İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

just outside   (sadece dışarı)

Located just outside Intramuros is the Rizal Park.

The town of Tibooburrais just outside the parish.

Anzac Drive is a main road just outside Kalgoorlie.

outside world   (dış dünya)

Field four is the behaviourist study of the outside world.

The Yanomami had had little contact with the outside world.

The Housemates are completely isolated from the outside world.

outside the city   (şehrin dışında)

Up to 1300, the island was outside the city walls.

Just outside the city walls stood a small castle.

Jousts are often held in a meadow outside the city.

inside and outside   (içte ve dışta)

All men are allowed inside and outside of the cage.

This includes piping inside and outside of buildings.

There is a fitness center inside and outside the mountain.

located outside   (dışarıda bulunur)

The temple tank is located outside the temple.

It is ACU's only campus located outside of a capital city.

About 70% of its range is located outside protected areas.

born outside   (dışarıda doğmak)

Lunt was born outside of Philadelphia in 1982.

The proportion of people born outside the UK was 15.9% compared with 8% in 2001.

In 2005, 5.35 percent of the population of Andalusia were born outside of Spain.

outside the town   (kasaba dışında)

There is a raised ring fort at Dunwiley, outside the town.

It lay just outside the town of Nykøbing.

A signpost outside the town lists the town's population at 9.

schools outside   (dışarıdaki okullar)

The establishment of schools outside of Telz had furthered this goal.

, there were 20 students from Sagno who attended schools outside the village.

, there were 20 students from Muggio who attended schools outside the village.

outside the municipality   (belediye dışında)

, there were 43 students from Meride who attended schools outside the municipality.

, there was 1 student in Maggia who came from another municipality, while 119 residents attended schools outside the municipality.

, there were 3 students in Besazio who came from another municipality, while 76 residents attended schools outside the municipality.

outside the village   (köyün dışında)

Most village residents work outside the village.

There were six dead bodies outside the village.

The ruins of "El Artial" lie just outside the village.

attended schools outside   (dışarıdaki okullara gitti)

, there were 20 students from Sagno who attended schools outside the village.

, there were 20 students from Muggio who attended schools outside the village.

, there were 20 students from Cabbio who attended schools outside the village.

outside the top   (üst dışında)

However, it finished outside the top 10 in every other race.

He then finished outside the top 10 in the next three races.

From 1960–61 to 1968–69 Ethnikos never finished outside the top 10.

place outside   (dışarıda yer)

Principal photography took place outside of Dallas, Texas.

A further celebration also took place outside Buckingham Palace.

The man would only be penalized if the crime took place outside of the home.

outside the country   (ülke dışında)

Rao has also been influenced by many artists outside the country.

13), the protocol for raising it outside the country's borders (art.

The seven tried in absentia were either hiding or outside the country.

located just outside   (hemen dışında)

It is located just outside the Lake District National Park.

Loosen, located just outside Bernkastel in the Mosel wine region.

Eden Camp, a military themed museum, is located just outside the town.

outside linebacker   (dış linebacker)

4 overall outside linebacker in the nation by Scout.com.

He was a backup outside linebacker as a freshman in 1974.

Nwosu entered training camp slated as a backup outside linebacker.

within and outside   (içte ve dışta)

It funds the building of mosques both within and outside of Kuwait.

The Secret Squadron acted both within and outside the United States.

He is a member of seven professional bodies both within and outside Nigeria.

held outside   (dışarıda tutuldu)

While serving in the state senate, Meier held outside work as well.

Third, anti-apartheid demonstrations were held outside most venues.

This will be the Warriors first home match held outside of Auckland.

work outside   (dışarıda çalışmak)

Most village residents work outside the village.

About 65% of the members work outside Egypt.

During World War I, more women found work outside the home.

areas outside   (dışarıdaki alanlar)

However one of the rural areas outside Lydenburg is called Mashishing.

However, areas outside coal and steel required the consent of the Council.

General security teams operate in areas outside the main conservation area.

known outside   (dışarıda bilinen)

The song was known outside of San Diego as well.

The song became known outside the United States.

He was little known outside his own country.

living outside   (dışarıda yaşamak)

users living outside a specific country).

It is possible to see it at home of the Azerbaijanis living outside the country.

It is also useful for customers living outside of the store's local delivery area.

outside the walls   (duvarların dışında)

A stadium and a theatre lie outside the walls to the south.

Bishop Landolfo II (1007) built the church of Santa Eufemia outside the walls.

