İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

owed much   (çok borçlu)

The sweeping successes of the eighteenth-century wars owed much to the new unity of the two nations.

He evinced a strong attachment to Concord, and to him, the city owed much of her material prosperity.

In its final shape, the text owed much to the inspiration of George Şerban, a local academic and writer.

debt owed   (borçlu)

He settled a large debt owed to Mexico, and reduced expenses to the level that the islands could become self-sufficient.

The accumulated debt owed on both the Princess Royal and Queen Elizabeth hospitals was written off by the Department for Health.

Instead, Pearly, who refers to himself as a Knight among Lucifer's angels, calls in a debt owed to him by another of Lucifer's angels.

still owed   (hala borçlu)

Real estate sales wiped out the first, but Ablaÿ still owed part of the second.

Additionally, Frazee still owed Lannin as much as $125,000 from the purchase of the club.

This was due, too, that Peru still owed $600 million to the IMF and 400 million World Bank.

debts owed   (borçlar)

By this, creditors could freely transfer the debts owed to them.

In addition all debts owed to Aryan Germans also had to be listed.

Patrick was in America to collect debts owed to a British creditor.

owed money   (borçlu)

Their star witness is a bookie Rickey owed money to.

Terry (Terry Crews) asks Jake (Andy Samberg) for owed money, which surprises Jake as he doesn't seek money.

They claim Rickey displayed strong religious and family values, while Sandy gambled and owed money to organized crime.

money owed

The plot is centred around the character Moro, who returns to Almaty, Kazakhstan, to collect money owed to him.

Cunningham and other sporting personalities lost money owed when australialivetv.com collapsed in December 2010.

They also argued that their players' labour should not go towards paying money owed to Joynton-Smith and the NSWRL.