İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

each other   (herbiri)

partners were able to know each other's salaries).

Those things are not in opposition to each other."

They wish each other well during the coming fight.

many other   (Diğer birçok)

There are many other side streets around the town.

There are many other deliberately insulting terms.

Knuth's model has many other instructions as well.

other hand   (Diğer el)

On the other hand, the school of Bodmer applauded.

On the other hand, he may have been born on Nayau.

On the other hand, Haeckel was not an anti-Semite.

several other   (birkaç tane daha)

It is the basis for several other standing asanas.

and was quickly covered by several other artists.

There are also several other religious communities.

other races   (diğer ırklar)

In ten other races he was unsuccessful.

Along with five other races, it forms the World Marathon Majors.

However, women of other races have proposed alternative feminisms.

among other   (diğerleri arasında)

It was, among other things, a sodomy law in Norway.

", "The Closer", "Nip/Tuck" and among other series.

Fiber enhances digestion, among other benefits.

other countries   (diğer ülkeler)

There were 855 entries, some from other countries.

Similar requirements may apply in other countries.

It has since been published in 14 other countries.

all other   (Diğer tüm)

Tone can be high or low in all other environments.

in addition to all other state and federal funding.

That is, all other influences act "through" them.

other members   (diğer üyeler)

The other members then helped to complete the song.

For the other members, social rank is based on age.

(See Praetorius for other members of the family.)

other parts   (diğer bölümler)

It then spread from Umbria to other parts of Italy.

In other parts of the law, they were less equal.

Wine was exported to other parts of the empire.

other side   (diğer taraf)

There are many other side streets around the town.

Rander to villages on the other side of the river.

On the other side bulk ceramics made of UHTCs (e.g.

no other   (başka yok)

There are no other international rail connections.

However, no other sources support such statements.

There are no other gated villages in the community.

other things   (diğer şeyler)

The collection contains, amongst other things, ca.

So it means "and so forth" or "and other things".

It was, among other things, a sodomy law in Norway.

number of other   (diğer sayısı)

It also uses a smaller number of other newer DMUs.

A number of other galleries also carry his pieces.

), as well as , and a small number of other words.

other words   (Diğer kelimeler)

In other words, the sound in the film is diegetic.

), as well as , and a small number of other words.

In other words, the real numbers are not countable.

well as other   (diğerleri gibi)

pamphlet, as well as other similar publications.

Each station has a fire engine as well as other specialty rigs.

This list includes municipalities as well as other places with articles.

along with other   (Diğerleriyle birlikte)

This along with other new systems, vehicles, etc.

Ayda along with other spirits are shown in the forest.

New sails were added in 1971, along with other repairs.

various other   (diğer çeşitli)

'R2-45' by its various – various other techniques."

Wellington had various other nicknames: In addition:

added or subtracted, to yield various other relations.

other people   (diğer insanlar)

Unfortunately many other people have the same idea.

He has gotten used to other people surrounding him.

for meaningfully interacting with other people."

most other   (Diğerlerinin çoğu)

It is much bigger than most other leafcutting bees.

In practice, most other ministers also are members.

The temple faces west unlike most other Hindu temples.

other areas   (diğer alanlar)

Acts from all over Asia and other areas take part.

The school has students from other areas in New Orleans.

The effect has also appeared in other areas.

other artists   (diğer sanatçılar)

and was quickly covered by several other artists.

He also writes or produces songs for other artists.

He also started to write music for other artists.

other species   (diğer türler)

The other species is called the Asian gypsy moth.

Similar phenotypes are known in many other species.

The term "calf" is also used for some other species.

other major   (Diğer büyük)

The other major cities are Ferdows, Tabas and Qaen.

17203)and other major cities of India by rail road.

This place connects almost all the other major towns.

against each other   (birbirlerine karşı)

The muscles work both with and against each other.

The show pitted two contestants against each other.

Segunda División teams were drawn against each other.

among other things   (Diğer şeylerin yanı sıra)

It was, among other things, a sodomy law in Norway.

