web pages   (ウェブページ)

Miscellaneous web pages perpetuate the "Traditional Site."

One is sharing information like pictures or internet web pages.

Primary buttons include "MAIL", "IM", and several shortcuts to various web pages.

pages long   (長いページ)

The manual describing the game is 64 pages long.

I had never written anything much over two pages long.

This book is approximately 242 pages long.

few pages

After going through a few pages, he came to know that it was about the partition.

These comics range from a few pages per story to the 32-page standard in later issues.

As the log was frozen, it slipped from the binding, leaving only the first and the last few pages in.

front pages   (フロントページ)

My photograph was on magazine covers and front pages of newspapers.

These rallies have landed on the front pages of Orange County Register and Los Angeles Times.

This caused lots of press attention, making the front pages of the Daily Mail, Express and Mirror.

several pages

These articles run for several pages, and are presented as a sequential storyline with caricatures and word balloons.

Skrabanek and his wife Věra decided to improve their basic knowledge of English by reading each day to each other several pages of "Ulysses".

Her "New Yorker" cartoons began as small black-and-white panels, but increasingly used more color and her work often appears over several pages.

number of pages   (ページ数)

The number of pages differed from 8 to 24 and the format was 15×23 cm.

The actual number of pages yielded by a specific cartridge depends on a number of factors.

The number of pages also increased from 40 to 72 pages by July 1979 to its current 80 pages today.

pages in length

Over 20,000 pages in length, it is divided into 22 volumes, with 676 index pages.

The edition was 44 pages in length, with 2,000 index entries, and was printed in 200 copies.

More than 400 pages in length, the evaluation was the first of its kind in the history of the Organization.

hundred pages   (百ページ)

Hind printed a report on the expedition in 1858 that ran over four hundred pages in total length.

Man of Action also stated that the script for "X-Men Legends" was in excess of five hundred pages.

Paulopriit Voolaine documented a couple hundred pages on Romani folklore collected in Russian and later recorded in Estonian.

title pages   (タイトルページ)

Images of the textbook title pages are also available.

Christopher Plantin, Antwerp, in 1567, published two Lucius Florus texts (two title pages) in one volume.

According to the RKD he was a pupil of Godfrey Kneller and is only known as a draughtsman of decorations on title pages.