Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

overtime win   (ganar horas extras)

Harris had 27 points against Oakland in a 99–93 overtime win.

He made six saves, and allowed the Blackhawks to collect an overtime win.

For HellRaisers, woxic's 28 kills helped HellRaisers get the overtime win.

double overtime   (doble tiempo extra)

In Game 7, Pete Babando scored the game winner in double overtime.

Pitt rallied from trailing by 16 to winning 67–58 in double overtime.

The decision proved costly for the Rams as they lost in double overtime.

overtime loss   (pérdida de horas extras)

In the Sweet 16 75–79 overtime loss to No.

Notre Dame lost to Michigan State in a dramatic overtime loss.

The Wizards opened their preseason with an overtime loss to the New York Knicks, 124–121.

overtime period   (tiempo extra)

<nowiki>*</nowiki> indicates overtime period.

<nowiki>*</nowiki> – Denotes overtime period

overtime victory   (victoria de horas extras)

NiKo had 45 kills in the double overtime victory as FaZe survived the group stage.

He finished the 34-28 overtime victory with three receptions, 17 receiving yards, and a touchdown.

Biarritz's overtime victory in the highest scoring final ever (37–34) crowned a final on the "edge".

first overtime

<br> This was the first overtime game in AAF history.

Neither team scored in the first overtime.

The first overtime game occurred in Week 7, with Memphis defeating Birmingham.

second overtime

By the rules of the day, the second overtime was played as sudden-death.

The sudden-death format of the second overtime was retired following this game.

In the second overtime, KSU drove to the eight-yard line on four rushing plays of 17 yards.

game into overtime   (juego en tiempo extra)

Virginia attempted a two-point conversion to send the game into overtime.

Liquid sent the game into overtime, but EnVyUs was able to finally clean up in triple overtime.

He also scored 27 points against Iowa, including a buzzer beating three to send the game into overtime.

overtime game

<br> This was the first overtime game in AAF history.

It was the first multiple overtime game in the series' history.

The East division defeated the West 11–10 in a thrilling overtime game.

force overtime

He had 35 points against UCLA on November 15, 2017, including the three-point bucket to force overtime.

Ballard's Leonard Taylor scored on a put-back basket at the buzzer to tie the score at 65 and force overtime.

In the regional finals, Kentucky trailed top-seeded Duke by 12 in the second half, but battled back to force overtime.

overtime goal

His goal also Winnipeg's first playoff overtime goal in franchise history.

En route to the Eastern Conference championship, Bellows scored the series-clinching overtime goal in the first round in Game 6 against the Boston Bruins.

The first game of the series was a grueling overtime match in which Bruins' coach Art Ross was noted for ceaseless criticism of the officiating and the ice condition, to the annoyance of the home crowd in Montreal, won on a Harry Oliver overtime goal at the 45 minute mark.

overtime pay

Any employee working during these holidays will be entitled to overtime pay.

Since 2010, a rate of 50% overtime pay applies for people working over 60 hours a week.

Later, Kim Lye employs his old friend's son Daji and makes him work long hours without overtime pay to save money.

goal in overtime

He led another drive for the game-winning field goal in overtime.

Frank Boucher would score the game-winning goal in overtime for New York.

In Week 6, against the Chicago Bears, he converted the game-winning field goal in overtime.