At the back is the transport sector, among other things.

", among other things, depending on context and inflection.

other forms   (diğer formlar)

Journalists also face other forms of intimidation.

They receive other forms of compensation as well.

Many types are blended or supported by other forms.

only other   (sadece diğer)

The only other broadcaster named was Bob Costas.

The only other settlements are Kynosoúra (pop.

The only other building on the property is the garage.

other works   (diğer işler)

The museum bought 47 other works for $23 million.

No other works by Guillaume de Jonckeu are known.

Her other works include plays and children's books.

other cities   (diğer şehirler)

They may contain other cities, towns, and villages.

Additional chapters were started in other cities.

Fans in other cities soon picked up the chant.

other states   (diğer eyaletler)

Groups from other states were requesting information.

In other states, however, no additional fee is required.

Four other states have passed similar laws.

other types   (diğer çeşitler)

It is also being studied for other types of cancer.

This is in common with other types of surface waves.

It is very similar to the other types of Punjabi halwa.

numerous other   (çok sayıda diğer)

Wright has numerous other projects in development.

The walls have numerous other medieval paintings.

1928 had under taken numerous other developments.

other languages   (Diğer diller)

Chandidas), or adaptations from other languages (e.g.

CLU has influenced many other languages in many ways.

in Italian, Spanish, and some other languages.

other places   (diğer yerler)

Many other places were also affected by air raids.

Settlers from Bengal and other places also live here.

Some other places he renamed after members of his family.

other sources   (diğer kaynaklar)

The pregnant Eithne flees as in the other sources.

However, no other sources support such statements.

For other sources for Admiral Nelson see Royal Navy

other players   (diğer oyuncular)

Players can sanction other players with some gold.

The other players could also bid these contracts.

"I don't think the other players saw Joe glare at him.

other local   (diğer yerel)

This was on the same day as other local elections.

compared to other   (diğerlerine kıyasla)

The ribcage was deep compared to other sauropods.

Muslims are very rare compared to other nearby places.

Prize money is relatively low compared to other sports.

every other   (her biri)

At one stage every other building was a bordello.

Each team plays every other team in their pool once.

other groups   (diğer gruplar)

It is increasingly popular by other groups of people.

He is also a featured sideman with several other groups.

He assigned other names to the other groups.

other companies   (diğer şirketler)

This example was followed by some other companies.

He owns other companies, including Pacific Clay.

Electricity is also produced by 156 other companies.

other characters   (diğer karakterler)

The other characters were Lester and Ramona Whales.

The other characters must be unlocked via Nexus mode.

(a line spoken by several other characters).

all the other   (diğerleri)

If we did that, we'd get all the other side issues.

Almost all the other stretches have been pulled up.

It will become all one thing, or all the other."

few other   (birkaç tane daha)

This led to changes in the map and a few other tweaks.

He has also been frontman for a few other pop punk bands.

There are also a few other kindergartens.

other teams   (diğer takımlar)

There Villavicencio failed due to the other teams.

The other teams have to play in the Open Division.

Each team plays the other teams in their group once.

other candidates   (diğer adaylar)

None of the other candidates reached the 10% mark.

None of the other candidates exceeded the 5% mark.

McDonald won that race over two other candidates.

other projects   (diğer projeler)

Wright has numerous other projects in development.

Catherine Delaunay is part of many other projects.

The group split in 2008 to pursue other projects.

other women   (diğer kadın)

Many other women worked in school lunch programs.

Mary Botsford and Dolores Pinero were the other women.

Canetti remained open to relationships with other women.

other buildings   (diğer binalar)

Slowly other buildings were added as the school grew.

The present cathedral was preceded by other buildings.

Library and archives were relocated to other buildings.

other events   (diğer olaylar)

The facility also hosted concerts and other events.

Kpossi was disqualified from both of her other events.

Currently, Holy Wars is discontinued for other events.

other factors   (diğer faktörler)

), temperature, and other factors in the environment.

However, there may have been other factors.

Personal conflicts and other factors lead to their breakup.

other locations   (diğer yerler)

Several other locations also bear this name.

