İfadeler ve örnek cümleler

research papers   (Araştırma kağıtları)

It contains original and translated research papers.

He wrote forty-three research papers.

He has published about 200 research papers and holds 29 patents.

scientific papers   (bilimsel belgeler)

Votchal is the author about 250 scientific papers.

Several scientific papers he has published include:

He was also the author of many scientific papers.

personal papers   (kişisel belgeler)

His personal papers were destroyed after his death at his request.

They left behind clothes, a stereo, personal papers, and three pistol boxes.

She left most of her personal papers to Pittsburg State University in Kansas.

published papers

Number of his published papers are more than 160.

Claire Weekes' published papers in reproductive biology of reptiles:

He has published papers on the various aspects of aviation safety and security.

several papers

He published several papers over a period of 2–3 years.

They edited several papers for the Académie des sciences.

Hardwick has authored several papers on native food plants.

papers are held

Libbey's papers are held by Rutgers University.

His papers are held at Princeton University.

Coman's papers are held by the Wellesley College Archives.

other papers   (diğer makaleler)

Several of Hicks's other papers deal with the same subject.

Several other men in her family were employed on other papers.

Einstein then extended Bose's ideas to matter in two other papers.

papers published

He also had numerous papers published in industry journals.

The papers published a single Sunday edition, the "Item-Tribune", beginning December 21, 1924.

In a pair of papers published together under the title "Prelude or Requiem for the 'Mozart Effect'?"

academic papers

More than 3,000 academic papers have used data from the index.

Arnott has published over 100 academic papers in refereed journals.

From 1761 it published academic papers in a series titled "Skrifter".

ballot papers   (oy pusulaları)

However, its ballot papers still appeared in voting booths.

Polling recommenced with fresh ballot papers on Saturday 17 November.

The ballot papers had a section for each of the parties with the party number and symbol.

series of papers

1938), who wrote a series of papers about the disease in 1976.

It opened the series of papers of other authors (which were communicated already by R. Aris).

Elementary functions were introduced by Joseph Liouville in a series of papers from 1833 to 1841.

number of papers   (kağıt sayısı)

Winfree has published a number of papers on fiscal policy and public finance.

Cauchy was very productive, in number of papers second only to Leonhard Euler.

She wrote a number of papers and a widely cited book (Smith 1991) on grammatical aspect.

many papers

As this has been proven in many papers, we will refer to.

Alpena had many papers initially.

Being named as an author on many papers is good for an academic's career.

numerous papers

He also had numerous papers published in industry journals.

He served on dozens of boards and published numerous papers.

She wrote numerous papers on educational theory and pedagogy.

divorce papers   (Boşanma belgeleri)

He filed amended divorce papers remedying this.

In 2012, Kris served Anna with divorce papers.

Kimberly is then stunned when presented with divorce papers at work.

local papers

Trick was an amateur poet who had several poems published in local papers.

After finishing an education as a journalist, he started to work for various Danish local papers.

Both games were staged at the Bank Street Grounds, or "Bank-Street Grounds" as the local papers stylized it.

books and papers

She is author and editor of a number of English history books and papers.

He has authored numerous books and papers on musical and poetic analysis.

She was a professor at the Massey University and published a number of books and papers on accounting and financial reporting.

technical papers

He is the author of two books on IBM's DB2 UDB, and more than 50 technical papers.

Over 1100 technical papers have been published over the history of the SD&A conference.

Recommended Practices and technical papers are available free on-line to the Society members.

nomination papers   (adaylık kağıtları)

Initially, two nomination papers were submitted.

2 nomination papers were disapproved initially.

83 candidates for the election submitted nomination papers.

conference papers   (konferans kağıtları)

He has published over 50 publications and conference papers.

He has also received the CHI Honorable Mention Award for eight other CHI conference papers.

Tam possesses 4 patents and has published nearly 450 articles, over 500 conference papers and over 20 book chapters.

papers were published

National papers were published on Christmas Day until 1912.

Both papers were published in May 1995 in a dedicated issue of the "Annals of Mathematics."

Early papers were published in English, French, and German, with summaries in all three languages.

papers and books

UASR’s role was to publish papers and books about Hamas.

He has published widely, both papers and books, such as:

Associate professor of Kunstakademiets Arkitektskole, she has authored numerous articles, papers and books.

cited papers

Since 2001, he has contributed to approximately 50 cited papers.

His most cited papers are:

In 2004 it was selected as one of the ten most frequently cited papers in the 50-year history of "Management Science".

published several papers

He published several papers over a period of 2–3 years.

The research team has also published several papers on scalability.

Cockcroft has published several papers on the results of his findings.

white papers

His work has included several white papers for the Edison Electric Institute ("EEI").

The LGRC-CFI also publishes a blog and several industry-specific white papers regularly.

In 2006, he released two further white papers regarding the technique and its potential legal ramifications.

identity papers

Lofty has a problem - he needs to get identity papers from the Ministry.

The government introduced new identity papers and obligatory registration for citizens in December 1932.

In 1942, she was able to escape the ghetto with the help of her mother and, using forged identity papers, adopted the name Elżbieta Chodakowska.

collection of papers

Duke University has a collection of papers related to Bryant.

The first of these accounts appeared in a collection of papers edited by Gordon Claridge.

In 1972, Shepard gave his personal collection of papers and illustrations to the University of Surrey.

private papers   (özel belgeler)

The corpus is an "archive" in that it contains the private papers of a single family.

The Kennedy family agreed to sit for interviews and to make Joseph Kennedy's private papers available.

I have been through the greater part of Milner's private papers and have found no evidence to support that.