Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

overnight hours   (horas de noche)

During the overnight hours when the subway is not running, an on-street transfer between buses is required.

No injuries occurred in that incident, as the collapse was in the overnight hours, with very little traffic on the freeway.

This programming no longer airs on the station as of 2009; the station now produces its own programming during the overnight hours.

overnight stays   (pernoctaciones)

In 2014, the city had 8.5 million overnight stays.

The Algarve and Lisbon lead in overnight stays.

The number of overnight stays was 339,292.

stay overnight   (pasar la noche)

Trekkers can get permission to stay overnight.

Yūta and Rikka stay overnight at a hotel.

Edison would stay overnight at Idylease while traveling to the mine.