It also used concentration camp labor at other locations.

Many other locations have been suggested through the years.

other important   (diğer önemli)

The other important town in Jawei Chiefdom is Benduma.

Shiva Temple is other important temple in the village.

It has no other important hormonal activity.

other regions   (diğer bölgeler)

In other regions is filled with ham or polish meat.

Visitors also came from other regions of Italy.

Similar initiatives have begun to appear in other regions.

other times   (diğer zamanlar)

He visited Malaysia and Singapore many other times.

At other times, Velchanos was depicted as an eagle.

The afterburners were switched off at all other times.

other small   (diğer küçük)

Boiled with other small fish is used for fish soup.

Several other small airlines operate from the airport.

It feeds mostly on insects and other small arthropods.

other nations   (diğer uluslar)

Most other nations replied with similar larger ships.

Denmark has long had good relations with other nations.

The song was a hit in other nations as well.

other men   (diğer erkekler)

Waters worked in association with two other men.

They start chasing the other men who escaped.

The other men, looking terrified, make a quick retreat.

other media   (diğer medya)

In other media, the television series "Sledge Hammer!"

That theme was picked up by other media in New Zealand.

The "Omaha World-Herald" reflected what other media reported.

other public   (diğer halk)

There are no toilets or other public facilities nearby.

The fourth floor featured a ballroom and other public space.

The paper is distributed in bars, cafés and other public spaces.

other half   (diğer yarı)

The other half was purchased at an advance in 1690.

The other half go to the god Odin's hall, Valhalla.

The other half would go to the state's general fund.

other end   (diğer ucu)

On the other end of Soesdyke is the village Timehri.

At the other end, Morris began to take control.

On the other end, he heard Amber and Deacon having sex.

other animals   (diğer hayvanlar)

Bears, like other animals, may symbolize nations.

Dogs exploit other animals by killing and eating them.

In other animals, growling can occur for various reasons.

other cases   (diğer durumlar)

In some other cases the steps may be done in place.

In other cases, the association is mere pretense.

In other cases the skull is put in sacred place.

other parties   (diğer partiler)

Independents won 13 seats and other parties won 53.

Occasionally, other parties run candidates in elections.

other activities   (diğer aktiviteler)

Sheep breeding and beehiving are other activities.

Agriculture and beehiving are other activities.

Goat and cattle breeding are other activities.

other songs   (diğer şarkılar)

Several of the other songs on the album are standards.

The other songs of the album were in English.

Most reviewers compared "Panic Station" to other songs.

other schools   (diğer okullar)

However, it took time for other schools to follow.

The other schools are North Adams and West Union.

The remaining students began attending other schools.

other notable   (diğer kayda değer)

Many other notable Venetians also visited India.

This and other notable rankings appear in the table below.

The other notable portrait was done by Robert Rauschenberg.

other children   (Diğer çocuklar)

The dead included an infant and other children.

No record of a wife or other children has been found.

She was asked if there were any other children at home.

other organizations   (diğer organizasyonlar)

They often work with other organizations.

Students do study tours to other organizations, places, and sites.

GSP also periodically co-sponsors events with other organizations.

other similar   (diğer benzer)

No other similar scrolls have yet been discovered.

pamphlet, as well as other similar publications.

Systers also influenced other similar mailing lists.

against other   (diğerine karşı)

This area is defended vehemently against other gibbons.

Uyesugi reportedly made threats against other co-workers' lives.

It defends this hole against other sea urchins of its own species.

other team   (Diğer Takım)

No other team has matched that dubious feat since.

Each team plays every other team in their pool once.

amongst other   (diğerleri arasında)

The collection contains, amongst other things, ca.

in fish) just below the epidermis, amongst other chromatophores.

This work was shown at the Jersey City Museum, amongst other places.

other items   (Diğer öğeler)

Among other items, Miriam finds a locket.

Various recordings do not stick to the formal suites but include other items.

Yamamoto discovered the Diary of Sora among other items of classical fine arts.

variety of other   (diğer çeşitler)

Parish notes a variety of other production problems.

