İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

originally built   (başlangıçta inşa edilmiş)

The visitor center as originally built was in area.

The truck was originally built in three versions.

The school was originally built for 320 children.

originally intended   (başlangıçta amaçlanmış)

This image was originally intended for the cover.

He had originally intended to shoot the film in colour.

The 17th was originally intended to use RAF Bassingbourn.

originally called   (başlangıçta)

The track was originally called "Happy Halloween".

The community was originally called Grosse Pointe.

It was originally called "Royal Canadian Mounted".

originally released   (başlangıçta serbest bırakıldı)

It was originally released in 1984 on L.A.Y.L.A.H.

It was originally released in 1997 as a 24 song CD.

"Love Like Blood" was originally released by E.G.

originally known   (başlangıçta bilinen)

The stream was originally known as Abraham's Creek.

The settlement was originally known as Ferny Creek.

The river was originally known as Stud Horse Creek.

originally planned   (başlangıçta planlanmış)

Elmwood Cemetery was originally planned in 1846.

Two satellites were originally planned for operation.

He originally planned to work in New York City.

originally named   (aslen adlandırılmış)

The "Black Warrior" was originally named the "M.C.

The school was originally named Ansan 1 University.

The district was originally named Krathok (กระโทก).

originally published   (aslen yayınlandı)

The book was originally published by Random House.

As such, it was originally published in two parts.

The collection was originally published in 1980.

originally aired   (başlangıçta yayınlanan)

The episode originally aired on September 14, 2008.

The episode originally aired on October 11, 2016.

It originally aired on Showtime on October 7, 2012.

originally scheduled   (başlangıçta planlanmış)

It was originally scheduled to send 16 athletes.

Winter term ended on April 23 as originally scheduled.

The station's launch was originally scheduled for 2005.

originally written

is play originally written in Italian by Dario Fo.

The film was originally written for Walter Brennan.

The hymn was originally written as a Christmas hymn.

originally designed

Eartha was originally designed to be in diameter.

The church was originally designed by Juan Arellano.

Internet email was originally designed for 7-bit ASCII.

originally developed   (başlangıçta geliştirilmiş)

MTA was originally developed for root-end filling.

The city was originally developed around a grain market.

It was originally developed for the Apple Newton product.

originally recorded

The song was originally recorded by Shirley Bassey.

"My Friend Jack" was originally recorded by The Smoke.

The song was originally recorded for "Help!"

originally used

The attic was originally used for office space.

It was originally used to describe "a "blazed" trail."

The term was originally used by Gery in 1914.

originally described

It was originally described by Chaudoir in 1869.

It was originally described in 1963 by Carl M. Yoshimoto.

It was originally described in 1973 as "Abudefduf starcki".

originally part

SR 396 was originally part of State Route 1 (SR 1).

Sophiatown was originally part of the Waterfall farm.

Rawdon was originally part of Montcalm County.

originally created   (başlangıçta yaratıldı)

Master Chojun Miyagi originally created this kata.

CustomShow was originally created for Forbes in 1998.

Master Shoshin Nagamine originally created Fukyugata Ichi.

originally established

The forest area was originally established in 1956.

The rowing club was originally established at J.

The team was originally established in 1970.

originally formed

The band was originally formed in January 1991.

They originally formed in Los Angeles in 1989.

They originally formed part of the Preamble to Order No.

originally located

The museum was originally located at 1540 Oroño Bvld.

It was originally located in the locality of Caversham.

They were originally located in a building on Main Street.

originally titled

(originally titled Mag Ik Eens In Je Luier Kijken?)

The episode was originally titled "The General".

It was originally titled Project Hostile Intent.

originally constructed

Gairo was originally constructed on unstable ground.

It was originally constructed in gauge.

The depot was originally constructed in 1894 as two buildings.

not originally

Cathal Power did not originally intend to franchise the concept.

It was not originally intended to receive a nut, but did have a shank.

The letters that Anna Maria wrote were not originally made to be published.

originally appeared   (başlangıçta ortaya çıktı)

"TwinBee" originally appeared as an arcade game.

It originally appeared in serialized form between 1928 and 1940.

All material in the book originally appeared in "The New Yorker".

originally broadcast   (aslen yayın)

It was originally broadcast on CBS on May 1, 1978.

It was then originally broadcast on 19 September.

It was originally broadcast in 1985 for one season.

originally conceived   (başlangıçta tasarlanmış)

"Year One" was originally conceived as a graphic novel.

Parker originally conceived the project in Perth in 2007.

