among others   (とりわけ)

The apostles' answer includes Elijah among others.

K. K. Rathnam, and K. S. Ravikumar, among others.

1983 - among others the early vinyl of Poison Idea.

many others   (他の多くの)

Members include Gandi, Alern, FDN and many others.

Many Potanos were killed, and many others captured.

in phone numbers), acronyms, arrows and many others.

amongst others   (とりわけ)

The site provided AS and A level courses, amongst others.

He shot down, amongst others, three Fokker D.VII aircraft.

These are being replaced by the Optare Solo bus, amongst others.

several others

2 learners were killed and several others injured.

de Soto killed Captain Souley and several others.

Lori and several others ran the hoaxed account.

among many others

"The Godfather" (1969); among many others.

and Peter Brötzmann, among many others.

This new image eventually helped cure Ivan, among many others.

all others

In all others, the scene is rather more conceptual.

Each engine competes against all others.

To avenge them and all others like them Frank becomes The Punisher.

others such

He was encouraged in this endeavor by others such as N.B.

and miscellaneous others such as "bo", "qi", "om", and "ka".

The song has been recorded by others such as Dean Martin, Jerry Vale and Joni James.

few others

(Avante Rose), Techniec and a few others.

The only ones who did so were General Tabera and a few others.

A few others have recalled getting stung by venomous jellyfish.

along with others

Agreeable individuals value getting along with others.

Disagreeable individuals place self-interest above getting along with others.

Tracks from Stravarious were later re-issued, along with others on "Do What You Like".

well as others   (他の人と同様に)

As well as others listed on the referenced site.

This use, as well as others, is detailed below.

Many studios were established as well as others that entered the Cycle of the film industry independently.

others including

This included parts of Special Branch, but excluded others including CID officers.

Along with others including Eunice Kennedy, Burke is a founder of the Special Olympics.

She employed between others including the Kalouta sisters, Orestis Makris, Sofia Vebo, Rena Dor, Al.

all the others

Each team plays all the others in their pool once.

With the knife, she freed Houarn and all the others.

A second chicken can peck all the others except the first, and so on.

whereas others   (一方、他の)

The government paid the salary of some doctors, whereas others were private.

For statistical purposes, some count DCIS as a "cancer", whereas others do not.

Some subjects of the governor reportedly converted to Islam, whereas others did not.

help others

She is a kindly person who is eager to help others.

In Jack's parting letter, he asked for his parents to help others.

They must try their maximum to help others, and see everything around them as lord Ayyappa.

numerous others

94 seafarers were killed and numerous others were injured.

", "Honey and Clover", "Mobile Suit Gundam 00" and numerous others.

and is used in numerous others, such as on placards in Washington State.

others believe

Nonetheless others believe his actions are not sufficient in some cases.

Some believe that the month is 29 days and others believe that the month is 30 days.

Still others believe that the term black is inaccurate because African Americans have a variety of skin tones.

others were injured

Many others were injured, including 39 policemen.

Six people were killed and eight others were injured.

Twenty-two others were injured in the blast.

whilst others   (他の間)

Some sources document its establishment in 1803 whilst others cite 1806.

Yet another was "tied to a cross and raped whilst others masturbated at the side".

Charles Goodyear) making rather little money from their work whilst others were able to market it.

others say

but others say the meaning of the Indian name is lost.

This inability to hear what others say is called death.

While most accounts say the race was held in Catford, others say it was Germany.

number of others   (他の数)

Robespierre and a number of others were arrested.

A number of others were less seriously hurt.

One person on the ground also died, and a number of others were injured.

still others   (まだ他の人)

In still others, the current is entirely due to positive charge flow.

Some say that it comes from the Arabic "Sila", others say from Latin, and still others from Catalan meaning "the island".

Some of the laughs are hilarious and sad at the same time, others are both funny and creepy, and still others are cute and adorable.

others did

Each had special features that the others did not.