A variety of other anions inhibit laccase.

It is used in a variety of other recipes.

other publications   (diğer yayınlar)

A selection of these and other publications includes:

Among McClintock's other publications are:

A sample of these and other publications:

other sports   (diğer sporlar)

She loves hiking, rock climbing, and other sports.

In all other sports, the conference is undivided.

Besides football he was practicing other sports.

other state   (diğer eyalet)

in addition to all other state and federal funding.

Numerous other state and federal charges are pending.

SR 835 does not intersect with any other state highways.

other way   (Diğer yol)

Would I play any other way than what I'm saying?

Others believe that it was the other way around.

You cannot have any interpretation in any other way."

other aspects   (diğer görüşler)

This and other aspects of the game were very well balanced.

The other aspects of the film have been similarly skewered.

), rent, and other aspects of capitalism such as wage labour.

other films   (diğer filmler)

Other actors portrayed Stierlitz in several other films.

Later into the 1990s and 2000s, De Palma did other films.

His other films include "Who is the Guilty?

other books   (diğer kitaplar)

The planet appears in several other books, as well.

His other books include: "Is Anybody Listening?"

He wrote several other books on film and literature.

other prominent   (diğer önemli)

The delegation included two other prominent Muslims.

No other prominent Englishman did so in this period.

It also attracted the business of other prominent figures.

other services   (diğer servisler)

Many of the other services were little changed.

These cards serve as a gateway to other services the school offers.

The Navy shares the same discipline problems as the other services.

other towns   (diğer kasabalar)

Several minor expeditions took other towns on the sounds.

Several other towns have also small ports.

The only other towns it borders are Schaumburg and Roselle.

other students   (diğer öğrenciler)

Some other students are G. Sadananda Aithala, K.G.

As a result, Quire and two other students are killed.

Ramesh and the other students mourn the death of Lakshmi.

other units   (diğer birimler)

There are many other units that vary the mechanics.

Most of the seeds are procured from other units (i.e.

Only then was it topped up with 22 sappers from other units.

other stations   (diğer istasyonlar)

Many of its channels are rented to other stations.

"J&K Saturdays" was syndicated to other stations.

There are other stations in the district viz.

other international   (diğer uluslararası)

There are no other international rail connections.

The strip is also published in several other international newspapers.

He also belonged to several other international academic institutions.

other social   (diğer sosyal)

Dr. Seuss also addresses other social issues, such as conformity.

Most of other social and cultural organizations were banned as well.

Like many other social problems, streetism can be effectively handled.

other institutions   (diğer kurumlar)

This letter opened up many doors in the SvFF and other institutions.

Like the other institutions, the Parliament's seat was not yet fixed.

Casinos and other institutions for gambling might also be monopolized.

other ships   (diğer gemiler)

The survivors were picked up by other ships in the area.

"Mora", larger than the other ships, was also much faster.

This was performed on s, and s and other ships circa 1946-50.

other materials   (diğer materyaller)

Tree bark such as lime and other materials were also used.

Some chemicals can degrade concrete, metals, and other materials.

Similar behavior has been observed in crystals made of other materials.

unlike other   (diğerlerinden farklı olarak)

Arabidopsis, unlike other plants’ genomes (e.g.

unlike other parvoviruses where this has been examined.

However, unlike other factors, gender division is temporary.

alongside other   (diğer yanında)

alongside other pieces by Bacon, Klimt, Rembrandt, Rodin and Picasso.

Robertson competed in a 3-on-3 tournament after the season alongside other SEC players.

His remains were reinterred at Oakland Cemetery alongside other family members in 2009.

other large   (diğer büyük)

This arrangement was also used by most other large Garratts.

It became the model for a number of other large pulpits in Sweden.

Hogg also endeavored to rein in abuses by other large corporations.

other issues   (diğer sorunlar)

Several other issues are briefly discussed in the book.

Humans, however, tend to have trouble with other issues.

It does not address other issues, such as the dutch book.