The concept for the game was originally conceived in 1995.

originally set

Don Taylor was originally set to be Darnell's co star.

"Shinobi III" was originally set to be released in 1992.

The role of Marguerita was originally set for Chita Rivera.

originally made

Both had been originally made for Topham Beauclerk.

Royale was originally made available in December 2004.

Cornelius kegs were originally made by Cornelius, Inc.

originally owned

It was originally owned by North Dakota Broadcasting.

This section was originally owned by the Oxford Canal.

The station was originally owned by Joseph W. Shaffer.

originally proposed   (başlangıçta önerilen)

This hypothesis was originally proposed by James A.

UDDI was originally proposed as a core Web service standard.

The law was originally proposed in 2009.

originally opened

It originally opened in 1802 and closed in 1961.

The Wokingham Head Office was originally opened in 1982.

The sanctuary originally opened in 1965, as "Marineland".

song was originally

The song was originally recorded by Shirley Bassey.

The song was originally released on January 1, 2014.

The song was originally titled "What a Woman!

station was originally   (istasyon başlangıçta)

The station was originally named Chater Station.

The Woodbridge station was originally built in 1992.

The station was originally owned by Joseph W. Shaffer.

originally based

The company was originally based at Amagertorv 11.

The Third Army was originally based in Dubno.

The Institute was originally based at Moredun, in Edinburgh.

film was originally   (film aslında)

The film was originally written for Walter Brennan.

The film was originally known as "The Big Jump".

The film was originally known as "Stranglehold".

originally meant   (başlangıçta)

Her term was originally meant to last five years.

"Kartinah" was originally meant to be titled "Kartini".

Henry Koster was originally meant to direct.

originally played

He originally played for various Dutch youth teams.

Basketball was originally played with a soccer ball.

The part was originally played in 1973 by J. J. Armes.

originally included

The album originally included a 7" single "Escapades".

"Pityrodia" was originally included in the Verbenaceae.

Northamptonshire was originally included in the Diocese of Lincoln.

album was originally

The album was originally shipped with a postcard.

The album was originally released as a vinyl LP in 1979.

The album was originally going to be called "Roadworks".

originally performed

It was originally performed in one act.

Tracks 2, 3, 12, 16, 20, and 23–26 originally performed by Oasis.

The group originally performed under the name Midnight Expressions.

originally thought   (aslen düşünülmüş)

It was originally thought to be a substantial oil field site.

Picking the entries won't be as easy as it's originally thought.

They are originally thought to have numbered 400 but only eight remain.

originally started

The band was originally started by Neeraj Shridhar.

KISS was originally started as a brand of J & H Co., Ltd. in 1998.

Mahendra takes the boy away to Kolkata, where the story originally started.

originally consisted   (başlangıçta oluşuyordu)

The fleet originally consisted of five DH60 Gipsy Moths.

It originally consisted only of naos and polygonal altar apse.

The team originally consisted of people connected to Lund University.

originally came

The Gayer family originally came from Liskeard.

His family originally came from Mash'had, Iran.

The statements originally came from the school regent.

originally produced

The play was originally produced in Germany.

They originally produced Philadelphia brand cream cheese.

ITV's coverage was originally produced by Mach 1 Productions from 1997–1999.

building was originally

The building was originally called the Sibley School.

The plan of the building was originally a simple rectangle.

The building was originally a Taoist Temple, built in 1719.

originally referred

Rugby union was originally referred to as rugby football.

The word 'Caraguatá' originally referred to a local plant.

originally wanted   (başlangıçta aranıyor)

He originally wanted to be a laboratory researcher.

Chao had originally wanted to study medicine and be a doctor.

Bogart had originally wanted his wife Lauren Bacall to be cast as Sabrina.

originally designated

The project was originally designated "Spec 150".

It was originally designated in November 1973.

I-680 in Omaha was originally designated Interstate 280.

originally announced

It was originally announced for release in 2012.

(Rex Harrison had been originally announced as the star.)

The Huawei Honor 6X was originally announced in October 2016.

originally signed

He was originally signed by the New Orleans Saints.

Jay Dratler was originally signed to write the script.

Jacobz was originally signed to the show for six months.

originally slated   (başlangıçta arduvaz)

Films originally slated for production at Crest

The album's release was originally slated for February.

The new movie was originally slated for release in 2011.

originally going

The album was originally going to be called "Roadworks".

The tournament was originally going to be hosted in Venezuela.