Some States paid off their war debts and others did not.

Therefore, others did not expect for him to betray Swift either.


The others – Rébuffat, Terray, Lachenal?

Three others – Harold, Gyrth, and Leofwine – all died on 14 October 1066, during the Battle of Hastings.

Joker is assigned to Military Journalism, while most of the others – including Pyle – are assigned to Infantry.

although others   (他の)

The company does not use an apostrophe in its name, although others sometimes mistakenly do so.

The first and only set had 349 cards, although others claim 348 for a missing "Extrapolate" card.

Some maintain that those scriptural references pertain to a spiritual death, although others disagree.

others include

Some others include actors Boris Karloff and Lon Chaney Jr.

Selected others include Real Madrid, Real Sociedad, Real Betis, Real Unión, Espanyol and Real Zaragoza.

Some digital synthesizers emulate analog synthesizers; others include sampling capability in addition to digital synthesis.

others use

Most states issue new plates every few years, others use revalidation through stickers.

Some use a button layout arranged in one way or another, while others use a piano-style keyboard.

Some countries use their national flag as the battle ensign, while others use their naval ensign.

others do not

Only, some fulfill their mission and others do not.

Some Islamic countries allow abortion, while others do not.

Some composting toilet designs use urine diversion, others do not.

others involved

My apologies to others involved with the film.

Wilder-Smith and others involved in the Karl-Heim-Gesellschaft (i.e., the Karl Heim Society).

The cottage had been searched by police looking for evidence of others involved with him in abuse.

helping others

EMU attempts to graduate people oriented toward the wider world and toward helping others.

White tendency is born from helping others and being supportive to other players, and defeating bosses.

Understood in the broad sense of "helping others," pastoral ministry is the responsibility of all Christians.

most others   (他のほとんど)

The building stands out by being taller than most others in Zilverparkkade.

Legendre's normalization does simplify a few formulae, but complicates most others.

Even so, his record is better than most others who led England during Chapman's career.

though others

Some were for the public good, though others were for himself.

Bottiglia instead calls it a miniature classic, though others are more forgiving of its size.

Two candles on the altar were customary, though others were placed around it and on the rood screen.

others through

Entrepreneurs acquire data on the plans from others through the price system.

Drivers are given certain cars before some race modes, and can unlock others through other vehicle challenges.

It was a community of trust and helping others through difficult times that is less apparent in today's society.

what others

This inability to hear what others say is called death.

I'm the guy that says what others can't.#PBA games are fixed.

He has an excruciating sensitivity to sounds, hearing what others do not.

others during

In 2001, a suicide bomber killed 10 people and injured 50 others during the Pohela Baishakh festivals.

Some of the games were modified or replaced by others during the seasons, while the final game remained unchanged.

Some had joined Rasul Khan when the Portuguese were forced to flee Goa in May 1510, others during the recent siege.

others show   (他の人が示す)

Champion without notes is considered absolute winner, others show the winning class.

Fogg, Weiskopf and the others show up again at the door, claiming to have a message from the President.

Avoiding the gruel, Fred instead eats hallucinogenic red berries, and throws up when the others show up.

others received

The others received prison sentences of up to fifty years.

Earnhardt, Jr, Bayne, Kyle Busch, and others received speeding penalties.

The others received sentences of imprisonment between 10 years and lifetime.

others argue   (他の人は主張する)

Peter Schönemann and others argue that MCV produces tautological results.

While others argue for 1899, when several new stars were hired to keep the team on top.

While many critics refer to film noir as a genre itself, others argue that it can be no such thing.

amongst many others

This TV performance, amongst many others, is included in the 3-hour documentary "Frida – The DVD".

The British used the island (amongst many others all around Africa) to patrol and control the slave traffic in the region.

His translations in French include works by William T. Vollmann, Thomas Pynchon and Mark Z. Danielewski, amongst many others.

others not

There are many others not all mentioned here.

