original name   (元の名前)

The original name of the family was de la Iglesia.

Transitio uses the original name "DOSTO" instead.

The original name of the peak was Citadel Mountain.

original version   (元のバージョン)

Modern ondol are not same as the original version.

At this time the original version was labeled IDS/I.

The brothers sang background on the original version.

original series   (オリジナルシリーズ)

It is Netflix's first Colombian original series.

The original series aired 10 episodes in 2012

", and the Netflix original series "Santa Clarita Diet".

original building   (元の建物)

The original building was 300 feet by 269.90 feet.

The original building held dorms for missionaries.

The original building was replaced in about 1678.

original design   (オリジナルデザイン)

The Bally B-17 is an original design by Jack Bally.

The three cell blocks are of the same original design.

It is part of the structure's original design.

original songs

Each EP consisted of two original songs and a cover.

These songs are all cover versions of original songs.

In the same year, she composed her first original songs.

original members

He was one of the original members of The Geological Society.

He is one of the original members of Atlanta's Gaijin Studios.

Brown was one of the original members of KC & The Sunshine Band.

original game

Two different versions of the original game were released.

The original game's development took two and a half years.

The game has more random generators than in the original game.

original cast   (オリジナルキャスト)

She was also part of the original cast recording.

An original cast recording was made and released.

See Features of "Kamehameha I" statue (original cast).

original film   (オリジナルフィルム)

However, the song was not part of the original film.

The original film score was composed by Mychael Danna.

Like a lot of people, I was affected by the original film.

original title   (元のタイトル)

The album's original title was "The Who Looks Back".

It was Gameloft's first 100% Japanese original title.

The race continued with its original title until 1884.

original music

He has also released several CDs of original music.

The original music score was composed by Edward Ward.

DiCola also wrote original music for the video game .

original location   (元の場所)

Its original location is in Chinatown, New York City.

A cairn marks the original location of the tent town.

The club is still operating in its original location today.

original form

Many survive, though not in their original form.

The zeroth rectification is the original form.

Its present appearance approximates its original form.

original plan   (元の計画)

Much of the original plan was implemented by 1955.

This original plan would have generated over 1,000 jobs.

Presumably the original plan and elevation were symmetrical.

original release

The solo on the original release is by Molly Duncan.

The original release contained the Czech titles.

The game's original release came as a red CD.

original song

where they released the original song, "Addicted".

The original song had been written by Paul Cunniffe.

"The Thrill Is Gone" samples the original song by B.B.

original site   (元のサイト)

Very little trace of the original site exists today.

Meanwhile, the original site in Crimea remained open.

The original site has since been built up with houses.

original material   (オリジナル素材)

The album featured mostly original material.

He had started writing original material.

"Quantum" contained translations from "Kvant" and original material.

original story   (原作)

The film is based on an original story by Kim Ki-duk.

This game takes place three years after the original story.

The sequel occurs "several years" after the original story.

original album

Includes the original album for the first disc.

All track listings taken from the original album cover.

First three tracks same as on original album

original work   (原作)

A manuscript of the original work is still extant.

Fei Xin's original work comprised two chapters.

About 35 percent of the original work force returned.

original member

The only original member remaining is Mike Tiner.

She was an original member of the Philadelphia Ten.

original text   (原文)

This version is similar to the original text.

The original text was written in Koine Greek.

Therefore, the printed Kol HaTor is not the original text.

original owner   (元の所有者)

Her original owner was F. P. Boggs of Boston.

These objects, whoever the original owner, may now be lost.

Klutes Lakes was named after an original owner of the site.

original production

Datsun's original production run began in 1931.

It is an original production by FremantleMedia Australia.

The mixtape has all original production.

original structure

Their original structure burned in an 1895 fire.

The original structure was destroyed about 1850.

The original structure burned down in December 1933.

original soundtrack   (オリジナル・サウンドトラック)

The film's original soundtrack was composed by M.S.

Each episode is scored with an original soundtrack.

Tracks 13–21 were not released on the original soundtrack.

original score

Thomas Newman composed the film's original score.