By late 262 or early 263, Odaenathus stood outside the walls of the Persian capital.

countries outside   (dışarıdaki ülkeler)

The show was also watched in 109 countries outside of Ireland.

The show was also watched in over a 100 countries outside of Ireland.

found outside   (dışarıda bulundu)

The species is also found outside of North America.

Starch is found outside the chloroplast.

Cook was found outside Brezing's house with a bullet in his skull.

people outside   (dışarıdaki insanlar)

There, he began shooting some people outside of the school.

Due to popularity, part of the tent was removed to allow thousands of people outside to see the show.

The residents of the town pronounce the final "t" in Nicolet, however people outside of the region do not.

world outside   (dış dünya)

""The world outside medicine is yours as well,"" he said.

The world outside is dealing with a major disaster at a nuclear power station.

The country has an enormous number of local gods, unknown to the world outside.

outside the home   (evin dışında)

During World War I, more women found work outside the home.

Packaged foods are manufactured outside the home for purchase.

Lyons is Troy's son from a previous marriage, and lives outside the home.

around the outside   (dışarıda)

A bright green satin cloth border is around the outside.

A promenade wide ran around the outside of the first level.

Wale (disambiguation) A wale is a plank around the outside of a ship.

outside the main   (ana dışında)

There is a Visitor Centre outside the main gate at Lowdham Grange.

The remnants of Fort Gibson still exist outside the main building.

General security teams operate in areas outside the main conservation area.

gathered outside   (dışarıda toplandı)

Protesters also gathered outside of the SEBIN headquarters.

Somber and tearful parishioners gathered outside the burning church.

Thousands of people gathered outside Graceland to view the open casket.

area outside   (dış alan)

There is a good parking area outside the park's entrance.

There is no observer in the area outside the drawing, so there are five observers.

Ed Cassidy was born in Harvey, Illinois, a rural area outside Chicago, on May 4, 1923.

live outside   (dışarıda yaşamak)

Of these, several tens of thousands live outside of China.

The majority of Latter-day Saints live outside the United States.

Many Ainu live outside Hokkaido.

miles outside   (dış mil)

Landeck is located a few miles outside of Delphos.

They later moved to a large house on a 440-acre farm two miles outside Usk.

Robert Gundlach was born in 1926 in a small town several miles outside Buffalo.

life outside   (dışarıdaki yaşam)

The character was one of the few to have experienced life outside of Coronation Street.

The doctor title has little to no meaning or implications for public life outside academia.

Critics have noted, sometimes pointedly, that Diop himself spent most of his life outside Africa.

outside wall   (Dış duvar)

Irwin, if he knew the thickness of the outside wall.

On lap 39, Ed Carpenter brushed the outside wall in turn 2.

The outside wall consists of red brick, dark metal and tint glass.

go outside   (dışarı çık)

He wants to marry her but dare not go outside.

Alex then suggested that they go outside.

"We've been told not to go outside.

released outside   (dışarıda serbest bırakıldı)

It was not released outside Japan and North America.

The T5 has yet to be released outside of Korea.

The game was never released outside the United States.

up outside   (dışarıda)

Coronel ended up outside the points in ninth.

She blew herself up outside the office of a Tamil minister.

LE(A) was to be set up outside London; Andover was eventually selected.

outside the ring   (halkanın dışında)

Edge performed a Diving Crossbody on Angle outside the ring.

Barry Windham and Phil LaFon brawled to the outside the ring.

Otani then delivered a diving crossbody to Delfin outside the ring.

outside the area   (alanın dışında)

Many local people commute outside the area to work.

Save Our Children also received help from outside the area.

For those outside the area, Bishops Lydeard is the WSR's main access point:

used outside   (dışarıda kullanılır)

Conventional overhead cables are used outside the city.

Agent Orange was to a lesser extent used outside Vietnam.

The Chickasaw language is not much used outside of the home.

built outside   (dışarıda inşa edilmiş)

Eventually 1,500 houses were built outside the COD.

It was one of the first group of homes built outside the Manti forts.

A memorial for the Accrington Pals may be built outside the town hall.

remained outside   (dışarıda kaldı)

Florence became a rate collector and remained outside politics.

The military unit's weapons artisans remained outside the corps.

A few municipally owned services remained outside of GPO control.

placed outside   (dışarıya yerleştirilmiş)

But the statues placed outside did not resist the frost.

When placed outside palaces, they can also be called bangmu ().

When placed outside a tomb, they can also be called shendaozhu ().

outside the building   (binanın dışında)

The group gets angry and locks him outside the building in freezing conditions.

