İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

overall pick   (genel seçim)

The San Diego Chargers had the third overall pick.

He was the 8th overall pick in the 1999 PBA draft.

He was ultimately chosen as the seventh overall pick.

overall record   (genel kayıt)

In 2010–11, she led UDM to a 13–18 overall record.

They hold an overall record of 106-29 since 2005.

His overall record for four seasons was 13–25–2.

overall length   (toplam uzunluk)

The overall length rose by and the wheelbase rose by .

The overall length of the railroad was about 11.5 miles.

They had an overall length of , a beam of and a draught of .

first overall   (ilk olarak)

Virginia entered the tournament seeded first overall.

The Atlanta Dream received the first overall selection.

The Dunlops finished first overall in the regular season in the EOSHL.

overall control   (genel kontrol)

The election resulted in no overall control.

The Liberal Democrats held overall control of the council.

second overall   (genel olarak ikinci)

Urán won the tenth stage, and took second overall.

Cecchi twice finished second overall in the Giro d'Italia.

She was the first regular character to die, second overall.

third overall   (genel olarak üçüncü)

The San Diego Chargers had the third overall pick.

It was their third overall album for Buddah.

It is her second major novel in Spanish, and third overall.

place overall   (genel yer)

He finished 13th place overall in the semifinals.

Koloyan finished in 56th place overall in the heats.

Koloyan finished in 45th place overall in the heats.

fourth overall   (genel olarak dördüncü)

1 among public institutions and tied for fourth overall.

At the event in Fukuoka, Japan, she finished fourth overall.

It is their third completely studio album and fourth overall.

fifth overall   (genel olarak beşinci)

They ranked fifth in both segments and fifth overall.

She received 14% of the vote win placing fifth overall.

He finished fifth overall at the 2012 UCI BMX World Championships.

episode overall   (bölüm genel)

It is the 127th episode overall.

It is the eleventh episode of the second season of the series and the twenty ninth episode overall.

is the fourth episode of the eighth season of the CBS sitcom "How I Met Your Mother", and the 164th episode overall.

long overall   (genel olarak uzun)

"Zieten" was long at the waterline and long overall.

"Samuel Risley" is long overall with a beam of .

The boats were long at the waterline and long overall.

overall command   (genel komut)

Senator Edward D. Baker to take overall command.

In times of large-scale war, the "knes" took overall command.

The entire force was under the immediate overall command of Brig.

overall selection   (genel seçim)

The Atlanta Dream received the first overall selection.

Scott was ninth overall selection in the 1941 NFL Draft.

The Reds selected him with the fifth overall selection in the 2018 MLB draft.

overall winner   (genel kazanan)

The overall winner received $15,000 prize money.

The overall winner of the tournament was Joel Román.

Anssi Koivuranta from Finland became overall winner.

best overall   (genel olarak en iyisi)

His best overall finish was sixth in the 1999/00 season.

The game won the Intel Developer Showcase award for best overall game.

Matthews claimed he had his best overall season despite the low numbers.

sixth overall   (toplamda altıncı)

In 1992 she was top New Zealander and sixth overall.

She was eliminated in episode ten, placing sixth overall.

Despite the inconsistent play, the U.S. finished sixth overall.

title overall   (genel başlık)

It was the US team's 27th Davis Cup title overall.

It was their eighth league title overall.

Spain won the tournament and took its seventeenth title overall.

pick overall   (genel seç)

He was drafted by Purefoods in 2001 as the ninth pick overall.

Dillinger is the second pick overall in the very talented draft class of 2008.

He was the fourteenth pick overall by the Coca-Cola Tigers in the 2006 PBA draft.

no overall   (genel değil)

The election resulted in no overall control.

There is currently no overall control on Pendle Borough Council.

The election resulted in the council remaining under no overall control.

overall score   (Genel puanı)

It earned an overall score of 83.5 out of 100 points.