It also includes an original score by Shevchenko.

The original score was composed by Dana Kaproff.

original compositions

A good portion of their material are original compositions.

The album contains 10 original compositions written ny bandmembers.

It included some of her original compositions and Getz performed on it.

original church

The original church was of a simple rectangular shape.

The original church on that site dates back to 1190AD.

That original church structure burned in 1953.

original purpose   (元の目的)

So it still fulfils its original purpose even today.

The original purpose of the tower is unknown.

The original purpose of the receipt was enhanced fraud protection.

original station   (元駅)

The original station building has been demolished.

The original station building burned down in January 1882.

original idea   (独創的なアイデア)

The original idea was for House to use a wheelchair, but Fox rejected this.

Jake went last, he used Cameron's original idea of going very fast to avoid wobbling.

While he considered altering the ending, he eventually settled with his original idea.

original plans

The Yellow Line was not part of the original plans.

This increased the size of the project to twice the original plans.

So AMC's original plans to develop a 750 cc desert racer version were abandoned.

original concept   (オリジナルコンセプト)

The character of Niles was not part of the original concept for the show.

The original concept was developed by Michael Fieldhouse an executive at DXC.

But as the new series progressed, it began to deviate from the original concept.

first original

His first original screenplay, "Is Anybody There?"

is the channel's first original programming.

In the same year, she composed her first original songs.

original works

He has created a dozen original works for the company.

Most, however, are completely original works.

It protects the original works of authorship.

original construction

It was added to several times since its original construction.

The porch and vestry have been added since the original construction.

The same stones from the original construction are still in place today.

original broadcast

Dates shown are the original broadcast dates.

This episode ran for 45 minutes at its original broadcast.

The original broadcast was watched by 1.3 million viewers.

original novel   (オリジナル小説)

The original novel sold over 4.5 million copies.

However, Sam never made an appearance in the original novel.

Guo is also the author of the original novel of the same name.

original home   (元の家)

Their original home was in Thessaly, central Greece.

His original home was in Hooghly, West Bengal.

This was the original home base for the China Clipper flying boat.

original research

Talwalkar continued original research right till the end.

Publishing formats include original research papers, feature articles and highlights.

Other reports all refer back to that report and there is no supporting original research.

original route

The original route through South Carolina was long.

The original route is now known as Homestead Drive.

This was the original route planned for in the late 1970s.

original state   (元の状態)

M-67 is an original state trunkline dating back to 1919.

As far as possible, things were left in the original state.

The house has been preserved by its owners in its original state.

original video

The original video featured the Rising Sun Flag in the intro.

The video is a comical re-imagining of the original video by Dio.

The original video of "Recover" was first released on 7 November 2005.

original script   (元のスクリプト)

Jeffrey Alan Fiskin wrote the original script.

The original script for "Brother, Can You Spare Two Dimes?"

The original script left no doubt about the couple's future.

original lineup   (オリジナルラインナップ)

R.Venkatraman is the only remaining member of the original lineup.

Tench also formed the original lineup of Gonzalez with Godfrey McLean.

In 1996, Frehley and Criss returned for an original lineup reunion tour.

original buildings

That is the last record of the original buildings.

One of the original buildings was a large log cabin.

Several of the original buildings have been sold off.

replaced the original

She replaced the original host of "Check, Please!

A new building constructed in 1926 replaced the original school.

Up to ten story guest wings replaced the original hotel in the 1950s.

original town   (元の町)

Church Hill was named for the churches near the original town site.

The community was named for the white hills near the original town site.

The community was named for a tract of forest near the original town site.

original owners

The government returned the property to its original owners.

The Admiralty returned to her original owners in January 1945.

The original owners of the farm were ethnic German Swiss Mennonites.

most original   (最も独創的な)

The building contains most original cedar joinery.

This is said represent the most original Tarui type accent.

The latter way can keep the most original taste of the soup.

original recording

He had a short role on the original recording of "Evita".

The original recording was by Griffin's group, The Nutmegs.

The original recording was written and co-produced by Darnell.

s original

George’s original given name is not reported.

Datta’s original works includes two books of short stories.

