oriented towards   (に向けて)

This program is oriented towards Business Law.

Its business is primarily oriented towards the services sector.

Like most Khmer temples, Muang Tam is oriented towards the east.

oriented toward   (に向けて)

Dynastic schools were oriented toward examination preparation.

Not all ´raego songs were oriented toward courtship activities.

He said: "The Austrian way must be oriented toward Berlin and not toward Athens."

object oriented   (オブジェクト指向)

Additionally, the library provides both an object oriented and a procedural interface to most of the image processing filters.

The framework makes extensive use of modern standard features of Fortran (2003, 2008), like support for object oriented programming.

It is used as the superclass or base class, as known by object oriented programmers, for all the metaclasses in the UML infrastructure library.