private ownership   (私有)

In 2015, the estate was sold to private ownership.

In private ownership is 214 thousand ha of forests.

Easement land would remain in private ownership.

land ownership   (土地所有権)

Moreover, the ability to vote was linked to land ownership.

He suggested improving their position with respect to land ownership.

However, land ownership was eventually granted to British Colonel James Baker.

new ownership   (新しい所有権)

Both WTLT and WELP were sold to new ownership by 1987.

The team had new ownership and a new stadium on the way.

In 1973, new ownership renamed the team the Atlanta Apollos.

ownership group   (所有グループ)

In 2014, the Mallards ownership group created Big Top Baseball.

Tugnutt sold the team to an ownership group led by former teammate Jason York.

This ownership group completed a $10 million upgrade of 381 rooms in June, 2005.

full ownership   (完全な所有権)

In summer 2008, Empoli gained full ownership for €300K.

In 2002, Safeway (UK) took full ownership of the group.

In 2002, Nassau acquired full ownership of WVPO and WSBG.

public ownership   (公有)

By 1951 about 20 per cent of the British economy had been taken into public ownership.

Only one steel company, Richard Thomas and Baldwins, remained in public ownership throughout.

In 2011 the BBC and the Public Catalogue Foundation began cataloguing all of his paintings in public ownership online.

common ownership

They were built by two separate companies which had common ownership.

This transaction also put WNIO back in common ownership with "both" WANR and WLOA (the former WPAO).

In addition, the FCC permits common ownership of three television stations if there are low-powered stations that are involved.

took ownership

John Willis took ownership of the building in 1769.

Later he commented– "We took ownership of Jyoti in 2010.

Jemena took ownership and control in 2007.

retained ownership

Smithfield retained ownership of the pigs.

The Spreckels family retained ownership of the hotel until 1948.

Norell retained ownership of fifty-one percent of the company's stock.

home ownership   (自宅の所有権)

She also exposes the inequalities within gender and race and home ownership.

Children At Risk aids children and families and HomeCorp helps low-income people achieve home ownership.

Jews in Yemen were long subject to a number of restrictions, ranging from attire, hairstyle, home ownership, marriage, etc.

ownership stake   (所有権)

In 2018, Macquarie sold its ownership stake in PSE.

The casino retained the name "Trump Taj Mahal", though Donald Trump no longer held any ownership stake.

After increasing its ownership stake in the property, Simon presented preliminary plans to revamp Del Amo.

changed ownership

The land changed ownership a number of times thereafter.

The channel has several times changed ownership in its history.

The Rochester Elevator changed ownership again in 1913, 1922, and 1930.

media ownership

The commission was established as a response to criticism from the public and government over media ownership.

After a change in CRTC media ownership rules, Pelmorex sold CJMX to Telemedia, the owner of CJRQ and CIGM, in 1998.

This process has accelerated since the 1980s, commensurate with a general trend of consolidation in media ownership.

transferred ownership

The Hospitallers transferred ownership over Carfalet to the Templars in 1255.

In 1935, Bush transferred ownership of the yacht to his wife, Marian Spore Bush.

In 1519 Pope Leo X transferred ownership of the region to Theophilus Calcagnini.

property ownership

Most property ownership in common law jurisdictions is fee simple.

They have less access to property ownership, credit, training and employment.

An agreement was reached between Wadsworth Atheneum regarding property ownership.

ownership interest

Niles Trammell, a former NBC president, held a 15 percent ownership interest in WCKT.

In the reorganization, the Kearns-Tribune Corporation retained a 35% ownership interest until 1970.

While Cumulus operated the CMP stations, they initially held only a minor ownership interest in them.

ownership of land   (土地の所有権)

These laws forbid, for example, the ownership of land by women.

For decades, Chile claimed ownership of land on the eastern side of the Andes.

On 1 January 1956, ownership of land was transferred to the Government of South Australia.

change of ownership

This change of ownership had no effect on her service.

In 1936, KOY underwent a change of ownership.

"Lloyd's Register" for 1814 confirms the change of ownership and trade.

state ownership   (州の所有権)

Governor O'Malley chose to maintain state ownership.

Under communism, state ownership of businesses was estimated to be 97%.

Media control is also usually consistent with state ownership in the economy.

ownership rights

It may be objected that the person who originated the information deserves ownership rights over it.

Winfrey negotiated ownership rights to the television program and started her own production company.

SCM has denied all allegations and issued a statement saying they would defend their ownership rights.

majority ownership   (過半数の所有権)

, Southwestern acquired majority ownership in 2004, .

The company began to face significant struggles under the Chinese majority ownership.

In 2004, the Handler brothers sold majority ownership of Exclusive Resorts to Steve Case.

assumed ownership

TVA and Canwest formed a joint venture that assumed ownership of CKMI.