Firouzja won the match with an overall score of 18–7.

Norway won the Team Tour, with an overall score of 4083.8 points.

overall performance   (Genel performans)

The overall performance of the field was poor.

Broadland has been regularly judged as "good" for overall performance.

Castrol Cricket also ranks cricketers based on their overall performance.

seventh overall   (genel olarak yedinci)

He was ultimately chosen as the seventh overall pick.

Krpálek finished seventh overall.

It was Seles' first Tier I title of the year and her seventh overall.

overall standings   (genel sıralamalar)

He finished eight in the final overall standings.

All results counted in the overall standings.

She finished the season 30th in the overall standings with 268 points.

overall design   (Genel tasarım)

They were standardized mechanically and in overall design.

The building's overall design is in the Neo-Renaissance style.

Box flaps were yellow and the overall design was reminiscent of Dinky or Corgi.

first overall pick   (ilk genel seçim)

It is the first time since the merger they have held the first overall pick.

Lafrenière is also the projected first overall pick in the 2020 NHL Entry Draft.

He was the first overall pick of the 1973 NBA draft and a four-time NBA All-Star.

ninth overall   (genel olarak dokuzuncu)

Scott was ninth overall selection in the 1941 NFL Draft.

Twenty appearances followed as Delfín finished ninth overall.

He had his highest global ranking that year, at ninth overall.

overall population   (toplam nüfus)

The overall population in 2017 was 4,292.

It killed most of the Aztec army and 25% of the overall population.

Since 2016 immigration has exceeded emigration, making the overall population grow.

no overall control   (genel kontrol yok)

The election resulted in no overall control.

There is currently no overall control on Pendle Borough Council.

The election resulted in the council remaining under no overall control.

eighth overall   (toplam sekizinci)

They finished eighth overall.

He finished eighth overall and earned the points classification jersey.

He was selected eighth overall in the 2008 NBA draft by the Milwaukee Bucks.

won the overall   (genel olarak kazandı)

Hartley was on the team which won the overall event.

In 2016, he won the overall title at Tour of Croatia.

He also won the overall world cup in 2004.

overall effect   (Genel etki)

The overall effect was one of airiness and a neoclassical appearance.

The overall effect has also been described as lilac, dark taupe, and even green.

The overall effect of this regulation has a marked impact on the hydrograph of the River Dee.

season overall   (genel sezon)

1984 Houston Oilers season The 1984 Houston Oilers season was the 25th season overall and 15th with the league.

The series is the eighth to air following the programme's revival in 2005, and is the thirty-fourth season overall.

The team's head coach was Bruce Snyder, who was coaching his fifth season with the Sun Devils and 17th season overall.

overall responsibility   (Genel sorumluluk)

In 2005 he assumed overall responsibility for Citroën's concept cars.

DDCs were entrusted with the overall responsibility of drawing up district plans.

Gibson has overall responsibility for data acquisition from the ring imaging Cherenkov detectors.

overall quality   (Genel Kalite)

If the lesions are severe, the overall quality of life is devastating.

However, he felt that the overall quality of the film could have been better.

However, the overall quality of evidence as per GRADE criteria was low to moderate.

overall majority   (genel çoğunluk)

Obtained majority in five States and an overall majority of 128,782 votes.

The government achieved an overall majority on 15 April and the election ended on 10 May.

No party won an overall majority, but the leading party, the CDU achieved 40.8% of the vote.

overall title   (genel başlık)

In 2016, he won the overall title at Tour of Croatia.

The overall title went to Jongwon Chon, who had come in fourth in Munich.

She had locked up the overall title before the Munich competition already.

album overall   (genel albüm)

It was his ninth studio album and his 12th album overall.

It was his fourth studio album and his fifth album overall.

It was his fifth studio album and his seventh album overall.

overall health   (genel sağlık)

It has broader scope than the DSM, covering overall health.

