new owner   (新しい所有者)

The new owner hired Henry C. Buffington as editor.

The new owner restored the Selkent name and logo.

With the new owner, Vitogaz expanded internationally.

original owner   (元の所有者)

Her original owner was F. P. Boggs of Boston.

These objects, whoever the original owner, may now be lost.

Klutes Lakes was named after an original owner of the site.

sole owner   (単独所有)

Goodyear later became the newspaper's sole owner.

He later became the sole owner of this business.

Weeks and later sole owner of the business.

former owner   (元オーナー)

In 2002, former owner Steve Jeffery became president.

Journal Communications (KVOO-FM's former owner) and The E.W.

They live a happy life until the former owner of Kaguya finds her.

current owner   (現在の所有者)

The current owner of the station is Eurozet.

She was the mother of the current owner Vincent Lampkin.

Morritt, an ancestor of the current owner.

team owner   (チームオーナー)

Also, team owner Walter Briggs Sr. died in 1952.

He interviewed four times with team owner Daniel Snyder.

The team owner was Jean Henri Lhuillier.

business owner   (事業主)

Crews is a retired Air Force pilot and small business owner.

2 Hispanic business owner on Inc. 500.

Sarah Frey Sarah Frey is an American farmer and business owner.

part owner

a part owner of the company, a form of double taxation.

He established a store and was part owner of a sawmill.

Basketball coach George Karl was once part owner of Burgdorf.

majority owner   (大多数の所有者)

In 1924, he bought out majority owner Tommy Gorman.

In 2019 the new majority owner became the KKCG group.

He is the founder, chairman, and majority owner of Sunac.

previous owner

The previous owner had not filed for license renewal in 2005.

He tries to contact the car's previous owner but is unable to do so.

The next owner had to work with the previous owner to reinstate the authorization.

became the owner

In 1379 he became the owner of the castle Hrádek.

He became the owner of the workshop a few years later.

In retirement he became the owner of a café.

property owner

UPDATE 2014: New property owner again.

Properties may also be de-designated by request of the property owner.

Podmajersky incorporated is a major property owner in the Pilsen area.

store owner

The store owner comes out to yell at the boy who carelessly leaves.

They didn't have the store owner or a strong personality doing theirs."

His father worked as a grocery store owner and his mother was a teacher.

land owner   (土地所有者)

He was a significant land owner on the West Coast.

The community was named for a local land owner.

He was a company director, land owner and philanthropist.

shop owner

Her father was a lawyer and her mother was a shop owner.

Kincaid-Chauncey was a flower shop owner from North Las Vegas.

Surprisingly, the shop owner knows how to defeat The Hyena Gang.

first owner

Her breeder and first owner was Marcel Boussac.

Levtunovsky was the first owner of the hotel.

Its first owner was former Liberal M.P.

plantation owner   (プランテーション所有者)

Believing that he is a wealthy plantation owner, she flirts with him.

The community was named after James K. Daniel, a local plantation owner.

For the next 16 years he lived the life of a Virginia plantation owner and politician.

then owner

She was named "Gjøa" after her then owner's wife.

The then owner, Lt.,-Col.P.R.

The ceiling was commissioned by the then owner, the merchant Christian Hasenbank.

club owner

On February 10, 2017, club owner Mike Ilitch died.

The park was reportedly named for the club owner's yacht.

Kabuscorp S.C. was founded in 1994 by president and club owner Bento Kangamba.

private owner   (個人所有者)

As of 2006, the castle belongs to a private owner.

456 eventually ended up in Edgecumbe with a private owner, while no.

The convent was suppressed in 1799 after the French invasion and ceded to a private owner.

owner and operator   (所有者とオペレーター)

Fraport is the owner and operator of Frankfurt Airport.

DellaGrotte is the owner and operator of the Sityodtong USA Branch.

ClubLink is the largest owner and operator of golf courses in Canada.

founder and owner

He is the founder and owner of Kelly's Filmworks.

Uyehara was the founder and owner of Black Belt Magazine.

He is the founder and owner of the Buyan Holding company.

restaurant owner

He became a producer and, later, a restaurant owner.

Kathir eventually becomes a successful restaurant owner.

The police arrested the restaurant owner as a result of the video.

mill owner

Wormald was born in Dewsbury Yorkshire 10 February 1868, the son of mill owner John and Annie Wormald.

He married Ada Cooke (died 1921), daughter of Samuel Cooke, a carpet mill owner from Liversedge, Yorkshire.

The home was built for mill owner Paul Townsend on a farm property in 1850 and owned until his death in 1890.

principal owner

Frank P. Armstrong was the principal owner and manager.

Daley was the principal owner of the Cleveland Indians from through .

station owner   (駅の所有者)

The station owner is Michael R. Quinn, former owner of KCNR (1460 AM).

Eider C. Stangland began his radio career as an announcer and ended it as a station owner.

Radio samples were contributed by Radio For Peace International station owner James Latham.

ship owner

Unlike Hodgson's Captains Gault and Jat, Cargunka is a ship owner, and not a captain.

Damaged fendering equipment is the responsibility of either the port owner or ship owner.

One of his other brothers, George Holt, was also a noted Liverpool merchant and ship owner.

gallery owner   (ギャラリーオーナー)

His companion until his death was Sigrid Nama, a former art gallery owner.

Lobineau tells him of a gallery owner who can tell him more about Mayan art.

The film also features Richard Demarco, the Edinburgh gallery owner, playing himself.

car owner

Forsythe began his career as a car owner in 1983.

