İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

paint scheme   (boya şeması)

This is the third paint scheme of the tympanum.

Most were painted in a red, white and blue paint scheme.

Maroon represents the building's brick and paint scheme.

continued to paint   (boyamaya devam)

Throughout his life, he continued to paint seriously.

Despite his injuries, he continued to paint and write.

However, he continued to paint in his workshop in Istanbul.

oil paint   (yağlı boya)

His main media are oil paint, watercolour and pencil.

His favorite medias were pumice lacquer and oil paint.

After 1971, she used oil paint on paper.

commissioned to paint   (boyamak için görevlendirildi)

She was commissioned to paint a portrait of Kaiser Franz.

In 1923 he was commissioned to paint a large mural for Rotterdam City Hall.

In 1926, he was commissioned to paint murals at the Biological Institute in Tihany.

red paint   (kırmızı boya)

They discovered hieroglyphs written in red paint.

The periscope squirts him with red paint.

Uganda Government vehicles are written with red paint on a yellow/orange or white background.

began to paint

Inspired by the beauty of nature, Forsythe began to paint.

He returned to copy the paintings, and soon he began to paint in oils.

At 50 “para olvidar las penas”, to forget her pains, she began to paint.

white paint   (Beyaz boya)

The room takes its name from the white paint, which was used on the Gemini.

If the vanes are made of metal, then the black or white paint can be the insulation.

It is distinguishable by its white paint scheme with red tiled roof and brown pillars.

spray paint   (sprey boya)

Three of the photographs show Arabic-language spray paint graffiti.

However, spray paint in aerosol cans is the number one medium for graffiti.

By late 1978 the two were using spray paint to quickly get up larger phrases.

black paint

The black paint has discoloured the monument face.

The sculptures were also damaged with red and black paint.

The two began to destroy the painting by covering it in black paint.

acrylic paint   (akrilik boya)

Oil paint has a higher pigment load than acrylic paint.

Oils and warm, soapy water can remove acrylic paint from skin.

Another difference between oil and acrylic paint is the cleanup.

paint job   (boya işi)

A wave was added to the locomotive's paint job as a memorial.

98 was given a custom "Crash Bandicoot"-themed paint job in promotion of the game.

The last paint job on the tail of the aircraft was a navy blue with an orange palm tree.

paint schemes   (boya şemaları)

A large metal tank badge completed the look, along with some two-toned paint schemes.

Eventually, there will be ten SD70ACU rebuilds painted in the two heritage paint schemes.

On 16 September 2019, Progress Rail rolled out two SD70ACU rebuilds in Canadian Pacific heritage paint schemes.

new paint

After the war, new paint and wallpaper led to their being forgotten.

In the 2008 Reno Air Races, Rare Bear appeared in yet another new paint scheme.

On December 7, 2011 successful launch of the new paint and finishing line took place.

face paint   (yüz Boyası)

You could wave a different flag, and choose another face paint, and nothing would be lost."

In 1996, he donned his "costume" of face paint, bear head and arms, and a number 46 jersey.

Petricca noted that, the tradition of wearing face paint during their live performances evolved from the video.

paint portraits

In the 1880s, von Herkomer had travelled to America twice to paint portraits and to give lectures.

His cousin, John Hollins, moved to London to paint portraits and became an associate of the Royal Academy.

In 1979, he started his project "Swakalbela" "(my own time)" where he planned to paint portraits of 100 of his contemporaries.

paint a portrait

She was commissioned to paint a portrait of Kaiser Franz.

The play opens as an envoy from China arrives to paint a portrait of the emperor.

The local Nazi Party headquarters commissioned him to paint a portrait of Hitler.