Later in life Buchanan Jones’s eyesight and overall health deteriorated.

A healthy diet is a diet that helps to maintain or improve overall health.

overall episode   (genel bölüm)

It is the 79th and 80th overall episode of the series.

It is the 41st overall episode of the series and is written by Brian Reich and directed by Jay Karas.

It is the 54th overall episode of the series and is written by Matt Murray and directed by Eric Appel.

overall size   (toplam büyüklük)

The overall size of the council remained the same.

Estimates of the overall size of the subculture vary greatly.

The overall size of the area is .

overall victory   (genel zafer)

He had one overall victory, which came in round 5, at Gopher Dunes.

Tiernan-Locke finished within the peloton to secure the overall victory.

Due to this, Sala did not see him as a front-runner for the overall victory.

stayed in overall   (genel olarak kaldı)

The whole council was up for election and the Conservative party stayed in overall control of the council.

One third of the council was up for election and the Conservative party narrowly stayed in overall control of the council.

The whole council was up for election and the Labour party stayed in overall control of the council, despite winning fewer votes than the Conservative party.

overall grade   (genel not)

Pro Football Focus gave McLeod an overall grade of 79.3, ranking him 39th among all safeties in 2017.

His overall grade from Pro Football Focus ranked 52nd out of the 55 inside linebackers that qualified.

He finished with the 19th highest overall grade, among 60 qualifying inside linebackers by Pro Football Focus.

overall structure   (Genel yapı)

Much of the skull is formed from cartilage, and its overall structure is reduced.

The overall structure of the peripherin gene is nine exons separated by eight introns.

SHV-1 shares 68 percent of its amino acids with TEM-1 and has a similar overall structure.

overall classification   (genel sınıflandırma)

In the overall classification she ended as 5th.

The relays do not count for the overall classification.

overall rating   (Genel Değerlendirme)

He gave the film an overall rating of a B minus.

The lowest of the three determines the overall rating.

The Madden 16 legends card has an overall rating of 91.

overall number   (toplam sayı)

The overall number of swaps will be odd if formula_29 is even.

Slovenes) in the overall number of foreign visitors of Croatia.

The overall number of swaps will be even if formula_28 is even (i.e.

series overall   (Genel seri)

It is also the one hundred and fiftieth episode of the series overall.

It becomes the fourth series from the current revived format, but sixth series overall.

It is the third game in the "WarioWare" series and the seventh in the "Wario" series overall.

tenth overall   (genel olarak onuncu)

against Monét X Change, and placed tenth overall.

Lucia Realtors tenth overall in the 2005 PBA draft.

He finished tenth overall with a Citroën DS3 WRC.

overall cost   (toplam maliyet)

The overall cost effectiveness of systems i.e.

The overall cost of the project was around €500 million.

The overall cost of the project is estimated at US$2 billion.

overall positive   (genel olarak olumlu)

The album received overall positive reviews from critics.

Roger Ebert gave an overall positive review and enjoyed the film.

When asked about this, Clark responded: "Demon Hunter" received overall positive reviews.

overall appearance   (Genel görünüm)

However, they retained the same shapes and overall appearance of the previous series of coins.

The overall appearance of the galaxy resembles that of NGC 488, however the nuclear bulge is smaller.

Costume design is the envisioning of clothing and the overall appearance of a character or performer.

overall sound   (genel ses)

The RATF is capable of an overall sound pressure level of 163 dB within a chamber.

The body of the instrument is a major determinant of the overall sound variety for acoustic guitars.

In an acoustic instrument, the body of the guitar is a major determinant of the overall sound quality.

championship title overall   (şampiyonluk şampiyonluğu)

This was their 22nd championship title overall and their first since 2006.

It was their 19th championship title overall and their first title since 2010.

It was their third championship title overall and their first title since 1997.

overall ranking   (ortalama puan)

Peru qualified a girls' team based on their overall ranking from the South American Youth Tour.