That night, when Kamsa brings Esdan food, fighting breaks out outside the building.

A statue of Hamilton by William Ordway Partridge stands outside the building entrance.

outside the house   (evin dışı)

Sanitation was done elsewhere outside the house.

Johnny finds Tommy talking to someone at a shrine outside the house.

Cockroaches will now appear if things are dirty, in and outside the house.

coming from outside   (dışarıdan geliyor)

About 8.3% of the workforce coming into Maggia are coming from outside Switzerland.

About 34.6% of the workforce coming into Meride are coming from outside Switzerland.

About 46.2% of the workforce coming into Besazio are coming from outside Switzerland.

outside the scope   (kapsam dışı)

This however may reasonably be seen as outside the scope of his work.

The design of systems begins in the third row, outside the scope of EAP.

Also, "most crimes under international law...remain outside the scope of Sierra Leonean courts".

outside the church   (kilisenin dışında)

Hence the symbolism: an empty grave, and empty coffin, outside the church.

A large parvis is located outside the church, and it includes two statues.

On August 11, 1880, a fire broke out in the houses just outside the church's fence.

outside the station   (istasyonun dışında)

The road that passes outside the station will become an underground section.

Tsuru earns the money to pay their debt by working as a prostitute outside the station.

Buses to central Bodmin, Wadebridge and Padstow depart from outside the station entrance.

outside the box   (kutunun dışında)

Microsoft advertised Office Online as a major Office 2003 feature "outside the box".

He has an extremely open mind that allows him to "think outside the box" when needed.

It was a direct free kick just outside the box, leading Eintracht to their 4th German Cup win.

outside left   (dış sol)

His regular position was as at outside left.

Gardiner, an outside left, began his career with Hibernian.

He played in the outside left position.

outside the state   (devletin dışında)

It does not apply to Inuit or Yupik people originating outside the state.

113 of these mollusk species have never been collected outside the state.

Many of the others are much less well-known, especially outside the state.

played outside   (dışarıda oynandı)

In one game he played outside linebacker, offensive tackle, center and guard.

This was the first Big West/PCAA tournament played outside the state of California.

This was the first time Todd had played outside the top two tiers of English football.

well outside   (dışarıda)

This led some American aircraft to bomb parts of Tokyo well outside the target area.

Hughes made seven cuts in twenty events, finishing well outside retaining any status.

Rather, they travel in elliptical orbits, which often take them well outside the plane of the Milky Way.

time outside   (dışarıdaki zaman)

In other words, the "tendi" is not tied to the body; it can also live for a time outside the body.

This includes the classes the students have to take and their domestic time outside of these classes.

During his time outside the convention, Gronik was heckled during his interviews by convention-goers.

outside right   (dış sağ)

His regular position was as an outside right.

The outside right Ernie Toseland scored the other goal for City.

Tindill made 42 appearances mainly at outside right scoring eight goals.

goes outside   (dışarı çıkıyor)

The band then goes outside to start the march over.

The group goes outside and assess what has happened.

He goes outside to catch a breather and Tom follows him.

fall outside   (dışarıya düşmek)

Deprogramming activities often fall outside of the law.

Bielski has resisted calls from constituents to fund schools that fall outside of mainstream schemes.

Peat cutting continued to fall outside the "Bergregal", as did the quarrying of gravel, clay, marl and limestone.

seen outside   (dışarıda görüldü)

The Halden is relatively rare, seldom seen outside Norway.

LCC trams could also be seen outside the county of London.

However, this channel could not be seen outside their network (i.e.

standing outside   (dışarıda durmak)

Bill sees the bar with his friends standing outside looking for him.

People standing outside the museum made up the backdrop behind the anchor desk.

The show sold out for every performance with crowds standing outside the theatre unable to get tickets.

finished outside   (dışarıda bitti)

However, it finished outside the top 10 in every other race.

He then finished outside the top 10 in the next three races.

From 1960–61 to 1968–69 Ethnikos never finished outside the top 10.

inside or outside   (içeride veya dışarıda)

All shipping vessels could have egg masses, inside or outside the ship.

Whether inside or outside matters little, the same will continue to speak, support, play.

This prevents any part of a hand being crushed near the hinges – either inside or outside.

waiting outside   (dışarıda beklemek)

Joe arrives at Jean's building, where Paul is waiting outside.

Michael goes home to find his father, Jim McCrea (Jim Broadbent), waiting outside.

