Фразы и примеры предложений

changed over time   (со временем изменилось)

The style of dish presented has changed over time.

Body size, shape and style has changed over time.

The terms for these divisions has changed over time.

change over time   (изменение с течением времени)

since preferences can change over time.

Distances normally change over time.

Evolutionary approaches reflect on how human genes can change over time.

all over again   (снова и снова)

Thus, Jae-bin falls in love with Sun-hee all over again.

The film ends as she starts all over again with a new identity.

I felt terrible all over again."

took over management   (взял на себя управление)

Shutt took over management of the hotel on May 16, 1910.

Coy and Green took over management of Bryant's ministries.

He then took over management of Gamma Ethniki side Panetolikos.

took over control   (взял на себя контроль)

Subsequently, the Knights took over control of the town.

In 1917, the United States took over control of all wireless stations.

After owner Frank Navin died in the offseason, Walter Briggs Sr. took over control of the team.

took over command

Robert S. Granger took over command on 2 Feb. 1856.

Leigh-Mallory then took over command of 11 Group.

Rocker took over command of the retiring Sgt.

evolved over time   (со временем эволюционировал)

Canada's civil defense measures evolved over time.

Politics of New York have evolved over time.

Ogg felt Trevor's characterisation had evolved over time.

took over responsibility

Charlie Shalaski took over responsibility for receivers at the same time.

At some point in the late 1960s Metro took over responsibility for the Park.

On 14 August 1969, the regiment took over responsibility for the security of Derry.

debate over whether

There has been considerable debate over whether the term is racist.

The tubax has had debate over whether it is really in the saxophone family.

There is a lot of ethical debate over whether or not cloning should be used.

took over operations

J. Lyons and Co. took over operations in 1905.

Penn Central took over operations of the New Haven Railroad effective January 1, 1969.

In 2002 the Montreal, Maine & Atlantic took over operations after CDAC declared bankruptcy.

control over all   (контроль над всеми)

So glory be to Him in whose Hand lies control over all things.

They maintained control over all of Afghanistan's major cities.

His goal was to extend his control over all of China, particularly Peking.

just over half   (чуть больше половины)

The fruit is an achene just over half a centimeter long.

just over half is from underground mines.

On average, the schools received just over half of their income from the state.

changes over time

What it is that horrifies people changes over time.

That means a social rule changes over time within the same society.

The importance of each individual influence in this mixture changes over time.

took over all

This continued until 1973, when the NIOC took over all facilities.

Sarah took over all hostess duties after Emily died from tuberculosis in 1836.

The new station took over all classical music programming, as well as the WHRO-FM call letters.

jurisdiction over all

Besides Egypt, the Church of Alexandria has jurisdiction over all of Africa.

Tollygunge Womens police station has jurisdiction over all the police districts in the South Division, i.e.

Tollygunge Women's police station has jurisdiction over all the police districts in the South Division, i.e.

varied over time   (менялось со временем)

The iconography of Surya has also varied over time.

Sociological attention to emotion has varied over time.

The role and importance of this official varied over time.

took over operation   (взял на себя операцию)

The B&ML took over operation of its road on January 1, 1926.

In 1888, the Grand Trunk Railway took over operation of the line.

In 1877, Richard Gwyn and Alexander Chatham took over operation of the mill.

developed over time

The nature of prosopographical research has developed over time.

His interest in the Catholic Church began when he was younger, and developed over time.

The group’s purpose and politics grew and developed over time – not without internal conflict and dissent.

took over ownership

Portia Sabin took over ownership of Kill Rock Stars.

He died in debt and the bank took over ownership of his estate.

Later, Raynor took over ownership.

nationals over eighteen   (граждане старше восемнадцати)

Voting for the Cortes Generales was on the basis of universal suffrage, which comprised all nationals over eighteen and in full enjoyment of their political rights.

Voting for the Parliament was on the basis of universal suffrage, which comprised all nationals over eighteen, registered in Galicia and in full enjoyment of their political rights.

authority over all   (власть над всеми)

By 1972, he had been given authority over all churches in western Canada.

The Muslim Community of Albania in its statutes claims authority over all Muslim groups in Albania.

The rank, formally an appointment as a senior corporal, gives the MCpl authority over all privates and corporals.

controversy over whether   (Спор о том,)

There is some controversy over whether tool use represents a higher level of physical cognition.

The controversy over whether the game should have been played without fans did not end with the game.

There has been some controversy over whether the Disavow tool has any effect when manipulation has taken place over many years.

increased over time

The resolution for computer monitors has increased over time.

However, workarounds to these challenges have only increased over time.

As Longfellow's fame increased over time, so did interest in his early work.

advantage over other   (преимущество перед другими)

Gas holders hold a large advantage over other methods of storage.

As a result, the United States would gain a competitive advantage over other countries.

Canopus had a reputation for driver optimization that gave a performance advantage over other cards.

took over leadership   (взял на себя руководство)

Lampião then took over leadership of the remnants of Pereira's band.

On September 15, 2006, Cuba officially took over leadership of the Non-Aligned Movement during the 14th summit of the organization in Havana.

In between, Baardseth had the chance for self-employment when he took over leadership of Steenske Forlag, a small company that dated to 1829.

took over most   (взял на себя большинство)

One of those new electorates was Henderson, which took over most of 's area.

On May 1, 1971, Amtrak took over most passenger service in the United States.

Amtrak retained the train when it took over most intercity passenger trains on May 1, 1971.