medium pace   (中速)

And he bowled mainly medium pace at this time.

He batted right-handed, and bowled left-arm medium pace.

He is a right-arm medium pace bowler.

slow pace   (ゆっくりとしたペース)

The biggest criticism was the very slow pace.

Negative criticism in the United States cited its slow pace.

The trials at the 36 Foreigners Tribunals proceeded at a slow pace.

keep pace   (一定のペースを保つ)

Reserves did not keep pace with ration requirements.

The NHS is struggling just to keep pace.

Costa Rica's ports are struggling to keep pace with growing trade.

fast pace   (速いペース)

The CFM moved through the country at a fast pace in the 1950s.

A fast pace indicates expectation of something good for oneself.

Younger people are leaving the town at a fast pace to find employment.

pace bowler   (ペースボウラー)

He is a right-arm medium pace bowler.

He was a flamboyant right-handed batsman and a right arm medium pace bowler.

I have not seen before or since such sustained brilliance from a pace bowler".

rapid pace   (速いペース)

He was also noted for his workrate and rapid pace.

The rapid pace of bridge construction has continued.

The technology was improved at a rapid pace.

set the pace

31 October 1977: Nottingham Forest continue to set the pace at the end of October.

Ridden by Danny Maher, he settled behind the leaders as Jaeger set the pace from the favourite White Star.

Peter had been expected to set the pace and pursue Vitali, instead he spent time outside trying to box his way in.

change of pace

She also called the conversation between Darryl and Jim a "nice change of pace".

Rob Burch of "The Hollywood News" called "I Won't Say (I'm in Love)" a "refreshing change of pace".

A change of pace came in 2004 when he joined Pro Wrestling Zero-One, where old friend Hidaka awaited.

own pace

Fights in his own pace and is very good at aiming.

Instead, the player can progress at their own pace.

Yūta says he wants to let Rikka grow at her own pace.

medium pace bowler   (中速ボウラー)

He is a right-arm medium pace bowler.

He was a flamboyant right-handed batsman and a right arm medium pace bowler.

While primarily a specialist batsman, Cranmer was also a decent medium pace bowler.

off the pace

Despite finishing well off the pace in 2015, she prevailed in 2017.

Ridden by Manuel Ycaza, the gelding came from well off the pace to catch Mr.

Still a long way off the pace, he only qualified for rounds eleven and twelve at Donington Park.

pace car

The first pace car was a Stoddard-Dayton driven by Carl G. Fisher.

The pace car is deployed for debris, collision, or weather reasons.

Mazda was confirmed as the new pace car and courtesy vehicle supplier.

slower pace

Franklin would follow at a slower pace with the remaining voyageurs.

The final seven of Chaplin's 14 Essanay films were all produced at this slower pace.

Rubin also claims that weight loss will continue during this phase, but at a slower pace than Phase One.

faster pace

It is made at a faster pace in Russian folk dance.

Reporters came together asking authorities to respond to the abduction at a faster pace.

A faster pace for most climbers is said to be less strenuous than climbing at their normal speed.

early pace

He broke well and stalked the early pace set by Take the One O One.

He again broke poorly, settling near the back of the field behind a fast early pace.

He finished third in the qualifier, being apparently unsuited by the slow early pace.

kept pace

Sanders walked faster, but the rabbit kept pace even as he broke out into a run.

However, since the early 1990s, the growth in prize money has not kept pace with that on the two larger tours.

Thereafter the division kept pace with the German rearguard and by 28 March had advanced some from its position in front of Le-Transloy.

steady pace

The 2000s saw a steady pace of growth and budget surpluses, but shaky inflation.

Remaining calm: Maintains a calm tone of voice and steady pace that is appropriate to the client's feelings and behaviour.

Swinburn sent Musical Bliss into the lead from the start and set a steady pace before quickening inside the last quarter of a mile.