Note: Ranks from qualification pools were given as an overall ranking against all other competitors.

overall commander   (genel komutan)

To leave units from five different corps at a vital point with no overall commander is to court disaster."

On 19 October Hitler decided that Kesselring would be the overall commander of the forces in Italy, sidelining Rommel.

Khattab described himself as the "military commander of the operation" while Basayev was the "overall commander in the battlefield".

overall impression   (Genel izlenim)

Their overall impression was that the film was a "delightful, absorbing story of theatrical life."

Despite their size, the overall impression is of streamlining and grace, with a curvy shapeliness and compact strength.

Although the specific details of Godzilla's appearance have varied slightly over the years, the overall impression has remained consistent.

overall goal   (Genel amaç)

Some are to guide the overall goal of the design.

The overall goal was to prepare for future revolts and battles.

The overall goal of this paper was to compare the basal ages of the two bogs.

overall development   (genel gelişim)

The institute focuses on the overall development of the students.

Dr. Gravely contributed to the overall development of the museum as well.

The World's overall development costs were estimated at $13 billion CAD in 2005.

overall lead   (genel kurşun)

Rivière won the stage and Nencini the overall lead.

Rodríguez maintained his overall lead of the race, by ten seconds, over Froome.

However, on the cobbles of Stage 3, Cancellara retook the overall lead as Chavanel struggled.

overall finish   (genel bitiş)

His best overall finish was sixth in the 1999/00 season.

It was still the best overall finish of his career in the Sprint Cup standings.

A sixteenth place overall finish saw him one place ahead of works Peugeot driver Tim Harvey.

overall system   (genel sistem)

This greatly reduced CPU load, and provided better overall system performance.

The amount of excess capacity affects overall system reliability by limiting the effects of failure.

Had the butterfly not flapped its wings, the trajectory of the overall system could have been vastly different.

overall survival   (genel hayatta kalma)

Doctors often use mean overall survival rates to estimate the patient's prognosis.

Median survival, or "median overall survival" is also commonly used to express survival rates.

Higher temperatures augment both hatching and developmental rates while hindering overall survival.

length overall   (Tam uzunluk)

Her length overall was 56 feet, with a draft of 8 feet.

They had a length overall of , a beam of , and a draught of .

10 inches in length overall.

overall shape   (Genel şekil)

They share a very similar overall shape with the Atlantic Blue Crab.

The overall shape of the blade is oblong, drawn out at length at the tip.

The overall shape of the blade is narrowly triangular, from long and wide.

overall season   (genel sezon)

The season marked the Bulldogs's 146th overall season.

Matthews claimed he had his best overall season despite the low numbers.

Darmstadt 98 will be playing in their 121st overall season and their second 2.

overall production   (genel üretim)

Nouveau's production is about 25% of overall production in Beaujolais.

Lighting and staging, as well as overall production, was designed by Leroy Bennet.

663 were built by 1939 and 249 more from 1946 to 1950, representing 53% of the overall production.

second overall pick   (ikinci genel seçim)

Mitchell was the second overall pick in the 2018 WNBA Draft.

At age 34, she was the second overall pick in the 1997 WNBA Draft.

The Giants chose him with the second overall pick of the 2018 MLB draft.

highest overall   (genel olarak en yüksek)

The eponymous Duke Trophy is awarded to the state team with the highest overall score.

At one point, KEGE had the highest overall Arbitron market ratings of any modern rock station in the country.

He finished with the 19th highest overall grade, among 60 qualifying inside linebackers by Pro Football Focus.

overall theme   (genel tema)

The overall theme varied slightly from unit to unit.

The overall theme these writers portrayed reflected "the changing face of America itself."

Much like each "Super Sentai" and "Power Rangers" series has an overall theme (mythology, dinosaurs, magic, etc.

overall draft   (genel taslak)

1 overall draft pick and that year's Rookie of the Year and rushing champion.