It became a suburb out of one of the Tygerberg’s original farms.

original character

Davies felt pressure to remain true to the original character of Jo.

The game features a new original character named , voiced by Kana Hanazawa.

Since 1984, Ken Barlow has been the show's only remaining original character.

original house

Many OKWs still refer to the original house names.

In 2015, original house McLachlan was closed.

The original house was substantially rebuilt in 1723–27.

original inhabitants

The original inhabitants were expelled in November 1941.

The original inhabitants were evicted in the fall of 1941.

The original inhabitants were expelled in the fall of 1941.

original line

The original line up formed sometime around 2006.

The original line of business was optical products (LEDs).

The original line to Pythio is still used for connections to Greece.

original manuscript   (オリジナル原稿)

The original manuscript is kept in the Ossolineum.

The original manuscript was only found in 1891.

Then, in 1974, the original manuscript was discovered.

only original   (オリジナルのみ)

The only original member remaining is Mike Tiner.

Sears was the only original anchor store that remained.

By late 1977, Benny Faiella was the only original member left.

original school   (元の学校)

The original school buildings fronted the Hampton River.

The original school was located on Vernon Avenue in Glencoe, IL.

A new building constructed in 1926 replaced the original school.

original position

However, she was never given back her original position.

Although the bomb is dislodged from its original position, it fails to explode.

The reconstruction also placed the structure at right angles to its original position.

when the original   (元のとき)

Nor can we tell when the original building was constructed.

It is not known when the original versions of these manuscripts were first made.

In 2005, Paredes became the frontwoman of a Pinoy rock band Hiraya when the original vocalist left.

original meaning

The original meaning in medieval times was "steward, i.e.

Semantics replaced it in its original meaning, beginning in 1893.

Later the Greeks knew the original meaning of the relevant song "paean" ().

original source

Heat emanates only from the original source, the fireplace.

An original source is one that is not based on another source.

The original source of supply was the Bokaa Dam, directly to the north.

s original

George’s original given name is not reported.

Datta’s original works includes two books of short stories.

It became a suburb out of one of the Tygerberg’s original farms.

original run

After the original run at the Savoy, the show toured.

Its original run lasted four printed issues from 1991-1993.

Ten of its thirteen episodes were aired during its original run.

original programming

is the channel's first original programming.

In-house production of original programming gradually increased.

The Buffybot's original programming occasionally resurfaces, which both pains and irritates Spike.

original drummer   (オリジナルドラマー)

He was the original drummer of the British rock band Feeder.

Pete Shepherd the original drummer switched to playing percussion.

The original drummer, Pugliano, died on June 15, 2010, at the age of 63.

original content

UHD/HDR rolled out with its original content.

That direction didn't include the creation of original content.

Complex TV launched in 2012 as an online broadcaster of original content.

original section

The original section was a four-story, brick building.

The original section was built about 1850, as a woolen mill.

The front and rear doors of the original section are centered.

original appearance

The church's original appearance was modified in the following centuries.

The castle's original appearance differed significantly from that of today.

The second floor of the courthouse was restored to its original appearance in 2000.

original intention   (元の意図)

Gateshead Council's original intention was that the site would be taken up for a major employment use.

It was finished in 1927 with the original intention of having it become a dormitory for boarding students.

As such, Fox's original intention to air "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles" in the Monday 8:00 p.m.

including the original

Joslyn is best known for her Broadway work, including the original production of "".

They have a large archive of records, including the original members book dating back to 1768.

Today, the vineyard measures two hectares, including the original plot and a second area planted in 2015.

both the original

The video features both the original and remix versions of the song.

If seeds are produced traits from both the original parents will be expressed.

The game features footage from both the original film and the sequel "" (2004).

original sin   (原罪)

One such example is the idea of original sin as a lack of justice.

Roman Catholic theology maintains that baptism washes away original sin.

In this story, the skull cup plays a key role as it unites original sin and barbarism.

original band

By this point, not all of the original band members remained in the group.

This was the original band that was on the "Live at CBGB's" compilation record in 1976.

