portrait painter   (肖像画家)

Romero de Torres was essentially a portrait painter.

He married portrait painter Marjorie Thompson in 1928.

He was also known as a portrait painter.

landscape painter   (風景画家)

His nephew Gustavo Witting, also became a landscape painter.

1954) is also a landscape painter.

His son, Alberto Vianelli, also a landscape painter moved to Paris.

court painter   (宮廷画家)

Goya was appointed court painter to Charles IV in 1789.

There he met Louis I of Bavaria's court painter Wilhelm von Kaulbach.

He had immigrated to Sweden in 1618 and became a court painter in 1621.

painter and sculptor   (画家と彫刻家)

He was a famous painter and sculptor from the town of Kežmarok.

Neroccio was an Italian painter and sculptor born in Siena in 1447.

Burck was a prominent painter and sculptor through the 1960s and 1970s.

painter and illustrator   (画家、イラストレーター)

James Billmyer James Irwin Billmyer (born 1897) was an American modern painter and illustrator.

Lars Jorde Lars Jorde (22 May 1865 - 25 September 1939) was a Norwegian painter and illustrator.

In addition to his success as an easel painter and illustrator, Mora became a well known muralist.

painter and engraver   (画家と彫刻家)

We know of two brothers; Giambattista, painter and engraver, and Gabriele, "sensale di cambi".

Karl Sterrer Karl Sterrer (4 December 188510 June 1972) was an Austrian painter and engraver.

She was the sister of Lysbeth Verhulst, the first wife of the painter and engraver Hubert Goltzius.

painter and printmaker

Daniel Ozmo was active in Belgrade as a progressive painter and printmaker.

Verda Ligon Verda Ligon (1902–1970) was an American painter and printmaker.

Mary Lightfoot Mary L. Lightfoot (1889–1970) was an American painter and printmaker.

painter and art

On 11 January 1776 she married Jean-Baptiste-Pierre Le Brun, a painter and art dealer.

Ruth Sutherland Ruth Sutherland (1884–1948), was an Australian painter and art critic.

Léon Gard Léon Gard (12 July 1901 - 12 November 1979) was a French painter and art critic.

became a painter

His eldest son Engelbert Seibertz became a painter.

Constantia became a painter and poet in her own right.

His daughter Barbara also became a painter.

painter active

Juan Correa (1646-1716) was a Novohispanic painter active between 1676 and 1716.

Isaac Ducart Isaac Ducart (1630 in Amsterdam – 1727 in Amsterdam), was a Dutch Golden Age painter active in England.

François Beaucourt François Beaucourt (1740–1794) was a Canadian painter active mainly in the Province of Quebec (1763–1791).

abstract painter

“Since 1993 I’ve basically been an abstract painter.

Allan Kaprow, abstract painter, invented the term "happening" in 1957.

Yves Zurstrassen Yves Zurstrassen (1956) is a Belgian abstract painter.

painter known

Eleanor Best Eleanor Best (1875-1958) was a British oil painter known for her portrait and figure paintings.

Kevin Sinnott Kevin Sinnott (born 1947, Wales) is a Welsh painter known contemporary depictions of Welsh life.

George Henry Harlow George Henry Harlow (10 June 1787 – 4 February 1819) was an English painter known mostly for his portraits.

genre painter

Koch became known mainly as a horse and genre painter.

He began as a classical and religious painter, an admirer of Jean-Baptiste Greuze, the history and genre painter.

Karl Knabl Karl Knabl (26 January 1850, in Munich – 15 June 1904, in Munich) was a German landscape and genre painter.

house painter

His father was a house painter originally from Łódź.

His father was a house painter.

His father worked as a house painter, and his mother worked as a dressmaker.

sculptor and painter   (彫刻家と画家)

Zuzana Čížková Zuzana Čížková (born 10 December 1982) is a Czech sculptor and painter.

Farid Mansour (artist) Farid Mansour (1929–2010) () was a Lebanese sculptor and painter.

The original retable was designed by the sculptor and painter Pierre Puget, and made of wood.

history painter

He was the son of portrait and history painter Gerhard von Kügelgen.

His twin brother Gerhard von Kügelgen was active as a portrait and history painter in Dresden.

His father was a prominent history painter in 17th century Naples.He first studied drawing with his father.

painter and graphic

He studied also under the painter and graphic artist František Tichý.

Dieter Goltzsche Dieter Goltzsche (born 1934 in Dresden) is a German painter and graphic designer.

Bernhard Heisig Bernhard Heisig (31 March 1925–10 June 2011) was a German painter and graphic artist.

become a painter   (画家になる)

He decided at an early age to become a painter, and moved to Paris in 1881 to study art.

His first son, Wilhelm, was born in Saint Petersburg in 1802, and also grew up to become a painter.

Her son Nejad (born 1923) went on to become a painter, and her daughter (born 1926) became an actress.

realist painter

Tully Filmus Tully Filmus was an American realist painter.

Thomas Furlong was an accomplished muralist and realist painter.

Christian Krohg, 1852–1925, a realist painter, was also influenced by the Paris scene.

married the painter

His sister married the painter Johannes Glauber.

In 1950, Kaalund married the painter Nikolaj Nielsen.

His widow married the painter Hans Jordaens the Elder.

miniature painter   (ミニチュアペインター)

She became especially noted for her work as a miniature painter.

Following the expiration of his apprenticeship he moved to London and set himself up as miniature painter.

Following his first wife's death, Beechey married the successful miniature painter Anne Phyllis Jessop (1764–1833) in 1793.

painter born

Denis Schneider Denis Schneider is a French painter born in Metz in 1946.

Xu Beihong (19 July 1895 – 26 September 1953) was a Chinese painter born in Yixing, Jiangsu province.

Joseph Anton Fischer Joseph Anton Fischer (1814–1859) was a German painter born at Oberstorf, Algäu.

famous painter

Thomson is regarded by some as Canada's most famous painter.

He was a famous painter and sculptor from the town of Kežmarok.

While a fugitive in youth, he was hidden by Auguste Renoir, the famous painter, in the forests of Fontainebleau.

artist and painter

Rob Piercy Rob Piercy is an artist and painter (born 1946).

Kristina Jansson Kristina Jansson is a contemporary visual artist and painter from Sweden.

Roger Brown (artist) Roger Brown (December 10, 1941–November 22, 1997) was an American artist and painter.

painter whose

The protagonist is an unnamed portrait painter whose wife leaves him at the start of the book.

Nancy Maybin Ferguson Nancy Maybin Ferguson (1872-1967), was an American painter whose career spanned decades.

He is also an artist and painter whose works have been featured across 18 different countries in museums and galleries.

life painter   (ライフペインター)

Van Utrecht was mainly a still life painter.

Jan Fijt had studied under the leading animal and still life painter Frans Snyders.

Charlotte Vignon Charlotte Vignon (1639 – c.1700) was a French still life painter.

still life painter   (静物画家)

Van Utrecht was mainly a still life painter.

Jan Fijt had studied under the leading animal and still life painter Frans Snyders.

Charlotte Vignon Charlotte Vignon (1639 – c.1700) was a French still life painter.