Frases y oraciones de ejemplo

new owners   (nuevos propietarios)

Her new owners registered her as a 1170 GRT steamer.

The new owners, Stumbrai, demolished the manor.

The new owners reinstituted the WURD call sign.

property owners   (propietarios)

Many became educated, artisans and property owners.

But he also acted as counsel for property owners.

35 surnames of property owners are registered there.

business owners   (dueños de negocios)

High taxes on business owners thwart economic activity."

Local business owners and other professionals come to give presentations.

He has conducted public hearings to listen to the concerns of business owners.

land owners   (propietarios de tierras)

Fountain was a powerful rival to land owners Lee and Fall.

He and his brother Rufus were large land owners in Klamath County.

The slave population quickly grew larger than that of the land owners.

original owners

The government returned the property to its original owners.

The Admiralty returned to her original owners in January 1945.

The original owners of the farm were ethnic German Swiss Mennonites.

private owners   (propietarios privados)

New private owners repurposed a few, but most were scrapped.

The complex was used by private owners since 1987 as a conference facility.

Of 30 hectares to be acquired for the project, only 2 hectares belong to private owners.

current owners

The current owners took over the diner in 2010.

It was acquired by the current owners in January 2008.

Burden later resold it to the current owners.

plantation owners   (propietarios de plantaciones)

In 1833 it bought out the plantation owners and banned slavery.

A branch of the family were large plantation owners in Suriname.

He moved to Jamaica in 1778/9 and leased out cattle to plantation owners.

former owners

However, in most cases former owners were simply kicked out.

Many of them came to bear the surnames of their former owners.

The store was founded by Jack Cole and Carl Cole, the former owners of Coles Bookstore.

slave owners   (dueños de esclavos)

Brown became one of the wealthiest planters and slave owners on the German Coast.

As a consequence, overly-brutal patrollers could expect revenge from slave owners.

President Lincoln advocated that slave owners be compensated for emancipated slaves.

previous owners

The Old Bell Hotel has had many previous owners over the years.

The club's previous owners had failed to pay its debts to many local businesses.

The previous owners, the Lassotovitch, Hammond, Ligon, and Dorsey families are all related.

traditional owners   (propietarios tradicionales)

The traditional owners of the area are the Wiradjuri.

The traditional owners of the area are the Ngiyambaa.

The traditional owners of the area are the Yawuru peoples.

team owners   (dueños del equipo)

In fantasy sports, team owners draft, trade and cut (drop) players, analogously to real sports.

From the time of the formation of the Major Leagues to the 1960s, the team owners controlled the game.

Though the research proved to team owners that the move was a sensible decision, the banks were not impressed.

several owners

Cheers had several owners before Sam, as the bar was opened in 1889.

The building continued to be used as a restaurant under several owners.

Later, the history of the estate has an erratic course with several owners.

owners applied

"Morley"s owners applied for an award.

In the district, 4459 property owners applied for the tax relief.

other owners   (otros propietarios)

The villa had several other owners.

After a series of other owners, the property was bought by the Smith family in 1950.

The company also expanded into managing hotels and condominium amenities for other owners.

property owners applied

In the district, 4459 property owners applied for the tax relief.

In the district, 8,065 property owners applied for the tax relief.

In the district, 7,651 property owners applied for the tax relief.

small business owners   (propietarios de pequeñas empresas)

He was known for his commitment to farmers, small business owners, and the environment.

The party drew most of its support from farmers and small business owners in rural areas.

The population generally works as small business owners, cab drivers, beauticians and medical technicians.

different owners

The mansion was built in 1806 and belonged to different owners.

KBER-FM was later KSAQ and, under different owners is today's KCYY.

She traded widely as different owners deployed her on one route or another.

mill owners

In 1849 Muir joined James Finlay and Co. cotton mill owners.

His father, Baruch, came from a family of flour mill owners.

These "apprentices" were sold to planters and mill owners; the usual term of service was six years.

home owners   (propietarios de viviendas)

If rates go down, many home owners will refinance at a lower rate.

Dues for upkeep and other expenses of the club were paid by home owners.

Many of the black home owners operated businesses, or were working professionals.

shop owners

The court judged that it was the shop owners constitutional right to forgo service to someone.

Interviews with paranormal investigators, supernatural shop owners and ghost hunting tourists are featured.

In 1935, the elders in the village with the support of shop owners started to raise funds for the construction of a school campus.

various owners

Wisconsin spent a decade acquiring from various owners and developing services.

As Skratch began to fabricate and pinstripe for various owners and builders, a following started to build.

In total, the four ships of the "Pennsylvania" class gave a total of well over 160 years of service to their various owners.

pet owners   (Dueño de la mascota)

VetDepot supplies directly to pet owners, veterinarians, animal shelters, and other customers.

In 2007, in Australia, pet owners made 15% fewer visits to the doctor compared to non-pet owners.

The Irish Blue Cross provides low-cost veterinary services to pet owners on a low income in the greater Dublin area.

club owners

Funding is very dependent on club owners.

The association's activities led to the arrest of many adult club owners and the closure of their businesses.

In 1933, the club owners decided to build a second course, which resulted in the purchase of a farm to the east of the club.

car owners

Classic car owners have adopted waterless coolant to solve this problem.

The company started operations in Hyderabad and worked on registering the car owners.

Baxter was an enthusiastic motorist, and was one of the first car owners in British Columbia.

owners apply   (los propietarios solicitan)

Property owners apply for the relief through the county Treasurer's office.

owners decided

In 2013, club's owners decided to change club's name to "Turan-T".

By 1937, it was in so decrepit a state that the owners decided to abandon it.

In 2005, the club's new owners decided to rename the club "Ganja" despite facing criticism from the club's fans.

gun owners

Ryan has supported the rights of gun owners and opposed stricter gun control measures.

Demings has an "F" rating from the NRA, which they award to those they deem a "true enemy of gun owners' rights".

Other reforms, that she said would be introduced as late as spring 2009, included a national register of gun owners.

many owners

Over the years the hall has seen many owners and occupants.

Following this success a virus struck all of his 18 horses causing many owners to leave him.

The negative side is that many owners cannot afford the work, so a roof remains leaking for the sake of a cheap roof tile.

store owners   (propietarios de la tienda)

Several months went by, as store owners in England refused to buy Jerome's clocks.

Some store owners endorse her work and encourage others to do similar work as well.

Some store owners reportedly paid local thugs to protect them from the violence because security forces were mostly absent.

copyright owners

It is intended to help local authority Trading Standards staff, market operators and copyright owners.

The author or creator may be the owner of the economic rights or those rights may be transferred to one or more copyright owners.

In a more serious case, the copyright owners reserve their rights to sue the mashup artists and they may have a maximum punishment of five years in jail and large fines.

ship owners

Among ship owners of the day, “Medford-built” came to mean the best.

The CR failed to attract private ship owners to their new extension from Greenock to the fishing village of Gourock.

The town has a strong tradition in merchant seafaring and is currently the home of various important Greek ship owners.

present owners   (propietarios actuales)

The tradition has been continued by the present owners.

(Note: "no relation" to the present owners of the magazine of the same name).

The present owners are horse trainers and immersed in the busy country life of the area.

factory owners

500,000 bail for factory owners Abdul Aziz, Shahid Bhaila and Arshad Bhaila.

The tribunal was highly critical of the factory owners and government, which failed to enforce the law.

They developed personal contacts with European factory owners on buying trips to Great Britain and Germany, starting in 1890.