The General American Transportation Corporation assumed ownership of the line in 1930.

In 1997 the nonprofit "Conservatoire de l’Espace Littoral et des Rivages Lacustres" assumed ownership.

car ownership

Per capita private car ownership is the 29th-highest in the world.

Thus, private car ownership in the country is the fifth highest per capita in the world.

With one private car for every 2.09 persons, Brunei has one of the highest car ownership rates in the world.

ownership was transferred

In 1916 ownership was transferred to brothers Rubin and John Clymer.

In 1999, the light's ownership was transferred to the State of Delaware.

In 1988 ownership was transferred back to the Irvine Ranch Water District.

ownership structure

The new ownership structure of Gambro became effective in June 2006.

Thus, the ownership structure has an influence on the incentives to invest.

Each has a different legal purpose, ownership structure, and governance model.

took over ownership

Portia Sabin took over ownership of Kill Rock Stars.

He died in debt and the bank took over ownership of his estate.

Later, Raynor took over ownership.

gun ownership

The massacre spurred renewed efforts by activists for tighter laws on gun ownership nationally.

The parliament passed a similar law in 1992 to deal with a jump in gun ownership after the 1990 invasion of Kuwait.

Due to local laws restricting gun ownership by blacks, the white Democrats had the overwhelming advantage in weapons, as well as in numbers.

claimed ownership

By piling the manure into heaps, the plaintiff claimed ownership in trover.

For decades, Chile claimed ownership of land on the eastern side of the Andes.

Throughout Belize's history, Guatemala has claimed ownership of all or part of Belizean territory.

ownership changes

Constant ownership changes did not help the Indians.

Two more ownership changes occurred since 2000.

It retained that name after its ownership changes in 1961 and 1970.

change in ownership

That year also saw a change in ownership for the "Herald".

The public was notified of the change in ownership on December 15, 2015.

The current name, Imperial Sugar Company, was established after a change in ownership in 1907.

transfer of ownership

Thomas returns home to help Alvin with the paperwork to finish the transfer of ownership.

With the transfer of ownership, the "Journal of Psychology" is headquartered in Philadelphia.

However, that activity had been banned upon transfer of ownership to the National Park Service.

ownership and management

Constant ownership and management changes did not help the Indians.

It was under Juncker's ownership and management that Terma developed into the company it is today.

After the death of her husband in 1536, she took over the ownership and management of the printing shop until her own death.

foreign ownership

At the end of 2013, there stood 35 commercial banks of which most have majority foreign ownership.

Restrictions on foreign direct investment were removed, permitting 100% foreign ownership in many cases.

This would be intended to discourage foreign ownership of dwellings and free up housing stock for residents.

ownership passed

From 1806, the ownership passed to merchant Kosikovsky.

In the 1990s ownership passed to Stoke-on-Trent City Council.

Griscom died in 1959, and ownership passed to his widow, Audrey.

take ownership

Because that time has long since passed, Blind Joe and the Martians take ownership of the casino and throw the Robot Mafia out.

The property was offered to Rock Ventures, owned by developer Dan Gilbert, however the company declined to take ownership of the structure.

The 'Export Action Plan' is an online planning tool on Open to Export that allows businesses to take ownership of their international strategy.

family ownership   (家族の所有権)

The deal ended over a century of family ownership.

In 2005 James Reed took the company back into family ownership.

Pollin was part of the family ownership team that sold the Wizards after his father's death.

joint ownership

Soon afterward, the "Fond du Lac Commonwealth Reporter" assumed joint ownership of the station.

In April 2004, Ellis agreed to invest in the Tuscany for joint ownership and the management of its casino.

Several variants of the Grossman–Hart–Moore model such as the one with private information can also explain joint ownership.

sole ownership

In due course, Jock McKie died, and the land passed into the sole ownership of the Ibbett family.

By 7 April 1788 Autié had been given sole ownership of the "privilège" to operate the theatre, with a term of 30 years.

In May 1974, Thomas Land would take sole ownership of the station, and would later pass ownership of the station to his son, Dave Land.

ownership rules

In 2018 China ended its domestic ownership rules for auto companies and financial institutions.

After a change in CRTC media ownership rules, Pelmorex sold CJMX to Telemedia, the owner of CJRQ and CIGM, in 1998.

FCC's ownership rules at the time prohibited one company from owning more than two FM's in one market, and Cox already owned 97.3 WFLC.

local ownership

This helped foster a sense of local ownership and self-reliance.

However he left the club in January 2016 due to the side folding after failing to find local ownership.

As seen in the table above, Cambodia's garment industry is characterized by a small percentage of local ownership.

ownership changed

In November 2019, the ownership changed.

In 1876, its ownership changed to Joseph Bowerbank of Cockermouth.

In 1929, new ownership changed the name of the team to the Pawtucket Rangers.