"Spider in the Snow" was originally going to have real strings.

originally composed

It was originally composed of Claude Moine, a.k.a.

The infantry barracks were originally composed of twin buildings.

The Regional Council of Apulia was originally composed of 50 regional councillors.

originally housed

The building originally housed 32 very large luxury apartments.

The building originally housed the general machining business Novelty Mfg.

The museum was originally housed in the Briggs building on Fayetteville Street.

originally supposed   (başlangıçta varsayılan)

He was originally supposed to spend four months there.

Townsend was originally supposed to play the lead role of Brett.

The cable was originally supposed to be shipped as a pack-in with the game.

originally served

The station originally served local trains only.

It originally served the Estur family as a chapel to Gatcombe House.

It originally served grades 1-12, then served grades 10-5 until 1969.

originally only   (başlangıçta sadece)

The label was originally only distributed from San Antonio.

It originally only featured works by Yi.

The Cheshire Red reports were originally only commissioned as a two book series.

originally featured

It originally featured on the soundtrack to "Pantheon".

It originally featured a fountain and Astroturf floors.

The league originally featured 60 teams.

song originally

Paper Plane (song) "Paper Plane" is a rock song originally by Status Quo.

The recording would feature "Know Your Rights", a song originally performed by The Clash.

The song originally belonged to rapper YG, and featured female rappers, Kash Doll and Dreezy.

originally introduced

It was originally introduced in 1979 by Ando et al.

The Pontiac Pursuit was originally introduced in Canada as a sedan in 2005.

The Wuling Rongguang was originally introduced during the 2008 Beijing Auto Show.

originally operated

It originally operated on 1490 kHz and ran 250 watts.

The factory originally operated from 1802 or 1803 to 1821.

It was originally operated by the Royal Canadian Air Force.

originally ran

The SER originally ran trains from here to "via" .

The trains originally ran on a two-car configuration.

The programme originally ran from 1963 to 1989.

game was originally

The game was originally promised for the summer of 2007.

The concept for the game was originally conceived in 1995.

The game was originally released in 1976.

area was originally

The forest area was originally established in 1956.

It suggests that the area was originally swampy.

The area was originally inhabited by the Huastec people.

originally held

Annual convention was originally held every October.

Built in 1995, it originally held 3,635 people.

The interior of the building originally held 102 apartments.

originally settled   (başlangıçta yerleşmiş)

He originally settled in Windham, New Hampshire.

Ghasm's inhabitants were originally settled Bedouin.

Solomon was originally settled by the Fish River tribe.

species was originally

This species was originally discovered by native Malaysians.

The species was originally described in 1774 by Jacob Christian Schäffer.

This species was originally described in 1819, and named "Capillaria plica".

originally considered

It was originally considered a centre-left party.

Police originally considered her death a drug overdose.

The company originally considered offering its blacklist for free.

originally began

Production for this film originally began in 1976.

It originally began as a rewards-based platform.

originally began as a short EP recording.

originally belonged   (aslen aitti)

Her family originally belonged to the Mongol Plain Blue Banner.

The manor of Chesworth originally belonged to the de Braose family.

originally launched

The 400H emulsion was originally launched as NPH400 in 2002.

The channel was originally launched in 2012, replacing Direct 8.

The channel is owned and was originally launched by Canis Media.

series was originally

The series was originally broadcast on BBC2.

The series was originally aired on Canale 5 on 20 March 1992.

The series was originally titled "Mysteries and Myths with Megan Fox".

what was originally

Alameda occupies what was originally a peninsula connected to Oakland.

The Kwai Chung Incineration Plant once stood on what was originally the north side of the island.

The district encompasses the town located along what was originally the National Pike (now MD 144).

originally given

"Celsus" was originally given to someone particularly tall.

The name originally given to DSU was Dongseo College of Technology.

It was purchased by the museum from Spartali & Co in 1882 and originally given the accession number 82-7-4, 38.

originally cast   (başlangıçta döküm)

Paulette Goddard was originally cast as Mike.

Tom Bosley was also originally cast as Dimitri Weismann.

Elisabeth Bergner was originally cast in the role of Anna.

originally stood

It originally stood in the Chapel of Santa Lucia.

The pyramid originally stood high with a base length of .

It originally stood for The Electronic Broadcast Company.

band originally

While the band originally broke up in 1992 after a European tour.

The band originally consisted of Weaver, Anna Greenwood, Dave Tyack and Sam Yates.

The band originally announced in August 2013 that work had commenced on the band's next album.

originally placed

Cope originally placed creodonts within the Insectivora.