Eman was the 2nd overall draft pick of the Magnolia Beverage Masters in the 2007 PBA draft.

He was the seventh overall draft pick by Purefoods in 2008 before being traded to Burger King.

compiled an overall   (genel olarak derlendi)

He compiled an overall record of 63–44 ().

He returned to coach the team in 1902 and compiled an overall record of 6–3–1.

In his five seasons as Bearcats' head coach he compiled an overall record of 30–10.

single overall   (tek genel)

"Billboard" also rated it as the #26 pop single overall for 1981.

and third single overall.

It is their eight single under Warner Music Japan and 11th single overall in Japan.

overall height   (toplam yükseklik)

Its trunk is in girth and the tree possesses an overall height of .

The overall height of its semi-circular arch is , featuring a rise of .

A partially exposed full basement adds to the overall height of the house.

overall results   (Genel sonuçlar)

The overall results are quite pleasing and often exciting within the modern mainstream of jazz".

Medals are awarded for overall results; the standard medals are gold for first place, silver for second, and bronze for third place.

The overall results showed two different declines in effect sizes: 1) an overall decline between 1977 and 2014, and 2) a steeper decline between 1995 and 2014.

finished second overall   (ikinci olarak bitirdi)

Cecchi twice finished second overall in the Giro d'Italia.

The Rangers finished second overall in power-play percentage, with 23.39% (91 for 389).

The Montreal Canadiens had finished second overall in the NHL regular season standings but in the playoffs, they would upset the first-place Ottawa Senators.

overall championship   (genel şampiyonluk)

Although, they missed out on the overall championship title, losing against Alajuelense 1–4 on aggregate.

The overall championship was won by UD Oliveirense and the runners-up SC Covilhã were also promoted to the Liga de Honra.

The same year he finished fifth in the overall championship only eight points behind the winner, Richard Burns, despite missing two rallies.

overall series   (genel seri)

The Crusaders also lead the overall series, 30–25–2.

Alabama A&M leads the overall series 40-39-3.

The Ravens lead the overall series 31–11.

overall result   (genel sonuç)

The overall result could barely have been closer.

The overall result saw Harris win by 52%–48% in the electoral college.

From 2016, points are allocated by category result instead of overall result.

overall weight   (ortalama ağırlık)

The overall weight of the keyboard is 11.8kg (26 pounds).

This gave reduced overall weight and volume, and reduced servicing times.

However, these modifications added to overall weight and emissions raised accordingly.

overall plan   (Genel Plan)

A stone jail and brick jailer's house extend to the rear, making the overall plan T-shaped.

The cave's ceiling collapse likely affected its overall plan, caused it being left incomplete.

Plato is hailed by Akadiel as the one who perceives most clearly God's overall plan for humanity and the coming of Christ.

overall win   (genel kazanç)

The July Paris-Amsterdam-Paris earned a satisfying class win for Giver in his Delahaye; the overall win went to Panhard.

In 1967, the Mk IV became the only car designed and built entirely in the United States to achieve the overall win at Le Mans.

The 1979 race was notable for Walker Evans’ overall win in a Dodge truck, the first truck to win the overall title of the race.

overall project   (genel proje)

memorialized Schwadron's influence on the overall project.

Construction on the overall project began in October 2006.

Components are designed to be smaller pieces of the overall project.

overall direction   (genel yön)

The French forces were to remain under the overall direction of the German armed forces.

Today she directs the overall direction and execution of her brand through leading category licensees.

After George retired in 1838, Richard, the eldest, took overall direction, including managing the ships.

overall efficiency   (genel verimlilik)

This increases the overall efficiency of each unit.

This increases the overall efficiency since the liquid used to lubricate the shaft bearings is also used to cool the motor.

By stacking these layers on top of one other, a broader range of the light spectra is absorbed, improving the cell's overall efficiency.

time overall   (toplam süre)

The annual awards have presented by Sarah Sechan, Vincent Rompies and Desta (3rd time overall).