Some people love him, others not so much.

Certain wines were considered good for the stomach, others not.

various others

Common Indian toad and bull frog are the various others traced in the area.

The live band revolved around a core of five, supplemented by various others.

As well as these leaders, various others related to them appear in the surviving record.

others claim   (他の主張)

The first and only set had 349 cards, although others claim 348 for a missing "Extrapolate" card.

Still others claim that Sheriff Webb accidentally discharged his own revolver, instigating the fusillade.

Harnessing this effect could generate a reactionless thrust, which Woodward and others claim to measure in various experiments.

others before

It can be applied for self or others before 31 October of every year.

He killed one person and wounded six others before committing suicide.

Later, drinking with Brienne and others before battle, Jaime knights Brienne.

others around   (周りの他)

in Birmingham, AL and others around the Atlanta area.

The player can also partake in online matches with others around the world.

The Minerva building also features winged lions on either side of the door, and others around the cupola.

others injured

2 learners were killed and several others injured.

45 bystanders were killed and 36 others injured.

Several people were killed in this attack and several others injured.

others found

Some of these have been introduced, others found their own way here.

Roderick and others found a location in Seattle, where Kelly said the three escapees were buried.

Though the complainants and many others found this article offensive, this does not make its publication unlawful."

others as well   (他の人も)

It is crucial that we share this experience with others as well."

Agricultural products include corn, cotton, wheat and others as well as sword-leaf dogbane.

"Ottos mops" has often been performed by others as well as Jandl himself, such as Harry Rowohlt.

against others   (他人に対して)

In "Risk", two or more players may team up against others.

Discrimination against others based on their appearance is known as lookism.

The classification system allows rowers to compete against others with a similar level of function.

others went

However, engine trouble kept her in port and others went out instead.

The others went freelance.

On June 16, there was a ceasefire, the Captain in charge of the camp and fifteen others went on leave.

others consider   (他の人が考慮する)

Some authorities classify it as its own family of instruments, while others consider it in the saxophone family.

Some historians assume Pyotr Tolstoy to have been an "okolnichy", while others consider he came from a "boyar" background.

Some believe Jigjidjav was only an acting prime minister, while others consider him to have been a prime minister in full.

others see

Charles Anang and others see Hannah as a "type" of Mary.

However, others see consent as essential.

Xu Shao cautioned Liu Yao, "Ze Rong doesn't care about how others see him.

others when   (他のとき)

There were "times when the organist played a solo and others when the congregation sang unaccompanied".

External reward is things that obtained from others when helping them, for instance, friendship and gratitude.

The game allowed fights that were very similar in style to "LORD", allowing players to attack others when they were offline.

others did not

Each had special features that the others did not.

Some States paid off their war debts and others did not.

Therefore, others did not expect for him to betray Swift either.

when others   (他のとき)

On the other hand, he is elated when others find it charming.

The study labeled this as 'nonaffirmation', and it occurs when others do not affirm one's sense of gender identity.

These thinkers supposed that worlds appeared and disappeared for a while, and that some were born when others perished.

others were wounded

One man was killed, seven others were wounded.

One man was killed, two others were wounded.

One was killed, five others were wounded.

not others

An RWD resource can be fit for addressing some questions, but not others.

It appears only irregularly, in some summers and not others, in western Sydney.

Transport proteins which allow some materials to pass through but not others are used for these functions.

others suggest   (他の人が提案する)

1764, and his sister two years later, while others suggest that Elizabeth was born ca.

Even though he receives no billing, he defends his "partner" when others suggest he is being taken advantage of by Miller.

Recent biographers and others suggest that Lancaster was bisexual, and that he had intimate relationships with men as well as women.

others felt

Although some critics chastised Balzac for reveling in negativity, others felt it simply reflected the condition of French society.

However, others felt that a video game was a depressing way for players to view such content, when alternatives like Playboy were available.