On "", Crowley was originally placed into the Kota Tribe.

The species in this genus were originally placed in the genus "Dasyatis" by most authors.

building originally

The building originally was Johnston Junior High School.

The interior of the building originally held 102 apartments.

The building originally housed 32 very large luxury apartments.

station originally   (başlangıçta istasyon)

The station originally served local trains only.

The station originally had an ERP of 3 kw at an HAAT of 197 feet.

The station originally played classical music as well as jazz music at various times of the day.

originally expected

It was originally expected that the series would premiere on OUTtv in the late spring of 2012.

First deliveries of over 15 bcm per year were originally expected to start by the end of 2011.

The rebuilding was originally expected to cost €19 million, but as of 2010 had cost €22.5 million.

name was originally

Yang Yanzhao's given name was originally Yanlang (延朗).

His name was originally Kamatchi, later changed to Kamarajar.

The name was originally used by an organisation which existed from 1815—1843.

school was originally   (okul başlangıçta)

The school was originally named Ansan 1 University.

The school was originally built for 320 children.

The school was originally built in the 1950s with an addition in 1978.

originally contained

The town originally contained three small settlements.

Some sections originally contained factories and industry.

It was created in year 405 A.D. originally contained 36 letters.

originally assigned

The station was originally assigned the call letters KTDO.

Schadlow was originally assigned to study the Soviet Union.

De Rossi was originally assigned by the network to play Heidi Fernandez.

originally founded   (başlangıçta kuruldu)

Ajax Cape Town was originally founded by John Comitis and Rob Moore in 1999.

The club was originally founded in 1945 and was dissolved during the Korean War.

The depot was originally founded as Naval Air Rework Facility (NARF) Jacksonville.

originally envisioned   (başlangıçta öngörülen)

The F-15 was originally envisioned as a pure air-superiority aircraft.

It was originally envisioned as a TV series but then became a feature.

Spears had originally envisioned "Sheryl Crow music, but younger; more adult contemporary."

originally commissioned

It was originally commissioned by the National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR).

The Philharmonic Society of London originally commissioned the symphony in 1817.

Thirty-eight years after being originally commissioned, the ship was decommissioned on 31 March 2006.

originally drafted   (başlangıçta hazırlanmış)

Bush was originally drafted and signed by the Chicago Cubs in for $1,000.

Senate bill SB179 was originally drafted by State Senators Toni Atkins and Scott Wiener.

He was originally drafted by the Arizona Cardinals eighth overall in the 1999 NFL Draft.

family originally   (başlangıçta aile)

The Gayer family originally came from Liskeard.

His family originally came from Mash'had, Iran.

Her family originally belonged to the Mongol Plain Blue Banner.

originally issued

It was originally issued on June 24, 1997.

It was originally issued as the b-side of the single 2 + 2 = ?.

Note: all of these were originally issued by Epic within the U.S. on vinyl LP.

series originally

The series originally aired on Five and Nick Jr. in the United Kingdom.

is the imprint for manga series originally run in the "Jump Square" magazine.

The series originally aired from September 6, 1969 to September 4, 1971 on ABC.

originally occupied

Brzesko was originally occupied in 1939.

The house was originally occupied by George Banta and his wife, Ellen.

The site was originally occupied by a house, which pre-dated the Norman conquest of England.

site was originally   (site başlangıçta)

The site was originally a clay pit as far back as 1859.

The site was originally excavated from 1975 to 1984, and again in 2004, 2006, and 2009.

The site was originally occupied by a house, which pre-dated the Norman conquest of England.

originally found

Péricard originally found 69 human figurines in the caves.

Methyl phenyl ether is anisole, because it was originally found in aniseed.

Laryngeals and pharyngeals originally found in Lishanid Noshan have not been preserved.

originally wrote

Feiffer originally wrote it as a novel.

Blanco originally wrote "The Clear Word" as a devotional exercise for himself.

Dublanica started the blog in 2004 and originally wrote anonymously as "The Waiter."

originally offered

Alex Pettyfer was originally offered the role of Jace Wayland, but turned it down.

The site was originally offered for sale in early 2008 with offers to be received by July 2008.

Jabara originally offered the song to Donna Summer, who then scored a hit with "Last Dance" (1978).

show was originally   (gösteri aslında)

The show was originally to have been called "The A-Squad".

The show was originally broadcast on WGBH but was later shown by PBS.

The show was originally planned to debut with park's 10th-anniversary "Be Magical!"