.

More than 300 creative teams from 28 countries were involved in organizing the ceremony.

Two of the main groups involved in organizing this were Muni Social Strike and Muni Fare Strike.

instrumental in organizing

He was instrumental in organizing the World Baseball Classic in 2006.

Jacob Hutter was instrumental in organizing these into what became known as the Hutterites.

Daniel was also instrumental in organizing the Lynchburg-based Virginia and Tennessee Railroad.