Prior to the season, some journalists argued that Manziel could suffer a sophomore slump, while others felt that he would continue to have success.

others made

Several of the crew jumped into the water while others made it onto the "Marquette".

Complaints by parents and others made to the Department were not properly investigated.

After the 2004 election, Vanderbei and then others made similar maps summarizing the results.

others followed

Two others followed in 2001 and 2002.

Many others followed including the ever popular Meyers Manx design.

After him, many others followed.

others because   (他の理由)

Those five could lead to thousands of others because females lay 200 eggs at a time beneath the bark of trees.

This sculpture was favoured above others because of how it represents Belfast's positive outlook for a peaceful future.

Each employee also watches for mistakes by the others because of the sometimes large number of bets and frantic pace of the game.

others remained

Some of these fell under Dutch control while others remained independent.

Some of the protesters changed their minds when the tower was built; others remained unconvinced.

However this did not persist and many became hostile and stayed away while others remained faithful worshippers.

others took

Some families obeyed; others took refuge in the mountains.

Some were performed daily, while others took place annually or on rarer occasions.

Several others took care of the distribution of the coupons, bringing them to Amsterdam areas.


This sways Grubbs into the others’ way of thinking.

Learning from others’ mistakes because they are so often our own.

Case studies and situation analysis are performed, during which comparison between others’ and own attitudes and opinions are made.

each others

They would be each others opponents in the coming years.

They spend the night out, sharing memories of each others' parents.

Then, Tracy and Nat Shine Ko meet and they try to reprisal to each others.

others are not

Some forms are danced while others are not.

ALS), while others are not (e.g.

Some of the trails are maintained while others are not and contain various routes.

others within

Many others within the SP rank-and-file mirrored these differences.

Apart from this road, all others within the parish are minor and unnumbered.

Released individuals can easily transfer an STD to others within the larger society.

others used

Vagabonds and the others used fresh fruit as a meze.

Many others used the meeting rooms for regular groups.

Mayne and others used the Smriti to extract elements of Anglo-Hindu law.

others wounded

Eight soldiers have been killed, and 85 others wounded.

Two civilians were killed and at least four others wounded.

"Fox" had one boatswain and one seaman killed, and seven others wounded.

others came

But others came from Silesia, Switzerland, German lands, and the Low Countries.

Gregory Corso, Roy Lichtenstein, Patti Smith and others came by to pay their respects.

At the same time, many others came to Singapore from places like Medan, Palembang and the Riau Islands.

others became

A number of his pupils joined the order; others became bishops.

"Old New Hampshire" was voted the official song in late 1977, and the others became "honorary".

In the early 1970s, artists like The Carpenters, Barbra Streisand, Neil Diamond, James Taylor, and others became core artists.

others began

Sadiq and six others began their formal trial on 3 October 2009 in Pakistan.

In December 1833 he and about 30 others began meeting and formed Cradley Heath Baptist Church.

Since 1900, Filipinos and others began to migrate to the traditional regions where the Batak lived.

others only   (その他のみ)

Some television programs are explicitly educational, while others only incidentally so.

But his works are so intricate that it can be viewed by others only through magnifying lens.

A number of buildings were damaged beyond repair while others only suffered cosmetic damage.

lives of others

While building his company, Lowe became involved with the lives of others.

Piper examines the question, “Why am I here?” He uses examples from his own life as well as from the lives of others.

"I fear I am forever doomed to remain public property and to have my life worn out through the care for the lives of others."

more than others

Certain sub-castes are shunned more than others.

Griffons tend to bond with one human more than others.

Certain antibiotic classes result in resistance more than others.

themselves and others

The rest of the procession began killing themselves and others.

SCVO works to support people to take voluntary action to help themselves and others, and to bring about social change.

The SES is designed to empower people to help themselves and others in their community in times of emergency and disaster.

others were arrested

Robespierre and a number of others were arrested.