Afterwards Nikulin oversaw the carrying of the corpses to a truck waiting outside.

outside the capital   (başkentin dışında)

The marines arrive outside the capital only to be met by a large Letherri army.

It has been displaced to villages outside the capital, with fewer than a thousand speakers remaining.

The Ribeirão Preto Medical School was the third founded in the state of São Paulo and the first outside the capital.

lies outside   (dışarıda yatıyor)

It lies outside Hurricane Alley.

As the weapon forges itself, it lies outside the rule on killing The Judge.

Generally, it lies outside the main street (the axis) which carried the traffic.

outside his home   (evinin dışında)

About 10,000 Tibetan refugees, monks and foreign tourists gathered outside his home.

On September 17, 1992, the Mafia murdered Ignazio Salvo outside his home in Santa Flavia.

In Candaba, a two-year-old boy, identified as Elmer Celso, drowned in floodwaters outside his home.

protest outside   (dışarıda protesto)

There was a small protest outside parliament in Cape Town the day after the shootings.

Three days later several mothers staged a public breastfeed protest outside Claridge's.

He added: The fundraising event went ahead in December 2002 despite a street protest outside the ICA.

working outside   (dışarıda çalışmak)

Woepcke spent much of his subsequent career studying and working outside of Germany, particularly in Paris.

The crewman working outside the lab is then attacked and the crew find him half out of the lab's moon pool.

Each issue is designed, in its entirety, by a prominent artist, one usually working outside his / her expected field.

outside interference   (dış müdahale)

The country has generally closed itself off to outside interference.

When she hears that "outside interference is encouraged", Asagi goes out to get vengeance on her doppelgängers.

On July 18 at Noah's 15th anniversary event, Suzuki defeated Takayama, following outside interference from El Desperado, K.E.S.

lived outside   (dışarıda yaşadı)

Born in Lima, Paredes has lived outside of Peru since her youth.

Once again, the dissidents lived outside its borders (see Map 3).

In 2009, 55% of the 9 350 Sami in Finland lived outside of this area.

far outside   (çok uzak)

Afaq Khoja's influence spread far outside of Xinjiang.

The event took place on the Champ de Mars, which was at the time far outside Paris.

The event took place on the Champ de Mars, which was located far outside of Paris at the time.

right outside   (dışarıda)

At the time, Welch was living in the Ranch, right outside of Roscoe, Texas.

An ice skating arena which is open to the public is right outside the hall.

In 1955 he built his first nesting box on the grounds, right outside his office.

travel outside   (dışarıda seyahat)

He has since been allowed to move more freely but he cannot travel outside Iran.

Prompted by Anand, Qadri decided to travel outside of India and devote himself full-time to painting.

A ban on travel outside the U.S. was instituted, reversing the ability granted under Obama's executive order.

outside of town   (kasaba dışında)

Parks Blueberries is outside of town on highway 2.

They take Alex outside of town, brutalise him, and abandon him there.

In 1859, Frieze purchased this property, then located outside of town.

took place outside   (dışarıda gerçekleşti)

Principal photography took place outside of Dallas, Texas.

A further celebration also took place outside Buckingham Palace.

The man would only be penalized if the crime took place outside of the home.

unknown outside   (dışında bilinmiyor)

The group is virtually unknown outside Songea.

The "symbol" type is common to Lisp languages, but largely unknown outside them.

It was unknown outside Bavaria until it was used as a military dog in World War I and World War II.

outside the school   (okul dışında)

Scrip, a form of money meaningless outside the school, was created at a fixed exchange rate from a student's tuition.

These groups undertake social and benevolent activities and frequently engage in clean-up exercises in and outside the school.

Its music department holds concerts, and has provided ensembles that have performed outside the school, such as at the Royal Albert Hall.

outside the region   (bölge dışında)

Most of its personnel came from outside the region.

The largest single group from a country outside the region came from the United States.

Costa Rica has sought to widen its economic and trade ties, both within and outside the region.

football outside   (dışarıda futbol)

However, amateur football outside of colleges is played in Canada, such as in the Canadian Junior Football League.

In 2008 there were 35,000 people in 32 countries playing in structured competitions of Australian football outside of Australia.

Corey Lemonier Corey Lemonier (; born November 19, 1991) is an American football outside linebacker who is currently a free agent.

left outside   (dışarıda bırakılmış)

More specifically, for eating road salt covered boots left outside of tents overnight.

In 1983, McDonald started building his own cars and March was left outside F1 once more.