Later he took a sip of milk, at the urging of his car owner Roger Penske.

Fogg runs his own 'Radio Sport' race team in conjunction with car owner Kevin Williams.

became owner

In 1707 Jacobus van der Heijden became owner of the land.

In 1366, the House of Rožmberk/Rosenberg became owner of the estate.

As Sir Andrew's heir Robert Corbet became owner of very large estates.

label owner

He later became a successful manager, record producer and record label owner.

It was founded by Alessandro Ludovico and Minus Habens Records label owner Ivan Iusco in Bari (Italy).

A music label owner, Reynold D’Silva, bought the flat for £550,000 in 2002, beating a rival bid from Noel Gallagher.

company owner   (会社のオーナー)

He became the company owner in 1920, at his father's death.

Gaffney was a Tammany Hall alderman and construction company owner.

In 1917, he married Evelyn Peterson, the daughter of a draying company owner from Minnesota.

slave owner

In 1827 he was a landowner and slave owner, and owned an hacienda.

To save Northup's life, Ford sells him to another slave owner named Edwin Epps.

Charles McGarel Charles McGarel (1788–1876) was an Irish born merchant and slave owner.

minority owner

On December 17, 2009, he became a minority owner of the Atlanta Falcons.

McCann is a minority owner of the New York Mets, holding a 4% stake in the baseball team.

Baosteel Group was a minority owner of Metallurgical Corporation of China Limited for 0.65% (as at 30 June 2010).

factory owner

He was the son of a factory owner and collegiate assessor.

Sakka is the son of a wealthy factory owner in Aleppo, Syria.

She was the middle daughter of soap factory owner Ernest Proescholdt and his wife Gertrude.

small business owner   (中小企業経営者)

Crews is a retired Air Force pilot and small business owner.

He has been a small business owner.

He was a small business owner ran a company making fences before joining the general assembly.

hotel owner

The hotel owner, Lewis Belding, and his wife Sarah, object.

A hotel owner asks Marker to investigate his wife's odd behaviour.

In that process, he falls for a girl Gauri, daughter of a hotel owner.

last owner   (最後の所有者)

The last owner gave the schooner yacht the name "Aldabaran."

Its last owner was the Middlebridge Group, a Japanese engineering firm.

But according to the last owner, Michael Schley, they instead became avid supporters.

copyright owner

The harm to Kelly, the copyright owner, was negligible; it was hardly more than his hurt feelings.

The burden of proof here rests on the copyright owner, who must demonstrate the impact of the infringement on commercial use of the work.

Without the permission of copyright owner, mashup video artists may violate the copyright law and charged by criminal copyright infringement.

present owner   (現在の所有者)

The present owner lives in the former commandant's house.

() On it was once the ferryman's hut, recently rebuilt by the present owner.

The present owner of Encyclopædia Britannica Inc. is Jacqui Safra, a Swiss billionaire and actor.

racehorse owner

Brown is also a racehorse owner and breeder.

He was also a racehorse owner, with Gordon Richards as a regular jockey.

This was in memory of Jean Prat (1847–1940), a successful racehorse owner and breeder.

nightclub owner

Mark Moore (disambiguation) Mark Moore (born 1965) is a British record producer and nightclub owner.

He husband, Keith Lawyer, a Houston nightclub owner, had loaned Huffman $500,000 for the 2008 campaign.

The son of a nightclub owner, Haemers was tall with striking looks, and became known for his hedonistic lifestyle.

when the owner   (所有者が)

Was used as a Bed and Breakfast till 2015 when the owner decided to sell the property

The brewery closed in 2004 when the owner retired and as at 2014 was being converted to housing.

Beauty pageants started in 1921 when the owner of an Atlantic City hotel struck upon the idea to help boost tourism.

rightful owner   (正当な所有者)

The rule involved interference with the possession of a chattel by the rightful owner.

Carl insists that as the rightful owner he should be the first to test out the machine.

Hop tells Tripitikas to deliver the staff to its rightful owner and Tripitikas flees with the staff.

bar owner

The bar owner's wife is also killed later in the story.

She was also a TV screenwriter, restaurateur and bar owner.

The bar owner requests that McNulty patronize another establishment.

whose owner

On the way they pick up a stray dog, whose owner they try to locate.

Fang Yong Yong (Janine Chang) works as a housekeeper in a hotel whose owner happens to be Xiang Yun Jie.

It is alleged that the history of the settlement can be traced to a small farm, whose owner was a man of Monin.

owner and manager

Frank P. Armstrong was the principal owner and manager.

He then became the team's owner and manager.

owner and publisher

He was owner and publisher of the "Erie Gazette" from 1865 to 1890.

In 1910, he returned as owner and publisher of the "Telegraph", and continued until at least 1928.

In September 2014, owner and publisher Meg Guerra discontinued the financially unsuccessful publication.

owner of several

He was the owner of several private yachts that he used for scientific expeditions.

It is named after Edward Franklin Albee II who was the owner of several area theaters during the 1800s.

Captain Francis, the owner of several sealing schooners, established a trading post in Ucluelet harbour.

estate owner

But Gulabi has another suitor, none other than Ajay, the only son of the tea estate owner.

Karen Toller Karen Toller (1662 – 13 August 1742) was a Norwegian estate owner and ship owner.

On 9 September 1892, she married the estate owner and nobleman Carl O'Neill Oxholm of Rosenfeldt (1843–1914).