Kavanaugh and four others were arrested for theft of funds.

Armfeldt and three others were arrested.

followed by others

Additional studies were conducted in 1975 and 1978, followed by others thereafter.

These were later (7th and 5th centuries BC) followed by others that can be identified as Celts.

This tribe was followed by others, ethnically and linguistically diverse, who added the name Chalca to their own.

others were killed

Mohammed Atef and several others were killed.

Two others were killed during the attacks while eight seamen escaped during the shipjackings.

The number of hostages waxed and waned as some were ransomed and released, new ones were taken and others were killed."

countless others   (無数の他の人)

", "Half a Sixpence", "Annie", "Barnum", "The Threepenny Opera", "Monty Python's Spamalot", and countless others.

Traditional conventions of the judiciary had all but been abandoned during the trials of Hoveyda and countless others.

During that time she also helped countless others leave the country while it was still possible for German Jews to do so legally.

others formed

In 1911 Williams and others formed the Temple Aero Club.

The railway directors and others formed the Dartmouth Harbour Commissioners.

In 1989, Cooperman and six others formed the Shuswap Environmental Action Society (SEAS).

others left

The others left with $2,500.

The Army of the Western Garden was disbanded after Yuan Shao and the others left.

Many Germans died of tropical disease, while others left the colonies to find better living conditions.

others joined

As one department left eight others joined that year.

Others served in the royal court, and some others joined the Assyrian military.

Pitt, DiCaprio, Robbie, Zoë Bell, Kurt Russell, and others joined the cast between January and June 2018.

towards others

Virtuous action towards others begins with virtuous and sincere thought, which begins with knowledge.

Raised on the White Moon, he is somewhat antisocial towards others and would rather remain secluded within his room on board the Elsior.

It is also explained that Blake might as well be Cheever's most unlikable character, and is remarkable for his callous attitude towards others.

others died

Only one man survived, the others died of exposure.

Two others died of their injuries in hospital.

Twelve others died in two shipwrecks off the coast of Canada.

others believed

Some ancient writers viewed Atlantis as fictional or metaphorical myth; others believed it to be real.

Public reaction was mixed; some accepted the images as genuine, others believed that they had been faked.

A former board member, Randal Kirk, publicly stated that he and others believed that Sullivan was the wrong pick from the start.

others included

Members of this group in 1938 included the following: At various times, others included:

Xelha was one of several key ports of the Maya city of Coba; others included Tancah and Tulum.

Some early recipes called for lime juice to be mixed in, though others included lime only as a garnish.

others still   (他の人はまだ)

There are five finished songs and seven others still in the works.

Although some find its style somewhat dated now, others still recommend it prominently.

He goes back to his home and tells his lawyer friend that loving people who love others still exists.

others criticized

Many praised him, but others criticized him for "picking over old wounds".

Some critics hailed its representation of oppression and political turmoil, while others criticized the more explicit material.

Some critics commended the album's collaborations and excellent production value, but others criticized its lack of creativity.

ten others

Trotter and ten others were arrested.

German coastal batteries sank nine gunships and damaged ten others.

It was named after Paul de Martin de Viviès who, with ten others, spent the winter of 1949 on the island.

compared to others

But Swan also found the game setting insubstantial compared to others.

The presence of one-man bands is more prominent in this genre compared to others.

It allows a person to see where there life is at compared to others, based on past experiences.

others remain   (他は残っています)

Some have been removed while others remain in situ."

On the other hand, others remain skeptical.

Although the 'Yellow Face' casting outraged many fans, others remain at peace with it.

so many others

Alternatively, it has been suggested that Zoroaster (like so many others) and Hermes are one and the same.

"Those who felt they were able to play tricks with norms, they have betrayed those good men and so many others in the church who are working today," he said.

Louis was always immensely generous with his time, and I - like so many others - knew that I could call him anytime and hear that familiar greeting, 'What's up?'