İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

owns and operates   (sahibi ve işletiyor)

He owns and operates a hot air ballooning company.

The DPTI also owns and operates the Glenelg tram line.

As of 2018, First Martin owns and operates the building.

now owns   (şimdi sahibi)

An anonymous Santa Cruz lawyer now owns the property.

Orange S.A. now owns a 100% stake in Orange Slovensko.

The museum now owns over 70 works by Kessels.

currently owns   (şu anda sahibi)

Colorado Mountain College currently owns the property.

The state currently owns 1 million ha of aquatic lands.

Ivry Gitlis currently owns the 1713 "Sancy" Antonio Stradivari.

company owns   (şirket sahibi)

The Calmit company owns the local mine and produces lime.

The company owns the following casinos, hotels and racetracks.

The company owns two brands, Salem Baking Company (SBC) and Dewey's Bakery.

still owns   (hala sahibi)

The group still owns three small chunks of land.

This order still owns the complex in 2014.

To this day, Macchio still owns the car.

owns several

It owns several ex-Amtrak passenger cars for that purpose.

VMG owns several newspaper publications across the country.

Mainly emphasizing investment, it owns several Norwegian colleges.

owns and manages

It owns and manages the 58 HWT technology park property.

He owns and manages his own store, Long Beach Woodwinds.

Truphone owns and manages its own core mobile technology.

company that owns   (sahibi olan şirket)

Ltd., the company that owns the Indian Premier League team, Rajasthan Royals.

Each of these companies operates as a holding company that owns dozens of other companies.

The company that owns the aircraft suspended its operations without waiting for an official order.

owns the rights

Successor company MGM Television now owns the rights to the show.

Currently, DRTV company SAS Group, Inc. owns the rights to the product.

PG&E now owns the rights to this delivery system, as well as the long controversial history.

family owns   (aile sahibi)

The Steyerberg family owns a Labrador, named Bas.

The Elsener family owns 10 percent of the shares.

company also owns   (şirket ayrıca sahibi)

The company also owns a rail bridge over the river.

The company also owns mining rights at Tamera.

The company also owns 20MW of battery storage in Pomona, California.

owns and runs

St John owns and runs the Ambulance Communication Centres in Auckland and Christchurch.

Within the City, the Corporation owns and runs both Smithfield Market and Leadenhall Market.

Teegarden currently owns and runs Teegarden Studios, located in the historic Pearl District of Tulsa, Oklahoma.