İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

broke out between   (arasında patlak verdi)

A sharp conflict then broke out between the two men.

In May 2007, new fighting broke out between the factions.

An argument broke out between Vann and Ba.

spoke out against   (karşı konuştu)

in the past, he spoke out against local and state tax increases.

When they saw injustice, all these scholars spoke out against it.

Hugo spoke out against the death penalty and for freedom of speech.

find out what   (ne arıyorsun)

Kazul decides to go home and find out what's happening.

The others never find out what Andy did.

Mercy agrees to take her in and to find out what is happening.

figure out how   (nasıl olduğunu anlamaya)

We’re doing what we can to figure out how to manage that effectively."

Stratton also applied psychological concepts to figure out how to avert war.

But first, Tum must figure out how to zip up his trousers without hurting himself.

figure out what   (ne olduğunu bul)

Soon they were trying to figure out what was going on.

She has to figure out what she can get out of the partnership.

I couldn't figure out what it was."

carried out during

The protest was carried out during the morning formation on Monday the 14th.

Some restoration of the remaining castle ruins was carried out during the 1980s.

Air-sea rescue operations carried out during war have saved valuable trained and experienced airmen.

carried out between

Observations were carried out between 1895 and 1933.

Further restoration was carried out between 1993 and 1995.

The patrol itself was carried out between Jan Mayen and Bear Islands.

sold out within

The tickets sold out within two hours of being on sale.

It was sold out within the day of announcing the release.

not out against   (karşı değil)

On his debut, he top scored for Canada with 45 not out against Bermuda.

He began the season with a new highest score of 282 not out against Sussex.

His tournament included scores of 60 not out against Papua New Guinea and 91 against Hong Kong.

find out more   (Daha fazlasını bul)

This edition aims to find out more about that play.

They pledge to find out more about the lost family.

This brings him to contact the professor and find out more about Ifrit.

speak out against   (ona karşı konuş)

González continued to speak out against gun violence.

Boas continued to speak out against racism and for intellectual freedom.

Tanbir Siddiky did not speak out against his son's actions until the next day.

speaking out against   (karşı konuşmak)

Leaders of the order began speaking out against the Mexican government.

In return Christ gives him the power of speaking out against the rich and powerful.

find out how   (nasıl olduğunu öğren)

The thing to do is identify the specific factor involved and find out how high the titer is.

That year, a survey was mailed to Ski-Doo owners to find out how the product was being used.

When Yang Zhu insisted that he did not, Sun Quan ordered him to find out how Lu Xun knew about it.

spoken out against   (karşı konuşuldu)

Hull has publicly spoken out against single-sex golf clubs.

Kimanzi has publicly spoken out against foreign coaches in Africa.

Al-Tabtabaie has spoken out against the Guantanamo Bay detention center.

carried out through

This is carried out through several divisions.

All administrative details of operating the Society are carried out through the National Office.

This was carried out through a cooperative working relationship with the Bangladesh Election Commission.

carried out using

Initially, transport is carried out using lorries.

The communication in this gold-for-salt was carried out using drums.

Navigation between the islands of Tuvalu was carried out using outrigger canoes.

carried out research

His carried out research on emus and magpie geese.

Maheswaran has carried out research in several different subject areas.

As a faculty member at Baylor, he wd carried out research in vascular surgery.

find out why   (neden olduğunu bul)

Later, Fumihito calls Takeshi to find out why he left.

Koslow seeks to find out why.

transferred out during

colspan=16 style=background:#dcdcdc; text-align:center| Players transferred out during the season

colspan=14 style=background:#dcdcdc; text-align:center| Players transferred out during the season

carried out against   (karşı yürütülen)

Meanwhile, another, unsuccessful, attack was carried out against Isdud.

Assassination attempts were carried out against heads of state, some of which were successful.

Technical evaluation is usually carried out against a set of pre-determined Technical Evaluation Criteria.

carried out several

BdSF carried out several violent attacks against non-Bodo civilians.

In the capital area, the Oslogjengen carried out several sabotage missions.

Meanwhile, his troops carried out several raids and sorties to sabotage Boer artillery.

spread out across   (yayılmış)

This allows the sand to spread out across the floor.

The islands are spread out across many kilometers of a vast ocean.

The TFD has 16 stations spread out across the city and split into 3 battalions.

carried out extensive   (kapsamlı gerçekleştirildi)

He carried out extensive survey work connected with improving the defences of the island of Malta.

Heywood carried out extensive research, so his portrayal of Brody would be as accurate as possible.

During the 1872–1876 "Challenger" expedition to Indonesia, naturalist John Murray carried out extensive surveys.

pulled out due

However, Cummins pulled out due to a staph infection.

However, on March 23, Barberena pulled out due to injury.

Another PSU team AG'S Office also pulled out due to internal departmental issues.

carry out research   (Araştırma yürütmek)

Beginning in 1954, Caudill turned his interests to Japan, and made a series of trips in order to carry out research.

The study groups carry out research into their various areas which informs the development of the Bluetooth specifications.

He is an expert in the cognitive processes of learning and memory, using animal models to carry out research on these topics.

find out whether   (olup olmadığını bulmak)

is a game giving players the opportunity to find out whether they possess extrasensory perception.

But more studies should be done to find out whether music lessons could raise your child's IQ in the long term".

Its remit was to find out whether tuberculosis in animals and humans was the same disease, and whether animals and humans could infect each other.

broke out again   (tekrar patlak verdi)

When the Pomeranians refused, war broke out again.

War broke out again and Europe witnessed the decline of the whole business.

Eric did not keep the promises he'd made in this agreement, an fighting broke out again.

broke out among

After Kublai's departure, unrest broke out among certain factions.

After the Sultan's death, disputes broke out among his descendants.

Mutiny broke out among the crew.

started out playing

Born in Chicago, Illinois, he started out playing music at a very early age.

Finndell started out playing for IK Franke in Västerås before moving to Stockholm and IF Brommapojkarna.

Evjen started out playing with his hometown club, FK Mjølner, before moving to Bodø/Glimt with his brother in 2016.

carried out without

Tower construction was carried out without any cranes and scaffolding, but only with winches.

According to one US official the attack was carried out without the knowledge or consent of the Pakistani authorities.

The chair has an absolute veto on all decisions, that is, no policy can be adopted or action carried out without the "concurrence" of the chair.

broke out when   (ne zaman patladı)

In 1989, riots broke out when the regime did not have enough money to pay its army.

Disorder broke out when the counter-march arrived at Red Lion Square at around 3:30 pm.

The rebellion broke out when a band of Palayakkarar armies bombed the British barracks in Coimbatore.

breaks out between

An argument breaks out between him and Balwant in court.

A fight then breaks out between the two men for the possession of Rayna.

Near the end of the game a great war breaks out between the Bionts and humans.