The original band members are Ben Audet, Dave Fontaine, Greg Goertzen and Justin Fortier.

original condition   (元の状態)

78 stored in original condition at its headquarters in West Glacier.

The house has a south-facing front which is in its original condition.

Today, only the section of about above remains in its original condition.

own original

Anna's key was her own original.

He began writing and composing his own original songs at the age of 16.

Nippon TV also planned to produce its own original content for the service.

original features

Such gods, while keeping the original features of celestial divinities (i.e.

Many of the home's original features have been restored and are fully functional.

It was damaged by bombing and bombardment during the Second World War, but its original features survived.

original group

She reveals that they are all part of her original group.

The original group named "Frankie Goes to Hollywood" dates from 1980.

The original group of six sisters did not remain together for a long time.

original tracks

The album features the original tracks plus remixes by Bronski.

The embankment has a temporary platform that overlaps one of the original tracks.

For the PSP re-release, Meguro composed new music alongside remixing original tracks.

original composition

The sly, dry humour of that most original composition is to me delightful."

Behan criticized Dylan publicly by claiming the melody as an original composition.

There is scholarly uncertainty about what language Tatian used for its original composition, whether Syriac or Greek.

original track   (元のトラック)

License it in, and let's have the original track'.

The following month, Jhn released another original track, "3 Below".

Since 1983 a narrow gauge railway has opened on part of the original track bed.

original language

The original language of the Massagetae is little-known.

Written in 1417 in Catalan, no part survived in its original language.

It is available with two audio tracks in Italian and original language.

original description   (元の説明)

In his original description, Peck called it the "velvety-stemmed bolete".

In his original description, Hooker had proposed a separate section, "Habenaria" sect.

Additional specimens from Clipperton Island and Costa Rica were included in the original description.

original characters

The following are the Kinnikuman anime original characters.

The original characters for "Kamen Rider G" are all wine-themed.

The others are original characters with only Fianna being based on another Brat.

original screenplay   (原作脚本)

His first original screenplay, "Is Anybody There?"

It began as a fully original screenplay.

The film was based on an original screenplay by Martin Rackin.

many original

Despite some redevelopment, many original buildings remain.

In later years he directed the Don Janse Chorale and wrote many original pieces for choir.

Northern Russian with its predecessor, the Old Novgorod dialect, has many original and archaic features.

original wooden

Many of the original wooden supports are still present.

The original wooden opera house was established in 1827.

The original wooden downtown burned in a huge fire in 1887.

original format

The next year, it returned to its original format.

Season 9 retained the original format but with three housemates.

The original format lasted 3 weeks.

original artwork   (オリジナルのアートワーク)

They often include special features like original artwork and info.

The original artwork by Hamilton was fiercely criticised on release.

Revelation Records reissued the album with its original artwork in 2016.

original settlement

This area was the hub around which the original settlement developed.

Old Saltburn is the original settlement, located in the Saltburn Gill.

The original settlement of Dickson was composed of 17 Danish individuals.

using the original

It was rebuilt using the original facade.

It was re-edited by Langdon Jones in 1970 using the original manuscript.

The light was automated in 1978, using the original fifth-order Fresnel lens.

original settlers

An original settlers cottage is also onsite.

Later in the 1780s, they became the original settlers of Chicago.

A large proportion of these original settlers came from Old Saxony.

original bridge

The bridge was built south of the original bridge.

The original bridge was constructed in 1929–31.

The original bridge, erected in 1881, was replaced in 2006.

original intent   (元の意図)

The original intent was to allow secular schools.

Amendments to the law during 1942 left the original intent untouched.

The original intent of the lottery was to provide funds for education.

other original   (他のオリジナル)

It opened in 1955 with several other original attractions at Disneyland Park.

Nonzwakazi performed her winning song Phakama Mbokodo, and two other original songs live on stage.

Two of the other original members, Ron Donachie and Christopher Ryan left the band before "Only You".

replace the original

We aren't trying to replace the original; that's impossible anyway.

The station is undergoing renovation work to replace the original wall covering.

The Pinkerton Building was built in 1887 to replace the original school building.