The remainder of the highway to Kenner was left outside the new levee system and was abandoned.

outside air   (açık hava)

Often, ordinary outside air can warm the pipes enough to produce dry, cool compressed air.

The supply hot water temperature is modulated up and down range in an inverse linear ratio to outside air temperature.

For weapons mounted on aircraft, no cooling device is necessary due to the outside air cooling the weapon as the aircraft is moving.

even outside   (dışarıda bile)

The French name and acronym are used even outside French-speaking countries.

Coach buses are used for longer-distance services within and even outside Botswana.

Malwida von Meysenbug remained like a motherly patron even outside the Wagner circle.

takes place outside   (dışarıda gerçekleşir)

It takes place outside of New York, and it’s a period piece in the United Kingdom and the jungle.

A meeting takes place outside the castle's walls and the dog-brothers’ arrogant demands are roundly rejected.

The story, which takes place outside of the main Archie Comics continuity, focuses on Veronica Lodge as she navigates life after becoming a vampiress.

outside of marriage   (evlilik dışı)

All sexual activity outside of marriage is considered a serious sin.

Some jurisdictions prohibit all sex outside of marriage irrespective of age, as in the case of Yemen.

On 29 July 2012, a couple was stoned to death by Islamists in Aguelhok for having children outside of marriage.

installed outside   (dışarıya monte edildi)

No blocks are installed outside this area, however.

Both statues were installed outside the Darryl J.

They are ceramic mosaic on cement sculpture and installed outside the museum.

stood outside   (dışarıda durdu)

Pearse stood outside and read the Proclamation of the Irish Republic.

Hundreds stood outside.

By late 262 or early 263, Odaenathus stood outside the walls of the Persian capital.

situated outside   (dışarıda)

The 2010 Asian Games Village is situated outside Haibang Station.

Its location is remarkable as the Aventine is situated outside the pomerium, i.e.

Lisbellaw Hurling Club is situated outside the town of Lisbellaw in central Fermanagh.

stands outside   (dışarıda durmak)

A large round tower stands outside the castle walls to the southeast.

A locomotive with NBL plate on stands outside Chumphon Railway station.

The statue now stands outside the front of church, to the south of the porch.

based outside   (dış merkezli)

He is based outside the United States.

The tournament featured four teams, with the three visiting clubs being based outside of Lithuania.

Most parties involved in the war in Syria receive various types of support from foreign countries and entities based outside Syria.

farm outside   (dışarıda çiftlik)

His farm outside of Boston became the campus for Boston College.

Mather was born on a farm outside Chicago, Illinois, to John A. and Ella Mather.

He's married to the writer Thisbe Nissen and they live on an old farm outside Battle Creek, MI.

location outside   (dış mekan)

He was in custody at a location outside Vancouver.

The Gateway to Science Center has moved to a new location outside the mall.

Emmett Brown is in an undisclosed location outside Hill Valley, California.

first outside   (ilk dış)

In 2009, the first outside of Texas was opened in Winchester, Virginia.

The first outside the English Midlands was established in Leeds in 1785.

In mid 2017, "Eater" launched a London site, the network's first outside North America.

exist outside   (dışarıda var)

The Amazons exist outside the range of normal human experience."

The remnants of Fort Gibson still exist outside the main building.

Residents of the city believe that they are the last survivors of the world and no other nations exist outside the city.

available outside   (dışarıda mevcut)

Uber and Lyft) are available outside the terminal.

The various games are available outside the mission for study purposes.

Upon its European release, it became the first Wii online game to be available outside Japan.

outside the park   (parkın dışında)

A hotel and campground is just outside the park.

There is a good parking area outside the park's entrance.

The landscape, inside and outside the park, is predominantly forested.

outside linebackers   (dış linebackers)

At Rutgers, Lukabu coached outside linebackers under Greg Schiano.

His son Britt is the Chiefs linebackers and outside linebackers coach.

He started alongside outside linebackers Mark Nzeocha and Malcolm Smith.

lie outside   (dışarıda uzan)

A stadium and a theatre lie outside the walls to the south.

However, since it is not breaking up, it must still lie outside its rigid Roche limit.

Free trade agreements forming free-trade areas generally lie outside the realm of the multilateral trading system.

outside the penalty   (cezanın dışında)

He specialised in sending in powerful long range efforts from outside the penalty area.

In the first game, he assisted Mohd Amri Yahyah who scored a beautiful volley outside the penalty box.

Goretzka produces powerful shots from outside the penalty area, a trait similar to that of Paul Scholes.