Persse and her teammate Naydene Smith were 2nd in the B Final, with the 8th fastest time overall of 7:55.18.

The United States won the gold medal in the Open event for the first time since 1976, and for the sixth time overall.

overall average   (genel ortalama)

423 Classes were taught, with an overall average class size of 24 students per class.

The overall average gradient is 4.2%, which is maintained fairly steadily throughout the climb.

O Cravo e a Rosa, broadcast on the 6:00 p.m. time slot, and had an overall average rating of 30.6 points.

overall success   (genel başarı)

He would also be named a member of the Basketball Hall of Fame for his overall success with the sport.

Much of the firm's profits were earned from a relatively small number of deals, with Bain Capital's overall success and failure rate being about even.

His landscape design for the "Swan House", another of the mansions, was important to the overall success of that home's English Renaissance Revival architecture.

finished third overall   (genel olarak üçüncü oldu)

Mikkelsen finished third overall, but was not registered to score manufacturer points.

In the regular season, the Rangers finished third overall in the league with a 32–28–10 record.

Loizeau made four appearances (three starts) at the Finals, as Guadeloupe finished third overall.

overall champion   (genel şampiyon)

In 1939 he became overall champion at the European Championships.

The season runs from December to April, followed by a playoff format to determine the overall champion.

Unlike the two previous CFU Women's Caribbean Cup tournaments, there is no final round and thus no overall champion.

overall draft pick   (genel taslak seçimi)

1 overall draft pick and that year's Rookie of the Year and rushing champion.

Eman was the 2nd overall draft pick of the Magnolia Beverage Masters in the 2007 PBA draft.

He was the seventh overall draft pick by Purefoods in 2008 before being traded to Burger King.

received an overall   (genel olarak alındı)

It received an overall 39.6 rating (36.9 million households); the Los Angeles rating was 40.0.

The film holds an 87/100 on Metacritic and received an overall score of 98% on Rotten Tomatoes.

In 2018, Porter High School received an overall score of 79 and was classified as "Met Standard."

overall increase   (genel artış)

In 1851–1871 there was an overall increase in per capita wealth holding.

This has led to an overall increase in exposure to UV radiation from both the natural sun and tanning lamps.

Due to overall increase in stability, the economic rating of the country improved and interest rates dropped.

overall and between   (genel ve arasında)

"Terry Fox" is long overall and between perpendiculars.

"Yulius Fuchik" was long overall and between perpendiculars.

The vessel was long overall and between perpendiculars with a beam of .

overall economic   (genel ekonomik)

However the overall economic relationship remains well below potential.

Although, it likely greatly contributed to Germany's overall economic recovery.

The community has since seen resurgence in job creation and overall economic growth.

record overall   (genel kayıt)

Test record overall:

Gonzalez's first season as Seton Hall coach ended with an under .500 record overall.

Baugh's first year as head coach was a 12-5 record in the ECC and 20-5 record overall.

overall leader   (genel lider)

He took the lead from Maxime Bouet, who had been the overall leader since the second stage.

General Secretary of the Central Committee was the title given to the overall leader of the party.

Following a review of how the Labour Party in Scotland is structured, she became its first overall leader.

improve the overall   (genel iyileştirmek)

Using co-product to generate electricity is one strategy that might improve the overall carbon balance.

In the summer of 2010, the Cherry Creek School District began renovations to improve the overall functionality of the building.

The proposal intended to improve the overall transparency of TIF Agreements, thereby facilitating significantly increased public accountability.

s overall   (genel olarak)

The corporate programs segment has historically been an important part of School’s overall portfolio.

The positive critic consensus is indicative of the film’s overall motive and purpose to preserve the natural environment.

Kang Duk-kyung’s overall health was failing and she often had to shuffle between being in the intensive care unit and a general ward.